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slip [ slip] vi.滑跤;滑落;溜

slip [slip] n.&v.滑倒, 事故, 片, 纸片

Anti-slip strip for stairs (儿童床)防滑楼梯打击扶手

Slip 吊带短睡裙

packing list/note/slip 装箱单

insurance slip 投保单

pay-in slip 存款单

The letter at Counter 6 will pay you against your number slip.

drawing-out slip 取款单

the number slip 号码牌

slip one's memory 一时忘记

slip, petticoat 衬裙

slipping-stop running 放站运行

despatch slip

rim slip test

cltuch slipping

work of slipping


slip yoke

slip joint

slip shaft yoke

two -joint inboard slip ddiveshaft

two joint ouboard slip drive shaft


limited -slip differential

slip torque

He makes slips in grammar.

We must be well prepared; there must be no slips.

One slip and you could lose the game.

The pen slips out of my fingers.

The thief slipped away down a side street.

The soap slipped out of my hand.

You are not going to let a wonderful chance like that slip through your fingers, are you?

It was a slip of the tongue.
It was a slip of the tongue. (无意中说漏了嘴。)
Really? Didn't she know about it? (真的吗?难道她不知道?)
I spilled the beans. (我泄露了秘密。)
I stuck my foot in my mouth. (我把不好/失礼的事说出去了。)

It slipped my mind.
Did you remember to tell her? (你没忘了告诉她吧?)
Sorry, it slipped my mind. (对不起,我不小心给忘了。)
I just forgot.
I forgot all about it. (我忘得一干二净。)

Very well, sir. Please fill out this remittance slip.

He always goofs off.
= He always slips.

Better the foot slip than the tongue trip.

Between the cup and the lip a morsel may slip.

Downy lips make thoughtless slips.

There's many a slip between the cup and the lip.

Where the knot is loose the string slips.

It slipped my mind.

@@@ 走
carry away 运走
carry ... to the extreme 走向极端
frighten away 吓跑, 吓走
get around 走动; 旅行
go away 走开
go by 1.走过; (时间)逝去, 过去
2.依...做, 按...判断
go down 1.沿...走下去; 下沉
go over 1.仔细检查; 仔细推敲
go straight 成为一个正派的人; 走正道
go too far 走得太远; 做得过火
I've got to go. 我得挂(电话)了. 我得走了.
move about/around 走来走去; 动来动去; 不断迁移
move away 离开; 搬走
out of tune 音调不准, 走调; 不协调
pull away (火/汽车)离站; 开走
slip off 偷偷溜走
smuggle into 走私/偷运货物进入(某国)
stray from 偏离, 走离
take away 带走; 拿走
turn back 使停止往前, 往回走
walk out 罢工; 遽然走开
withdraw from 撤回, 撤走某物; 离开某地

down : 向下的位置(to or into a lower position)
cast down 扔下
cut down砍倒
get down 下来
hand down 传下来
knock down 撞倒
lay down 放下
let down 放下
pour down 倾盆而下
pull down 拉下
set down 放下
sit down 坐下
step down 走下来
throw down 扔下
turn down 拆下
take down 取下
blow down 吹倒
bring down 打倒
hang down 垂下
sink down 沉落
slip down 失足
squat down 蹲下
swallow down 吞下
stoop down 伏身
splash down 飞溅而下
touch down 降落
bend down 弯下
bow down 鞠躬
kneel down 跪下
lie down 躺下
strip down 脱下

off : 着地(down to the ground)
fall off 落下
jump off 跳下
knock off 击倒
slip off 滑倒

It slipped my mind.

slip one's memory 一时忘记

- let something slip through one's fingers 眼睁睁地看着……跑掉
The lawyer studied the case very carefully. He wouldn't let something slip through his fingers.

- .make a slip of the tongue 说走嘴
The class burst into laughter when the teacher made a slip of the tongue. He meant to say "Good morning" to students, but he said "Good afternoon".

