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wet [ wet] a.湿的;下雨的

wet [wet] a. 湿的,潮的,多雨的

泼冷水 pour cold wate on the enthusiasm of; dampen the spirit of; throw a wet blanket over

Standard for Wet Chemical Extinguishing Systems

Standard on Wetting Agents

Wet Wipe 湿揩布

Dangerous When Wet 遇水燃烧品

risk of fresh and/of rain water damage(wetting) 淡水雨淋险

wet blanket 扫兴的人
A: I can't go with you guys. I've really got to hit the books.
A: 我不能跟你们去。我真的要去複习功课。
B: Come on! Don't be a wet blanket. Everybody's going. You can study after we come back.
B: 好啦! 别这么扫兴了! 大家都要去。你可以等我们回来再看书嘛!
- "blanket" 的原意是「毯子」的意思。美语里面有用"a wet blanket"(湿毯子)来形容
「扫兴的人」。"hit the books" , 是「念书」的意思。

Wet Paint 油漆未干

a wet blanket 扫兴的人

You are all wet. 你完全错了.

you are all wet 你完全误会了

Men like to pursue an elusive woman like a cake of wet soap——even men who hate baths.

交通规则 traffic regulation
路标 guide post
里程碑 milestone
停车标志 mark car stop
红绿灯 traffic light
自动红绿灯 automatic traffic signal light
红灯 red light
绿灯 green light
黄灯 amber light
交通岗 traffic post
岗亭 police box
交通警 traffic police
打手势 pantomime
单行线 single line
双白线 double white lines
双程线dual carriage-way
斑马线 zebra stripes
划路线机 traffic line marker
交通干线 artery traffic
车行道 carriage-way
辅助车道 lane auxiliary
双车道 two-way traffic
自行车通行 cyclists only
单行道 one way only
窄路 narrow road
潮湿路滑 slippery when wet
陡坡 steep hill
不平整路 rough road
弯路 curve road ; bend road
连续弯路 winding road
之字路 double bend road
之字公路 switch back road
下坡危险 dangerous down grade
道路交叉点 road junction
十字路 cross road
左转 turn left
右转 turn right
靠左 keep left
靠右 keep right
慢驶 slow
速度 speed
超速 excessive speed
速度限制 speed limit
恢复速度 resume speed
禁止通行 no through traffic
此路不通 blocked
不准驶入 no entry
不准超越 keep in line ; no overhead
不准掉头 no turns
让车道 passing bay
回路 loop
安全岛 safety island
停车处 parking place
停私人车 private car park
只停公用车 public car only
不准停车 restricted stop
不准滞留 restricted waiting
临街停车 parking on-street
街外停车 parking off-street
街外卸车 loading off-street
当心行人 caution pedestrian crossing
当心牲畜 caution animals
前面狭桥 narrow bridge ahead
拱桥 hump bridge
火车栅 level crossing
修路 road works
医院 hospital
儿童 children
学校 school
寂静地带 silent zone
非寂静地带 silent zone ends
交通管理 traffic control
人山人海 crowded conditions
拥挤的人 jam-packed with people
交通拥挤 traffic jam
水泄不通 overwhelm
顺挤 extrusion direct
冲挤 extrusion impact
推挤 shoved
挨身轻推 nudging
让路 give way
粗心行人 careless pedestrian
犯交通罪 committing traffic offences
执照被记违章 endorsed on driving license
危险驾驶 dangerous driving
粗心驾车 careless driving
无教员而驾驶 driving without an instructor
无证驾驶 driving without license
未经车主同意 without the owner's consent
无第三方保险 without third-party insurance
未挂学字牌 driving without a "L" plate
安全第一 safety first
轻微碰撞 slight impact
迎面相撞 head-on collision
相撞 collided
连环撞 a chain collision
撞车 crash
辗过 run over
肇事逃跑司机 hit-run driver
冲上人行道 drive onto the pavement

Sand wet (车身/涂装)湿砂打磨

wet cylinder liner

A wet road is usually slippery.

"No kidding! I wonder why I was getting wet!"

Wooden doors expand in hot, wet weather.

The umbrella in her hand was very wet. Evidently it was still raining.

This wet weather sets up the ache in my old wound.

A wet road is usually slippery. 潮湿的路往往是滑的。

The grass was wet with dew.

