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typical [ 'tipikəl] a.典型的,代表性的

be typical of 是…的特点

typical ['tipikəl] a. 典型的,代表的

typical ['tipikəl] a.典型的,标准的

typical methods of velocity measurement

Some diseases are easy to diagnose as their apparent effects are typical and can be recognized immediately.

This is a typical instance of moral decline.

What's the typical farm product in this region?

Since I'm here, I'd like to try a typical dish of this country.既然来了,我想吃这个国家特有的食物。

@@@ 代表
act for 代理
on behalf of 代表...; 为了...
on the part of 就...而言; 代表...; 由...做出的
speak for 代表...讲话; 为...辩护
stand for 代表; 象征, 意味着
typical of 是...有代表性的, 典型的

典型 [diǎn xíng] /typical/

典型用途 [diǎn xíng yòng tú] /typical use/typical application/

Aimlessness has hardly been typical of the postwar Japan whose productivity and social harmony are the envy of the United States and Europe.
But increasingly the Japanese are seeing a decline of the traditional work-moral values.

{adj: Continental} of or pertaining to or typical of Europe
"a Continental breakfast"

{adj: Nazi} relating to or consistent with or typical of the ideology and practice of Nazism or the Nazis
"the total Nazi crime"
"the Nazi interpretation of history"

{adj: Victorian} typical of the moral standards or conduct of the age of Queen Victoria

{adj: abnormal} not normal; not typical or usual or regular or conforming to a norm
"abnormal powers of concentration"
"abnormal amounts of rain"
"abnormal circumstances"
"an abnormal interest in food"
<-> normal

{adj: accipitrine} of or relating to or belonging to the genus Accipiter (or to typical hawks)

{adj: antique} made in or typical of earlier times and valued for its age
"the beautiful antique French furniture"

{adj: atypical, untypical} not representative of a group, class, or type
"a group that is atypical of the target audience"
"a class of atypical mosses"
"atypical behavior is not the accepted type of response that we expect from children"
<-> typical

{adj: authorial, auctorial} of or by or typical of an author
"authorial comments"
"auctorial flights of imagination"

{adj: casebook, textbook} according to or characteristic of a casebook or textbook; typical
"a casebook schizophrenic"
"a textbook example"

{adj: characteristic} typical or distinctive
"heard my friend's characteristic laugh"
"red and gold are the characteristic colors of autumn"
"stripes characteristic of the zebra"
<-> uncharacteristic

{adj: clinical} scientifically detached; unemotional
"he spoke in the clipped clinical monotones typical of police testimony"

{adj: collegiate, collegial} of or resembling or typical of a college or college students
"collegiate living"
"collegiate attitudes"
"collegiate clothes"

{adj: country-style} typical of the country
"country-style sausage"
"country music"

{adj: devilish, diabolic, diabolical, mephistophelian, mephistophelean} showing the cunning or ingenuity or wickedness typical of a devil
"devilish schemes"
"the cold calculation and diabolic art of some statesmen"
"the diabolical expression on his face"
"a mephistophelian glint in his eye"

{adj: distinctive, typical} of a feature that helps to distinguish a person or thing
"Jerusalem has a distinctive Middle East flavor"- Curtis Wilkie
"that is typical of you!"

{adj: ideal} constituting or existing only in the form of an idea or mental image or conception
"a poem or essay may be typical of its period in idea or ideal content"

{adj: incorporative} growing by taking over and incorporating adjacent territories
"the Russian Empire was a typical incorporative state"

{adj: larval} relating to or typical of a larva
"the larval eye"

{adj: paradigmatic} of or relating to a typical example
"paradigmatic learning"

{adj: proconsular} of or relating to or typical of a proconsul
"proconsular offices"

{adj: proper} having all the qualities typical of the thing specified
"wanted a proper dinner; not just a snack"
"he finally has a proper job"

{adj: quantitative} (of verse) having a metric system based on relative duration of syllables
"in typical Greek and Latin verse of the classical period the rhymic system is based on some arrangement of long and short elements"
<-> syllabic, accentual

