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restaurant [ 'restərɔnt] n.餐馆,饭店,菜馆

restaurant ['restə ɔnt] n. 餐馆, 饭店

外卖店 take-out restaurant

Restaurant 餐馆,菜馆,饭店

Restaurant Supply 酒店用品

餐厅 restaurant

Restaurant and Pub 餐馆酒吧

Restaurant Manager 饭店经理

I can't afford to go to a restaurant every day.

The restaurant wagon is in the middle of the train.

I can't make up my mind between these two dishes that the restaurant offers.

Let's pull into this roadside restaurant for something to eat.

We ate at a fashionable new restaurant.

There are too many flies in the restaurant; they should think of a way to get rid of them.

If the restaurant is full we can go elsewhere.

I expect to spend an average of $15 to $20 on a meal in a restaurant.

I enjoy the food and environment in that restaurant; the service is quite good as well.

an elegant restaurant

We ate at a fashionable new restaurant.

The restaurant has a reputation for serving some of the finest food in the country.

Excuse me. Can you tell me how to get to Mr. Hu's restaurant?

I'll be waiting for you at the restaurant this time tomorrow.

His father runs a restaurant. 他的父亲经营一家餐馆。

There is a good restaurant on the street.那条大街上有一个很好的餐馆。

I can't afford to go to a restaurant every day.每天都去餐馆吃饭,我真是支付不起。

Above all , they got over Lincoln’s point that “ the necessity of being ready increase”, for they left no doubt that this was not the climax of their campaign for equality but merely the beginning, that they were going to stay in the streets until they could get equality in the schools, restaurants, houses and employment agencies of the nation, and that, as they demonstrated here today, they had found an effective way to demonstrate for changes in the laws without breaking the law themselves.

I have arranged with him to meet at the restaurant.

The house by the lake is a restaurant.

There is so much noise in this restaurant; I can hardly hear you talking.

He made a real pig of himself at the restaurant.

The quality of service in this restaurant has improved a lot.

That sounds good. Let's get something at the hotel restaurant. I feel a little tired.

near 与 near by:
near 是介系词(preposition)通常後面跟受词(object),但是 near by(或 nearby)当形容词(adjective)意思是指「附近」(=close),只指某一地方(somewhere),没有特定地点(no specific location)。
* The school is near the railway station. (学校在火车站附近。)
* The post office and library are near by. (邮局和图书馆都在附近。)
可见 near by(或 nearby)通常後面不加受词,不然就显得 awkward 了。所以很少人说:
* I ate at a near restaurant. 不过可以说:
* I ate at a nearby restaurant.; 或
* The restaurant where I ate is nearby.(不过也有老外用 near)

A There will be thousands and thousands of people in Beijing for the Olympics.
A 将有成千上万的人来北京观看奥运会。
B I know. Beijing will be so busy during the Olympics. Everywhere will be crowded.
B 我知道。在奥运会召开期间北京将非常热闹。到处都将很拥挤。
A I guess so. There’ll be lots and lots of tourists from all over the world.
A 我想是这样。将有许许多多来自世界各地的游客。
B And it’s not only the Olympics gyms– everywhere will be crowded. The shops, the streets, the hotels, and the restaurants.
B 不仅奥运会场将很拥挤——到处都将很拥挤。商店、街道、旅馆,还有餐馆。
A I know. I guess the traffic could be really heavy.
A 我知道。我想交通可能非常拥挤。
B At least it’s going to be a really exciting time!
B 至少那将是一个非常激动人心的时刻!

