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wonder [ 'wʌndə] n.惊异,惊奇;奇迹

No wonder... 难怪…,怪不得…

no wonder 难怪,怪不得

no wonder

wonder ['wʌndə] n. 惊讶,惊叹,奇迹 v. 对…疑惑/奇,想知道

Wonders never cease! 奇怪的事永远不断发生!

One of the great early writers wrote that: Work is the grand cure of all the maladies and miseries that ever beset mankind. If this is true, then the present situation should make us wonder whether the measure that the average worker is obliged to retire at the age of 50 is reasonable.
一位伟大的作家曾写到:工作是医治人间一切病痛和疾苦的万应良药。 如果是这样的话,那么现在的状况应使我们想一想,强迫普通工人在50岁退休是否合理。

No wonder people say that computers are taking over the world.

No wonder you can't sleep when you eat so much.

"No kidding! I wonder why I was getting wet!"

I admired my father, and his work filled me with wonder and curiosity.

I wonder at your allowing him to do such a thing.

I don’t wonder at your shock!

I don’t wonder at her falling asleep in the middle of the play; it was a very uninteresting performance.

I wonder at your rudeness, when I have always been so kind to you.

A severe winter like this is not to be wondered at, in view of the summer we've had.

I wondered if you could buy me some pencils?

No wonder you can't sleep when you eat so much.你吃这么多难怪睡不着。

No wonder people say that computers are taking over the world.难怪有人说电子计算机正渐渐接管世界。

She wondered what fate had in store for her next.

I wonder when mother will ring?

I'm sorry to trouble you, but I wondered if we could have a word some time.

They wondered at his learning.

I wonder who he is.

What's that smell? *完全不清楚时。
What's that smell? (这是什么味儿?)
Oh, no! Something's burning. (噢,不好!是什么糊了吧。)
I wonder what that smell is?
I wonder where that smell is coming from?

That figures.
We have to work overtime again. (我们还得再加班。)
That figures. (果不其然。)
That makes sense.
No wonder. (不足为奇。)
That explains it.
That's why. (怪不得。)

No wonder.
She's tired. (她累了。)
No wonder. (这不足为奇。)
That makes sense. *make sense “合乎道理”、“理所当然”。
It makes sense.
Ah, I get it. (啊,知道。)

Time works wonders.

Wonders are many, and nothing is more wonderful than man.

I wonder if it is possible to arrange shopping for us.

No wonder you're so experienced.

I wonder what happened to him.

A Can I look at your telephone directory?
A 我能看一下你的电话簿吗?
B Go ahead.
B 请吧。
A Thanks. I didn’t know that - the code for Canada is the same as the States!
A 谢谢。我不知道——加拿大和美国的国际区号是一样的。
B That's right. What's the UK code?
B 是这样的。英国的国际区号是多少?
A The code for the UK is zero zero four four.
A 英国的国际区号是0044。
B How do they decide codes, I wonder.
B 我想知道这些国际区号是怎样指定的。

A I hope China does really well in the Olympics.
A 我希望中国在奥运会上取得优异的成绩。
B I’m sure it will. The host nation always performs well. And there are so many good athletes in China.
B 我想会的。东道主总是取得好成绩。而且中国有如此之多的优秀运动员。
A I wonder how many gold medals China will win.
A 我想知道中国总共能夺得多少金牌。
B Remember, silver and bronze are important too!
B 记住,银牌和铜牌也重要。
A You’re right. Anyway, the most important thing is to compete well.
A 你说得对。不管怎么说,最重要的事情是比出好成绩。