差错 slip; error; mishap; mistake; trip; accident

保单 [bǎo dān] /guarantee slip/

笔误 [bǐ wù] /a slip of a pen/

蹉 [cuō] /error/slip/miss/err/

滑倒 [huā dǎo] /slip/

借书单 [jiè shū dān] /book slip/

溜 [liū] /slip away/to skate/

溜走 [liù zǒu] /slip/

条子 [tiáo zi ] /a short note/a slip of paper/

It's a rough world out there.
Step outside and you could break a leg slipping on your doormat.
Light up the stove and you could burn down the house.
Luckily, if the doormat or stove failed to warn of coming disaster, a successful lawsuit might compensate you for your troubles.
Or so the thinking has gone since the early 1980s, when juries began holding more companies liable for their customers' misfortunes.

{adj: decent} observing conventional sexual mores in speech or behavior or dress
"a modest neckline in her dress"
"though one of her shoulder straps had slipped down, she was perfectly decent by current standards"

{adj: discharged, dismissed, fired, laid-off, pink-slipped} having lost your job

{adj: elapsed} (of time) having passed or slipped by
"elapsed time"

{adj: nonslippery} not slippery; not likely to slip or skid
<-> slippery

{adj: nonslip} designed to reduce or prevent slipping
"a nonslip surface"

{adj: roughshod} (of a horse) having horseshoes with projecting nails to prevent slipping

{adj: slippery, slippy} causing or tending to cause things to slip or slide
"slippery sidewalks"
"a slippery bar of soap"
"the streets are still slippy from the rain"
<-> nonslippery

{adj: slipping, slithering} moving as on a slippery surface
"his slipping and slithering progress over the ice"

{adj: unobserved} not observed
"managed to slip away unobserved"

{adv: obediently, yieldingly} in an obedient manner
"obediently she slipped off her right shoe and stocking"
<-> disobediently

{adv: purposefully} in a purposeful manner
"he caught the motorcycles in the full glare of his headlights, braked and slipped purposefully out of the car"

{adv: sideways, sideway, sidewise} toward one side
"the car slipped sideways into the ditch"
"leaning sideways"
"a figure moving sidewise in the shadows"

{n: Freudian slip} a slip-up that (according to Sigmund Freud) results from the operation of unconscious wishes or conflicts and can reveal unconscious processes in normal healthy individuals

{n: Post-It} brand name for a slip of notepaper that has an adhesive that allows it to stick to a surface and be removed without damaging the surface

{n: access road, slip road} a short road giving access to an expressway
"in England they call an access road a slip road"

{n: banana peel, banana skin} the skin of a banana (especially when it is stripped off and discarded)
"he slipped on a banana skin and almost fell"

{n: bitt pin} a pin through the bitthead to keep the mooring lines from slipping off

{n: bowline, bowline knot} a loop knot that neither slips nor jams

{n: calk, calkin} a metal cleat on the bottom front of a horseshoe to prevent slipping

{n: case, pillowcase, slip, pillow slip} bed linen consisting of a cover for a pillow
"the burglar carried his loot in a pillowcase"

{n: chemise, shimmy, shift, slip, teddy} a woman's sleeveless undergarment

{n: cleat} a metal or leather projection (as from the sole of a shoe); prevents slipping

{n: clinch, clench} a small slip noose made with seizing

{n: cover glass, cover slip} a small and very thing piece of glass used to cover the specimen on a microscope slide

{n: crampon, crampoon, climbing iron, climber} an iron spike attached to the shoe to prevent slipping on ice when walking or climbing

{n: crupper} a strap from the back of a saddle passing under the horse's tail; prevents saddle from slipping forward

{n: cutting, slip} a part (sometimes a root or leaf or bud) removed from a plant to propagate a new plant through rooting or grafting

{n: dismissal, dismission, pink slip} official notice that you have been fired from your job

{n: faux pas, gaffe, solecism, slip, gaucherie} a socially awkward or tactless act

