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run [ rʌn] vi.跑,奔;行驶;流

run one's eyes over 扫视,浏览

in the long run 从长远来看,最后

run away with (感情等)战胜

run down 跑下;撞倒;追捕到

run into 跑进;偶然遇到;共计

run off (使)逃跑;复制

run out 结束;变得缺乏

run out of 用完,耗尽

run out from 从…延伸

run over (跑)过去;溢出;浏览

run through 跑着穿过;刺

run up against 意外地碰到(困难等)

run upon 撞击;触(礁)

on the run 跑着;奔走;奔波

run for 竞选,追查,探究

run out at 达到(某数字)

run over with 充满;洋溢着

run short 快用完;将耗尽

in the long run 最终,从长远观点看来

run down 撞倒,停掉,撞沉;追捕,追

run for 竞选

run into 撞上,偶然碰见

run off 复印,打印

run out of 用完,用尽,耗尽

run over 溢出,满出;略读,略述;辗过,浏览,匆匆复习

run short 用完,耗尽

in the long run

run down

run for

run into

run off

run out of

run over

run short

run [rʌn] vi. 跑,奔跑,运转,趋向;褪色

run [rʌn] 运行

running ['rʌniŋ] a.运行着的,游动的

单刀赴会 start a solo run

red cap enterprise (refers to the reputation a private enterprise enjoys by becoming attached to a government department and doing business in the name of a state-run or collective-run enterprise)

经常性支出 running expenses

开工不足 enterprises running under their production capacity

亏损企业 enterprises running in the red/under deficit

民营企业 individually-run enterprises

社会力量办学 running of schools by non-governmental sectors

私营企业 privately-run enterprise

鹬蚌相争,渔人得利 "when the snip and the calm grapple, it is the fisherman who stands to benefit; two dogs strive for a bone, and a third runs away with it"

依法治国 manage state affairs according to law; run state affairs according to law

助跑 "approach run, run-up"

自营 self-run

Running-water Company 自来水公司

Running-water Company 自来水公司

Running Shoes 跑鞋

run across 偶然碰见

run down 撞倒;诋毁;破旧的

run into 突然碰到某人

run of the town 轰动一时的人

run out of sth 用完

run sb out of the town 把某人逐出市外

run up against 遇到

run wild 到处跑

That's runs my electric bill up. 使电费增加.

The performance runs 2 hours 30 minutes including an interval

Men's Shooting 10m Running Target 射击男子10米移动靶

first-run cinema 首轮影院

second-run cinema 二轮影院

交通规则 traffic regulation
路标 guide post
里程碑 milestone
停车标志 mark car stop
红绿灯 traffic light
自动红绿灯 automatic traffic signal light
红灯 red light
绿灯 green light
黄灯 amber light
交通岗 traffic post
岗亭 police box
交通警 traffic police
打手势 pantomime
单行线 single line
双白线 double white lines
双程线dual carriage-way
斑马线 zebra stripes
划路线机 traffic line marker
交通干线 artery traffic
车行道 carriage-way
辅助车道 lane auxiliary
双车道 two-way traffic
自行车通行 cyclists only
单行道 one way only
窄路 narrow road
潮湿路滑 slippery when wet
陡坡 steep hill
不平整路 rough road
弯路 curve road ; bend road
连续弯路 winding road
之字路 double bend road
之字公路 switch back road
下坡危险 dangerous down grade
道路交叉点 road junction
十字路 cross road
左转 turn left
右转 turn right
靠左 keep left
靠右 keep right
慢驶 slow
速度 speed
超速 excessive speed
速度限制 speed limit
恢复速度 resume speed
禁止通行 no through traffic
此路不通 blocked
不准驶入 no entry
不准超越 keep in line ; no overhead
不准掉头 no turns
让车道 passing bay
回路 loop
安全岛 safety island
停车处 parking place
停私人车 private car park
只停公用车 public car only
不准停车 restricted stop
不准滞留 restricted waiting
临街停车 parking on-street
街外停车 parking off-street
街外卸车 loading off-street
当心行人 caution pedestrian crossing
当心牲畜 caution animals
前面狭桥 narrow bridge ahead
拱桥 hump bridge
火车栅 level crossing
修路 road works
医院 hospital
儿童 children
学校 school
寂静地带 silent zone
非寂静地带 silent zone ends
交通管理 traffic control
人山人海 crowded conditions
拥挤的人 jam-packed with people
交通拥挤 traffic jam
水泄不通 overwhelm
顺挤 extrusion direct
冲挤 extrusion impact
推挤 shoved
挨身轻推 nudging
让路 give way
粗心行人 careless pedestrian
犯交通罪 committing traffic offences
执照被记违章 endorsed on driving license
危险驾驶 dangerous driving
粗心驾车 careless driving
无教员而驾驶 driving without an instructor
无证驾驶 driving without license
未经车主同意 without the owner's consent
无第三方保险 without third-party insurance
未挂学字牌 driving without a "L" plate
安全第一 safety first
轻微碰撞 slight impact
迎面相撞 head-on collision
相撞 collided
连环撞 a chain collision
撞车 crash
辗过 run over
肇事逃跑司机 hit-run driver
冲上人行道 drive onto the pavement