A That’s a great car. What make is it?
A 那是一辆漂亮的小汽车。是什么牌的?
B It’s Japanese, I think. It’s a Toyota.
B 我想是日本产的。是丰田牌的。
A It looks not bad. I wonder how expensive it is.
A 看起来不错。我想知道它有多贵。
B I’m not sure. Some Japanese cars are quite reasonable prices. Some Korean ones too.
B 我不清楚。有些日本车价格很合理,有些韩国车也一样。
A Yes, maybe. I really prefer German cars.
A 是的,也许是的。我更喜欢德国车。
B Mercedes, Audis, BMWs. They’re fantastic cars, but very expensive.
B 像梅赛德斯、奥迪、宝马。它们都是很棒的车,但是非常昂贵。

A I think China will do really well in the Olympics.
A 我想中国在奥运会上将有出色的表现。
B I’m sure it will. The host nation always performs well. And there are so many good athletes in China.
B 我肯定中国会的。东道国总是表现出色。而且中国有这么多的优秀运动员。
A I wonder how many gold medals China will win.
A 我想知道中国将赢得多少块金牌。
B Remember, silver and bronze are important too!
B 记住,银牌和铜牌也重要!
A You’re right. Anyway, the most important thing is to compete well.
A 你说得对。不管怎样,最重要的事情是好好比赛。

Remember how to use I wonder . . . / I wonder . . . when you think or speculate about something, eg: I wonder how many gold medals China will win / I wonder how many gold medals China will win.
当你思考或者琢磨某事时用I wonder . . . /我想知道 . . .例如:I wonder how many gold medals China will win /我想知道中国将赢得多少块金牌。

Good morning. I wonder if you could help me?
Certainly, sir. What can I do for you?
I need to send a fax and use the internet.
Sorry, sir. Would you repeat that?
Yes. I need to send a fax and use the internet.
Ah – you can do that in our Business Centre. It’s on the second floor.

A I hope China does really well in the Olympics.
A 我希望中国会在奥运会中取得胜利。
B I’m sure it will. The host nation always performs well. And there are so many good athletes in China.
B 我确定他们一定会的。主办国经常是非常出色的。同时他们有那么多优秀的运动员。
A I wonder how many gold medals China will win.
A 我在猜想他们会夺得多少金牌。
B Remember, silver and bronze are important too!
B 但是记住,银牌和铜牌一样重要!

I wonder which country will win most gold medals / 我在猜想那个国家会夺得最多的金牌。

I wonder if China or America will win most medals.
I wonder if it will rain tomorrow.
I wonder how many people will come to Beijing next August.

A I like this jacket. I wonder if they have it in different sizes.
A 我喜欢这件夹克。我在考虑如果它有其它的大小号。
B You can get the jacket in three sizes - small, medium and large.
B 这件夹克有3个大小号-小,中,大。
A I think I'll take the large one. It’s the best fit.
A 我想我可能是大号。它穿起来最合适。
B Yes, that looks good.
B 是的,看起来很不错。

I sometimes wonder whether the greater rule of all is --- to know how to please.
Moliere, J.B. French writer

Give me a break! Can he drive or not? I wonder how he got his driver's license.

I wonder if it's a real diamond.它可是地道的钻石呀。

I wonder why they're angry.伙计,他们为什么生气?

I wonder what he's doing.我不知道他在做什么。

@@@ (表示)
a matter of (表示数量)近似量; 几分钟(几块钱)的事
any longer/more 再; 仍再(一般用于否定句中, 表示"不再")
as luck would have it 碰巧; 碰得不巧(表示有幸或不幸)
by all means 一定; (表示答应)好的, 当然可以
if I were you 如果我是你的话(表建议)
if only 要是...就好了(用以表示对现时或未来的愿望)
It never fails... 从不例外(信息词, 暗示后面没有好事)
no way 没门儿, 决不(表示强烈的否定、拒绝、反对)
no wonder 不足为奇; 难怪, 怪不得(口语中表示赞同)
To think 居然, 竟然(表示惊讶后悔等)

@@@ 感觉
cry over spilled milk 对已经发生的事情哭喊抱怨;
fed up with 对...感到厌烦; 腻了
feel at home 觉得舒适/无拘束
feel like sth. 摸起来如同...; 有...的感觉
get involved 参与, 卷入; 感兴趣
How are you finding...? 你觉得...怎么样?
I've got a feeling ... 我觉得...
out of sorts 心情糟, 觉得不对劲儿
put sb. out 使(某人)感到不便; 得罪(某人)
sensitive to 对...敏感; 对...反应灵敏
smell out 嗅出, 凭嗅觉发现...
wonder about 对...感到好奇

I wonder if they can make it.