{adj: revenant} of or relating to or typical of a revenant
"revenant shrieks and groans"

{adj: scandalmongering, sensationalistic, yellow} typical of tabloids
"sensational journalistic reportage of the scandal"
"yellow press"

{adj: typical} conforming to a type
"the typical (or normal) American"
"typical teenage behavior"

{adj: typical} exhibiting the qualities or characteristics that identify a group or kind or category
"a typical American girl"
"a typical suburban community"
"the typical car owner drives 10,000 miles a year"
"a painting typical of the Impressionist school"
"a typical romantic poem"
"a typical case of arteritis"
<-> atypical

{adj: uncharacteristic, uncharacteristic of} distinctive and not typical
"a book uncharacteristic of its author"
<-> characteristic

{adv: atypically, untypically} in a manner that is not typical
"she was atypically quiet"
<-> typically

{adv: typically} in a typical manner
"Tom was typically hostile"
<-> atypically

{n: Agaricales, order Agaricales} typical gilled mushrooms belonging to the subdivision Basidiomycota

{n: Anser, genus Anser} typical geese

{n: Citellus, genus Citellus, Spermophilus, genus Spermophilus} typical ground squirrels

{n: Clupea, genus Clupea} type genus of the Clupeidae: typical herrings

{n: Columba, genus Columba} type genus of the Columbidae: typical pigeons

{n: Cordaitaceae, family Cordaitaceae} chiefly Paleozoic plants; Cordaites is the chief and typical genus

{n: Cypraea, genus Cypraea} type genus of the family Cypraeidae: the typical cowries

{n: Dipus, genus Dipus} type genus of the Dipodidae; typical jerboas having three toes on each hind food

{n: Echeneis, genus Echeneis} type genus of the Echeneididae: typical remoras

{n: Forficulidae, family Forficulidae} typical earwigs

{n: Gadus, genus Gadus} type genus of the Gadidae: the typical codfishes

{n: Gazella, genus Gazella} typical gazelles

{n: Gerbillus, genus Gerbillus} type genus of the Gerbillinae: typical gerbils

{n: Grus, genus Grus} type genus of the Gruidae: typical cranes

{n: Lanius, genus Lanius} type genus of the Laniidae: typical shrikes

{n: Lemuridae, family Lemuridae} typical lemurs; of Madagascar

{n: Macropus, genus Macropus} type genus of the family Macropodidae: typical kangaroos and wallabies

{n: Myxine glutinosa} typical hagfish

{n: Myxine, genus Myxine} type genus of the Myxinidae (typical hagfishes)

{n: Nepa, genus Nepa} type genus of the Nepidae: typical elongate-oval water scorpions

{n: Oscines, suborder Oscines, Passeres, suborder Passeres} two names for the suborder of typical songbirds

{n: Petromyzon, genus Petromyzon} typical lampreys

{n: Pezizaceae, family Pezizaceae} large family comprising many typical cup fungi

{n: Phasianus, genus Phasianus} type genus of the Phasianidae: the typical pheasants

{n: Pipra, genus Pipra} type genus of the Pipridae containing the typical manakins

{n: Saccharomycetaceae, family Saccharomycetaceae} family of fungi comprising the typical yeasts: reproduce by budding and ferment carbohydrates

{n: Sciurus, genus Sciurus} type genus of the Sciuridae; typical moderate-sized arboreal squirrels

{n: ampere, amp, A} the basic unit of electric current adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites
"a typical household circuit carries 15 to 50 amps"

{n: androgen, androgenic hormone} male sex hormone that is produced in the testes and responsible for typical male sexual characteristics

{n: atypicality, untypicality} any state that is not typical
<-> typicality

{n: banded gecko} any of several geckos with dark bands across the body and differing from typical geckos in having movable eyelids; of United States southwest and gulf coast to Florida

{n: brachyuran} typical crabs

{n: case} a person requiring professional services
"a typical case was the suburban housewife described by a marriage counselor"

