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purchase [ 'pə:tʃəs] n.买,购买 vt.买

purchase [ 'pə:tʃəs] n.支点(阻止东西下滑)

purchase ['pə:tʃəs] 采购

purchasing 采购

包购包销 exclusive right to purchase and sell

出口押汇 bill purchased (B/P); outward documentary bill

粮食收购部门 (government's) grain procurement (purchasing) agencies

农产品的统购派购 unified purchasing of farm produce by the state according to fixed quotes

一揽子购买 lump-sum purchase; basket purchase

purchased material list原材料进货单

买年货 special purchases for the Spring Festival ; do Spring Festival shopping

counter purchase 互购贸易

contract for purchase 采购合同

to purchase health insurance 购买健康保险

bastard 王八蛋
A: Some bastard stole my credit number to purchase a vacuum cleaner?.
A: 某个王八蛋盗用我的信用卡号买了个吸尘器。
B: That sucks.
B: 怎么那么差劲!
- 骂人的字还真不少, 这些字看看就好了, 可不要拿来骂人啊!

The traveler's checks cost 1.5% of the total amount of purchase.

I'd like to purchase what I need for the night.

Purchases and Sales 商品买卖

Please retain this receipt as proof of your purchase and your guarantee.请保存好收据,作为交款凭证,并享受保修。

Drinks purchased are for taken away only 饮料仅供外卖

This ticket will not be exchanged nor the purchase price refunded.

purchasing power 购买力

PUR (purchase)购买、购货

粮食收购资金实行封闭运行 closed operation of grain purchase funds

annual requirement purchasing arrangement 年度采购需求计划

blanket purchase order 一揽子采购合同

high-involvement purchase 高参与购买

just-in-time purchasing arrangements 及时采购安排

organizational purchasing 组织采购

post-purchase dissonance 购买后的不协调

post-purchase evaluation 购买后评估

post-purchase/after-sale service 售后服务

purchase predisposition 购买倾向

purchasing agent 采购代理

purchasing contract 采购合同

purchasing manager/agent 采购经理/代理

purchasing power perity (PPP) 购买力平价指数

repeat purchase behavior 重复购买行为

stockless purchase arrangement 无存货采购计划

Advance Purchase of Excursion Tickets [APEX]

APEX [Advance Purchase of Excursion Tickets]

Association of Purchasing and Supplies Officers

Consolidated Purchasing System

Purchasing Agent 采购(进货)员

allocation of purchase price 购置价格分摊(指成套设备)

purchasing capacity 购买力

cash purchase 现金购买

central purchasing 集中采购,统购

commodity purchasing power 商品购买力

planned purchase and supply by the state 国家统购统销

Purchase 购买

purchase and marketing price differentials 购销价差

purchase capital 用于购买企业和投资的资金

Purchasing 购买,采购

purchasing power index 购买力指数

purchasing power of the dollar 美元购买力

purchasing power of money 货币购买力

state monopoly for purchases and marketing 统购统销

stock purchase warrant 购股证

unified purchase and sale 统购统销

She opened the box and looked at her purchase.

How do you wish to pay for your purchase?

They've just purchased a new house in the country.

The museum is trying to raise enough money to purchase a painting by Van Gogh.

The agreement prescribes the prices of the things we are going to purchase.

The instinctive sense of the dishonor which money-purchase does to art is so strong that sometimes a man of letters who can pay his way otherwise refuses pay for his work, as Lord Byron did, for a while, from a noble pride, and as Count Tolstoy has tried to do, from a noble conscience.
金钱购买给艺术的本能耻辱感如此强烈,以致可有时文人可以获得报酬却拒绝为其作品给予的报酬,Lord Byron有时因为尊贵的自豪而这么做,而Count Tolstoy则出于贵族的良知而尽力这么做。

Tell us about your post-purchase servicing.

We want to purchase Chinese tea. Please send us your best offer by fax indicating origin packing, quantity available and the earliest time of shipment.

Because of the type of purchase, we can only ship by road.

Wisdom is a good purchase though we pay dear for it.