I was wondering if you were doing anything this weekend.

Wonders never cease! 奇怪的事永远不断发生!

no wonder 难怪,并不奇怪

- smell a rat 察觉可疑
He is a well-known miser. I smell a rat when he invites me to his home for dinner. I was wondering if he is asking favors of me.

We wonder whether you do counter trade.

We wonder whether we may conclude a long term agency contract with you.

Mr. Smith, I wonder if you have any particular preferences?

不足为奇的 no wonder

A: Good morning. I wonder if you could help me.
A: 早上好。请问你能帮忙吗?
B: Certainly, sir. What can I do for you?
B: 当然,先生。我能为您做什么?
A: I need to send a fax and use the internet.
A: 我需要发一份传真,还要使用互联网。
B: Sorry, sir. Would you repeat that?
B: 对不起,先生。您能再重复一遍吗?
A: Yes. I need to send a fax and use the internet.
A: 好。我需要发一份传真,还要使用互联网。
B: You can do that in our Business Centre. It’s on the second floor.
B: 你可以到商务中心去。商务中心在二楼。
A: Thanks. Is it open now?
A: 谢谢。商务中心现在开门吗?
B: Yes, it is.
B: 是的,开门。

If you want to ask someone for help, a polite way is to say: I wonder if you could help me? / I wonder if you could help me.
如果你要请某人帮忙,你可以礼貌地说:I wonder if you could help me. / 请问你能帮忙吗?

I wonder if you could help me.

怪不得 [guài bu de ] /no wonder/

难怪 [nán guài] /(it's) no wonder (that...)/(it's) not surprising (that)/

奇迹 [qí jī] /miracle/miraculous/wonder/

It is said that in England death is pressing, in Canada inevitable and in California optional.
Small wonder. Americans' life expectancy has nearly doubled over the past century.

Here is a troubled business that keeps hiring employees whose attitudes vastly annoy the customers.
Then it sponsors lots of symposiums and a credibility project dedicated to wondering why customers are annoyed and fleeing in large numbers.
But it never seems to get around to noticing the cultural and class biases that so many former buyers are complaining about.
If it did, it would open up its diversity program, now focused narrowly on race and gender, and look for reporters who differ broadly by outlook, values, education, and class.

And the cost of computing power continues to free fall, which is a good sign for any enterprise setting up shop in silicon.
People looking back 5 or 10 years from now may well wonder why so few companies took the online plunge.

He was just wondering.

{adj: agape, gaping} with the mouth wide open as in wonder or awe
"the gaping audience"
"we stood there agape with wonder"
"with mouth agape"

{adj: agaze, staring} (used of eyes) open and fixed as if in fear or wonder
"staring eyes"

{adj: amazing, awe-inspiring, awesome, awful, awing} inspiring awe or admiration or wonder
"New York is an amazing city"
"the Grand Canyon is an awe-inspiring sight"
"the awesome complexity of the universe"
"this sea, whose gently awful stirrings seem to speak of some hidden soul beneath"- Melville
"Westminster Hall's awing majesty, so vast, so high, so silent"

{adj: astounding, dumbfounding, dumfounding} bewildering or striking dumb with wonder

{adj: awed, awestruck, awestricken, in awe of} having or showing a feeling of mixed reverence and respect and wonder and dread
"stood in awed silence before the shrine"
"in grim despair and awestruck wonder"
<-> unawed

