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阿拉巴马 [ā lā bā mǎ] /Alabama (U.S. state)/

挨 [ái] /next to/suffer (hunger)/endure/drag out/delay/stall/play for time/

挨打 [ái dǎ] /take a beating/get a thrashing/come under attack/

矮 [ǎi] /short (not tall)/

矮个儿 [ǎi gè ér] /a person of short stature/a short person/

碍 [ài] /to hinder/to obstruct/to block/

艾奥瓦 [ài ào wǎ] /Iowa, US state/

爱恋 [ài liàn] /be in love with/feel deeply attached to/

爱面子 [ài miàn zǐ] /be concerned about face-saving/be sensitive about one's reputation/

安 [ān] /content/calm/still/quiet/to pacify/peace/

庵 [ān] /hut/Buddhist convent/small Buddhist temple/

安定 [ān dìng] /stable/quiet/settled/stabilize/maintain/stabilized/calm and orderly/

安顿 [ān dùn] /find a place for/help settle down/arrange for/undisturbed/peaceful/

安家 [ān jiā] /settle down/set up a home/

安家落户 [ān jiā luò hù] /make one's home in a place/settle/

安如泰山 [ān rú tài shān] /as secure as Mount Taishan/as solid as a rock/

安身立命 [ān shēn lì mìng] /settle down and get on with one's pursuit/

安土重迁 [ān tǔ zhòng qiān] /hate to leave a place where one has lived long/be attached to one's native land and unwilling to leave it/

安置 [ān zhì] /find a place for/help settle down/arrange for/

暗 [àn] /to shut the door/unilluminated/

按兵不动 [àn bīng bù dòng] /not throw the troops into battle/bide one's time/take on action/

暗娼 [àn chāng] /unlicensed (unregistered) prostitute/

暗合 [àn hé] /agree without prior consultation/(happen to) coincide/

暗盒 [àn hé] /magazine/cassette/

暗箭 [àn jiàn] /attack by a hidden enemy/a stab in the back/

按钮 [àn niǔ] /push button/

暗适应 [àn shì yìng] /dark adaptation/

案文 [àn wén] /text/

暗无天日 [àn wú tiān rì] /complete darkness/total absence of justice/

暗中 [àn zhōng] /in the dark/in secret/on the sly/surreptitiously/

凹 [āo] /a depression/indentation/concave/hollow/

聱 [áo] /difficult to pronounce/

奥尔布赖特 [ào ěr bù lài tè] /(Madeleine) Albright (US Secretary of State)/

奥斯曼 [ào sī màn] /Ottoman (empire)/

奥斯曼帝国 [ào sī màn dì guó] /the Ottoman empire/

八宝 [bā bǎo] /eight treasures/

笆斗 [bā dǒu] /round-bottomed basket/

八九不离十 [bā jiǔ bù lí shí] /pretty close/very near/about right/

八千 [bā qiān] /eight thousand/8000/

巴斯特尔 [bā sī tè ěr] /Basseterre (capital of Saint Kitts and Nevis)/

罢 [bà] /to stop/cease/dismiss/suspend/to quit/to finish/

霸王鞭 [bà wáng biān] /a rattle stick used in folk dancing/rattle stick dance/

罢休 [bà xiū] /give up/abandon (a goal, etc)/let it go/forget it/let matter drop/

白薯 [bái shǔ] /sweet potato/

白陶 [bái táo] /white pottery (of Shang Dynastry 16-11th century BC)/

白文 [bái wén] /the text of an annotated book/an unannotated edition of a book/intagliated characters (on a seal)/

白纸黑字 [bái zhǐ hēi zì] /(written) in black and white/

白字 [bái zì] /wrongly written and mispronounced character/

捭 [bǎi] /spread out/to open/

百花齐放 [bǎi huā qí fàng] /(saying) a hundred flowers bloom; let the arts have free expression/

百家争鸣 [bǎi jiā zhēng míng] /(saying) "let a hundred schools of thought strive"; refers to the rise of philosophies during the Warring States Period/

摆阔 [bǎi kuò] /parade one's wealth/be ostentatious and extravagant/

摆事实讲道理 [bǎi shì shí jiǎng dào lǐ] /present the facts and reason things out/

摆脱 [bǎi tuō] /break away from/cast away (old ideas, etc.)/to get rid of/to break away (from)/to break out (of)/free (extricate) oneself from/

百闻不如一见 [bǎi wén bù rú yī jiàn] /seeing for oneself is a hundred times better than hearing from others/

百叶窗 [bǎi yè chuāng] /shutter/blind/

百战百胜 [bǎi zhàn bǎi shèng] /emerge victorious in every battle/be ever-victorious/

百足之虫死而不僵 [bǎi zú zhī chóng sǐ ér bù jiāng] /a centipede dies but never falls down/old institutions die hard/

