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user [ 'ju:zə] n.用户,使用者

user ['ju:zə] n. 使用者;用户

user ['ju:zə] 用户

最终用户 end user

UA User Agent 用户代理

UDP User Data Protocol 用户数据协议

UNI User Network Interface 用户网接口

UP User Plane 用户平面

UPI User Premises Interface 用户室内接口

INTUG International Trade and User Groups 国际贸易和用户群

NIUF North American ISDN User''s Forum 北美ISDN用户论坛

UNI User-Network Interface 用户网络接口

External users 外部使用者

Internal users 内部使用者

GUI(Graphical User Interface):图形用户界面。 即计算机与用户的交互界面。

MUD(Multi-user Dungeon):多用户地牢,俗称“泥巴”。在互联网络上的一种允许多人参与的实时游戏,一般类似RPG的玩法,但目前多为文字模式。

ultimate customers/end users 最终顾客/用户

users 使用者

  注册商标使用人 User Of Registered Trade Mark

静脉注射使用者是中国艾滋病主要人口 IV users constitute the largest proportion of HIV cases in China

IV users constitute the largest proportion of HIV cases in China 静脉注射使用者是中国艾滋病主要人口

IV users constitute the largest proportion of HIV cases in China 静脉注射使用者是中国艾滋病主要人口

IV users constitute the largest proportion of HIV cases in China 静脉注射使用者是中国艾滋病主要人口

common user item


end-user certificate

GUI Graphic User Interface 图形用户界面

ISUP ISDN User Part ISDN用户部分

TUP Telephone User Part(SS7) 电话用户部分

users of public transport

Unemployed people are the main users of this advice center.

Telephone users will be facing higher bills next quarter.

I've seen enough criminal trials to know victims of armed attacks are seldom able to identify their offenders because their attention focuses on the guns, rather than on their users.

Users can download this material to a desktop.

Yes, our market analysis tells us our prime user will be between 40 and 60.

We can't persuade the end-users to buy your products at this price.

If your price is unacceptable, our end-users will turn to other suppliers.

Yes, our market analysis tells us our prime user will be between 40 and 60.

I’m afraid we’ll have a hard time persuading our users to accept the new products.

登记用户 [dēng jì yòng hù] /registered user/

互联网用户 [hù lián wǎng yòng hù] /Internet user/

使用者 [shǐ yòng zhě] /user/

使用者中介 [shǐ yòng zhě zhōng jiè] /user agent/

图像用户介面 [tú xiàng yòng hù jiè miàn] /graphical user interface/GUI/

用户 [yòng hù] /user/

用户到网络的接口 [yòng hù dào wǎng luò de jiē kǒu] /User-Network Interface/UNI/

用户到网络接口 [yòng hù dào wǎng luò jiē kǒu] /user-network interface/UNI/

用户定义 [yòng hù dìng yì] /user-defined/

用户数据 [yòng hù shù jù] /user data/

用语 [yòng yǔ] /syntax/user of words/

终端用户 [zhōng duān yòng hù] /end user/

Feeling threatened, companies responded by writing ever-longer warning labels, trying to anticipate every possible accident.
Today, stepladders carry labels several inches long that warn, among other things, that you might — surprised! — fall off.
The label on a child's Batman cape cautions that the toy "does not enable user to fly."

But push technology has earned the contempt of many Web users.
Online culture thinks highly of the notion that the information flowing onto the screen comes there by specific request.
Once commercial promotion begins to fill the screen uninvited, the distinction between the Web and television fades.