{adj: beguiled, captivated, charmed, delighted, enthralled, entranced} filled with wonder and delight

{adj: captive, absorbed, engrossed, enwrapped, intent, wrapped} giving or marked by complete attention to
"that engrossed look or rapt delight"
"then wrapped in dreams"
"so intent on this fantastic...narrative that she hardly stirred"- Walter de la Mare
"rapt with wonder"
"wrapped in thought"

{adj: childlike, wide-eyed, round-eyed, dewy-eyed, simple} exhibiting childlike simplicity and credulity
"childlike trust"
"dewy-eyed innocence"
"listened in round-eyed wonder"

{adj: delusive, false} inappropriate to reality or facts
"delusive faith in a wonder drug"
"delusive expectations"
"false hopes"

{adj: given, granted} acknowledged as a supposition
"given the engine's condition, it is a wonder that it started"

{adj: hasty, overhasty, precipitate, precipitant, precipitous} done with very great haste and without due deliberation
"hasty marriage seldom proveth well"- Shakespeare
"hasty makeshifts take the place of planning"- Arthur Geddes
"rejected what was regarded as an overhasty plan for reconversion"
"wondered whether they had been rather precipitate in deposing the king"

{adj: inquisitive, speculative, questioning, wondering} showing curiosity
"if someone saw a man climbing a light post they might get inquisitive"
"raised a speculative eyebrow"

{adj: mundane, terrene} belonging to this earth or world; not ideal or heavenly
"not a fairy palace; yet a mundane wonder of unimagined kind"
"so terrene a being as himself"

{adj: self-conscious} excessively and uncomfortably conscious of your appearance or behavior
"self-conscious teenagers"
"wondered if she could ever be untidy without feeling self-conscious about it"

{adj: surprised} taken unawares or suddenly and feeling wonder or astonishment
"surprised by her student's ingenuity"
"surprised that he remembered my name"
"a surprised expression"
<-> unsurprised

{adj: surprising} causing surprise or wonder or amazement
"the report shows a surprising lack of hard factual data"
"leaped up with surprising agility"
"she earned a surprising amount of money"
<-> unsurprising

{adj: wonder-struck} affected by or overcome with wonder

{adj: wonderworking} performing or able to perform wonders or miracles

{adv: bleakly} without hope
"he wondered bleakly"

{adv: dazedly, torpidly} in a daze; in a dazed manner
"he wondered dazedly whether the term after next at his new school wouldn't matter so much"

{adv: dismally, dreadfully} in a dreadful manner
"as he looks at the mess he has left behind he must wonder how the Brits so often managed to succeed in the kind of situation where he has so dismally failed"

{adv: in fact, in point of fact, as a matter of fact} in reality or actuality
"in fact, it was a wonder anyone survived"
"painters who are in fact anything but unsophisticated"
"as a matter of fact, he is several inches taller than his father"

{adv: profanely} in an irreverent or profane manner
"he kept wondering profanely why everything bad happened to him"

{adv: prudishly, puritanically} in a prudish manner
"she acts prudishly, but I wonder whether she is really all that chaste"

{adv: worriedly} in a worried manner
"`I wonder what to do,' she said worriedly"
"he paused worriedly before calling the bank"

{n: German millet, golden wonder millet, Setaria italica stramineofructa} millet having yellow grains in large drooping spikes

{n: Kentucky wonder, Kentucky wonder bean} flat-podded green bean

{n: Newtown Wonder} apple used primarily in cooking

{n: Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Seven Wonders of the World} impressive monuments created in the ancient world that were regarded with awe

{n: Temple of Artemis} a large temple at Ephesus that was said to be one of the seven wonders of the ancient world

{n: antibiotic, antibiotic drug} a chemical substance derivable from a mold or bacterium that kills microorganisms and cures infections
"when antibiotics were first discovered they were called wonder drugs"