败北 [bài běi] /suffer defeat/lose a battle/

败绩 [bài jī] /be utterly defeated/be routed/

败局 [bài jú] /lost game/losing battle/

拜寿 [bài shòu] /congratulate an elderly person on his birthday/offer birthday felicitations/

败胃 [bài wèi] /spoil one's appetite/

败仗 [bài zhàng] /lost battle/defeat/

败阵 [bài zhèn] /be defeated on the battlefield/be beaten in a contest/

斑驳 [bān bó] /mottled/motley/

斑竹 [bān zhú] /mottled bamboo/

板壁 [bǎn bì] /wooden partition/

板上钉钉 [bǎn shàng dīng dīng] /that clinches it/that's final/no two ways about it/

板牙 [bǎn yá] /front tooth/incisor/molar/screw die/threading die/

板羽球 [bǎn yǔ qiú] /battledore and shuttlecock/shuttlecock/

办 [bàn] /to do/to manage/to handle/to go about/to run/to set up/to deal with/

半吊子 [bàn diào zi ] /dabbler/smatterer/tactless and impulsive person/

半劳动力 [bàn láo dòng lì] /one able to do light manual labor only/semi-able-bodied or part time (farm) worker/

办理 [bàn lǐ] /to handle/to transact/to conduct/

半路出家 [bàn lù chū jiā] /switch to a job one was not trained for/

拌面 [bàn miàn] /noodles served with soy sauce/sesame butter etc/

半瓶醋 [bàn píng cù] /dabbler/smatterer/

半职 [bàn zhí] /part-time work/

帮 [bāng] /to assist/to support/to help/group/gang/party/

梆 [bāng] /watchman's rattle/

邦 [bāng] /a state/country or nation/

绑腿 [bǎng tuǐ] /leg wrappings/puttee/

包 [bāo] /to cover/to wrap/to hold/to include/to take charge of/package/wrapper/container/bag/to hold or embrace/bundle/packet/to contract (to or for)/

包租 [bāo zū] /rent land or a house for subletting/fixed rent for farmland/

保 [bǎo] /to defend/to protect/to insure or guarantee/to maintain/hold or keep/to guard/

饱 [bǎo] /to eat till full/satisfied/

宝贝 [bǎo bèi] /treasured object/treasure/darling/baby/cowry/good-for-nothing or queer character/

保护 [bǎo hù] /to defend/to protect/to safeguard/

保驾 [bǎo jià] /escort the Emperor/

保洁箱 [bǎo jié xiāng] /litter-bin/

饱食终日无所用心 [bǎo shí zhōng rì wú suǒ yòng xīn] /eat three square meals a day and do no work/be sated with food and remain idle/

报表 [bào biǎo] /forms for reporting statistics/report forms/

暴病 [bào bìng] /sudden attack of a serious illness/

报恩 [bào ēn] /pay a debt of gratitude/

爆发 [bào fā] /to break out/to erupt/to explode/to burst out/

报话机 [bào huà jī] /walkie-talkie/portable radio transmitter/

报失 [bào shī] /report the loss to the authorities concerned/

报时 [bào shí] /give the correct time/

报税 [bào shuì] /declare dutiable goods/make a statement of dutiable goods/

杯弓蛇影 [bēi gōng shé yǐng] /mistaking the reflection of a bow in the cup for a snake/extremely suspicious/

悲鸣 [bēi míng] /utter sad calls/lament/

杯水车薪 [bēi shuǐ chē xīn] /trying to put out a burning cartload of faggots with a cup of water - an utterly inadequate measure/

悲天悯人 [bēi tiān mǐn rén] /bemoan the state of the universe and pity the fate of mankind/

卑微 [bēi wēi] /petty and low/

北京语言学院 [běi jīng yǔ yán xué yuàn] /Beijing languages institute/

北纬 [běi wěi] /north latitude/

背 [bèi] /learn by heart/the back of the body/

被 [bèi] /by (marker for passive-voice sentences or clauses)/quilt/blanket/to cover/to wear/

邶 [bèi] /name of a feudal state/

背城借一 [bèi chéng jiè yī] /make a last-ditch stand before the city wall/fight to the last ditch/put up a desperate struggle/

背后 [bèi hòu] /behind/at the back/in the rear/behind somebody's back/

备料 [bèi liào] /get the materials ready/prepare feed (for livestock)/

背水一战 [bèi shuǐ yī zhàn] /fight with one's back to the river - fight to win or die/

本届 [běn jiè] /current/this year/

本末倒置 [běn mò dǎo zhì] /take the branch for the root/put the incidental before the fundamental/put the cart before the horse/

本文 [běn wén] /this text/article/the main body of a book/

笨 [bèn] /stupid/foolish/silly/slow-witted/clumsy/

绷 [bēng] /to stretch/taut/to tie/to bind/

迸 [bèng] /to burst forth/to spurt/to crack/split/

匕 [bī] /an ancient type of spoon/

逼 [bī] /force/compel/drive/press for/extort/press on towards/press up to/close in on/close/