The wet clothes will soon dry in the sun.

Wet weather is a feature of life in this area.

The wet glass left a mark on the surface of the table.

He walked home in the rain and was wet through.

I went out in the rain and got wet through.

It's dry.
It's wet today. (今天像要下雨。)
It's rainy today. (今天像要下雨。)

You‘re still wet behind the ears.

All cats love fish but fear to wet their paws.

He who would catch fish mush not mind getting wet.

Wet slurry technique 湿软磁膏技术

Wet technique 湿法技术

Wet method 湿粉法

Wetting action 润湿作用

Wetting action 润湿作用

Wetting agents 润湿剂

risk of fresh and/of rain water damage(wetting) 淡水雨淋险

A I like this suitcase very much. It's very light.
A 我非常喜欢这个手提箱。它非常轻便。
B Good. What's next? What else do you want to buy?
B 好。下面买什么?你还要买什么?
A I need to buy an umbrella.
A 我需要买一把伞。
B Yes. You need one at this time of year. It's very wet.
B 好的。一年的这个时候需要伞。天气很潮湿。
A I think I need a heavier coat, too.
A 我想我还需要一件厚一些的衣服。
B I know just the place! There’s a shopping mall just along the street.
B 我知道哪里卖!在这条街上有一个购物中心。

get one's feet wet参与,开始做
It's not good to concentrate all your efforts on just writing. You should get your feet wet and trying pinting or dancing.

all wet错误的
I'm afraid your idea is all wet.

a wet blanket 扫兴的人

You are all wet. 你完全错了.

变湿 wet

擦澡 [cā zǎo] /rub oneself down with a wet towel/take a sponge bath/

梦遗 [mèng yí] /wet dream/

湿 [shī] /moist/wet/

遗精 [yí jīng] /nocturnal emission/wet dream/

{adj: bedewed, dewy} wet with dew

{adj: besotted, blind drunk, blotto, crocked, cockeyed, fuddled, loaded, pie-eyed, pissed, pixilated, plastered, potty, slopped, sloshed, smashed, soaked, soused, sozzled, squiffy, stiff, tiddly, tiddley, tight, tipsy, wet} very drunk

{adj: boggy, marshy, miry, mucky, muddy, quaggy, sloppy, sloughy, soggy, squashy, swampy, waterlogged} (of soil) soft and watery
"the ground was boggy under foot"
"a marshy coastline"
"miry roads"
"wet mucky lowland"
"muddy barnyard"
"quaggy terrain"
"the sloughy edge of the pond"
"swampy bayous"

{adj: damp, dampish, moist} slightly wet
"clothes damp with perspiration"
"a moist breeze"
"eyes moist with tears"

{adj: drenched, saturated, soaked, soaking, sodden, sopping, soppy} wet through and through; thoroughly wet
"stood at the door drenched (or soaked) by the rain"
"a shirt saturated with perspiration"
"his shoes were sopping (or soaking)"
"the speaker's sodden collar"
"soppy clothes"

{adj: dried} not still wet
"the ink has dried"
"a face marked with dried tears"

{adj: drippy, drizzly} wet with light rain
"a sad drizzly day"
"a wet drippy day"

{adj: dry} free from liquid or moisture; lacking natural or normal moisture or depleted of water; or no longer wet
"dry land"
"dry clothes"
"a dry climate"
"dry splintery boards"
"a dry river bed"
"the paint is dry"
<-> wet

{adj: dry} lacking moisture or volatile components
"dry paint"
<-> wet

{adj: dry} not producing milk
"a dry cow"
<-> wet

{adj: dry} opposed to or prohibiting the production and sale of alcoholic beverages
"the dry vote led by preachers and bootleggers"
"a dry state"
<-> wet

{adj: dunked, soused} wet from being plunged into liquid
"a dunked doughnut"
"fell into the pool and came up soused"

{adj: frore} very cold
"whatever the evenings be--frosty and frore or warm and wet"

{adj: hydrophilic} having a strong affinity for water; tending to dissolve in, mix with, or be wetted by water
<-> hydrophobic

{adj: hydrophobic} lacking affinity for water; tending to repel and not absorb water; tending not to dissolve in or mix with or be wetted by water
<-> hydrophilic