{adj: friendly} easy to understand or use
"user-friendly computers"
"a consumer-friendly policy"
"a reader-friendly novel"
<-> unfriendly

{adj: unfriendly} not easy to understand or use
<-> friendly

{adj: user-friendly} easy to use

{n: CD-ROM, compact disc read-only memory} a compact disk that is used with a computer (rather than with an audio system); a large amount of digital information can be stored and accessed but it cannot be altered by the user

{n: DIP switch, dual inline package switch} (computer science) one of a set of small on-off switches mounted in computer hardware; used in place of jumpers to configure the machine for a user

{n: Google} a widely used search engine that uses text-matching techniques to find web pages that are important and relevant to a user's search

{n: Windows} (trademark) an operating system with a graphical user interface

{n: anonymous ftp, anonymous file transfer protocol} a common way to make software available; users are allowed to log in as `guest' without a password and copy whatever has been made available

{n: applet} a Java application; an application program that uses the client's web browser to provide a user interface

{n: application, application program, applications programme} a program that gives a computer instructions that provide the user with tools to accomplish a task
"he has tried several different word processing applications"

{n: application-oriented language, problem-oriented language} a language whose statements resemble terminology of the user

{n: background, desktop, screen background} (computer science) the area of the screen in graphical user interfaces against which icons and windows appear

{n: beta software} software that has not yet been released but has received an alpha test and still has more bugs than a regular release
"beta software is usually available only to particular users who will test it"

{n: bulletin board system, bulletin board, electronic bulletin board, bbs} a computer that is running software that allows users to leave messages and access information of general interest

{n: chat room, chatroom} a site on the internet where a number of users can communicate in real time (typically one dedicated to a particular topic)

{n: command line interface, CLI} a user interface in which you type commands instead of choosing them from a menu or selecting an icon

{n: command line} commands that a user types in order to run an application

{n: computer screen, computer display} a screen used to display the output of a computer to the user

{n: computer store} a store that sells computers to the small businessperson or personal user

{n: computer user} a person who uses computers for work or entertainment or communication or business

{n: credit bureau} a private firm that maintains consumer credit data files and provides credit information to authorized users for a fee

{n: cursor, pointer} (computer science) indicator consisting of a movable spot of light (an icon) on a visual display; moving it allows the user to point to commands or screen positions

{n: cybernaut} a computer user who uses the internet; someone who explores cyberspace

{n: dialog box, panel} (computer science) a small temporary window in a graphical user interface that appears in order to request information from the user; after the information has been provided the user dismisses the box with `okay' or `cancel'

{n: drop-down menu} a menu of options that appears below the item when the computer user clicks on it

{n: drug user, substance abuser, user} a person who takes drugs

{n: ecobabble} using the technical language of ecology to make the user seem ecologically aware

{n: electronic mail, e-mail, email} (computer science) a system of world-wide electronic communication in which a computer user can compose a message at one terminal that is generated at the recipient's terminal when he logs in
<-> snail mail

{n: end user} the ultimate user for which something is intended

{n: exercise device} a device designed to provide exercise for the user

{n: exploiter, user} a person who uses something or someone selfishly or unethically

{n: file transfer protocol, FTP} protocol that allows users to copy files between their local system and any system they can reach on the network

{n: finder, viewfinder, view finder} optical device that helps a user to find the target of interest

{n: graphical user interface, GUI} a user interface based on graphics (icons and pictures and menus) instead of text; uses a mouse as well as a keyboard as an input device

{n: hash head} a user of hashish

{n: head shop} a shop specializing in articles of interest to drug users
"he bought some roach clips and hashish pipes at the head shop"

{n: head} a user of (usually soft) drugs
"the office was full of secret heads"

{n: help desk, helpdesk} a service that provides information and assistance to the users of a computer network

{n: hit} a connection made via the internet to another website
"WordNet gets many hits from users worldwide"

{n: hookup} a device providing a connection between a power source and a user
"some campsites have electrical hookups for trailers"

{n: icon} (computer science) a graphic symbol (usually a simple picture) that denotes a program or a command or a data file or a concept in a graphical user interface

{n: interface, user interface} (computer science) a program that controls a display for the user (usually on a computer monitor) and that allows the user to interact with the system

{n: mainframe, mainframe computer} a large digital computer serving 100-400 users and occupying a special air-conditioned room

