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shape [ ʃeip] n.形状;情况 vt.形成

in the shape of 呈…的形状

in shape 处于良好(或固有)状态

in shape 处于良好状态

in shape

shape [ʃeip] n. 形状v. 制造,塑造

shape [ʃeip] 形状

筒子楼 tube-shaped apartment

Perfect in shape and function 造型优美,功能完善

Pen-shaped Radio 笔型收音机

筒子楼: tube-shaped apartment

Joint-shaped support 铰接支架

Shape up.

Plans for our vacation are beginning to take shape.

The new building is beginning to take shape.

After several days' discussion, their project began to take shape.

There is a clear-cut shape of the mountains against the blue sky.
在蓝天的映衬下, 群山轮廓分明。

What's the shape of your balloon?

In the Warren Court era, voters asked the Court to pass on issues concerning the size and shape of electoral districts, partly out of desperation because no other branch of government offered relief, and partly out of hope that the Court would reexamine old decisions in this area as it had in others, looking at basic constitutional principles in the light of modern living conditions.

My point is that its central consciousness—its profound understanding of class and gender as shaping influences on people’s lives—owes much to that earlier literary heritage, a heritage that, in general, has not been sufficiently valued by most contemporary literary critics.

This island is triangular in shape.

It was the Greeks who shaped the thinking of Western man.

@@@ 处于...
at risk 处于危险中; 冒险
at ware 处于交战状态
be better off doing sth. 日子更好过, 处境更加佳
gain the upper hand 占上风, 处于有利地位
get (sb.) into hot water 使(某人)处于困境
in flux 处于不断变化之中; 动荡不定
in shape 1.在外形上
2.处于良好状态, 健康
in the spotlight 处于公众注意的中心
in trouble 处在不幸/苦恼/困境中
reduce to 变少; 使处于, 使成为(某种情况或状态)

@@@ 好, 善, 美
all right 1.好(与OK的用法相同); 良好
2.毫无疑问地, 显然
be better off doing sth. 日子更好过, 处境更加佳
be good at 善于, 擅长于
by all means 一定; (表示答应)好的, 当然可以
change for the better 改进; 改善; 好转
cheer (sb.) up 使高兴, 使情绪好转
cope with 对付...; 妥善处理棘手之事
do a good job 干得出色, 干得好
do well 做得好, 进展得好
excel in 擅长
fawn on 讨好, 奉承
fine arts 美术
for the better 好转, 向好的方向发展
for the good of 为了对...有好处; 为了...的利益
get/be ready for 准备好
get ... right 把...做好, 把...弄对
get off the ground (指活动、事业等)顺利开始
get set 准备好开始
go well 事情顺利进行
good nature 好脾气
good temper 好心情
had better do sth. 最好还是; 应该
have (sth.) in mind 考虑好; 打算
have a heart of gold 好心肠
hit it off 相处得很好; 合得来
if only 要是...就好了(用以表示对现时或未来的愿望)
in a good mood 心情好, 高兴
in good condition 状态良好
in shape 1.在外形上
2.处于良好状态, 健康
make the best of 善处(逆境); 尽量做好
pay off 1.证明是成功的; 做...是有好处的或值得的
prepare for 准备好, 做...打算
put away 1.把...收起来, 放好
2.存储以备他日之需, 积攒
set the stage for sth. 为某事做好准备或创造条件
superior to 好于, 优于; 高于
take a rain check (on sth.) 谢绝一番好意, 但答应日后接受
think much of 高度评价; 认为不错
too good to be true 太好以致于不现实, 令人难以置信
with flying colors 出色地

@@@ 生气, 生病
fit to be tied 非常生气; 非常烦躁不安
fly off the handle 发火; 很生气
get on one's nerves 激怒, 使生气
get sick 生病
mad as a hornet 像黄蜂一样愤怒(意指非常生气、愤怒)
out of shape 生病; 不成样子
under the weather 身体不适, 生病

@@@ 身体
black and blue 被打得青紫的, 遍体鳞伤的
fit as a fiddle 身体很健康
get a checkup 做身体检查
go up 物体上行; 价格气温等上升
lose weight 体重减轻; 减肥
stay in shape/keep in shape (指人)锻炼身体, 保持健康
under the weather 身体不适, 生病

@@@ 整体, 具体
as a whole 作为一个整体; 总的说来
in general 通常, 一般而言; 大体上
integrate with 使成为一体, 使结合
take shape 成形; 具体化

shape up表现良好,乖
You'd better shape up if you want to stay on.

bent out of shape气坏了,大发雷霆
Mother is really bent out of shape because we came home so late last night.