{n: fortune cookie} thin folded wafer containing a maxim on a slip of paper

{n: fox grape} purplish-black wild grape of the eastern United States with tough skins that slip easily from the flesh; cultivated in many varieties

{n: herniated disc, ruptured intervertebral disc, slipped disc} a painful rupture of the fibrocartilage of the disc between spinal vertebrae; occurs most often in the lumbar region

{n: miscue} a faulty shot in billiards; the cue tip slips off the cue ball

{n: mooring, moorage, berth, slip} a place where a craft can be made fast

{n: noose, running noose, slip noose} a loop formed in a cord or rope by means of a slipknot; it binds tighter as the cord or rope is pulled

{n: normal fault, gravity fault, common fault} an inclined fault in which the hanging wall appears to have slipped downward relative to the footwall

{n: payslip} a slip of paper included with your pay that records how much money you have earned and how much tax or insurance etc. has been taken out

{n: petticoat, half-slip, underskirt} undergarment worn under a skirt

{n: prolapse, prolapsus, descensus} the slipping or falling out of place of an organ (as the uterus)

{n: punchboard} a small board full of holes; each hole contains a slip of paper with symbols printed on it; a gambler pays a small sum for the privilege of pushing out a slip in the hope of obtaining one that entitles him to a prize

{n: skid, slip, sideslip} an unexpected slide

{n: skidder, slider, slipper} a person who slips or slides because of loss of traction

{n: slickness, slick, slipperiness, slip} a slippery smoothness
"he could feel the slickness of the tiller"

{n: slip clutch, slip friction clutch} a friction clutch that will slip with the torque is too great

{n: slip coach, slip carriage} a railway car at the end of the train; it can be detached without stopping the train

{n: slip of the tongue} an accidental and usually trivial mistake in speaking

{n: slip ring} connection consisting of a metal ring on a rotating part of a machine; provides a continuous electrical connection through brushes on stationary contacts

{n: slip stitch} loose stitch catching only a thread or two of fabric; designed to be invisible from the right side

{n: slip, elusion, eluding} the act of avoiding capture (especially by cunning)

{n: slip, sideslip} a flight maneuver; aircraft slides sideways in the air

{n: slip, slip of paper} a small sheet of paper
"a receipt slip"

{n: slip, slip-up, miscue, parapraxis} a minor inadvertent mistake usually observed in speech or writing or in small accidents or memory lapses etc.

{n: slip, trip} an accidental misstep threatening (or causing) a fall
"he blamed his slip on the ice"
"the jolt caused many slips and a few spills"

{n: slip-joint pliers} pliers with a joint adjustable to two positions in order to increase the opening of the jaws

{n: slip-on} an article of clothing (garment or shoe) that is easily slipped on or off

{n: slipknot} a knot at the end of a cord or rope that can slip along the cord or rope around which it is made

{n: slippage} a decrease of transmitted power in a mechanical system caused by slipping

{n: slippage} failing to hold or slipping out of place
"the knots allowed no slippage"

{n: slipper, carpet slipper} low footwear that can be slipped on and off easily; usually worn indoors

{n: slipskin grape} a grape whose skin slips readily from the pulp

{n: slip} a young and slender person
"he's a mere slip of a lad"

{n: slip} potter's clay that is thinned and used for coating or decorating ceramics

{n: snare, gin, noose} a trap for birds or small mammals; often has a slip noose

{n: strike-slip fault} a geological fault in which one of the adjacent surfaces appears to have moved horizontally

{n: strip, slip} artifact consisting of a narrow flat piece of material

{v: dislocate, luxate, splay, slip} move out of position
"dislocate joints"
"the artificial hip joint luxated and had to be put back surgically"

{v: elapse, lapse, pass, slip by, glide by, slip away, go by, slide by, go along} pass by
"three years elapsed"

{v: err, mistake, slip} to make a mistake or be incorrect

{v: lapse} let slip
"He lapsed his membership"

{v: prolapse} slip or fall out of place, as of body parts
"prolapsed rectum"