{n: menu, computer menu} (computer science) a list of options available to a computer user

{n: outhouse, privy, earth-closet, jakes} a small outbuilding with a bench having holes through which a user can defecate

{n: power user} (computing) a computer user who needs the fastest and most powerful computers available

{n: psychedelia} the subculture of users of psychedelic drugs

{n: reading, meter reading, indication} a datum about some physical state that is presented to a user by a meter or similar instrument
"he could not believe the meter reading"
"the barometer gave clear indications of an approaching storm"

{n: safety feature} feature of an artifact that is added to insure a user's safety

{n: safety pin} a pin in the form of a clasp; has a guard so the point of the pin will not stick the user

{n: smoker, tobacco user} a person who smokes tobacco
<-> nonsmoker

{n: snuffer, snuff user} a person who uses snuff

{n: spreadsheet} a screen-oriented interactive program enabling a user to lay out financial data on the screen

{n: spyware} computer software that obtains information from a user's computer without the user's knowledge or consent

{n: supervisory software} specialized programs that reside permanently in the computer's main memory and control the processing of user's programs

{n: system command} a computer user's instruction (not part of a program) that calls for action by the computer's executive program

{n: time sharing} (computer science) the use of a central computer by many users simultaneously

{n: touch screen, touchscreen} a computer display that enables the user to interact with the computer by touching areas on the screen

{n: user} a person who makes use of a thing; someone who uses or employs something

{n: utility program, utility, service program} (computer science) a program designed for general support of the processes of a computer
"a computer system provides utility programs to perform the tasks needed by most users"

{n: virtual memory, virtual storage} (computer science) memory created by using the hard disk to simulate additional random-access memory; the addressable storage space available to the user of a computer system in which virtual addresses are mapped into real addresses

{n: virtual reality} a hypothetical three-dimensional visual world created by a computer; user wears special goggles and fiber optic gloves etc., and can enter and move about in this world and interact with objects as if inside it

{n: vocabulary, lexicon, mental lexicon} a language user's knowledge of words

{n: word processor, word processing system} an application that provides the user with tools needed to write and edit and format text and to send it to a printer

{v: verbify} make into a verb
"'mouse' has been verbified by computer users"

The latest on the scene--and currently under construction--is a revamped release of 3Dgreetings.com, which gives users more options for personalizing its 250 cards with photos, images, animations and voice recordings.
最近引人注目的是, 3Dgreetings.com 网站宣布改建(现正在改建中),它能为用户提供更多的选择,用户可用相片、图像、动画和语音使它所提供的 250种贺卡个性化。

Like its competitors, 3Dgreetings.com plans to allow users to create, edit an enclosed text message and e-mail animated, audio-visual electronic greetings.
和它的竞争对手一样, 3Dgreetings.com 计划让用户能自己去建立、编辑内含的文本信息并发送诩栩如生、有声有色的电子信件贺卡。

But a big drawback, which may irk loyal Mac followers, is that the site is unable to accommodate users with Macintosh-operating systems, allowing them to send but not preview or receive cards.
但它也有一个很大的缺陷,就是不能接纳使用 Macintosh 操作系统的用户:用户只能发送而不能预览或接收贺卡-这一点也许使 Mac 的忠实追随者感到恼怒。

By the end of 2001, a total of 250,000 panellists in 30 countries will have been recruited, collectively representing 92 per cent of the worlds Internet users.
到 2001年底,将在 30个国家吸收总共 25万名专门小组成员,共同代表 92%的世界互联网用户。

The site offers American users a bundle of 10 free prepost paid envelopes with 33 cent American stamps already on them for postage within the United States--provided you also take the coupon offers for products which retailers and manufacturers are keen to send to the Internet shoppers at the site.
美国用户如果拿到了零售商或生产商热衷于向该网站的网上购物者提供的产品赠券,这个网站会为他提供 10个一捆的预付邮资信封,上面已经贴好了 33美分的美国邮票,可以在美国国内使用。