逼供 [bī gòng] /extort a confession/

鼻青脸肿 [bí qīng liǎn zhǒng] /a bloody nose and a swollen face/badly battered/

彼 [bǐ] /that/those/(one) another)/

比 [bǐ] /(particle used for comparison and "-er than")/to compare/to contrast/to gesture (with hands)/ratio/

笔尖 [bǐ jiān] /nib/pen point/the tip of a writing brush or pencil/

比邻 [bǐ lín] /neighbor/next-door neighbor/near/next to/

比赛 [bǐ sài] /[athletic or other] competition/match/

比上不足比下有余 [bǐ shàng bù zú bǐ xià yǒu yú] /fall short of the best but be better than the worst/can pass muster/

比试 [bǐ shì] /have a competition/measure with one's hand or arm/make a gesture of measuring/

笔试 [bǐ shì] /written examination/

笔算 [bǐ suàn] /do a sum in writing/written calculation/

笔头 [bǐ tóu] /ability to write/writing skill/written/in written form/

笔译 [bǐ yì] /written translation/

笔战 [bǐ zhàn] /written polemics/

裨 [bì] /to benefit/to aid/advantageous/profitable/

髀 [bì] /buttocks/thigh/

毕恭毕敬 [bì gōng bì jìng] /reverent and respectful/extremely deferential/

避免 [bì miǎn] /to avert/to prevent/to avoid/to refrain from/

闭塞 [bì sè] /stop up/close up/hard to get to/out of the way/inaccessible/unenlightened/blocking/

毕肖 [bì xiào] /resemble closely/be the very image of/to look very much like/to be the spitting image of/

避重就轻 [bì zhòng jiù qīng] /avoid the important and dwell on the trivial/keep silent about major charges while admitting minor ones/

敝帚自珍 [bì zhǒu zì zhēn] /value one's own old broom - cherish something of little value simply because it is one's own/

扁 [biǎn] /flat/tablet/inscription/

贬低 [biǎn dī] /belittle/depreciate/play down/

贬抑 [biǎn yì] /belittle/depreciate/

变 [biàn] /to change/to become different/to transform/to vary/rebellion/

变电站 [biàn diàn zhàn] /(transformer) substation/

便函 [biàn hán] /an informal letter sent by an organization/

遍及 [biàn jí] /to extend (everywhere)/

变价 [biàn jià] /appraise at the current rate/

变节 [biàn jié] /make a political recantation/turn one's coat/

便利 [biàn lì] /convenient/easy/facilitate/

变文 [biàn wén] /a popular form of narrative literature flourishing in the Tang Dynasty (618-907) with alternate prose and rhymed parts for recitation and singing (often on Buddhist themes)/

变种 [biàn zhǒng] /mutation/variety/variant/

变阻器 [biàn zǔ qì] /theostat/

标兵 [biāo bīng] /parade guards (usually spaced out along parade routes)/example/model/pacesetter/

标量 [biāo liàng] /scalar quantity/

标题 [biāo tí] /title/heading/headline/caption/subject/

标准差 [biāo zhǔn chā] /(statistics) standard deviation/

婊 [biǎo] /prostitute/

表 [biǎo] /surface/exterior/to watch/to show/express/an example/a list or table/a meter/a watch/chart/external/

表报 [biǎo bào] /statistical tables and reports/

表册 [biǎo cè] /statistical form/book of tables or forms/

表决权 [biǎo jué quán] /right to vote/vote/

表里 [biǎo lǐ] /the outside and the inside/one's outward show and inner thoughts/exterior and interior/

表明 [biǎo míng] /make known/make clear/state clearly/indicate/known/to make clear/

表示 [biǎo shì] /to express/to show/to express/to say/to state/to indicate/

表现 [biǎo xiàn] /expression/manifestation/show/display/manifest/to show (off)/to display/performance (at work etc.)/

表证 [biǎo zhèng] /illness that has not attacked the vital organs of the human body/

婊子 [biǎo zi ] /prostitute/whore/

别 [bié] /leave/depart/separate/distinguish/classify/other/another/do not/must not/to pin/

别管 [bié guǎn] /no matter (who, what, etc.)/

别字 [bié zì] /mispronounced or wrongly written character/

傧相 [bīn xiàng] /attendant of the bride or bridegroom at a wedding/

兵临城下 [bīng lín chéng xià] /the attacking army has reached the city gates/the city is under siege/

兵站 [bīng zhàn] /army service station/military depot/

禀 [bǐng] /natural property or endowment/report to (a superior)/

秉性 [bǐng xìng] /(n) natural disposition, natural attitude/

并存 [bìng cún] /(v) exist at the same time/

病根 [bìng gēn] /an incompletely cured illness/an old complaint/the root cause of trouble/