{n: consumer price index, CPI, cost-of-living index} an index of the cost of all goods and services to a typical consumer

{n: estrogen, oestrogen} a general term for female steroid sex hormones that are secreted by the ovary and responsible for typical female sexual characteristics

{n: example, illustration, instance, representative} an item of information that is representative of a type
"this patient provides a typical example of the syndrome"
"there is an example on page 10"

{n: femininity, muliebrity} the trait of behaving in ways considered typical for women
<-> masculinity

{n: genus Cattleya} large and highly valued genus of beautiful tropical American epiphytic or lithophytic orchids; the typical orchids; known in many varieties

{n: harrier eagle, short-toed eagle} any of numerous large Old World hawks intermediate in some respects between typical hawks and typical eagles

{n: masculinity} the trait of behaving in ways considered typical for men
<-> femininity

{n: migratory quail, Coturnix coturnix, Coturnix communis} the typical Old World quail

{n: modernism} practices typical of contemporary life or thought

{n: nonmetal} a chemical element lacking typical metallic properties

{n: norm} a standard or model or pattern regarded as typical
"the current middle-class norm of two children per family"

{n: picture} a typical example of some state or quality
"the very picture of a modern general"
"she was the picture of despair"

{n: plantlike flagellate} unicellular organisms having many characteristics of typical algae

{n: prairie vole, Microtus ochrogaster} typical vole of the extended prairie region of central United States and southern Canada

{n: prototype, paradigm, epitome, image} a standard or typical example
"he is the prototype of good breeding"
"he provided America with an image of the good father"

{n: pungency, bite} wit having a sharp and caustic quality
"he commented with typical pungency"
"the bite of satire"

{n: purr} a low vibrating sound typical of a contented cat

{n: quintessence} the most typical example or representative of a type

{n: religious trance, ecstatic state} a trance induced by intense religious devotion; does not show reduced bodily functions that are typical of other trances

{n: screwup} the complete mismanagement or mishandling of a situation
"a typical bureaucratic screwup"

{n: sexual conquest, score} a seduction culminating in sexual intercourse
"calling his seduction of the girl a `score' was a typical example of male slang"

{n: skillet fish, skilletfish, Gobiesox strumosus} clingfish with typical skillet shape

{n: sleep terror disorder, pavor nocturnus} a disorder of sleep characterized by a dream of terrifying dimensions far worse than a typical nightmare; they occur during NREM sleep

{n: specimen} an example regarded as typical of its class

{n: sun} a typical star that is the source of light and heat for the planets in the solar system
"the sun contains 99.85% of the mass in the solar system"

{n: teredo} typical shipworm

{n: topicalization} (linguistics) emphasis placed on the topic or focus of a sentence by preposing it to the beginning of the sentence; placing the topic at the beginning of the sentence is typical for English
"`Those girls, they giggle when they see me' and `Cigarettes, you couldn't pay me to smoke them' are examples of topicalization"

{n: tree squirrel} any typical arboreal squirrel

{n: trout} any of various game and food fishes of cool fresh waters mostly smaller than typical salmons

{n: typical jerboa} small nocturnal jumping rodent with long hind legs; of arid parts of Asia and northern Africa

{n: typicality} the state of being that is typical
<-> atypicality

{v: clink} make a high sound typical of glass
"champagne glasses clinked to make a toast"

{v: crump, thud, scrunch} make a noise typical of an engine lacking lubricants

{v: curry} season with a mixture of spices ; typical of Indian cooking

{v: instantiate} represent by an instance
"This word instantiates the usage that the linguists claimed to be typical for a certain dialect"

{v: jingle, jingle-jangle, jangle} make a sound typical of metallic objects
"The keys were jingling in his pocket"

{v: represent} be representative or typical for
"This period is represented by Beethoven"

{v: typify, epitomize, epitomise} embody the essential characteristics of or be a typical example of
"The fugue typifies Bach's style of composition"

{v: unsex} remove the qualities typical of one's sex
"She unsexed herself"

A typical example:

She was the incarnation of confidence, this chunky, smiling girl, no star athlete, but a typical child who, years ago, might have been left behind in the old win-lose version of PE.