A Are you free to meet tomorrow tonight?
A 你明晚有时间见面吗?
B I’m afraid not. I work in a restaurant in the evenings.
B 恐怕没有。晚上我在餐馆工作。
A Every evening Surely you have some evenings free.
A 每天晚上吗?总有几个晚上你有空吧。
B Yes, of course I do. I’ve got two nights off each week.
B 是的,当然了。我每周有两个晚上不用上班。
A But not tomorrow night . . . when are you next free?
A 但是明天晚上不行. . .你下次什么时候有空?
B I’m free the day after tomorrow. We could meet Thursday evening.
B 我后天有空。我们可以在周四晚上见面。

A What’s it like working in the restaurant?
A 在餐馆工作怎么样?
B It’s OK. It’s in a restaurant in one of the big hotels.
B 还行。我在一家大旅馆的餐厅里工作。
A That sounds quite good. Is it hard work?
A 听起来相当不错。工作累吗?
B Well, it depends if the restaurant is very busy. But I enjoy it. I like seeing lots of different people all the time.
B 哦,这取决于客人是不是很多。但是我喜欢这份工作。我总是喜欢看到不同的人。
A Yes, I suppose a hotel restaurant must be a quite good place to work.
A 是的,我想旅馆里的餐馆是工作的好地方。
B Yes, it is. And it’s a good way for me to earn extra money.
B 是的,是这样。而且这还是我额外挣钱的好方法。

A Extra money is always helpful.
A 额外挣的钱总是很有帮助。
B I know. That’s why I do evening job in the hotel restaurant.
B 我知道。这就是我为什么晚上在旅馆的餐馆打工的原因。
A If you are studying, it’s good to earn some extra income.
A 如果你在读书,额外有些收入很好。
B I agree. It’s only a part-time job at the hotel but it pays well.
B 我同意。虽然只是在旅馆里兼职,但是报酬很高。
A Well, life is expensive!? We all need money.
A 哦,生活消费很高!我们都需要钱。
B You can say that again!? The money helps me with my studying so it’s important for me to earn as much as I can.
B 太同意你的看法了!钱对我的学习有帮助,所以尽可能多地挣些钱对我很重要。

A Do you know where the Vietnamese restaurant is in Houhai?
A 你知道后海的越南餐馆在哪里吗?
B Yes, it’s at the north end of the lake, near the bridge.
B 知道,在湖的北端,就在桥附近。
A Where exactly? There are so many restaurants in Houhai.
A 确切在哪里?在后海有这么多的餐馆。
B Don’t worry. It’s easy to find. Do you know the bridge?
B 不要担心。很容易找到。你知道那座桥吗?
A Yes, I do – the little bridge. Is it near there?
A 是的,我知道——那座小桥。餐馆离那里很近吗?
B Yes, it’s about 100 metres from there, on the east side of the lake.
B 是的,离那里大约100米,在湖的东侧。

A So, it’s on the east side of the lake.
A 这么说,它在湖的东侧。
B Yes, there’re a few restaurants on your left side and then the Vietnamese restaurant.
B 是的,在你的左侧有几家餐馆,然后就是那家越南餐馆。
A Will I find it easily?
A 我会很容易找到它吗?
B Oh, yes. You’ll see a Russian restaurant first, then a Mongolian one – I think. Then a couple of others.
B 哦,是的。你首先将看到一家俄罗斯餐馆,然后是一家蒙古餐馆——我想。然后还有两三家其它的。
A And after those, it’s the Vietnamese restaurant?
A 过去这几家,就是那家越南餐馆了吗?
B Yes, you’ll find it easily. It’s only about one minute walk from the bridge.
B 是的,你会很容易找到的。从桥走到那里大约只需一分钟。

A It’s impossible to get a taxi. The traffic is so busy. All the taxis are full.
A 叫到出租车是不可能的。交通是如此繁忙。所有的出租车都满了。
B We’ll be late unless we get a taxi.
B 如果叫不到出租车我们会迟到的。
A How far is it to the restaurant?
A 这里离餐馆多远?
B It’s not too far, maybe 10 to 15 minutes’ walk.
B 不太远,也许步行要10到15分钟。
A Well, let’s walk. The traffic is so heavy, I think walking is quicker.
A 哦,咱们步行去吧。交通太拥挤了,我想步行更快一些。
B A little bit of exercise is better for us anyway.
B 无论怎么说锻炼一下身体对我们更有好处。