流水帐 running account

off-running time 收车时间

running interval 行车间隔

skip-stop running 跳站运行

slipping-stop running 放站运行

accelerated run 赶点

decelerated run 压点

every other run 分班

kilometre interval of running responsible accident 行车责任事故间隔里程

one-piece run 整班

relief run 替代

running 运行

running chart 运行图

running hot 早点,快点

running time 营业车时

safe running days 行车无事故天数

the number of running accidents 行车事故天数

the number of running responsible accidents 行车责任事故次数

dummy run phase

state-run firm 国有企业

automobile ride random input running test

automobile ride single pulse input running test

idle running test

running losses

run off the roadway

玻璃滑槽 Glass Run

She runs everyday in order to lose weight.

Time is running out.

Time is running out!

The worth of a state, in the long run, is the worth of the individuals composing it.

He that publishes a book runs a very great hazard, since nothing can be more impossible than to compose one that may secure the approbation of every reader.

The small child had to run in order to keep up with his big brother.

The senator's son traded on his father's name when he ran for mayor.

As she ran to catch the school bus, Sandy thought of her brother.

She ran in after the rainstorm and dried herself off with a thick towel.

The car ran over the man, but by a miracle, he was not hurt.
汽车从那个人身上压过去, 但他却没有受伤, 真是奇迹。

You look as if you've been running. (The person may have been running.)

County government is a body chosen to run a county.

She threw the book on the table, and with that ran angrily out of the room.
她 "砰" 一下把书丢在桌子上, 生气地走出房间。

I don't believe his boast that he can run faster than I can.

At the sound of steps, the chief ran away.

I'm sure he is capable of running a mile in four minutes.

I bet I can run faster than you.

People running for president often advocate reducing taxes.

Our efficient new machines are much cheaper to run.

Many rivers run out of the Himalayas.

I'm afraid we've run out of gas.

I'm running out of patience.

The old man can hardly walk, much less run.

He came running all the way from the bus stop.

You will run forward at my command.

It’ll be cheaper in the long run to use real leather because it will last longer.
从长远看,用真皮更合算, 因为真皮耐用。

Of course plastic is cheaper than leather in the short run, but it won’t last long.
从短期看, 塑料当然比真皮便宜, 但塑料不经用。

Inevitably, the project is running into difficulties.

Suddenly he stripped and ran into the sea.

The little boy ran away as fast as he could at their approach.

a run-down block of flats 一栋破旧不堪的公寓

They lived in an old run-down hotel by the railway bridge.

They have put substantial funds into rebuilding one of the most run-down areas in Scotland.

Housewives, afraid of running short, have bought up all the sugar in the shops.

a garden with a small river running alongside

This new type of plane can have vertical takeoff, which means it can rise straight from the ground without first running along for some distance.

A car runs on petrol.

There will be fundamental changes in the way the school is run.

She can run 100 meters in 13 seconds without exerting herself.