{adj: miserable, wretched} characterized by physical misery
"a wet miserable weekend"
"spent a wretched night on the floor"

{adj: misty} wet with mist
"the misty evening"

{adj: perspiring, sweating, sweaty} being wet with perspiration
"the perspiring runners"
"his sweating face"
"sweaty clothes"

{adj: reeking, dripping, watery} wet with secreted or exuded moisture such as sweat or tears
"wiped his reeking neck"

{adj: rheumy} moist, damp, wet (especially of air)
"the raw and theumy damp of night air"

{adj: showery, rainy} (of weather) wet by periods of rain
"showery weather"
"rainy days"

{adj: sloppy} wet or smeared with a spilled liquid or moist material
"a sloppy floor"
"a sloppy saucer"

{adj: splashed} (of a fluid) having been propelled about in flying drops or masses
"with clothes wet by splashed water"

{adj: undried} still wet or moist

{adj: washed} wet as from washing; sometimes used in combination

{adj: wet, lactating} producing or secreting milk
"a wet nurse"
"a wet cow"
"lactating cows"
<-> dry

{adj: wet} consisting of or trading in alcoholic liquor
"a wet cargo"
"a wet canteen"

{adj: wet} containing moisture or volatile components
" wet paint"
<-> dry

{adj: wet} covered or soaked with a liquid such as water
"a wet bathing suit"
"wet sidewalks"
"wet weather"
<-> dry

{adj: wet} supporting or permitting the legal production and sale of alcoholic beverages
"a wet candidate running on a wet platform"
"a wet county"
<-> dry

{adv: sleekly} in a sleek glossy manner
"the wet road was shining sleekly"

{adv: soaking, sopping, dripping} extremely wet
"dripping wet"
"soaking wet"

{n: British capacity unit, Imperial capacity unit} a unit of measure for capacity officially adopted in the British Imperial System; British units are both dry and wet

{n: Greek fire} a mixture used by Byzantine Greeks that was often shot at adversaries; catches fire when wetted

{n: Houttuynia, genus Houttuynia} one species; east Asian low-growing plant of wet places

{n: Sium, genus Sium} perennial of wet and marshy places in the northern hemisphere: water parsnips

{n: Xyridaceae, family Xyridaceae, yellow-eyed grass family} plants of tropical to temperate regions; usually in wet places

{n: adult respiratory distress syndrome, ARDS, wet lung, white lung} acute lung injury characterized by coughing and rales; inflammation of the lungs which become stiff and fibrous and cannot exchange oxygen; occurs among persons exposed to irritants such as corrosive chemical vapors or ammonia or chlorine etc.

{n: bed-wetting} enuresis during sleep; especially common in children (who usually outgrow it)

{n: bog rein orchid, bog candles, Habenaria dilatata} orchid with spikes of many fragrant white flowers on erect leafy stems; of wet or boggy ground through most of the West and northern North America

{n: bog rosemary, moorwort, Andromeda glaucophylla} wiry evergreen shrub having pendent clusters of white or pink flowers; of wet acidic areas in Arctic and Canada to northeastern United States

{n: bog, peat bog} wet spongy ground of decomposing vegetation; has poorer drainage than a swamp; soil is unfit for cultivation but can be cut and dried and used for fuel

{n: clothes dryer, clothes drier} a dryer that dries clothes wet from washing

{n: clothes hamper, laundry basket, clothes basket, voider} a hamper that holds dirty clothes to be washed or wet clothes to be dried

{n: crud} heavy wet snow that is unsuitable for skiing

{n: dew} water that has condensed on a cool surface overnight from water vapor in the air
"in the morning the grass was wet with dew"

{n: direct antonym} antonyms that are commonly associated (e.g., `wet' and `dry')

{n: drenching, soaking, souse, sousing} the act of making something completely wet
"he gave it a good drenching"

{n: dry fly} a fly (fisherman's lure) that skims the surface of the water
<-> wet fly

{n: dry-bulb thermometer} an ordinary thermometer with a dry bulb; used to measure the air temperature
<-> wet-bulb thermometer

{n: earthworm, angleworm, fishworm, fishing worm, wiggler, nightwalker, nightcrawler, crawler, dew worm, red worm} terrestrial worm that burrows into and helps aerate soil; often surfaces when the ground is cool or wet; used as bait by anglers