{v: side-slip} slide sideways through the air in a downward direction in an airplane along an inclined lateral axis

{v: skid, slip, slue, slew, slide} move obliquely or sideways, usually in an uncontrolled manner
"the wheels skidded against the sidewalk"

{v: slip away, steal away, sneak away, sneak off, sneak out} leave furtively and stealthily
"The lecture was boring and many students slipped out when the instructor turned towards the balckboard"

{v: slip in, stick in, sneak in, insert} insert casually
"She slipped in a reference to her own work"

{v: slip off} take off with ease or speed
"She slipped off her jacket"
<-> slip on

{v: slip on} put on with ease or speed
"slip into something more comfortable after work"
"slip on one's shoes"
<-> slip off

{v: slip, drop off, drop away, fall away} get worse
"My grades are slipping"

{v: slip, slip one's mind} pass out of one's memory

{v: slip, sneak} pass on stealthily
"He slipped me the key when nobody was looking"

{v: slip} insert inconspicuously or quickly or quietly
"He slipped some money into the waiter's hand"

{v: slip} move smoothly and easily

{v: steal, slip} move stealthily
"The ship slipped away in the darkness"

{v: stumble, slip up, trip up} make an error
"She slipped up and revealed the name"

{v: take time by the forelock} act quickly and decisively ; not let slip an opportunity

Armed with such a precept, a number of doctors may slip into deceptive practices that they assume will " do no harm " and they may well help their patients.
有了这样的信条撑腰,很多的医生会滑向欺骗的深渊,认为谎言不会 "造成伤害 ",只会帮助病人。

For one thing, he slipped in.

Then, while everyone watched Bank Robber A, Bank Teller B calmly lifted off the top section of the cashbox and slipped bills from the bottom section into his pockets.
就在人们都注视着银行抢劫犯 A 时,银行出纳员 B 却悄悄地提起现金柜上层的格子,把柜子下层的钞票偷偷地塞入了他自己的口袋中。

I gasp and pull my hood so low over my eyes that I can barely see, and slip and stumble down the driveway.

But the ill wind so squeezed it on the earth's sun side that the field slipped below the orbits of many satellites and briefly exposed them.

Even the smallest slip could permanently paralyze the patient.

A study comparing society-conscious youth from 1977 to 1990 found that the Japanese had slipped far behind American and Australian students.
一项从 1977年到 1990年对有社会意识的青年进行对比的研究发现,日本人远远落后于美国和澳大利亚学生。

Motorists who don't change their own oil still know how to pull out a dipstick, wipe it clean, slip it back in, pull it out and observe the level.

I felt as if I'd slipped into an exclusive club.

As fast as Inktomi is moving, there's one change the company's going to have to get used to: as wireless Internet grows, the U.S. will slip ever further from the center of the action.
Inktomi 发展速度很快,但必须尽快应这变化:随随无线互联网的发展,美国这种技术发展核心的距将越来越远。

It's easy to slip into more and more luxury.

You slip into the lane, tell the PC the number of your exit, and sit back and relax.
你开进车道,把你的出口号码告诉 PC 机,然后朝后一靠,放松下来。

Terri Schiavo's husband Michael, who is her legal guardian, has been locked in a legal struggle with the Schindlers for more than a decade. Mr. Schiavo says his wife told him and others that she did not want to be kept alive by artificial means. Terri Schiavo slipped into what medical experts call a persistent vegetative state after suffering massive brain damage brought on by a heart attack in 1990.