I'm in good shape.

in good shape 精神或身体状态好

I need to get back in shape.

I need to get back in shape.

身材 shape; stature; figure

刨齿 [bào chǐ] /gear-shaping/

变形 [biàn xíng] /be out of shape/become deformed/to morph/

拨浪鼓 [bō làng gǔ] /a drum-shaped rattle (used by peddlers or as a toy)/rattle-drum/

不像样 [bù xiàng yàng] /in no shape to be seen/unpresentable/beyond recognition/

车 [chē] /car/a vehicle/machine/to shape with a lathe/

锉 [cuò] /a file (tool for shaping metal)/to file/

蛋 [dàn] /egg/oval shaped/

兜儿 [dōu er ] /(n) pocket; something shaped like a bag/

环形 [huán xíng] /ring-shaped/

角 [jiǎo] /angle/horn/horn-shaped/

莲雾 [lián wù] /wax apple (a reddish pear-shaped fruit)/

曲线 [qū xiàn] /(n) curved shape/(adv) indirectly; roundabout/

十字 [shí zì] /cross road/cross-shaped/crucifix/the character ten/

十字形 [shí zì xíng] /cruciform/cross shape/

娃娃 [wá wa ] /(n) baby/(n) doll shaped as a baby/

外形 [wài xíng] /figure/shape/

象 [xiàng] /shape/form/appearance/to be like/to resemble/to take after/to seem/elephant/image under a map (math.)/

楔形 [xiē xíng] /cuneiform (letters)/wedge-shape/

形 [xíng] /to appear/to look/form/shape/

形成 [xíng chéng] /to form/to take shape/

形式 [xíng shì] /form/shape/situation/circumstance/

形态 [xíng tài] /shape/form/pattern/

型状 [xíng zhuàng] /shape/

形状 [xíng zhuàng] /form/shape/

样 [yàng] /manner/pattern/way/appearance/shape/

原形 [yuán xíng] /archetype/original shape/true colors/

匀称 [yún chèn] /well proportioned/well shaped/

The harsh realities of the frontier also shaped this tradition of hospitality.

Among the many shaping factors, I would single out the country's excellent elementary schools; a labor force that welcomed the new technology; the practice of giving premiums to inventors; and above all the American genius for nonverbal, "spatial" thinking about things technological.

When all these shaping forces — schools, open attitudes, the premium system, a genius for spatial thinking — interacted with one another on the rich US mainland, they produced that American characteristic emulation.
Today that word implies mere imitation. But in earlier times it meant a friendly but competitive striving for fame and excellence.

{adj: H-shaped} shaped in the form of the letter H

{adj: L-shaped} shaped in the form of the letter L

{adj: T-shaped} shaped in the form of the letter T

{adj: U-shaped} shaped in the form of the letter U

{adj: W-shaped} shaped in the form of the letter W

{adj: Y-shaped} shaped in the form of the letter Y

{adj: acanthoid, acanthous, spinous} shaped like a spine or thorn

{adj: acerate, acerose, acicular, needle-shaped} narrow and long and pointed; as pine leaves

{adj: acetabular, cotyloid, cotyloidal} of the cup-shaped socket that receives the head of the thigh bone

{adj: acorn-shaped} shaped like an acorn

{adj: acuminate} of a leaf shape; narrowing to a slender point

{adj: alar, alary, aliform, wing-shaped} having or resembling wings

{adj: allantoid, sausage-shaped} shaped like a sausage

{adj: almond-eyed} having almond-shaped eyes

{adj: almond-shaped, amygdaliform, amygdaloid, amygdaloidal} shaped like an almond

{adj: ameboid, amoeboid} like an amoeba (especially in having a variable irregular shape)

{adj: amorphous, formless, shapeless} having no definite form or distinct shape
"amorphous clouds of insects"
"an aggregate of formless particles"
"a shapeless mass of protoplasm"

{adj: angular, angulate} having angles or an angular shape
<-> rounded

{adj: anisogamic, anisogamous} relating to a type of sexual reproduction in which the gametes are dissimilar in some respect (as size or shape)

{adj: annular, annulate, annulated, circinate, circular, ringed, ring-shaped, doughnut-shaped} shaped like a ring