{n: awe} an overwhelming feeling of wonder or admiration
"he stared over the edge with a feeling of awe"

{n: booking, reservation} the act of reserving (a place or passage) or engaging the services of (a person or group)
"wondered who had made the booking"

{n: boy wonder} an extremely talented young male person

{n: child prodigy, infant prodigy, wonder child} a prodigy whose talents are recognized at an early age
"Mozart was a child prodigy"

{n: chincherinchee, wonder flower, Ornithogalum thyrsoides} South African perennial with long-lasting spikes of white blossoms that are shipped in to Europe and America for use as winter cut flowers

{n: curiosity, wonder} a state in which you want to learn more about something

{n: dead person, dead soul, deceased person, deceased, decedent, departed} someone who is no longer alive
"I wonder what the dead person would have done"

{n: entrancement, ravishment} a feeling of delight at being filled with wonder and enchantment

{n: fastener} a person who fastens or makes fast
"he found the door fastened and wondered who the fastener was"

{n: girl wonder} an extremely talented young female person

{n: jack bean, wonder bean, giant stock bean, Canavalia ensiformis} annual semi-erect bushy plant of tropical South America bearing long pods with white seeds grown especially for forage

{n: prodigy} an unusually gifted or intelligent (young) person; someone whose talents excite wonder and admiration
"she is a chess prodigy"

{n: situation, state of affairs} the general state of things; the combination of circumstances at a given time
"the present international situation is dangerous"
"wondered how such a state of affairs had come about"
"eternal truths will be neither true nor eternal unless they have fresh meaning for every new social situation"- Franklin D.Roosevelt

{n: togetherness} affectionate closeness
"togetherness is the new wonder ingredient in marriage"

{n: wonder boy, golden boy} a man who is unusually successful at an early age

{n: wonder woman} a woman who can be a successful wife and have a professional career at the same time

{n: wonder, marvel} something that causes feelings of wonder
"the wonders of modern science"

{n: wonder, wonderment, admiration} the feeling aroused by something strange and surprising

{n: wonderer, marveller} someone filled with admiration and awe; someone who wonders at something

{n: wonderland} a place or scene of great or strange beauty or wonder

{n: wonderland} an imaginary realm of marvels or wonders

{v: amaze, astonish, astound} affect with wonder
"Your ability to speak six languages amazes me!"

{v: rationalize, rationalise} think rationally ; employ logic or reason
"When one wonders why one is doing certain things, one should rationalize"

{v: wonder, inquire, enquire} have a wish or desire to know something
"He wondered who had built this beautiful church"

{v: wonder, marvel} be amazed at
"We marvelled at the child's linguistic abilities"

{v: wonder, question} place in doubt or express doubtful speculation
"I wonder whether this was the right thing to do"
"she wondered whether it would snow tonight"

I believe I was his favorite grandchild:
no wonder, for my cousins were a stupid bunch and I-so they say-was an intelligent child.

Left alone in the forest he wonders whether he should kill himself before his wound grows too painful.

And now I wonder if I really even want to.

With stars severely in my eyes, I suspect the talent scout is probably still wondering what happened to me.

I suggest you have another look at that etching in your hallway, the one you have always wondered about.

It is more interesting to wonder why.

When little New Zealand baby Tuatahi Edwards ' post-operative condition was reportedly delicate, a caller to a local radio station wondered who would be the millennium baby if he didn't come through.

" This is what has opened the floodgates to all these new saints.
One has to wonder whether proper controls have been exercised to stop favoured factions in the Vatican from simply pushing people forward unhindered. "
人们不由得想知道,是否已运用某些适当的控制手段以制止梵蒂冈偏袒的某些小派别简单地把人们推举上去而毫无阻碍。 "

On the one hand, he is exactly the sort of saint Pope John Paul approves of: a person imbued with charisma who has achieved enough remarkable feats to keep the faithful talking for a very long time.
On the other hand, it is far from clear that he was a genuine worker of modern-day wonders.
It is just as likely that he was a charlatan peddling hocus-pocus.