Looking in more detail at two bookstore sites--the " pure Internet " Amazon and the " clicks and mortar " Barnes&; Noble--Mr. Pulver said that the Internet survey was able to tell that, although 8 million Internet users visited the Amazon.com site and 2.5 million visitors the Barnes &; Noble site, only 1 million people visited both.
调查了 "纯粹因特网 "的亚马逊和 "鼠标加混凝土 "的巴恩斯与诺博这两个网上书店的更多细节之后,普尔弗先生说对因特网的调查能够表明,虽然有 800万因特网用户访问亚马逊网站、 250万人访问巴恩斯与诺博网站,但只有 100万人这两个网站都访问。

That system allows the user to see both the environment around them and the display.

In 2001 your GPRS handset will enable a permanent connection to the network and allow " per bit " rather than today's per minute charging--meaning a user will automatically receive e-mail and other information, but pay only for data sent.
在 2001年,你的 GPRS 手机将使你能始终与网络连接着,并且可以按 "每比特 "(而不是如今的每分钟)来收取费用-这就意味着用户将自动地接收电子邮件和其他信息,但只需支付所传送数据的费用。

About 20 per cent of Finnish households have also given up on using a landline--extraordinary growth from the five per cent who were mobile phone-only users a year ago.
芬兰约 20%的家庭已经弃用固定电话,而一年前使用移动电话的用户比例只有 5%,增长速度出奇地快。

Racking up sales of two million units in its first year on sale, the iMac has appealed to a new generation of computer users because of its sassy, rounded look, and the smart-action way in which it can be used.
iMac 因其漂亮、诱人的圆形外观以及灵活的使用方式而赢得了新一代计算机用户的青睐,并在上市的第一年就累计销售了 200万台。

The iBook is the first portable designed with built-in wireless capability that allows users to move away from a base station while remaining connected to the Internet at 56 kilobits per second.
iBook 是首款具有内置无线上网功能设计的便携式电脑,它使用户在离开基站移动的情况下,仍能以每秒 56千比特的速度与因特网保持连接。

A story by USATODAY.com technology affairs reporter Will Rodger disclosed that DoubleClick, the world's biggest Internet advertising company, has started associating Web users ' real-life identities with their online activities, something that used to be anonymous.

DoubleClick was sued by a California woman who accused the company of illegally obtaining and selling personal information about Internet users.

As both Rodger's editor and an avid Web user, I believe that his DoubleClick story was an important one because it spurred greater public awareness of the company's practices.

As things stand now, the company requires Web users to drill through the legalese of a multi-page privacy policy in order to " opt out. "
On the Internet, that's a great weakness.

In short, rather than requiring Web users to " opt out ", they should ask those users to " opt in ".
简而言之,与其要求网络用户 "拒绝 ",还不如让用户 "接受 "。

And if users have a sudden inspiration, they can call Bloodhound and dictate a message for recall later.
如果使用者突发奇想,他们可以呼叫 "大警犬 "并口述讯息以备日后重呼。

Simon Morgan from advertising and direct marketing agency Carpe Diem has been a pilot user of the service throughout the year 2000.
卡珀·戴姆公司是一家广告和直销代理公司,在该公司工作的西蒙·摩根是这项服务在 2000年全年的一个试用者。

Users can preview a list of their voice-mail messages onscreen before listening to them.