We saw the Sunday Times running a long feature on breast cancer.

He can run as fast as Jim.

Let's just run through the arguments for and against.

Time is running out. 没时间了。

He ran his horse up the hill. 他策马跑上小山。

His father runs a restaurant. 他的父亲经营一家餐馆。

I can't make this machine run properly.我无法使这部机器正常运转。

She runs everyday in order to lose weight.她每天都跑步是为了减肥。

we got a bad headache, and my nose is running.我头痛得厉害,还流鼻涕。

Number 13 buses run much more frequently, don't they?13路车跑得更勤,是不是?

The rabbit ran to the woods and did not come back any more.兔子跑进了森林再也没有出来了。

I will love you until the seas run dry and the rocks crumble.我将爱你直到海枯石烂。

Unless productivity growth is unexpectedly large, however, the expansion of real output must eventually begin to slow down to the economy’s larger run growth potential if generalized demand pressures on prices are to be avoided.

Jim runs fast, but I run just as fast.

He can run as fast as I can.

The boy avoided punishment by running away.

Your watch runs behind.

I was out of breath after running for the bus.

He dashed across the street and ran towards me.

We'll run into debt if you spend more than our income.

The tears ran down her cheeks.

They run faster and faster.

Could you run and fetch a doctor for me?

He runs 3 miles every morning; that's why he is so fit.

The fox ran away before the hunter shot it.

He jumped to his feet and ran out of the office.

The thief leaped the wall and ran away.

The fox broke loose and ran away.

The little boy ran off to get his brother.

He has no idea of how to run a business.

The petrol is running out.

He ran down the stairs.

Would you run to the store? *不见得是“跑着去”,在这儿是“快点儿去”的意思。
Would you run to the store? (你能不能快点儿去趟商店?)
In just a minute. (稍等一下。)

I have a runny nose. *runny“流鼻涕的”。
My nose is running.
My nose won't stop running.

I think it ran out of paper. *run out“用完”。
I think it's out of paper.

He's a go-getter. *go-getter“有才能的人”,“干将”。
He runs a lot of business. (他有很多生意。)
Yeah, he's a go-getter. (是呀!他是个有才干的人。)
He's a man of action.
He's a man of ability.
He's a wheeler-dealer. *比较旧的说法。

I ran into him. *run into “没想到的,偶然的相遇”。
I bumped into him.

I hate to run, but... *这句是结束谈话时的开场白。其语气为“虽然我不想走,但……”。

Almost. *表示“可惜”,“差一点儿”。
Almost! (就差那么一点儿。)
I thought it was a home run. (我以为是个本垒打呢。)

Run for your lives!
Let's get out of here!

Thanks for telling me.
You have a run in your stocking. (你的丝袜跳线了。)
Thanks for telling me. (谢谢你告诉我。)
Thanks for letting me know.

We ran a race and I was the fastest. (我赛跑得了第一名。)
Congratulations! (是吗?恭喜你了!)

You don't stand a chance. *stand a chance “有可能性”。
I'm running for mayor. (我的目标是成为市长。)
You don't stand a chance. (你没有希望赢。)

In the long run,...
Tax cuts are a good idea. (减税是个好主意。)
But, in the long run, it's not good for the country. (但从长远来看,对国家没有什么好处。)

I've run out of patience. *run out of... “用光……,耗尽……”。patience “忍耐,耐性”。
Calm down. (冷静点儿。)
I can't. I've run out of patience. (我做不到,我再也忍耐不了了。)
I lost my temper. (我发脾气了。)

We'll start with an orientation video. It runs about 15 minutes.

The goods we offered last week are running out, therefore, the offer terminates on 20th July.

Here you go 与 Here you go again:
Here you go 是指给别人东西时说:「这就是你要的」(=Here is what you want);有时也表示同意对方的意见(= you are right);有时又与 there you go 互用。
* The cashier said, “Here you go!”when she gave me the change. (当收款员找我零钱时,她说:「这就是!」)
但是 Here you(或 we)go again 意思是「你又旧事重提了」,表示对一件事情多次重复的厌烦。(feel annoyed when something is repeated over and over again)。
* When he brought up the same issue to me, I said, “Here you go again!”(当他向我提出同样的问题时,我说:「又是老话题了!」)
至於“Here goes”又是指说话者开始做某事时说:「开始了」。例如:
*“Here goes!”, shouted the racer as he started running.(当赛跑者开始跑步时,喊著「我就开始了!」)

I'm running this shop.
= I'm the owner of the shop.