{adj: apiculate} of a leaf shape; having a short sharply pointed tip

{adj: apple-shaped} having the general shape of an apple

{adj: arbitrary} based on or subject to individual discretion or preference or sometimes impulse or caprice
"an arbitrary decision"
"the arbitrary rule of a dictator"
"an arbitrary penalty"
"of arbitrary size and shape"
"an arbitrary choice"
"arbitrary division of the group into halves"
<-> nonarbitrary

{adj: arboreal, arboreous, arborescent, arboresque, arboriform, dendriform, dendroid, dendroidal, treelike, tree-shaped} resembling a tree in form and branching structure
"arborescent coral found off the coast of Bermuda"
"dendriform sponges"

{adj: aspheric, aspherical} varying slightly from a perfectly spherical shape

{adj: asteroid, star-shaped} shaped like a star

{adj: astrocytic} of or relating to or containing large star-shaped cells in the neuroglia

{adj: asymmetrical, crooked} irregular in shape or outline
"asymmetrical features"
"a dress with an crooked hemline"

{adj: auricular} relating to or perceived by or shaped like the organ of hearing
"my apprehension of words is auricular; I must hear what I read"- George Santayana
"an auricular confession"
"an auricular appendage"

{adj: auriform, ear-shaped, ear-like} having a shape resembling an ear

{adj: awkward, bunglesome, clumsy, ungainly} difficult to handle or manage especially because of shape
"an awkward bundle to carry"
"a load of bunglesome paraphernalia"
"clumsy wooden shoes"
"the cello, a rather ungainly instrument for a girl"

{adj: awl-shaped} shaped like an awl

{adj: bacillar, bacillary, bacilliform, baculiform, rod-shaped} formed like a bacillus

{adj: bad} having undesirable or negative qualities
"a bad report card"
"his sloppy appearance made a bad impression"
"a bad little boy"
"clothes in bad shape"
"a bad cut"
"bad luck"
"the news was very bad"
"the reviews were bad"
"the pay is bad"
"it was a bad light for reading"
"the movie was a bad choice"
<-> good

{adj: bag-shaped} shaped like a bag

{adj: ball-shaped, global, globose, globular, orbicular, spheric, spherical} having the shape of a sphere or ball
"a spherical object"
"nearly orbicular in shape"
"little globular houses like mud-wasp nests"- Zane Grey

{adj: bar-shaped} shaped like a rigid strip of metal or wood

{adj: barrel-shaped} having the general shape of a barrel

{adj: basket-shaped} shaped like a basket

{adj: batwing} formed or shaped like a bat's wing
"a dress with batwing sleeves"

{adj: bean-shaped} having a shape resembling a bean

{adj: bell-shaped} having a convex shape that resembles a bell

{adj: belt-shaped} shaped like a belt

{adj: biconvex, convexo-convex, lenticular, lentiform} convex on both sides; shaped like a lentil

{adj: bicorn, bicorned, bicornate, bicornuate, bicornuous} having two horns or horn-shaped parts
"a bicornuate uterus"

{adj: bipinnate} of a leaf shape; having doubly pinnate leaflets (as ferns)

{adj: bleary, blurred, blurry, foggy, fuzzy, hazy, muzzy} indistinct or hazy in outline
"a landscape of blurred outlines"
"the trees were just blurry shapes"

{adj: blockish, blocky} resembling a block in shape

{adj: blotched, blotchy, splotched} marked with irregularly shaped spots or blots

{adj: boat-shaped} having a concave shape like a boat

{adj: boot-shaped} shaped like a boot

{adj: bottle-shaped} shaped like a bottle

{adj: botuliform} shaped like a sausage

{adj: bowl-shaped} having a concave shape with an open top like a bowl

{adj: boxlike, boxy, box-shaped} resembling a box in rectangularity

{adj: brick-shaped} shaped like a brick

{adj: bulblike, bulbous, bulb-shaped} shaped like a bulb

{adj: bursiform, pouch-shaped, pouchlike, saclike} shaped like a pouch

{adj: butterfly-shaped} shaped like a butterfly

{adj: button-shaped} shaped like a button
"button-shaped white flowers"

{adj: calceolate, calceiform} of slipper-shaped blossoms
"the calceiform lip of certain orchids"

{adj: campanulate, campanular, campanulated} shaped like a bell or campana
"campanulate flowers of the genus Campanula"