Researchers reviewing studies involving 27,000 patients in nine clinical trials found that the risk of heart attack was 27% greater - and the risk of heart failure 26% greater - among users of calcium channel blockers than among patients taking other hypertension drugs.
研究人员进行了九组临床试验,涉及的患者达 27, 000名,他们发现,使用钙通道阻滞剂的患者心脏病发作率比使用其它治疗高血压药物的患者高 27%,患心力衰竭症的患者比率比后者高出 26%。

It has taken technology forecasters far too long to realize that the Internet will have a billion users and carry $1 trillion worth of e-commerce within a year.
科学预言家们花了很长一段时间才认识到:互联网拥有 10亿使用者,一年之内将带来值一万亿美元的电子商务。

Opera Software is a five-year-old company with solid revenues that claims over a million users worldwide.
Opera 软件公司虽然只成立了五年,但它已经获得了稳定的收入,并声称在全世界范围内拥有一百多万用户。

The number is more significant, since users have to actually pay for the program( $35).
由于每一位用户都必须支付 35美元的费用,因此这一用户数字就更显得不同凡响。

For Mac users who have fewer Net options, the best simple browser is iCab.
对没有太多网络服务的果机用户来说,最佳的小型浏览器当属 iCab 。

For Windows users, the browser of choice is 1X.
Windows 用户的最佳选择是 1X 。

Indeed, h2g2's wireless version of the guide aims to combine " personalization " services geared to a specific user with " localization " those linked to a certain place.
事实上, h2g2公司制作的《搭便车旅行者指南》无线版将致力于集个性化(满足某个用户具要求的服务)和地方化(针对某个地区的服务)于一。

But advances in technology mean that operators will soon be able to use the lag time in the arrival of signals to calculate a cell phone user's location down to as little as 10 meters.
而科技的进步很快就可以使运营商利用信号到达基站所耗费的时间,计算出蜂窝手用户的位置,误差小到只有 10米。

While such services are still some months away, a growing number of mobile users are already tapping into h2g2's Internet site for tourism advice.
尽管这样的服务要过好几个月才开通,越来越多的手用户已经开始点击 h2g2网站查询旅游事宜了。

Soon h2g2 plans to introduce a premium service allowing users to pay a fixed price to receive a " smarticle ", a text-based phone message summarizing sightseeing tips for a particular area. h2g2 will make money primarily by taking a cut of operators airtime revenues and by charging for premium services, says the firm's chief operating officer, Ted Bissell. h2g2公司计划在不久之后提供一项额外服务,用户交纳一定的费用之后便可以收到一段智能文字,将概述某地区观光要点的信息以文本形式发送给用户手。 h2g2公司的首席运营官特德·比斯尔说,公司主要通过收取运营商传输费的一部分和额外服务费而赢利。

Another company, Buzzcity.com, developed software that alerts web users to changes in their favorite sites and recently got $10 million in U.S. venture capital.
另一家公司 Buzzcity.com 开发的软件提醒上网者其喜爱的网址出现的变化,该公司最近获得 1, 000万美元的美国风险投资。

CallNet itself, which offered users the free Internet access if they signed up to CallNet's telephone service, intends to revert to metered access in the near future, and then offer several restructured flat-rate products.
CallNet 以用户必须成为公司的电话服务注册用户为前提推出免费互联网接入服务,目的是打算在不久的将来重返计时收费接入服务的老路,然后再推出几经过调整的固定费率服务。

Indeed, some access providers are using low pricing structures to accumulate as many users as possible as quickly as possible.

Instead, they work on the theory that a critical mass of users will eventually attract advertising and other sources of revenue.

People that are using unmetered services are in many cases early adopters and very heavy users, says Noah Yasskin, director of European research at Jupiter Communications.

Jupiter Communications ' Yasskin predicts that in the long term, three-quarters of all U.K. users will be on unmetered access, up from about one-quarter today.