并激 [bìng jī] /shunt excitation/

病机 [bìng jī] /interpretation of the cause/onset and process of an illness/pathogenesis/

病况 [bìng kuàng] /state of an illness/patient's condition/

并列 [bìng liè] /stand side by side/be juxtaposed/

病情 [bìng qíng] /state of an illness/patient's condition/

病入膏肓 [bìng rù gāo huāng] /the disease has attacked the vitals - beyond cure/

病态 [bìng tài] /morbid or abnormal state/

并行 [bìng xíng] /in parallel [development, implementation, etc]/

并重 [bìng zhòng] /lay equal stress on/pay equal attention to/

播 [bō] /sow/scatter/spread/broadcast/

波尔多液 [bō ěr duō yè] /Bordeaux mixture/

播放 [bō fàng] /broadcast/transmit/

拨浪鼓 [bō làng gǔ] /a drum-shaped rattle (used by peddlers or as a toy)/rattle-drum/

拨乱反正 [bō luàn fǎn zhèng] /bring order out of chaos/set to rights things which have been thrown into disorder/

播送 [bō sòng] /broadcast/transmit/beam/

剥削 [bō xuē] /exploit/exploitation/

博 [bó] /extensive/ample/rich/obtain/aim/to win/to get/rich/plentiful/to gamble/

泊 [bó] /to anchor/touch at/to moor/

礴 [bó] /fill/extend/

箔 [bó] /bamboo screen/door screen/metal foil/leaf/sheet/tinsel/

薄 [bó] /mean/slight/thin/

博大 [bó dà] /enormous/broad/extensive/

搏斗 [bó dòu] /to wrestle/to fight/to struggle/

伯恩斯 [bó ēn sī] /(Nicholas) Burns (US State Department spokesperson)/

伯父 [bó fù] /father's elder brother/(polite form of address for a man who is about the age of one's father)/

驳回 [bó huí] /reject/turn down/overrule/

博览 [bó lǎn] /read extensively/

伯母 [bó mǔ] /wife of father's elder brother/aunt/(polite form of address for a woman who is about the age of one's mother)/

勃然 [bó rán] /agitatedly/excitedly/vigorously/

擘 [bò] /thumb/break/tear/pierce/split/to analyze/

薄 [bò] /thin/slight/meagre/small/ungenerous/unkind/mean/frivolous/despise/belittle/to approach/to go near/peppermint/

不大 [bú dà] /not very/not too/not often/

不当一回事 [bú dàng yì huí shì] /not regard as a matter (of any importance)/

不克 [bú kè] /cannot/to not be able (to)/to be unable to/

不论 [bú lùn] /no matter (what, who, how, etc.)/whether ... or .../regardless of/

不自量 [bú zì liàng] /not take a proper measure of oneself/overrate one's own abilities/

补充 [bǔ chōng] /to replenish/to supplement/to complement/additional/supplementary/

补炉 [bǔ lú] /fettling/

布 [bù] /diffuse/extend/notify/

埠 [bù] /a jetty/port/a city/quay/

布 [bù] /to declare/to announce/to spread/to make known/spread/(cotton) cloth/

不辨菽麦 [bù biàn shū mài] /be unable to tell beans from wheat - have no knowledge of practical matters/

布帛 [bù bó] /cloth and silk/cotton and silk textiles/

不成文法 [bù chéng wén fǎ] /unwritten law/

不错 [bù cuò] /correct/right/not bad/pretty good/

不大离儿 [bù dà lí er ] /pretty close/just about right/not bad/

不单 [bù dān] /not the only/not merely/not simply/

不得不 [bù dé bù] /have no choice or option but to/cannot but/have to/can't help it/can't avoid/

不得了 [bù dé liǎo] /desperately serious/disastrous/extremely/exceedingly/

不得已 [bù dé yǐ] /act against one's will/have no alternative but to/have to/to have no choice/must/

不迭 [bù dié] /cannot cope/find it too much/incessantly/

不定 [bù dìng] /indefinite/adventitious/indeterminate/

不动产 [bù dòng chǎn] /real estate/immovable property/immovables/

不动点定理 [bù dòng diǎn dìng lǐ] /(math.) fixed point theorem/

不动声色 [bù dòng shēng sè] /maintain one's composure/stay calm and collected/not turn a hair/not bat an eyelid/

布法罗 [bù fǎ luó] /Buffalo (city in New York state)/

不服 [bù fú] /not accept (something)/want to have (something) overruled or changed/refuse to obey or comply/refuse to accept as final/remain unconvinced by/not give in to/