Talk about doing good by stealth: and in case you wonder, I heard the story from the poorer roommate, who had got suspicious and, ten years later, forced the richer one to confess.

I had pictured the moment many times in the previous 13 years, imagining the lonely ride down the echoing corridors, fear gripping my heart, wondering:
在这以前的 13年里,找曾经对这个重要的时刻想象过许多次,每次脑海里都浮现出这样的情景:我孤零零的,任人推过一条又一条回声震荡的走廊,心中充满恐惧,脑中掠过一个个问号:
Would the surgery succeed?
Would I die?
Or would I be sent back to my former life with all its drudgery, discipline, and sucking fatigue?

I 've always wondered why I behaved the way I did. Then I read a children's book called Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel.

The note was short:
In case you were wondering, 'I am always here to understand you. '
您毋须一天到晚担惊害怕, ' 须一天到晚担惊害怕,我一直陪伴左右,与您心心相樱 ' 呢?

" Prostitution is a violation of the law, were you girls afraid of being arrested by police? " I wondered.
"卖淫是违法的,难道你们这些姑娘不怕被警察抓住? "我感到疑惑。
" All police in that area knew us and in addition, we had our pimps to protect us.
To do their job, the police had to arrest us, but would release us soon afterwards.

Dads: Ever wonder if that child Is really yours?

But if you try it, you might wonder why the number isn't higher. Opera is a terrific browser.
其实,要是你试用了这个软件,你就会觉得这个数字应该更大才对,因为 Opera 实是一个秀的浏览器。

It was he, nonetheless, who gave Albert the famous toy compass that inspired his first thought experiment what, the five-year-old wondered, made the needle always point north?

BEYOND VEGAS If you 've ever wondered what happens just outside Las Vegas, this site gives you the answer.

Management is fast and flexible, and Legend has a history of profitability in itself a wonder in the I.T. business.

It's no wonder sales are off to a fast start.

Or walked into a room only to wonder what you walked in there to look for?

Many Japanese wonder if the country can transform its affection for machinery into a new economy for the 21st century.
许多日本人不知道,他们的国家能否在 21世纪将这种对机械的热恋转化为一种新经济。

The high-tech wonders pictured on the following pages are already taking shape in Japan's R and D labs and design centers.

No wonder Hollywood, looking at Blair Witch, is both impressed and concerned.

It's little wonder that with such a dashing husband, the talented Deng has chosen to jet around with him rather than take a job.

Simply reading a book or working a crossword puzzle on a regular basis can do wonders, even if it's not clear why.

In health-food stores, you'll find dozens of products that claim to do wonders for your brain.

How, scientists wondered, could a genetic mutation that causes a slowdown in the removal of LDL's from the blood also result in an increase in the synthesis of this cholesterol-carrying protein?
科学家感到纳闷,致使LDL's从血液中被去除掉的速度趋于滞缓的基因突变(genetic mutation),何以也会导致这种携带着胆固醇的蛋白质合成的增加呢?

"Another thing the country will have to come to grips with is trying to decide whether or not it's possible to develop other reserves in other parts of the Gulf of Mexico," said Mr. Flanagan. "The whole east of the Gulf of Mexico has basically been off-line from leasing for quite a long time. And just now people are beginning to wonder if it's time to actually go out there and at least do an assessment of what might be available for drilling."

If we collect all the salt from the sea, the land will be 153 meters higher. Why there is so much salt in the sea? Where does it come from? It is brought to the sea by the rivers running into the sea. Some rain is in the rivers and some permeates the soil. By different ways, the rain all flows into the sea. In the process of flowing, salt in the soil and lock is decomposed and brought into the sea. The sea becomes salty because of the water evaporating. With a long history, it is no wonder the sea contains so much salt.

It is no wonder that ... 不奇怪

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