Major providers like BT and Freeserve in the U.K., and T-Online in Germany are preparing for that future by offering unmetered packages, including both fully unlimited packages and hybrids which give users unlimited flat-rate access in off-peak periods like evenings, but metered access at peak times.
一些主要供应商,如英国的英国电信和 Freeserve 以及德国的 T-Online 正在为将来做准备,推出了各非计时收费服务项目,其中包括完全不限时的服务项目以及混合服务项目,即在晚上等非高峰时段提供不限时固定费率接入服务,而在高峰时段则提供按时计费接入服务。

Freeserve, which has about 2 million registered users for its access products, already claims 140,000 users for the two flat-rate plans it has launched since April.
拥有两百万接入服务注册用户的 Freeserve 宣称,自四月份推出这两服务计划以来,公司已经吸纳了 14万用户。

Or I could send live video out to the Net; users are limited to 240 " live " minutes a month.
我也可以将现场录像发送到网上。用户每月收看现场录像时间限定在 240分钟以内。

If you really want to see Josh, almost live, check out www.spotlife.com/users/littleal/webcam.
如果你真想以现场直播的形式认识一下本人,不妨访问以下站点: www.spotlife.com

Interactive TVs, offered by companies like Maginet Corp. and On Command, allow users to access - through a cordless keyboard - the Internet, order a movie, play video games and check out, all from the comfort of their bed.
由 Maginet 和 OnCommand 等公司提供的交互式电视能让用户通过无线键盘上网,订购影碟,玩电子游戏和结帐,所有这一切躺在床上就能完成。

Users receive a multi-media desk area with a laser printer, Microsoft Office and a host of other toys. I-Quest provides a high degree of security through measures like immediately transferring your personal data to your own Internet service provider without storing it.
该系统的用户可以操作一个带有激光打印机、微软 Office 软件和其他设备的多媒体桌面,其安全性非常强,具体安全措施包括将用户的个人信息不经保存直接传输给用户自己的网络服务商等。

Instead of relying solely on a computer screen to present the illusion of motion, the MotionWare headset employs a common medical technology that influences the user's sense of balance by stimulating the inner ear.
MotionWare 公司的这头套装置不再是仅仅依靠电脑屏幕提供动感的图像,而是使用一普通的医学技术,即通过刺激人的内耳,来影响使用者的平衡感。

By simulating actual motion, the device diminishes the nausea sometimes associated with VR while creating an enhanced sense of realism for VR system users.

To reserve a car, users access the site on the Internet and input their details.

Users are given a smart card which serves as the vehicle's key and which logs the distance traveled.

Before this system, users had to know the designated stock code or enter the Chinese characters on a keyboard.

A new crop of sites, designed for high-speed users, brings blazing video and rich sound to the desktop.

Its latest model, the Tianxi( or Millennium Computer), puts users online with a single click the first time they operate the machine. It meets the demands of our customers who don't want the trouble of installing software or cards, says Liu.

Travelers often turn to Internet-enabled cell phones for directions, for example, which means that the user's location becomes a factor.

Inktomi found a solution in AirFlash, a company based in Redwood City, California, which has developed technology that can pinpoint users and give them location-specific content.
Inktomi 在 AirFlash 公司那里找到了解决方案。这家设在加利福尼亚州雷德伍德城的公司开发了一可以定用户方位并依此向他们提供其它地理信息。

" Predictive logic ", a system that anticipates what users are looking for based on aggregate behavior patterns If the system uesses right, it will whisk users to their desired Web page.

Users can initiate or answer calls by pushing a button on the headset, even if the cell phone itself is inside a briefcase or in another room up to 10 meters away.
使用者揿一下头套上的一个按钮就可以往外拨打或者回复电话,即使手机本身是在一个旅行箱里或者是在 10多米以外的另一间房里。

United Sites hopes to launch Shoshkeles greeting cards that dance across the screen as users surf the Web.
联合网站公司希望能发出 Shoshkeles 贺卡,当用户在网上冲浪时这些贺卡能在屏幕上跳来跳去。

The program's main feature is the cartoon character a user can transmit along with his or her e-mail.