不敢当 [bù gǎn dāng] /you flatter me/I don't deserve it (your praise)/

不管 [bù guǎn] /no matter (what, how)/regardless of/no matter/

不光 [bù guāng] /not the only one/not only/

不轨 [bù guǐ] /against the law or discipline/

不好惹 [bù hǎo rě] /not to be trifled with/not to be pushed around/stand no nonsense/

不及 [bù jí] /not as good as/inferior to/find it too late/

不急之务 [bù jí zhī wù] /a matter of no great urgency/

不加思索 [bù jiā sī suǒ] /without thinking/without hesitation/readily/offhand/

不见经传 [bù jiàn jīng zhuàn] /not to be found in the classics - not authoritative/unknown/

不仅 [bù jǐn] /not the only one/not only/not just/

不经之谈 [bù jīng zhī tán] /absurd statement/cock-and-bull story/

不拘一格 [bù jū yī gé] /not stick to one pattern/

不绝如缕 [bù jué rú lǚ] /hanging by a thread/very precarious/almost extinct/(of sound) linger on faintly/

不堪 [bù kān] /cannot bear/cannot stand/utterly/extremely/

不可告人 [bù kě gào rén] /hidden/kept secret/not to be divulged/

不离儿 [bù lí er ] /not bad/pretty good/pretty close/

不理 [bù lǐ] /refuse to acknowledge/pay no attention to/take no notice of/ignore/

不了了之 [bù liǎo liǎo zhī] /settle a matter by leaving it unsettled/end up with nothing definite/

不论 [bù lùn] /no matter (what, who, how, etc.)/whether/or/regardless of/

不妙 [bù miào] /(of a turn of events) not too encouraging/far from good/anything but reassuring/

不谋而合 [bù móu ér hé] /agree without prior consultation/happen to hold the same view/

不期然而然 [bù qī rán ér rán] /happen unexpectedly/turn out contrary to one's expectations/

步人后尘 [bù rén hòu chén] /follow in other people's footsteps/trail along behind others/

不日 [bù rì] /within the next few days/in a few days time/

不容 [bù róng] /not tolerate/not allow/not brook/not admit/

不如 [bù rú] /not equal to/not as good as/inferior to/it would be better to/

不善 [bù shàn] /bad/ill/not good at/not to be pooh-poohed/quite impressive/

不胜 [bù shèng] /cannot bear or stand/be unequal to/very/extremely/

不是味儿 [bù shì wèi er ] /not the right flavor/not quite right/a bit off/fishy/queer/amiss/feel bad/be upset/

不碎玻璃 [bù suì bō li ] /shatterproof or safety glass/

步态 [bù tài] /gait/tread/

不同 [bù tóng] /different/distinct/not the same/not alike/

不同凡响 [bù tóng fán xiǎng] /outstanding/out of the ordinary/out of the common run/

不为已甚 [bù wéi yǐ shèn] /refrain from going to extremes in meting out punishment/not be too hard on subject/

不闻不问 [bù wén bù wèn] /not bother to ask questions or listen to what's said/show no interest in sth/be indifferent to something/

不问 [bù wèn] /pay no attention to/disregard/ignore/let go unpunished/let off/

不务正业 [bù wù zhèng yè] /not engage in honest work/ignore one's proper occupation/not attend to one's proper duties/

不惜 [bù xī] /not stint/not spare/not hesitate (to do sth)/not scruple (to do sth)/

不相上下 [bù xiāng shàng xià] /equally matched/about the same/

不懈 [bù xiè] /untiring/unremitting/indefatigable/

步行 [bù xíng] /to go on foot/to walk/

不厌 [bù yàn] /not mind doing sth/not tire of/not object to/

不要紧 [bù yào jǐn] /unimportant/not serious/it doesn't matter/never mind/it looks all right/but/

不以为然 [bù yǐ wéi rán] /object to/take exception to/not approve/

不翼而飞 [bù yì ér fēi] /disappear without trace/vanish all of a sudden/spread fast/spread like wildfire/

不亦乐乎 [bù yì lè hū] /extremely/awfully/

不义之财 [bù yì zhī cái] /ill-gotten wealth or gains/

不约而同 [bù yuē ér tóng] /take the same action or view without prior consultation/happen to coincide/

不在意 [bù zài yì] /pay no attention to/take no notice of/not mind/negligent/careless/

不折不扣 [bù zhé bù kòu] /a hundred per cent/to the letter/out-and-out/

不争气 [bù zhēng qì] /be disappointing/fail to live up to expectations/

不正常状况 [bù zhèng cháng zhuàng kuàng] /abnormal state/

不知不觉 [bù zhī bù jué] /unconsciously/unwittingly/

不知凡几 [bù zhī fán jǐ] /can't tell how many there are - there are numerous similar cases/

不置可否 [bù zhì kě fǒu] /decline to comment/not express an opinion/be noncommittal/hedge/