{n: fomentation} application of warm wet coverings to a part of the body to relieve pain and inflammation

{n: fresco} a durable method of painting on a wall by using watercolors on wet plaster

{n: fresco} a mural done with watercolors on wet plaster

{n: giant buttercup, Laccopetalum giganteum} spectacular perennial native of wet montane grasslands of Peru; formerly included in genus Ranunculus

{n: giant taro, Alocasia macrorrhiza} large evergreen with extremely large erect or spreading leaves; cultivated widely in tropics for its edible rhizome and shoots; used in wet warm regions as a stately ornamental

{n: green algae, chlorophyte} algae that are clear green in color; often growing on wet ricks or damp wood or the surface of stagnant water

{n: hygrodeik} a wet and dry bulb hygrometer

{n: indirect antonym} antonyms whose opposition is mediated (e.g., the antonymy of `wet' and `parched' is mediated by the similarity of `parched' to `dry')

{n: jewelweed, lady's earrings, orange balsam, celandine, touch-me-not, Impatiens capensis} North American annual plant with usually yellow or orange flowers; grows chiefly on wet rather acid soil

{n: kingdom come} the end of time
"you can wet the bed till kingdom come, for all I care"

{n: leak, wetting, making water, passing water} a euphemism for urination
"he had to take a leak"

{n: lechwe, Kobus leche} tawny-colored African antelope inhabiting wet grassy plains; a threatened species

{n: lick, lap} touching with the tongue
"the dog's laps were warm and wet"

{n: link, linkup, tie, tie-in} a fastener that serves to join or connect
"the walls are held together with metal links placed in the wet mortar during construction"

{n: liverwort, hepatic} any of numerous small green nonvascular plants of the class Hepaticopsida growing in wet places and resembling green seaweeds or leafy mosses

{n: lizard's-tail, swamp lily, water dragon, Saururus cernuus} North American herbaceous perennial of wet places having slender curled racemes of small white flowers

{n: marsh andromeda, common bog rosemary, Andromeda polifolia} erect to procumbent evergreen shrub having pendent clusters of white or pink flowers; of sphagnum peat bogs and other wet acidic areas in northern Europe

{n: marsh fern, Thelypteris palustris, Dryopteris thelypteris} fern having pinnatifid fronds and growing in wet places; cosmopolitan in north temperate regions

{n: marsh horsetail, Equisetum palustre} scouring-rush horsetail widely distributed in wet or boggy areas of northern hemisphere

{n: marsh plant, bog plant, swamp plant} a semiaquatic plant that grows in soft wet land; most are monocots: sedge, sphagnum, grasses, cattails, etc; possibly heath

{n: marsh, marshland, fen, fenland} low-lying wet land with grassy vegetation; usually is a transition zone between land and water
"thousands of acres of marshland"
"the fens of eastern England"

{n: mire, quagmire, quag, morass, slack} a soft wet area of low-lying land that sinks underfoot

{n: moistening, dampening} the act of making something slightly wet

{n: moisture, wet} wetness caused by water
"drops of wet gleamed on the window"

{n: mud, clay} water soaked soil; soft wet earth

{n: northern bog lemming, Synaptomys borealis} of wet alpine and subalpine meadows of Canada and Alaska

{n: pack} a sheet or blanket (either dry or wet) to wrap around the body for its therapeutic effect

{n: pillwort, Pilularia globulifera} European water fern found around margins of bodies of water or in wet acid soil having small globose sporocarps

{n: prairie orchid, prairie white-fringed orchis, Habenaria leucophaea} orchid of boggy or wet lands of north central United States having racemes of very fragrant creamy or greenish white flowers

{n: psychrometer} a hygrometer consisting of a dry-bulb thermometer and a wet-bulb thermometer; their difference indicates the dryness of the surrounding air

{n: puddle} a mixture of wet clay and sand that can be used to line a pond and that is impervious to water when dry

{n: purple anise, Illicium floridanum} small shrubby tree with purple flowers; found in wet soils of southeastern United States

{n: quicksand} a pit filled with loose wet sand into which objects are sucked down

{n: reed grass} any of various tall perennial grasses of the genus Calamagrostis having feathery plumes; natives of marshland fens and wet woodlands of temperate northern hemisphere