{adj: caudate} of a leaf shape; tapering gradually into a long taillike tip

{adj: claw-shaped} shaped like a claw

{adj: club-shaped} shaped in the form of a club that is larger at one end

{adj: club-shaped} shaped in the form of the club on playing cards

{adj: coiling, helical, spiral, spiraling, volute, voluted, whorled, turbinate} in the shape of a coil

{adj: compound} of leaf shapes; of leaves composed of several similar parts or lobes
<-> simple

{adj: conic, conical, conelike, cone-shaped} relating to or resembling a cone
"conical mountains"
"conelike fruit"

{adj: contorted, distorted, twisted} strained or wrenched out of normal shape
"old trees with contorted branches"
"scorched and distorted fragments of steel"
"trapped under twisted steel girders"

{adj: cordate, heart-shaped, cordiform} (of a leaf) shaped like a heart

{adj: corrugated} shaped into alternating parallel grooves and ridges
"the surface of the ocean was rippled and corrugated"

{adj: cowl-shaped} shaped like a cowl

{adj: crescent, crescent-shaped, semilunar, lunate} resembling the new moon in shape

{adj: cross-shaped} shaped in the form of a cross

{adj: crosswise} in the shape of (a horizontal piece on) a cross

{adj: cruciate, cruciform} shaped like a cross

{adj: cubelike, cube-shaped, cubical, cubiform, cuboid, cuboidal} shaped like a cube

{adj: cucumber-shaped} shaped like a cucumber

{adj: cumuliform} shaped like a cumulus cloud

{adj: cuneate, wedge-shaped} of a leaf shape; narrowly triangular, wider at the apex and tapering toward the base

{adj: cuneiform} of or relating to the tarsal bones (or other wedge-shaped bones)

{adj: cuplike} resembling the shape of a cup

{adj: cupular, cupulate, cup-shaped} shaped like (or supporting) a cupule

{adj: cut} fashioned or shaped by cutting
"a well-cut suit"
"cut diamonds"
"cut velvet"
<-> uncut

{adj: deformational} relating to or causing change in either shape or size of a material body or geometric figure

{adj: deformed, distorted, ill-shapen, malformed, misshapen} so badly formed or out of shape as to be ugly
"deformed thalidomide babies"
"his poor distorted limbs"
"an ill-shapen vase"
"a limp caused by a malformed foot"
"misshapen old fingers"

{adj: deltoid} of a leaf shape; suggesting a capital delta, with a point at the apex

{adj: deplorable, distressing, lamentable, pitiful, sad, sorry} bad; unfortunate
"my finances were in a deplorable state"
"a lamentable decision"
"her clothes were in sad shape"
"a sorry state of affairs"

{adj: disciform} having a round or oval shape like a disc
"a disciform skin lesion"

{adj: discoid, discoidal, disklike, disclike, disk-shaped, disc-shaped} having a flat circular shape

{adj: dished, dish-shaped} shaped like a dish

{adj: dolabriform, dolabrate} having the shape of the head of an ax or cleaver

{adj: dome-shaped} having the shape of a dome

{adj: drum-shaped, drum-like} shaped in a form resembling a drum

{adj: ductile, malleable, pliable, pliant, tensile, tractile} capable of being shaped or bent or drawn out
"ductile copper"
"malleable metals such as gold"
"they soaked the leather to made it pliable"
"pliant molten glass"
"made of highly tensile steel alloy"

{adj: eel-shaped} shaped in the form of an eel

{adj: egg-shaped, elliptic, elliptical, oval, oval-shaped, ovate, oviform, ovoid, prolate} rounded like an egg

{adj: elastic} capable of resuming original shape after stretching or compression; springy
"an elastic band"
"a youthful and elastic walk"
<-> inelastic

{adj: eldritch, weird, uncanny, unearthly} suggesting the operation of supernatural influences
"an eldritch screech"
"the three weird sisters"
"stumps...had uncanny shapes as of monstrous creatures"- John Galsworthy
"an unearthly light"
"he could hear the unearthly scream of some curlew piercing the din"- Henry Kingsley

{adj: elliptic} of a leaf shape; in the form of an ellipse

{adj: ensiform, sword-shaped, swordlike, bladelike} shaped like a sword blade
"the iris has an ensiform leaf"

{adj: even-pinnate, abruptly-pinnate, paripinnate} of a leaf shape; pinnate with a pair of leaflets at the apex

{adj: even} being level or straight or regular and without variation as e.g. in shape or texture; or being in the same plane or at the same height as something else (i.e. even with)
"an even application of varnish"
"an even floor"
"the road was not very even"
"the picture is even with the window"
<-> uneven