Time is running out.
= There is not much time.

Still water runs deep.
= A wise man playing a fool.

It immediately ran away when she saw it, and experts confirmed that a puma will not attack a human being unless it is cornered.

All rivers run into the sea.

He that runs fastest gets the ring.

All rivers run into the sea.

Dogs that run after many hares kill none.

Do not run too fast after gain.

He that runs fastest gets the ring.

Hold (or Run) with the hare and run (or hunt) with the hounds.

If you run after two heares, you will catch neither.

It's earlier to run down the hill than go up.

Learn to walk before you run.

Much water runs by the mill that the miller knows not of.

Run (or Hold) with the hare and hunt (or run) with the hounds.

Smooth water runs deep.

Still waters run deep.

The course of true love never did run smooth.

The last drop makes the cup run over.

The raceis got by running.

Though the fox run, the chicken hath wings.

Two dogs strive for a bone, and a third runs away with it.

When the well is full, it will run over.

We are running on two shifts.

A I like the big, dramatic events at the Olympics.
A 我喜欢重大的、壮观的奥运会项目。
B So do I. I’m also looking forward to the marathon. It’s one of the biggest events. It’s a classic race.
B 我也是。我还期待着马拉松比赛。这是重大的奥运会项目之一。它是经典的比赛项目。
A I agree. And it’s something everyone can see.
A 我同意。它还是每个人都可以看到的比赛。
B Yes, the race goes all through Beijing. There will be thousands watching it on the streets.
B 是的,比赛将贯穿北京城。到时候将有成千上万的人站在街头观看比赛。
A It’s such a tough race!? Forty kilometres .
A 这是多么艰苦的比赛!40公里. . .
B I know. I hope it isn’t too hot when they run the marathon. It’s better when it’s cooler.
B 我知道。我希望当马拉松比赛举行的时候天气不要太热。天气凉爽些比较好。

A Hi, I’m Feng. I’m Mr. Li’s son.
A 你好!我是风。 我是李先生的儿子。
B Hi, Feng. Nice to meet you. ?You’re a student, aren’t you?
Your dad tells me you love athletics.
B 你好,风。很高兴认识你。你是一个学生,对吗?你爸爸告诉我你很喜爱体育运动。
A Yes. I run a bit. I like running.
A 是的,我跑跑步。我喜欢跑步。

A Are you enjoying your holiday in Beijing?
A 你们在北京度假愉快吗?
B Yes, we’re having a great time.
B 是的,我们非常开心。
A What do you do back in London?
A 在伦敦你做什么工作?
B Oh, I’m retired now. I stopped work five years ago.
B 哦,我现在退休了。我五年前就不工作了。
A So you’ve got lots of time now for holidays!
A 这么说现在你有很多时间用来度假了!
B Well, yes. I used to run my own business and it took all my time.
B 哦,是的。我过去一直有自己的生意,那占去了我所有的时间。

A I’d love tickets for the main stadium. I like all the athletics events.
A 我想买在主体育场举行的比赛项目的门票。我喜欢所有的田径项目。
B I love all the races and the running.
B 我喜欢所有的赛跑项目。
A Yes, the 100 metres, the 200 metres, the 400 metres, the 800 metres – all of those.
A 是的,100米,200米,400米,800米——所有这一切。
B What about the other races?
B 其他的赛跑项目呢?
A I like the longer distance races too – the fifteen hundred metres and the five and ten thousand metres. And I like the hurdles.
A 我也喜欢长跑项目——1500米,500米和10000米。我也喜欢跨栏比赛。

A I also like the big, dramatic events at the Olympics.
A 我也喜欢奥运会上的大型的、壮观的比赛项目。

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