" We had a typical day for me, " says Spake. " We lost a Mongolian deportee, we had a flat tyre on an aircraft, we had two drunks to deal with and some bags went missing. '
"这一天对我来说是个典型的工作日, "斯佩克说。 "我们丢了一个被驱逐出境的蒙古人,有架飞机的一个轮胎漏了气,有两个酒鬼必须处理,还有些行李包不见了。 "

One of the typical cases was that of Jack Sheppard, whose execution in 1724 was watched by two hundred thousand people.
杰克·谢泼德的案子是其中一个典型的案例, 1724年他被执行死刑时,围观者多达 20万人。

Typical families and viewers throughout the nation are chosen, and from these meter readings, the company gets a cross-country picture of the viewing patterns of a nation.

The year 2000 season is typical of any year, combining perennial favourites such as Puccini's Tosca, Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro and Richard Strauss's Der Rosenkavalier with the less familiar, such as Shostakovich's Lady Macbeth of Mtsenk and the world premiere of John Harbison's The Great Gatsby. 2000年的演出季节是每一年演出中比较典型的一个,结合了常年最受欢迎的曲目,诸如曾契尼的《托斯卡》、莫扎特的《费加罗的婚礼》和里查德·施特劳斯的《玫瑰骑士》,还有不那么熟悉的,像肖斯塔科维奇的《麦克白夫人》,以及约翰·哈比森的《伟大的盖茨比》在全世界的首演。

Loving but stem in the manner typical of Chinese fathers, he had made particular demands on me,
and though we were very much alike, we'd grown very far apart.

A typical Piaget dialogue:

Or a miserably stressful day of final exams will activate genes in a typical college student that will suppress the immune system, often leading to a cold or worse.

A Night That Never Ends is a typical example of Howson's oeuvre, a multi-figure scene comprising individuals representing " the common man ".
《没有尽头的夜晚》是豪森的典型作品之一,是由表现 "普通人 "的许多个人组成的多人物场景画。

Here we go again, I thought... just another typical airline.

Arnault points to John Galliano's spring collections for Dior this year as typical of what he wants from his designers.

He later complained that Mileva's intense jealousy was typical of women of such ncommon ugliness.

A typical live-action feature has perhaps 500 shots; this 82-minute movie has 118,080 separate shots. The detail is astonishing, says Lord, still in awe of his colleagues industry 28 years after co-founding the studio.
一个典型的活动特写有大约 500个镜头,这部 82分钟的电影总共有 118, 080个独立的镜头。罗德说:其中的细节让人心动魄。他虽然在 28年前即帕克共同创立了这个制片,但他仍对他的同事们的敬业精神敬佩之情。

The more buyers sign up for an item, the cheaper it gets, with typical discounts of 30%.
登记购买同一产品的人数越多,价格就越便宜,通常的折扣率为 30%。

Today's visit to Coffeyville is typical.

" The typical car has more than 50 microprocessors in it, " explains Jerry Fiddler, chairman and co-founder of Wind River.
普通汽车要安装 50多个微处理器, Wind River 公司创建人之一、现任公司董事会主席杰里·菲德勒解释说。

Other works also stray from the conventions of typical pharaonic art.

This central duality of legal subject matter and religious norm is additional to the variety of legal, ethical, and ritual rules that is typical of sacred law.

If such astonishing concentrations of bacteria were typical of vent outflow, then food within the vent would dwarf any contribution from advection.

As an example of such a transmutation, consider what Verdi made of the typical political elements of nineteenth-century opera.

But, unlike the cores of the inner planets, the Moon's core contains little or nor iron, while the typical planet-forming materials were quite rich in iron.