{adj: falcate, falciform, sickle-shaped} curved like a sickle
"a falcate leaf"
"falcate claws"
"the falcate moon"

{adj: fan-leaved, fan-leafed} having fan-shaped leaves

{adj: fan-shaped} shaped in the form of a fan

{adj: fanned, spread-out} especially spread in a fan shape
"the peacock's fanned tail"
"the spread-out cards"

{adj: fernlike, ferny} resembling ferns especially in leaf shape
"the ferny shadows of locust leaves"

{adj: fig-shaped} shaped in the form of a fig

{adj: fistular, fistulate, fistulous} hollow and tube-shaped like a reed

{adj: fitted} being the right size and shape to fit as desired
"a fitted overcoat"
"he quickly assembled the fitted pieces"

{adj: fluid, runny} characteristic of a fluid; capable of flowing and easily changing shape

{adj: foot-shaped} shaped in the form of a foot

{adj: football-shaped} shaped in the form of a football

{adj: forcipate} shaped like a forceps; deeply forked

{adj: formative, shaping, plastic} forming or capable of forming or molding or fashioning
"a formative influence"
"a formative experience"

{adj: formed} having or given a form or shape
<-> unformed

{adj: full-fashioned, fully fashioned} knitted to fit the shape of the body
"full-fashioned hosiery"

{adj: funnel-shaped} shaped in the form of a funnel

{adj: fusiform, spindle-shaped, cigar-shaped} tapering at each end

{adj: gamopetalous, sympetalous} having a corolla composed of partially or wholly fused petals forming a corolla shaped like a tube or funnel

{adj: goblet-shaped} resembling the shape of a goblet

{adj: graven, sculpted, sculptured} cut into a desired shape
"graven images"
"sculptured representations"

{adj: grotesque, monstrous, unnatural} distorted and unnatural in shape or size; abnormal and hideous
"tales of grotesque serpents eight fathoms long that churned the seas"
"twisted into monstrous shapes"

{adj: guitar-shaped} shaped in the form of a guitar

{adj: hammer-shaped} shaped in the form of a hammer

{adj: hammered} shaped or worked with a hammer and often showing hammer marks
"a bowl of hammered brass"

{adj: harp-shaped} shaped in the form of a harp

{adj: hastate, spearhead-shaped} of a leaf shape; like a spear point, with flaring pointed lobes at the base

{adj: helmet-shaped} having the convex shape of a helmet

{adj: hewn, hand-hewn} cut or shaped with hard blows of a heavy cutting instrument like an ax or chisel
"a house built of hewn logs"
"rough-hewn stone"
"a path hewn through the underbrush"

{adj: hook-shaped} shaped in the form of a hook

{adj: horn-shaped} shaped in the form of a horn

{adj: hourglass-shaped} shaped in the form of an hourglass

{adj: hyperboloidal} having the shape of a hyperboloid

{adj: ill-fitting} not the right size or shape

{adj: indistinct} not clearly defined or easy to perceive or understand
"indistinct shapes in the gloom"
"an indistinct memory"
"only indistinct notions of what to do"
<-> distinct

{adj: keel-shaped} shaped in the form of the keel of a boat

{adj: lance-shaped} shaped like a lance

{adj: lanceolate, lancelike} of a leaf shape; shaped like a lance head; narrow and tapering to a pointed apex

{adj: lancet-shaped} shaped in the form of a lancet

{adj: linear, elongate} of a leaf shape; long and narrow

{adj: lingulate, tongue-shaped} shaped like a tongue

{adj: lip-shaped} shaped in the form of a lip

{adj: lyrate} of a leaf shape; having curvature suggestive of a lyre

{adj: lyre-shaped} shaped like a lyre

{adj: moderne} of or relating to a popularization of art deco that used bright colors and rectangular shapes

{adj: moonlike, moon-round} resembling the moon in shape

{adj: multiform} occurring in or having many forms or shapes or appearances
"the multiform universe of nature and man"- John Dewey
<-> uniform

{adj: mushroom-shaped} resembling a mushroom

{adj: navicular, scaphoid} shaped like a boat

{adj: nipple-shaped} having a convex shape that resembles a nipple

{adj: nonrigid} designating an airship having a shape maintained only by internal gas pressure and without a supporting structure
<-> rigid

{adj: nutlike} resembling a nut in shape and size

{adj: nutmeg-shaped} shaped like a nutmeg

{adj: oblanceolate} of a leaf shape; having a broad rounded apex and a tapering base