{n: respiratory distress syndrome, respiratory distress syndrome of the newborn, hyaline membrane disease} an acute lung disease of the newborn (especially the premature newborn); lungs cannot expand because of a wetting agent is lacking; characterized by rapid shallow breathing and cyanosis and the formation of a glassy hyaline membrane over the alveoli

{n: ribbon snake, Thamnophis sauritus} slender yellow-striped North American garter snake; prefers wet places

{n: rinse} a liquid preparation used on wet hair to give it a tint

{n: rush} grasslike plants growing in wet places and having cylindrical often hollow stems

{n: salt marsh} low-lying wet land that is frequently flooded with saltwater

{n: sedge wren, short-billed marsh wren, Cistothorus platensis} small American wren inhabiting wet sedgy meadows

{n: sedge} grasslike or rushlike plant growing in wet places having solid stems, narrow grasslike leaves and spikelets of inconspicuous flowers

{n: slop, slops, swill, pigswill, pigwash} wet feed (especially for pigs) consisting of mostly kitchen waste mixed with water or skimmed or sour milk

{n: soapwort gentian, Gentiana saponaria} erect perennial of wet woodlands of North America having leaves and flower buds resembling those of soapwort

{n: spoilsport, killjoy, wet blanket, party pooper} someone who spoils the pleasure of others

{n: sponge mop} a wet mop with a sponge as the absorbent

{n: spring cress, Cardamine bulbosa} small white-flowered cress common in wet places in eastern North America

{n: squeeze, wring} a twisting squeeze
"gave the wet cloth a wring"

{n: submersion, immersion, ducking, dousing} the act of wetting something by submerging it

{n: swamp candles, Lysimachia terrestris} North American plant with spikes of yellow flowers, found in wet places

{n: swamp white oak, swamp oak, Quercus bicolor} large deciduous oak of the eastern United States with a flaky bark and leaves that have fewer lobes than other white oaks; yields heavy strong wood used in construction; thrives in wet soil

{n: swampy beggar-ticks, Bidens connata} bur marigold of eastern and northern United States and Canada common in wet pastures and meadows

{n: tarwood, tar-wood, Dacrydium colensoi} New Zealand silver pine of conical habit with long slender flexuous branches; adapted to cold wet summers and high altitudes

{n: toad lily, Montia chamissoi} a floating or creeping Indian lettuce having terminal racemes of pale rose flowers; wet areas at high elevations of western North America

{n: trench foot, immersion foot} resembling frostbite but without freezing; resulting from exposure to cold and wet

{n: tumble-dryer, tumble drier} a clothes dryer that spins wet clothes inside a cylinder with heated air

{n: water oak, possum oak, Quercus nigra} relatively tall deciduous water oak of southeastern United States often cultivated as a shade tree; thrives in wet soil

{n: water speedwell, Veronica michauxii, Veronica anagallis-aquatica} plant of wet places in Eurasia and America

{n: water-mint, water mint, Mentha aquatica} a European mint that thrives in wet places; has a perfume like that of the bergamot orange; naturalized in eastern North America

{n: watering} wetting with water
"the lawn needs a great deal of watering"

{n: wet bar} a bar for mixing drinks that has a sink with running water

{n: wet cell} a primary voltaic cell having a liquid electrolyte

{n: wet dream} an erotic dream (usually at night) accompanied by the (nocturnal) emission of semen

{n: wet fly} fisherman's fly that floats under the surface of the water
<-> dry fly

{n: wet nurse, wet-nurse, wetnurse, amah} a woman hired to suckle a child of someone else

{n: wet suit} a close-fitting garment made of a permeable material; worn in cold water (as by skin divers) to retain body heat

{n: wet-bulb thermometer} a thermometer with a bulb that is covered with moist muslin; used in a psychrometer to measure humidity
<-> dry-bulb thermometer

{n: wetter} a workman who wets the work in a manufacturing process

{n: wetting agent, wetter, surfactant, surface-active agent} a substance capable of reducing the surface tension of a liquid in which it is dissolved

{n: wetting} the act of making something wet

{n: wringer} a clothes dryer consisting of two roles between which the wet clothes are squeezed