CALLWAVE, an Internet telephone company based in Santa Barbara, California, offers an Internet Answering Machine( IAM), free software that will answer calls when the user is on the Internet using the same telephone line.
CALLWAVE 是加利福尼亚州圣巴巴拉市一家新开的互联网电话公司,该公司推出了一个互联网应答机( IAM )免费软件,可以在用户占用同一条电话线上网的时候应答电话呼叫。

IAM,( www.callwave.com), takes messages for the user, who listens instantly or saves them for later.
IAM 软件可以在 www.callwave.com 网址上找到,它可以为用户接收电话留言,用户可以立即接听,也可以存储下来以后再听。

DigiScents is also planning the world's first Snortal an iSmell website where users design and distill their own fragrances.
DigiScents 公司还计划建立世界上第一家 Snortal 网站,这是一个由 iSmell 控制的网站,访问站点的人可以自行设计和提取香味。

Through a flexible opt-in, opt-out private system, users can see people on a personal buddy list currently online, as well as their physical location.

Most phones contain a subscriber identification module( SIM) card to identify a user to the phone network.
大多数移动电话配有一张用户识别模块( SIM )卡,对移动通信网的用户进行识别。

" Fingerprint technology and advanced speech recognition will ensure that only one or two authorized users will be able to operate it. "

Senate-which would limit developed countries " carbon emissions from cars, power plants and other major users of fossil fuels.
这份由 84个国家签署但未在美国参议院通过的协议旨在限制发达国家的汽车、发电厂及其他矿物燃料主要使用者的碳排放量。

At present, users are charged high and confusing rates for calls received when they are abroad since the calls must be passed between phone companies.

It is attracting some 550,000 different users a day and is hailed as the No. 1 kids ' site on the Internet.
每天这些东西吸引了大约 55万不同的用户到他们的网页上浏览,他们的网页一举成为互联网上的第一大儿童网站。

Digital certificates also allow users to encrypt and send information over networks without fearing unauthorized persons opening the data.

Using a new sophisticated tracking system, the screen on this small computer instantly creates a map showing the quickest route between the user and the destination.

The overwhelming demand for user-based navigation aids has already spurred other consumer tech firms like Sharp to get into the personal GPS game, while NTT DoCoMo, Japan's largest cellular network, is considering making GPS capability a standard feature on its cellular phones.
基于用户的定位辅助装置有巨大的市场需求,已经刺激了其它比如夏普等消费品科技公司参与个人 GPS 市场的角逐,而日本最大的手机网 NTTDoCoMo 公司正在考虑使其所有手机都具备 GPS 功能。

User’s Manual

2. Accessories attached
This product is attached with the following accessories.
Please contact with the local dealer in case of missing when purchasing.
- Earphone (1 set)
- User’s manual (1)
- Installation disc (1)
- USB communication line (1)
- Charger (1)
- 3/5F6 Nickel-hydrogen battery (2)
- 带FM 调频收音机的耳机(1 副)
- 使用说明书(1 本)
- 光盘(1 张)
- USB 转接器(1 个)
- 充电器(1 套)
- 3/5F6 镍氢电池(2 粒)

Loss of data?
Some loss of data are occurred during the download due to unstable power supply,
our company will not liable for any data loss, please backup user’s data in hard disk, CD-R or ZIP.
本公司不负责任何资料的损失,建议用户将资料备份于硬盘,CD-R,ZIP 内。

Official figures show that more than 87-million Chinese are online, the second-largest number of Internet users after the United States.