楦头润滑剂 Last slip

Limited slip differential 限滑差速器

Slip joint 滑动接头

泥果,坯体 clay body
泥釉 slip

纸屑 Paper Scrap
纸条 Paper Slip
纸带 Paper Tape
纸层 Paper Wool

Other live plants ( including their roots ) cuttings and slips; mushroom spawn

Unrooted cuttings and slips

Women's or girls' slips, petticoa ts, briefs,panties, nightdresses, pyjamas, n¨¨glig¨¨s, bath

Women's/girls' slips, etc, of man-made fibres, knitted or crocheted

Women's/girls' slips, etc, of cotton, knitted or crocheted

Women's/girls' slips, etc, of silk or silk waste, knitted or crocheted

Women's/girls' slips, etc, of other textl materials, knittd/crochetd

Women's or girls' singlets and ot her vests, slips, petticoats, briefs, panties, nightdresses

Women's or girls' slips & petticoats of man-made fibres

Women's or girls' slips & petticoats of silk or silk waste

Women's or girls' slips & petticoats of cotton

Women's or girls' slips & petticoats of oth textl materials, nes

Drill floor slips

Aircraft slip ring assemblies

Slip or groove joint pliers

Slip road

Slip hooks

Anti slip agents

Slip rings

Automated cover slipping equipment

Anti slip materials for the physically challenged


Slip covers

Juvenile osteochondrosis of hip and pelvis
[See site code pages 628-629]
Excludes: slipped upper femoral epiphysis (nontraumatic) (M93.0)
[ 请参考第 628-629 页之位置码 ]
不包含 : 上股骨滑脱 ( 非外伤性 ) (M93.0)

Slipped upper femoral epiphysis (nontraumatic)
上股骨滑脱 ( 非外伤性 )

Other umbilical haemorrhages of newborn
Slipped umbilical ligature NOS

Fracture including:
. closed:
. comminuted—with or without delayed healing
. depressed—with or without delayed healing
. elevated—with or without delayed healing
. fissured—with or without delayed healing
. greenstick—with or without delayed healing
. impacted—with or without delayed healing
. linear—with or without delayed healing
. march—with or without delayed healing
. simple—with or without delayed healing
. slipped epiphysis—with or without delayed healing
. spiral—with or without delayed healing
. open:
. compound—with or without delayed healing
. infected—with or without delayed healing
. missile—with or without delayed healing
. puncture—with or without delayed healing
. with foreign body—with or without delayed healing
Excludes: fracture:
. pathological (M84.4)
. with osteoporosis (M80.-)
. stress (M84.3)
malunion of fracture (M84.0)
nonunion of fracture [pseudoarthrosis] (M84.1)
骨折包括 :
骨折 :
. 闭锁性的
. 粉碎性—伴有或未伴有延迟性的痊愈
. 凹陷的—伴有或未伴有延迟性的痊愈
. 凸起的—伴有或未伴有延迟性的痊愈
. 裂缝的—伴有或未伴有延迟性的痊愈
. 旁弯性的—伴有或未伴有延迟性的痊愈
. 压迫嵌入性的—伴有或未伴有延迟性的痊愈
. 线状的—伴有或未伴有延迟性的痊愈
. 行进—伴有或未伴有延迟性的痊愈
. 简单的—伴有或未伴有延迟性的痊愈
. 骨脱位—伴有或未伴有延迟性的痊愈
. 螺旋状的—伴有或未伴有延迟性的痊愈
. 伴有关节脱位的
. 移位性的
骨折 :
. 开放性的
. 复杂的—伴有或未伴有延迟性的痊愈
. 感染的—伴有或未伴有延迟性的痊愈
. 子弹造成的—伴有或未伴有延迟性的痊愈
. 穿刺性的—伴有或未伴有延迟性的痊愈
. 伴有异物的—伴有或未伴有延迟性的痊愈
不包含 : 骨折
. 病理性的 (M84.4)
. 伴有骨质疏松症 (M80.-)
. 压力性的 (M84.3)
骨折愈合不良 (M84.0)
骨折未愈合〔形成假性关节〕 (M84.1)

Fall on same level from slipping, tripping and stumbling
Excludes: fall involving ice or snow (W00.-)
不包含 : 因冰或雪面上之跌倒 (W00.-)

slipping 打滑

slip ring 汇电环

Cover slip 盖玻片

滑移速度 slip velocity

无滑移条件 non-slip condition

slip bezel ring 滑动盖环

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