不中意 [bù zhōng yì] /not to one's liking/

不注意 [bù zhù yì] /thoughtless/not pay attention to/

不着边际 [bù zhuó biān jì] /not to the point/wide of the mark/neither here nor there/irrelevant/

不足为训 [bù zú wéi xùn] /not to be taken as an example/not an example to be followed/not to be taken as authoritative/

擦澡 [cā zǎo] /rub oneself down with a wet towel/take a sponge bath/

裁 [cái] /cut out (as a dress)/cut/trim/reduce/diminish/decision/judgment/

财阀 [cái fá] /financial magnate/plutocrat/tycoon/

才疏学浅 [cái shū xué qiǎn] /have little talent and less learning/

裁纸机 [cái zhǐ jī] /trimmer/paper cutter/

彩 [cǎi] /(bright) color/variety/applause/applaud/(lottery) prize/

采 [cǎi] /to pick/to pluck/to collect/to select/to choose/to gather/

睬 [cǎi] /pay attention/take notice of/to care for/

采访 [cǎi fǎng] /to interview/to gather news/to hunt for and collect/to cover/

采煤 [cǎi méi] /coal mining/coal extraction/coal cutting/

采棉机 [cǎi mián jī] /cotton picker/

彩票 [cǎi piào] /the lottery/lottery ticket/

采用 [cǎi yòng] /to adopt/to employ/to use/

采油 [cǎi yóu] /oil extraction/oil recovery/

采 [cài] /allotment to a feudal noble/

参 [cān] /take part in/participate/join/attend/to join/unequal/varied/irregular/to counsel/uneven/not uniform/

参加 [cān jiā] /to participate/to take part/to join/

参考 [cān kǎo] /consultation/reference/to consult/to refer/

参赞 [cān zàn] /diplomatic officer/attache/

残馀物 [cán yú wù] /litter/trash/

灿烂 [càn làn] /glitter/

操 [cāo] /to hold/to drill/to exercise/to act/to do/to take in hand/to keep/to manage/

糙 [cāo] /rough/coarse (in texture)/

侧锋 [cè fēng] /oblique attack (brush movement in painting)/

策略 [cè lüè] /plot/tactics/

测试 [cè shì] /measure and test/trial/beta (software)/test performance of/

测验 [cè yàn] /test/to test/

侧重 [cè zhòng] /place extra emphasis on/

喳 [chā] /twitter/chirp/

楂 [chá] /fell trees/raft/to hew/

查出 [chá chū] /to find out/to discover/

茶具 [chá jù] /tea set/tea service/

差点儿 [chà diǎn er ] /(adv) almost; just about to/

拆 [chāi] /to tear open/to tear down/to tear apart/to open/

禅 [chán] /meditation/abstraction/(Zen) Buddhism/

谗 [chán] /slander/defame/misrepresent/to speak maliciously/

馋 [chán] /gluttonous/greedy/

产 [chǎn] /to reproduce/to produce/give birth/products/produce/resources/estate/property/

谄 [chǎn] /flatter/cajole/

产生 [chǎn shēng] /to come into being/to produce/to cause/to bring about/to generate/to yield/to engender/

产业 [chǎn yè] /industry/estate/property/industrial/

娼 [chāng] /prostitute/

尝 [cháng] /indicator of past tense/to taste/flavor/already/ever/once/test/already/formerly/

裳 [cháng] /lower garment/skirts/petticoats/garments/

长达 [cháng dá] /extend as long as/lengthen out to/

常任理事国 [cháng rèn lǐ shì guó] /permanent member state (of UN Security Council)/

尝试 [cháng shì] /to try/to attempt/

常委 [cháng wěi] /member of standing committee/

常委会 [cháng wěi huì] /standing committee/

常驻 [cháng zhù] /resident/permanent (representative)/

抄 [chāo] /to copy/to plagiarize/to search and seize/to go/to transcribe/to take a shortcut/to search and confiscate/

抄本 [chāo běn] /handwritten copy/

超过 [chāo guò] /to surpass/to exceed/to outstrip/

抄后路 [chāo hòu lù] /to outflank and attack from the rear/

超升 [chāo shēng] /exaltation/

抄送 [chāo sòng] /to make a copy (and send it to sb)/

超文本 [chāo wén běn] /hypertext/

超文本标记语言 [chāo wén běn biāo jì yǔ yán] /hypertext markup language/HTML/

超文本传输协定 [chāo wén běn chuán shū xié dìng] /hypertext transfer protocol/HTTP/

超文件 [chāo wén jiàn] /hypertext/

超文件传输协定 [chāo wén jiàn chuán shū xié dìng] /hypertext transfer protocol/HTTP/

潮流 [cháo liú] /tide/current/trend/

朝三暮四 [cháo sān mù sì] /(saying) to change sth that is already settled upon; blow hot and cold/