{v: act, move} perform an action, or work out or perform (an action)
"think before you act"
"We must move quickly"
"The governor should act on the new energy bill"
"The nanny acted quickly by grabbing the toddler and covering him with a wet towel"
<-> refrain

{v: bedraggle} make wet and dirty, as from rain

{v: breastfeed, bottle-feed, suckle, suck, nurse, wet-nurse, lactate, give suck} give suck to
"The wetnurse suckled the infant"
"You cannot nurse your baby in public in some places"
<-> bottlefeed

{v: douse, dowse} wet thoroughly

{v: drip-dry} dry by hanging up wet

{v: dry, dry out} remove the moisture from and make dry
"dry clothes"
"dry hair"
<-> wet

{v: dunk, dip, souse, plunge, douse} immerse briefly into a liquid so as to wet, coat, or saturate
"dip the garment into the cleaning solution"
"dip the brush into the paint"

{v: fresco} paint onto wet plaster on a wall

{v: glitter, glisten, glint, gleam, shine} be shiny, as if wet
"His eyes were glistening"

{v: puddle} work a wet mixture, such as concrete or mud

{v: reek, fume} be wet with sweat or blood, as of one's face

{v: reflect, shine} be bright by reflecting or casting light
"Drive carefully--the wet road reflects"

{v: skid} slide without control
"the car skidded in the curve on the wet road"

{v: sprinkle, sparge, besprinkle} scatter with liquid ; wet lightly
"Sprinkle the lawn"

{v: squelch, squish, splash, splosh, slosh, slop} walk through mud or mire
"We had to splosh across the wet meadow"

{v: squirt} wet with a spurt of liquid
"spurt the wall with water"

{v: stay, remain, rest} stay the same ; remain in a certain state
"The dress remained wet after repeated attempts to dry it"
"rest assured"
"stay alone"
"He remained unmoved by her tears"
"The bad weather continued for another week"
<-> change

{v: wet} cause to become wet
"Wet your face"
<-> dry

{v: wet} make one's bed or clothes wet by urinating
"This eight year old boy still wets his bed"

Overhead the sea gulls wheeled and cried as we walked barefoot in the cool, wet sand.

I couldn't look up. My eyes were getting wet.

The wet slaps my face like the tail of a fish. It steals my breath.

Outside stood a little girl, dripping wet and shivering.

Moreover, as a result of North Carolina being one of the first states in the US to deregulate banking, First Union " could wet its feet early acquiring companies and working in capital markets, insurance, asset management and securities, well ahead of the financial services deregulation act ", which was finally approved in November 1999, says Steven Bash, senior vice-president and managing director for Europe and emerging markets.
而且,由于北卡罗来纳州是美国首批解除对银行业务管制的州之一,第一联合公司 "得以尽早地涉足了收购公司和在资本市场保险、资产管理以及有价证券等领域中开展业务,这走在了解除金融业务管制法案的前面 ",该法案在 1999年 11月最终获得通过,高级副总裁兼欧洲和新兴市场总经理史蒂文·巴什这样说。

The amount of energy that can be produced anaerobically is a function of the amount of glycogen present-in all vertebrates about 0.5 percent of their muscles' wet weight.

Wet cylinder liner 湿式汽缸套

遇水燃烧品 Dangerous When Wet

切勿受潮 Keep Dry/Caution Against Wet

包装不妥 Improper Packing
包装不固 Insufficiently Packed
包装不良 Negligent Packing
包装残旧玷污 Packing Stained &Old
箱遭水渍 Cartons Wet &Stained
外包装受水湿 With Outer Packing Wet
包装形状改变 Shape of Packing Distorted

湿法柱填充 wet column packing

Full grains bovine skin leather, wet-blue, tanned or crust, no hair, wet state

Full grains, bovine skin, tanned or crust, without hair on, wet state, nes

Full grains, equine skin, tanned or crust, without hair on, , wet state

Bovine skin, wet-blue, tanned or crust, no hair , wet state

Bovine skin, tanned or crust, without hair on, wet state ,nes

Equine skin, tanned or crust, without hair on, wet state

Sheep, lamb skin, tanned or crust, without wool, wet blue

Sheep, lamb skin, tanned or crust, without wool, wet state, nes

Goat or kid skin , tanned or crust, without wool , wet state

Swine skin, tanned or crust, without wool , wet-blue


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