However, recent scholarship has strongly suggested that those aspects of early New England culture that seem to have been most distinctly Puritan, such as the strong religious orientation and the communal impulse, were not even typical of New England as a whole, but were largely confined to the two colonies of Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Shergottites crystallized from molten rock less than 1.1 billion years ago (some 3.5 billion years later than typical achondrites) and were presumably ejected into space when an object impacted on a body similar in chemical composition to Earth.

Frances took several days to reach Florida and more than 80,000 people spent several days in shelters, first waiting for the storm to arrive, and then waiting for it to pass. Typical of many was one man who told a television interviewer of his frustration waiting in a shelter for several days.

Acute polymorphic psychotic disorder with symptoms of schizophrenia
An acute psychotic disorder in which the polymorphic and unstable clinical picture is
present, as described in F23.0; despite this instability, however, some symptoms typical
of schizophrenia are also in evidence for the majority of the time. If the schizophrenic
symptoms persist the diagnosis should be changed to schizophrenia (F20.-).
Bouffee delirante with symptoms of schizophrenia
Cycloid psychosis with symptoms of schizophrenia
一种急性精神病 , 其多态性与不稳定性的精神病性症
状 , 有如 F23.0 所定义者。虽然症状不稳定 , 但典型之
状持续 ( 超过一个月 ) , 则诊断应该更改为精神分
裂症 (F20.-) 。 
有精神分裂症症状之 bouffee delirante  

Depressive episode
In typical mild, moderate, or severe depressive episodes, the patient suffers from
lowering of mood, reduction of energy, and decrease in activity. Capacity for enjoyment,
interest, and concentration is reduced, and marked tiredness after even minimum effort is
common. Sleep is usually disturbed and appetite diminished. Self-esteem and self-
confidence are almost always reduced and, even in the mild form, some ideas of guilt or
worthlessness are often present. The lowered mood varies little from day to day, is
unresponsive to circumstances and may be accompanied by so-called "somatic"
symptoms, such as loss of interest and pleasurable feelings, waking in the morning several
hours before the usual time, depression worst in the morning, marked psychomotor
retardation, agitation, loss of appetite, weight loss, and loss of libido. Depending upon
the number and severity of the symptoms, a depressive episode may be specified as mild,
moderate or severe.
Includes: single episodes of:
. depressive reaction
. psychogenic depression
. reactive depression
Excludes: adjustment disorder (F43.2)
recurrent depressive disorder (F33.-)
when associated with conduct disorders in F91.- (F92.0)
典型的轻度 (F32.0) 、中度 (F32.1) 或重度 (F32.2及.3) 忧郁症发
作 , 患者通常有忧郁情绪 , 体力下降 , 活动降低。
快乐感、兴趣、注意力均减低 , 只稍微做事後即有
明显的疲倦是常见的。睡眠障碍 , 食欲减低 , 自我
评价与自信减低 , 有罪恶感与无用感的意念 ( 甚至
在轻度忧郁发作时亦存在 ) 。每一天的情绪持续低
潮 , 变化不大 , 对生活情境常无反应。
上述症状中的一些项目可能很显着 , 且展现特异之
表徵 , 此特异表徵被普遍地认为有特殊临床意义。
最典型的例子是所谓的 " 常伴有身体性 (somatic) 症状 ″
, 如失去兴趣或快乐感 , 较平日睡醒时间更早数小
时睡醒 , 一天之中早上更加忧郁 , 精神运动迟滞或
激动 , 丧失食欲 , 体重减轻 , 丧失性欲。由上述症
状数目与严重度 , 可以区分为轻度 (F32.0) 、中度 (F32.1)
及重度 (F32.3及.3) 忧郁发作。 
包含 : 单一次发作 :
. 忧郁反应 
. 心因性忧郁 
. 反应性忧郁 
不包含 : 适应障碍症 (F43.2)  
复发性郁症 (F33.-)
伴有 F91.- 之行为障碍症 (F92.0)  