highway user tax 公路使用税

users tax 使用人头税

user lamp 用户指示灯

Data base user interface and query software

Graphical user interface development software

Owner or user manuals

Electronic software documentation or user manuals

This block contains a wide variety of disorders that differ
in severity and clinical form but that are all attributable to the use of one or more
psychoactive substances, which may or may not have been medically prescribed. The third
character of the code identifies the substance involved, and the fourth character
specifies the clinical state. The codes should be used, as required, for each substance
specified, but it should be noted that not all fourth-character codes are applicable to
all substances.
Identification of the psychoactive substance should be based on as many sources of
information as possible. These include self-report data, analysis of blood and other body
fluids, characteristic physical and psychological symptoms, clinical signs and behaviour,
and other evidence such as a drug being in the patient's possession or reports from
informed third parties. Many drug users take more than one type of psychoactive substance.
The main diagnosis should be classified, whenever possible, according to the substance or
class of substances that has caused or contributed most to the presenting clinical
syndrome. Other diagnoses should be coded when other psychoactive substances have been
taken in intoxicating amounts (common fourth character .0) or to the extent of causing
harm (common fourth character .1), dependence (common fourth character .2) or other
disorders (common fourth character .3-.9).
Only in cases in which patterns of psychoactive substance-taking are chaotic and
indiscriminate, or in which the contributions of different psychoactive substances are
inextricably mixed, should the diagnosis of disorders resulting from multiple drug use
(F19.-) be used.
Excludes: abuse of non-dependence-producing substances (F55)
The following fourth-character subdivisions are for use with categories F10-F19:
本节包含了几种不同严重程度与临床型态的疾病 ,
节用第 3 码代表特定的物质 , 第 4 码表示临床状况
; 这些号码可用来代表特定物质所造成的精神状态
, 但需注意不是所有的号码都能应用在每个物质上

种的临床资讯 , 这些包含患者自我陈述的资料 , 血
液与其他体液检体的客观分析 , 特殊之身体与心理
症状、临床候、行为表现、以及其他资料 , 如在病
人身上发现药物 , 或第叁者提供的报告。许多药物
使用者服用不止一种的药品 , 但在主要的诊断方面
仍应依据与临床状况最相关的药物 ( 或同一类的药
物 ) 加以分类。当其他精神作用物质之使用量引起
中毒 (第 4 码 .0) , 引起伤害 (第 4 码.1) , 依赖 (第 4 码.2)
或其他障碍 (第 4 码.3-.9) 时 , 也要把其他精神作用物
辨 , 或者使用的不同药物对临床表现之影响相当的
复杂时 , 才诊断为由於使用多种药物引起之精神疾
病 (F19.-)
不包含 : 非成瘾性药物的滥用 (F55)
下面第 4 码之分类要与 F10-F19 之各类别诊断一起使用

Mental and behavioural disorders due to multiple drug use and use of
other psychoactive substances [See pages 321-323 for subdivisions]
This category should be used when two or more psychoactive substances are known to be
involved, hut it is impossible to assess which substance is contributing most to the
disorders. It should also be used when the exact identity of some or even all the
psychoactive substances being used is uncertain or unknown, since many multiple drug users
themselves often do not know the details of what they are taking.
Includes: misuse of drugs NOS
为障碍症〔见第 321-323 页之次分类〕
此类别之使用 , 一定要有二种 ( 包含 ) 以上之精神
作用物质同时使用 , 又不能区分那一种物质引起该
不知为何种名称时 , 即要使用此诊断。因为许多使
包含 : 药物滥用 , 其他未明示者

A pedestrian is any person involved in an accident who was not at the
time of the accident riding in or on a motor vehicle, railway train, streetcar or
animal-drawn or other vehicle, or on a pedal cycle or animal.
Includes: person:
. changing wheel of vehicle
. making adjustment to motor of vehicle
. on foot
user of a pedestrian conveyance such as
. baby carriage
. ice-skates
. perambulator
. push-cart
. push-chair
. roller-skates
. scooter
. skateboard
. skis
. sled
. wheelchair (powered)
所谓行人是指牵涉於意外事故当中的人 , 而斯人在
包含 : 人 :
. 换车胎的人
. 调整交通工具引擎的人
. 走路的人
徒步式交通工具的使用者 , 例如 :
. 婴儿推车
. 冰刀式溜冰
. 摇篮车
. 手推车
. 婴儿车
. 轮式溜冰
. 踏板车
. 滑板
. 滑雪板
. 雪橇
. 电动轮椅 ( 动力的 )

end user 最终使用者

multi-user simulation 多用户仿真

user adjustment 用户调整

user layer 用户层

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