A I'm looking forward to the Olympics!
A 我期待着奥运会的召开!
B So am I.
B 我也是。
A The Olympics will be good for tourism.
A 奥运会的召开将有利于旅游业的发展。
B Yes, and they'll be good for business, too. Especially for hotels and restaurants.
B 是的,奥运会对商业发展也有促进作用。尤其是对旅店业和餐饮业。
A You're right. We're going to expand production this year. We're going to make more maps, guidebooks and postcards.
A 你说得对。我们今年将扩大生产。我们将生产更多的地图、导游手册和明信片。
B Good idea. You'll sell a lot.
B 好主意,你们将有很大的销量。

A I hear The Golden Palace restaurant is very good.
A 我听说金王宫饭店非常好。
B Yes, it's excellent. You should try it. The food is very good.
B 是的,非常棒。你应该去那里看看。菜做得非常好。
A Shall we go there this evening?
A 我们今晚去那里好吗?
B Good idea. It's a small restaurant. ?It's best to reserve a table.
B 好主意。那是一家小餐馆,最好先预订一张桌。
A OK. I'll phone and book now.
A 好,我现在就打电话预订。
B If it's full, we can try tomorrow evening.
B 如果餐馆满员,我们可以明天晚上去。

A I want to entertain some clients.
A 我想招待几个客户。
B How many?
B 几个?
A About eight. I want to take them to a really special place.
A 大约8个。我想带他们到一个真正特别的地方。
B Why not go to The Red Moon Restaurant?
B 为什么不去红月亮餐馆呢?
A That's an excellent idea. It's a lovely setting.
A 真是一个好主意。那里的环境非常好。
B Yes, and you can book a private room in the restaurant.
B 是的,你可以在餐馆里预订一间包房。

A A table for three, please.
A 请给我们一张三人桌。?
B This is a very busy restaurant.
B 这是一家人非常多的餐馆。
A Yes, it's very popular. The food is very good.
A 是的,这里非常受欢迎。饭菜味道很好。
B It's very kind of you to invite me.
B 谢谢你邀请我来吃饭。
A You are welcome. Is this table OK for you?
A 不客气。这张桌可以吗?
B It's lovely! I like sitting next to the window.
B 很好!我喜欢靠窗的座位。

A What did you think of the restaurant?
A 你认为这家餐馆怎么样?
B Well, the service was excellent.
B 哦,服务非常不错。
A And the atmosphere was great.
A 环境也很幽雅。
B Yes, that's true, but the meal was a bit pricey.
B 是的,是这样,但是饭菜有点贵。
A I suppose it was quite expensive.
A 我觉得非常贵。
B But the food was absolutely delicious.
B 但是食物绝对好吃。

A Did you have a good time with Mr. Li last night?
A 你昨晚和李先生度过了愉快的时光吗?
B Yes, it was good to see him.
B 是的,见到他非常高兴。
A Where did you go?
A 你们去了哪里?
B We went to a very nice restaurant in Houhai.
B 我们去了在后海的一家非常别致的餐馆。
A You don't sound very enthusiastic...
A 听起来你的情绪不太热情..
B Well, for me the restaurant was too noisy. I prefer quieter places.
B 哦,对我来说那家餐馆太吵了。我更喜欢安静一些的地方。

A I've heard about that restaurant. What was the food like?
A 我听说过那家餐馆的情况。那里的饭菜怎么样?
B Well, it's known for its modern cooking.
B 哦,那里以它的现代烹饪而闻名。
A And was it really good?
A 饭菜确实好吗?
B Not really. The vegetables were fresh, but the meat was tough.
B 不太好。蔬菜很新鲜,但是肉很硬。
A Tough? ?That’s not very good, especially in an expensive restaurant.
A 硬?那可不太好,尤其是在一家很贵的餐馆里。
B I know. I wouldn't recommend it at all.
B 我知道。我绝对不会推荐它了。

A Ping and I went to the new Italian restaurant last week.
A 平和我上周去了一家新开的意大利餐馆。
B I was there last month. I thought it was fantastic.
B 我上个月去了那里。我认为那里非常棒。
A Yes, the food and the atmosphere were great.
A 是的,饭菜和环境都非常好。
B But there was one thing I didn't like. The service.
B 但是有一样我不喜欢。那就是服务。
A It was a bit slow, I suppose.
A 我觉得那里的服务有点慢。
B I thought the service was too slow.
B 我认为那里的服务简直太慢了。