Post-traumatic stress disorder
Arises as a delayed or protracted response to a stressful event or situation (of either
brief or long duration) of an exceptionally threatening or catastrophic nature, which is
likely to cause pervasive distress in almost anyone. Predisposing factors, such as
personality traits (e.g. compulsive, asthenic) or previous history of neurotic illness,
may lower the threshold for the development of the syndrome or aggravate its course, but
they are neither necessary nor sufficient to explain its occurrence. Typical features
include episodes of repeated reliving of the trauma in intrusive memories
("flashbacks"), dreams or nightmares, occurring against the persisting
background of a sense of "numbness" and emotional blunting, detachment from
other people, unresponsiveness to surroundings, anhedonia, and avoidance of activities and
situations reminiscent of the trauma. There is usually a state of autonomic hyperarousal
with hypervigilance, an enhanced startle reaction, and insomnia. Anxiety and depression
are commonly associated with the above symptoms and signs, and suicidal ideation is not
infrequent. The onset follows the trauma with a latency period that may range from a few
weeks to months. The course is fluctuating but recovery can be expected in the majority of
cases. In a small proportion of cases the condition may follow a chronic course over many
years, with eventual transition to an enduring personality change (F62.0).
Traumatic neurosis
情境 , 以迟缓或且拖延的反应来表现。这类事件或
情境具有异常之威胁性或是大灾难的性质 , 它几乎
的话 ( 如个性上较强迫性格或柔弱 ) , 或过去有精
神官能症 , 可能会使此种症候发生的临界点降低或
使其病程恶化 , 但它仍不足以完全解释此症候的发
生。典型症状包含 : 过去创伤的情节会一再侵入记
忆而重现 (flashbacks) , 常做梦或梦魔 , 一直感觉 ” 麻
木 ” 及情感迟钝 , 和别人疏离 , 对环境没有反应 ,
快乐感缺失 , 及逃避会使其回忆创伤的种种活动和
情境。自律神经经常属於过度激发状态 , 伴随有过
上的症状、徵候在一起 , 自杀的念头也不少见。创
, 但很少超过六个月。病程起起伏伏 , 但大部分的
历经好多年 , 以致形成人格的永久改变。 (见F62.0)

Undifferentiated somatoform disorder
When somatoform complaints are multiple, varying and persistent, but the complete and
typical clinical picture of somatization disorder is not fulfilled, the diagnosis of
undifferentiated somatoform disorder should be considered.
Undifferentiated psychosomatic disorder
当身体主诉是多重 , 变动及持续 , 但又未完全符合
身体化症的临床表徵时 , 就可以考虑此诊断。

Atypical bulimia nervosa
Disorders that fulfil some of the features of bulimia nervosa, but in which the overall
clinical picture does not justify that diagnosis. For instance, there may be recurrent
bouts of overeating and overuse of purgatives without significant weight change, or the
typical overconcern about body shape and weight may be absent.
放此诊断的病人符合部份暴食症的病徵 , 但整体说
来 , 临床表现并不符合暴食症的诊断。例如病人可
能有反覆地吃下过多食物及过份使用泻剂 , 但并无
明显的体重变化 , 或缺乏对身体外型及体重过份关

Dream experiences loaded with anxiety or fear. There is very detailed recall of the dream
content. The dream experience is very vivid and usually includes themes involving threats
to survival, security, or self- esteem. Quite often there is a recurrence of the same or
similar frightening nightmare themes. During a typical episode there is a degree of
autonomic discharge but no appreciable vocalization or body motility. Upon awakening the
individual rapidly becomes alert and oriented.
Dream anxiety disorder
生存 , 安全或自尊的主题。经常会反覆出现内容相
同或相似的梦魇主题。在典型的发作中 , 常常会伴
有自主神经的过度运作 , 但并未有喊叫或肢体动作

Migraine with aura [classical migraine]
. aura without headache
. basilar
. equivalents
. familial hemiplegic
. with:
. acute-onset aura
. prolonged aura
. typical aura
. 无头痛之先兆
. 基底的
. 等量的
. 家族性偏瘫
. 伴有 :
. 急性开端之先兆
. 延长性先兆
. 典型先兆

typical survey 典型调查

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