车站 [chē zhàn] /(bus) station/

撤出 [chè chū] /to withdraw/to leave/to retreat/to pull out/

臣 [chén] /statesman/vassal/courtier/minister/official/

陈 [chén] /arrange/exhibit/narrate/tell/old/stale/a surname/to state/to display/to explain/(surname)/

沉淀 [chén diàn] /precipitate/

沉积 [chén jī] /sediment/deposit/sedimentation (geol.)/

沉积作用 [chén jī zuò yòng] /sedimentation (geol.)/

陈述 [chén shù] /(v) declare; state/

沉思 [chén sī] /contemplate/contemplation/meditation/ponder/

沉痛 [chén tòng] /(adj) bitter; resentful/

衬裙 [chèn qún] /petticoat/

撑 [chēng] /support/prop-up/to pole a boat/to open/to overfill/

称号 [chēng hào] /(n) name; term of address; title/

呈 [chéng] /to assume (a form)/to submit/to petition/to show/to present/to offer/

澄 [chéng] /clear/limpid/settle (liquid)/

呈递 [chéng dì] /to present/to submit/

程度 [chéng dù] /degree (level or extent)/level/

惩罚 [chéng fá] /penalty/punishment/to punish/

成就 [chéng jiù] /accomplishment/success/attain a result/achievement/

澄清 [chéng qīng] /(v) settle out; clarify/(v) make understandable; clarify; explain/(n) clarification/(v) settle/

程式 [chéng shì] /form/pattern/formula/program/

承受 [chéng shòu] /to bear/to support/to inherit/

呈文 [chéng wén] /petition (submitted to a superior)/

成文 [chéng wén] /written/statutory/

乘务员 [chéng wù yuán] /(n) attendant on an airplane, train, boat, etc/

眵 [chī] /gritty secretion in eyes/

吃刀 [chī dāo] /penetration of a cutting tool/

吃亏 [chī kuī] /suffer losses/come to grief/get the worst of it/

踟 [chí] /hesitating/undecided/hesitant/

迟钝 [chí dùn] /slow (witted)/

迟疑 [chí yí] /to hesitate/

侈 [chǐ] /extravagant/wasteful/exaggerating/

叱 [chì] /to scold/shout at/to hoot at/

充 [chōng] /fill/satisfy/fulfill/to act in place of/substitute/sufficient/full/

憧 [chōng] /irresolute/unsettled/

冲 [chōng] /to rinse/to collide/to water/to rush/to dash (against)/to wash out/to charge/highway/public road/

冲击 [chōng jī] /(be under) attack/

重 [chóng] /to double/to repeat/repetition/iteration/again/a layer/

重蹈 [chóng dào] /to repeat/to follow the same road as/

重复 [chóng fù] /to repeat/to duplicate/

抽 [chōu] /to draw out/to smoke (cigarettes)/to pump/

抽出 [chōu chū] /extract/

抽烟 [chōu yān] /smoke (a cigarette)/

抽菸 [chōu yān] /smoke (cigarettes)/

踌 [chóu] /pace back and forth/hesitate/waver/

踌躇 [chóu chú] /(v) hesitate/

出 [chū] /to go out/to come out/to occur/to produce/to go beyond/to rise/to put forth/to occur/to happen/(a measure word for dramas, plays, or operas)/

初 [chū] /at first/(at the) beginning/first/junior/basic/

初步 [chū bù] /initial/preliminary/tentative/

出发 [chū fā] /to start out/to set off/

出口 [chū kǒu] /to speak/to exit/to go out/to export/

出来 [chū lai ] /to come out/to emerge/

出色 [chū sè] /remarkable/outstanding/

出席 [chū xí] /attend/be present/

出席者 [chū xí zhě] /attendant/

躇 [chú] /hesitate/

储 [chǔ] /savings/to save/to deposit/to store/(a surname)/

处理 [chǔ lǐ] /to handle/to treat/to deal with/to process/

处于 [chǔ yú] /be (in some state, position, or condition)/

绌 [chù] /crimson silk/deficiency/to stitch/

触 [chù] /knock against/touch/to feel/

穿刺 [chuān cì] /puncture/medical procedure of puncturing to extract bodily fluid/

传 [chuán] /to pass on/to spread/to transmit/to infect/to transfer/to circulate/to pass on/to conduct (electricity)/

传递者 [chuán dì zhě] /messenger/transmitter (of information)/

传输 [chuán shū] /transport/transmission/

传输协定 [chuán shū xié dìng] /transfer protocol/transportation protocol/

窗 [chuāng] /shutter/window/

床垫 [chuáng diàn] /mattress/

创办人 [chuàng bàn rén] /founder (of an institution, etc)/

创造 [chuàng zào] /to create/to bring about/to produce/

吹捧 [chuī pěng] /(v) flatter sb; laud sb's accomplishments/

垂 [chuí] /to hang (down)/droop/dangle/bend down/hand down/bequeath/nearly/almost/to approach/