A You've been to a lot of restaurants here. Do you have a favourite?
A 你已经去过了这里的许多家餐馆。你有最喜欢的吗?
B That's a difficult question. There are so many good restaurants.
B 这是一个很难回答的问题。这里有如此之多的餐馆。
A But you must have a favourite. I definitely have a favourite.
A 但是你一定有自己最喜欢的。我有自己最喜欢的。
B OK. Tell me your favourite.
B 好吧。告诉我你最喜欢的是哪家。
A I really liked The Blue Lotus Thai restaurant. I thought the food was brilliant – and the staff was very friendly.
A 我非常喜欢蓝莲花泰国餐馆。我认为那里的饭菜一流——而且员工都非常友好。
B Yes, I think that's one of my favourites, too.
B 是的,我也认为那是我最喜欢的餐馆之一。

A Are you free to meet tomorrow tonight?
A 明晚有时间见面吗?
B I’m afraid not. I work in a restaurant at the weekends.
B 恐怕不行。我周末在一家餐馆上班。
A Every weekend? Surely you have some time free.
A 每个周末吗?你一定会有些空闲的时间的。
B Yes, of course I do. I’ve got one weekend off every month
B 是的,我当然有。我每个月有一个周末不用上班。
A OK, when are you next free?
A 好,你下次休班是什么时候?
B I’m free next weekend. We could meet saturday evening.
B 我下周末休息。我们可以在周六晚上见面。

A What’s it like working in the restaurant?
A 在餐馆工作怎么样?
B It’s good. It’s in a new restaurant in Houhai.
B 很不错。这是在后海开的一家新餐馆。
A That sounds quite interesting. Is it hard work?
A 听起来相当有趣。这工作累吗?
B Well, it depends if the restaurant is very busy. But I enjoy it. I like seeing lots of different people all the time.
B 哦,这取决于餐馆里客人是否很多。但是我喜欢这份工作。我喜欢总是能看到许多不同的人。
A Yes, I suppose a new place must be a quite good place to work.
A 是的,我想新的地方一定是工作的好地方。
B Yes, it is. And I can earn some extra money.
B 是的,是这样。我还可以额外挣些钱。

A It’s always good to earn something extra.
A 额外挣些钱总是好的。
B I know. That’s why I do the weekend job in the restaurant.
B 我知道。这也是我为什么周某在餐馆打工的原因。
A If you are studying, it’s good to earn some extra income. Even from part-time work.
A 如果你在上学,额外有些收入很好。即使是做兼职工作也好。
B I agree. It’s not a full-time job but it pays well.
B 我同意。这虽然是一份兼职工作,但是报酬不低。
A Well, living is expensive these days. Everything helps.
A 哦,现在生活消费很高。干点什么都有用。
B Yes, the extra money helps me with my studying so it’s important for me to earn as much as I can.
B 是的,额外挣的钱对我的学习有帮助,所以我尽可能多挣一些,这对我很重要。

A There will be thousands of visitors in Beijing for the Olympics.
A 将有成千上万的人来北京观看奥运比赛。
B You’re right. Everywhere will be crowded.
B 你说得对。到处都将非常拥挤。
A I guess so. There’ll be tourists from all over the world.
A 我想也是这样。世界各地都将有观光客来到这里。
B Everywhere will be crowded. The shops, the streets, the hotels, the restaurants, the metro system.
B 到处都将十分拥挤。商店、街道、旅馆、餐馆以及地铁系统都将十分拥挤。
A I guess the traffic could be really heavy. It’s going to be a really exciting time!
A 我想交通可能相当拥挤。那将是一个非常激动人心的时刻!