{adj: oblate, pumpkin-shaped} having the equatorial diameter greater than the polar diameter; being flattened at the poles
<-> prolate

{adj: oblong} of a leaf shape; having a somewhat elongated form with approximately parallel sides

{adj: obovate} of a leaf shape; egg-shaped with the narrower end at the base

{adj: obtuse} of a leaf shape; rounded at the apex

{adj: octangular, octagonal} of or relating to or shaped like an octagon

{adj: odd-pinnate, imparipinnate} a leaf shape; pinnate with a single leaflet at the apex

{adj: orotund, rotund, round, pear-shaped} (of sounds) full and rich
"orotund tones"
"the rotund and reverberating phrase"
"pear-shaped vowels"

{adj: ovate} of a leaf shape; egg-shaped with the broader end at the base

{adj: oven-shaped} shaped like an oven

{adj: paddle-shaped} shaped in the form of a paddle
"paddle-shaped fins"

{adj: palmate, palm-shaped} of a leaf shape; having leaflets or lobes radiating from a common point

{adj: palmatifid} of a leaf shape; palmately cleft rather than lobed

{adj: pancake-like} resembling a pancake in shape

{adj: pandurate, panduriform, fiddle-shaped} of a leaf shape

{adj: papilliform} shaped like a papilla

{adj: paraboloidal} having the shape of a paraboloid

{adj: pear-shaped} having a round shape tapered at one end

{adj: pedate} of a leaf shape; having radiating lobes, each deeply cleft or divided

{adj: peltate, shield-shaped} of a leaf shape; round, with the stem attached near the center of the lower surface rather than the margin (as a nasturtium leaf for example)

{adj: pentangular, pentagonal} of or relating to or shaped like a pentagon

{adj: phylliform} having the shape of a leaf

{adj: pillar-shaped} shaped like a cylindrical pillar

{adj: pinnate, pinnated} of a leaf shape; featherlike; having leaflets on each side of a common axis

{adj: pinnatifid} of a leaf shape; cleft nearly to the midrib in broad divisions not separated into distinct leaflets

{adj: pinnatisect} of a leaf shape; cleft nearly to the midrib in narrow divisions not separated into distinct leaflets

{adj: pinwheel-shaped} having the round shape of a pinwheel

{adj: pitcher-shaped} shaped in the form of a pitcher

{adj: plum-shaped} resembling a plum

{adj: prolate, watermelon-shaped} having the polar diameter greater than the equatorial diameter
"a prolate spheroid is generated by revolving an ellipse about its major axis"
<-> oblate

{adj: quadrangular} of or relating to or shaped like a quadrangle

{adj: quadratic} of or relating to or resembling a square
"quadratic shapes"

{adj: quinquefoliate} of a leaf shape; having five leaflets

{adj: reniform, kidney-shaped} of a leaf or bean shape resembling the shape of kidney

{adj: rhomboid, rhomboidal} shaped like a rhombus or rhomboid
"rhomboidal shapes"

{adj: ribbon-shaped} shaped in the form of a ribbon

{adj: ridged, carinate, carinated, keeled} having a ridge or shaped like a ridge or the keel of a ship
"a carinate sepal"

{adj: ringlike} having the shape of a ring

{adj: rod-shaped, rodlike} resembling a rod

{adj: rotund} spherical in shape

{adj: roughhewn, rough-cut} of stone or timber; shaped roughly without finishing

{adj: rough} of the margin of a leaf shape; having the edge cut or fringed or scalloped
<-> smooth

{adj: round, circular} having a circular shape
<-> square

{adj: rounded} curving and somewhat round in shape rather than jagged
"low rounded hills"
"rounded shoulders"
<-> angular

{adj: s-shaped} shaped in the form of the letter S

{adj: saddle-shaped} shaped in the form of a horse's saddle

{adj: sagittate, sagittiform, arrow-shaped} of a leaf shape; like an arrow head without flaring base lobes

{adj: salamandriform} shaped like a salamander

{adj: saucer-shaped} having a concave shape like a saucer

{adj: shaped, molded, wrought} shaped to fit by or as if by altering the contours of a pliable mass (as by work or effort)
"a shaped handgrip"
"the molded steel plates"
"the wrought silver bracelet"

{adj: shaped} having the shape of
"a square shaped playing field"

{adj: shapely} having a well-proportioned and pleasing shape
"a slim waist and shapely legs"
<-> unshapely

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