捶 [chuí] /beat with the fist/to hammer/to cudgel/

此时此刻 [cǐ shí cǐ kè] /at this very moment/

次 [cì] /nth/number (of times)/order/sequence/next/second(ary)/(measure word)/

刺激 [cì jī] /to provoke/to irritate/to upset/to stimulate/

聪 [cōng] /quick at hearing/wise/clever/sharp-witted/intelligent/acute/

凑 [còu] /assemble/put together/press near/come together/

促成 [cù chéng] /procure/facilitate/

醋酸乙酯 [cù suān yǐ zhǐ] /ethyl acetate/acetidin/

氽 [cuān] /boil for a short time/

摧 [cuī] /break/destroy/devastate/ravage/repress/

毳 [cuì] /crisp/brittle/fine animal hair/

脆 [cuì] /crisp/brittle/clear and loud voice/

存放 [cún fàng] /to deposit/to leave in sb's care/

存在 [cún zài] /to exist/to be/

撮 [cuō] /bring together/little bit/shovel/gather up/bring together/pick/

磋商 [cuō shāng] /to consult/to discuss seriously/to negotiate/to confer/negotiations/consultations/

脞 [cuǒ] /chopped meat/trifles/

错字 [cuò zì] /incorrect character/typo (in Chinese text)/

哒 [dā] /(phonetic)/command to a horse/clatter (of horses' hoofs)/

达 [dá] /attain/pass through/achieve/reach/realize/clear/inform/notify/dignity/

达到 [dá dào] /to reach/to achieve/to attain/

打败 [dǎ bài] /to defeat/to overpower/to beat/to suffer a defeat/to be defeated/

打不过 [dǎ bu guò] /not to be able to beat or defeat sb./to be no match for/

打倒 [dǎ dǎo] /flatten/

打工 [dǎ gōng] /part time job/

打击 [dǎ jī] /to hit/to strike/to attack/

打结 [dǎ jié] /tie a knot/tie/

打情骂俏 [dǎ qíng mà qiào] /to tease a woman by pretending to be displeased with them/to flirt with a member of the opposite sex/banter flirtatiously/

打碎 [dǎ suì] /shatter/

打印 [dǎ yìn] /to print/to seal/to stamp/

打坐 [dǎ zuò] /sit in meditation/to meditate/

大部份 [dà bù fen ] /(in) large part/(the) greater part/the majority/

大吹大擂 [dà chuī dà léi] /make an exhibition of oneself/ostentation/

大多 [dà duō] /for the most part/many/most/the greater part/mostly/

大发雷霆 [dà fā léi tíng] /extremely angry/

大规模 [dà guī mó] /large scale/extensive/wide scale/broad scale/

大吉 [dà jí] /very auspicious/extremely lucky/

大量 [dà liàng] /great amount/large quantity/numerous/

大明鼎鼎 [dà míng dǐng dǐng] /a grand reputation/renowned/famous/

大盘子 [dà pán zi ] /platter/

大批 [dà pī] /large quantities of/

大无畏 [dà wú wèi] /utterly fearless/

大喜 [dà xǐ] /exultation/

大写 [dà xiě] /capital letters/block letters/

大衣 [dà yī] /overcoat/topcoat/cloak/

代 [dài] /substitute/replace/generation/dynasty/geological era/era/age/period/

待 [dài] /wait/treat/deal with/need/about/intending to do something/

戴 [dài] /to put on/to respect/to bear/to support/wear (glasses, hat, gloves)/

代表 [dài biǎo] /representative/delegate/to represent/to stand for/

代替者 [dài tì zhě] /substitute/

代谢 [dài xiè] /replacement/substitution/metabolism (biol.)/

待遇 [dài yù] /treatment/pay/wages/treatment/status/salary/

单连接站 [dān lián jiē zhàn] /single attachment station/

啖 [dàn] /eat/taste/entice (with a bait)/

诞 [dàn] /birth/birthday/brag/boast/to increase/

当场 [dāng chǎng] /at the scene/on the spot/

当初 [dāng chū] /at that time/originally/

当年 [dāng nián] /in those days/then/in those years/during that time/

当前 [dāng qián] /current/today's/modern/present/to be facing (us)/

当时 [dāng shí] /then/at that time/while/

当时的 [dāng shí de ] /of that time/former/

党委 [dǎng wěi] /Party committee/

党章 [dǎng zhāng] /(n) political party constitution/

党中央 [dǎng zhōng yāng] /(N) Chinese Party Central Committee/(n) central committee of a political party/

当 [dàng] /at or in the very same.../to pawn/suitable/adequate/fitting/proper/replace/represent/

档案属性 [dàng àn shǔ xìng] /file attribute/

叨唠 [dāo lao ] /(v) be chattersome; talk on and on without stopping/

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