A Where shall we eat tonight? What kind of food would you like to try?
A 我们今晚在哪里见面?你想吃什么菜?
B I’m not sure. There’s such a wide choice in Beijing.
B 我不确定。在北京有很多的选择。
A How about Thai or Vietnamese? There’s lots of good places.
A 泰国菜或者越南菜怎么样?有很多好地方可去。
B I love Asian food, but I think I’d prefer Italian tonight. I like Italian best of all.
B 我喜欢亚洲菜,但是我想我今晚更想吃意大利菜。我最喜欢意大利菜。
A OK. I know a good Italian restaurant in one of the hotels. Shall we try that?
A 好的。我知道在一家旅馆里有一家不错的意大利餐馆。我们去那里试试好吗?

A Let’s meet at that good Yunan restaurant in Houhai.
A 咱们在后海的那家云南餐馆见面。
B Which one? I can’t remember it.
B 哪家餐馆? 我不记得了。
A You must remember it! It’s the one on the left side, about 100 metres from the entrance.
A 你一定记得的!就是在左侧的那家,距离入口大约100米处。
B Sorry, I can’t remember it. Where is it exactly?
B 对不起,我记不起来了。具体在哪里?
A It’s easy to find. It’s only two minutes walk from the entrance on the left side.
A 很容易找到的。从入口走大约两分钟,在路的左侧。
B Yes, now I remember . . . it’s on the west side of the lake.
B 是的,我现在想起来了. . . 那家餐馆在湖的西侧。

A How was your dinner last night? Was it a good restaurant?
A 你昨天的晚餐怎么样?那家餐馆好吗?
B Yes, it was very good. I really like Mongolian hotpot.
B 好,非常不错。我非常喜欢蒙古火锅。
A Me too! I’d like to try it. Where is the restaurant exactly?
A 我也是!我也想尝尝看。那家餐馆具体在什么位置?
B Well, you know that Korean restaurant we went to last week?
B 哦,你知道我们上周去的韩国餐馆吧?
A Yes, I remember. Is it near that?
A 是的,我记得。离那里近吗?
B Yes, it’s beside it. It’s next to the Korean restaurant.
B 是的,就在它旁边。就在韩国餐馆的隔壁。

A Tonight we’re going to eat Peking Duck.
A 今晚我们要去吃北京烤鸭。
B Good. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve heard so much about it.
B 好的。我很期待吃北京烤鸭。关于北京烤鸭我听得太多了。
A I think you’ll enjoy it. It’s a good restaurant too.
A 我想你会喜欢的。而且那是一家很好的餐馆。
B Where is it? Is it nearby?
B 餐馆在哪里?在这附近吗?
A It’s not far. It’s on the south side of Changan Avenue. It’s only ten minutes from your hotel by taxi.
A 不太远。在长安街的南面。从你住的旅馆乘出租车到那里只要10分钟。
B Good. Shall we meet in the lobby at 6 and then take a taxi?
B 好。咱们今晚6点在旅馆大堂见面然后一起打车走好吗?

A Let’s go to the Cantonese restaurant in the hotel this evening.
A 咱们今晚去旅馆的广东餐厅去用餐。
B That’s a very good restaurant. Maybe we should book a table.
B 那是一家非常好的餐厅。也许我们应该先预定位子。
A Yes – it’s sometimes very busy and we can make sure we get a good table.
A 是的-那家餐厅有时非常拥挤,预订的话我们可以确保有个好的位子。
B OK, we’ll phone and reserve a table. Do you know the number?
B 好的,我们打电话预订位子。你知道电话号码吗?
A Yes. The phone number is 7966 7889.
A 是的,号码是7966 7889。
B Seven – nine – double six. Seven – double eight – nine.
B 7-9-两个6, 7-两个8-9。

A The Olympics will have an impact on everything in Beijing.
A 奥运会的召开对北京的方方面面将产生重大的影响。
B You’re right. It will affect every aspect of life in the city.
B 说得对。它将会影响到城市生活的各个方面。
A The Olympics will be good for tourism.
A 奥运会对旅游业有促进作用。
B Yes, and they'll be good for business, too. Especially for hotels and restaurants.
B 是的,而且对商业发展也大有好处。尤其是对旅馆业和餐饮业。
A There will be more tourists than ever before.
A 到时旅游者会比平时多很多。

A There will be thousands and thousands of people in Beijing for the Olympics.
A 到时候将有成千上万的人来北京观看奥运比赛。
B And millions watching it on TV. Beijing will be so busy and crowded.
B 还有数百万人通过电视观看比赛。北京会非常热闹拥挤。
A There will be people from all over the world.
A 人们将从世界各地赶来。
B Everywhere will be crowded. The shops, the streets, the hotels, the restaurants.
B 到处都将非常拥挤。商店、街道、旅馆以及餐馆。
A I expect the traffic will be really heavy too.
A 我估计交通也会非常拥挤。

A What’s a good time for you to meet this evening?
A 今晚什么时候见面对你合适?
B How about six forty-five?
B 6点45怎么样?
A 6.45 this evening. Fine. At the hotel?
A 今晚6点45,好的。在旅馆吗?
B Yes, we'll have time for a drink and a chat before dinner.
B 是的,在晚餐前我们将有时间喝一杯,聊一聊。
A When do we have to be at the restaurant?
A 我们什么时候必须到餐馆?
B At 7.45. So we've got plenty of time.
B 7点45。所以我们有足够的时间。

What’s your hotel like? 你的饭店什么样?
It’s excellent. It’s very central. And it’s convenient for the shops on Wangfujing Street.
And it’s easy for all the tourist sights. The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square are very near.
It’s really nice. Good restaurants, a good coffee shop and a great gym.
And the staff are really friendly and helpful.
I’m glad you like it.

How about dinner tonight?
I don’t know. I’ve got nothing planned.
Well, I know a nice restaurant. A Mongolian hot pot restaurant.
That sounds exciting.
Would you like to go?
Yes, I’d love to.
是的, 我想去。
Good. Let’s meet at 6:30 this evening.

Do you know a good restaurant?
In Beijing? Yes, lots! What kind of restaurant?
We’d like to try Shanghai cuisine. Do you know a good place?
Well, there’s a very good restaurant in the Kunlun Hotel. It specializes in Shanghai food.
Good. We’ll try that. Where is the Kunlun Hotel?
好, 我们就去那里看看。昆仑饭店在哪里?
It’s best to take a taxi. It’s not so far.

Would you like to come to dinner tonight?
That would be very nice. Thank you.
Good. We can try Peking Duck. It’s the most famous dish in Beijing.
Great. I’d love to taste it.
We’ll go to Quan Jude. It’s one of the oldest and best Peking Duck restaurants in Beijing.

I can pick you up at the hotel at 9 in the morning.
Would you like to come to the Thai restaurant with us?
Yes, I’d love to. When are you going?
We are thinking about Wednesday evening. Are you free then?
Wednesday evening sounds good to me. I’m free.
Good. Shall we meet about 6?
Yes, that’s perfect.
Right. I’ll meet you at the hotel at 6.

How are things?
I’m tired. It’s been a busy week.
Maybe you should take it easy this weekend.
Yes, I think I will.
A good rest, maybe a little walk in the park, round the lake.
Yes. And a good restaurant for dinner!

Good to see you again. Where are you going?
I’m going back to my hotel.
There’s a very good Cantonese restaurant in your hotel.
In my hotel? I didn’t know that. Where is it?
I think it’s on the 4th floor. You should try it.
Ok, I will. The Cantonese restaurant on the fourth floor. Thanks for that information.
好的,我会的。广东 菜馆在4楼。谢谢你提供的信息。
You’re welcome. Enjoy it.

What’s your hotel like?
It’s excellent. I will definitely stay here again.
It seems very nice. Good restaurants and a good location in the city.
Yes. And I’ve got a lovely room. It’s on the 17th floor.
The seventeenth! Do you have a good view?
Yes, I’ve got a great view of the city.

The Hutongs are the old traditional areas of Beijing. They are really fascinating.
Let’s meet this evening and go for a walk round Houhai Lake.
Good idea.
We can have dinner there. There are lots of good restaurants all round the lakeside.
OK. What time is best for you?

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