Collection Bill Purchased 托收出口押汇

Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! -- I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!
Patrick Henry. Americna revolutionary

purchase v.购买;努力取得

We'll draw D/P against your purchase.

As a special sign of encouragement, we'll consider accepting payment by D/P at this sales-purchasing stage.

We're prepared to purchase a shipment quantity of this material.

We should simultaneously sign two contracts, one sales contract for beef and mutton, and the other contract of equal value for the purchase of cotton.

Please tell me whether I need to purchase a foreign student policy.

Will you please tell me where I can purchase health insurance?

采办 purchase

置办 buy; purchase

置备 purchase

采办 purchase

采购 stock; purchase

采买 buy; purchase

采办 [cǎi bàn] /buy on a considerable scale/purchase/

采购 [cǎi gòu] /make purchases for an organization or enterprise/purchase/

采买 [cǎi mǎi] /purchase/buy/

订单 [dìng dān] /(purchase) order/

发票 [fā piào] /(n) receipt or bill for purchasing sth/

购 [gòu] /to buy/to purchase/

购买 [gòu mǎi] /purchase/

购买力 [gòu mǎi lì] /(n) buying power; purchasing power/

买进 [mǎi jìn] /purchase/

收购 [shōu gòu] /(v) purchase from various places/

收买 [shōu mǎi] /(v) purchase/(v) bribe/

邮购 [yóu gòu] /(v) purchase by mail; mail order/

争购 [zhēng gòu] /to compete/to fight for/to rush to purchase/

{adj: boughten, store-bought} purchased; not homemade
"my boughten clothes"
"a store-bought dress"

{adj: conditional} imposing or depending on or containing a condition
"conditional acceptance of the terms"
"lent conditional support"
"the conditional sale will not be complete until the full purchase price is paid"
<-> unconditional

{adj: deflationary} associated with or tending to cause decreases in consumer prices or increases in the purchasing power of money
"deflationary measures"
<-> inflationary

{adj: filled} of purchase orders that have been filled
<-> unfilled

{adj: nominal} being value in terms of specification on currency or stock certificates rather than purchasing power
"nominal or face value"
<-> real

{adj: point-of-sale} of or relating to or being the location where something is purchased

{adj: purchasable, for sale} available for purchase
"purchasable goods"
"many houses in the area are for sale"

{adj: ready-made} made for purchase and immediate use
<-> custom-made

{adj: real} being value measured in terms of purchasing power
"real prices"
"real income"
"real wages"
<-> nominal

{adj: unfilled} of purchase orders that have not been filled
<-> filled

{adj: unsold} not disposed of by purchase
"the house has been on the market almost a year and is still unsold"
<-> sold

{adj: viatical} pertaining to the purchase of insurance policies from terminally ill policy holders
"viatical business"
"viatical companies"
"National Viatical Association"

{adv: down} paid in cash at time of purchase
"put ten dollars down on the necklace"

{adv: innocently} in a not unlawful manner
"he claimed to have purchased the contraband innocently"

{n: Federal National Mortgage Association, Fannie Mae, FNMA} a federally chartered corporation that purchases mortgages

{n: Jefferson, Thomas Jefferson, President Jefferson} 3rd President of the United States; chief drafter of the Declaration of Independence; made the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 and sent out the Lewis and Clark Expedition to explore it (1743-1826)

{n: Louisiana Purchase} territory in the western United States purchased from France in 1803 for $15 million; extends from the Mississippi River to the Rocky Mountains and from the Gulf of Mexico to Canada

{n: Seward's Folly} the transaction in 1867 in which the United States secretary of state William Henry Seward purchased Alaska from Russia

{n: Seward, William Henry Seward} United States politician who as secretary of state in 1867 arranged for the purchase of Alaska from Russia (known at the time as Seward's Folly) (1801-1872)

{n: Treasury bill, T-bill} a short-term obligation that is not interest-bearing (it is purchased at a discount); can be traded on a discount basis for 91 days

{n: account payable, payable} a liability account showing how much is owed for goods and services purchased on credit
"the problem was to match receivables and payables in the same currency"

{n: accounts payable} a debtor's accounts of money he owes; normally arise from the purchase of products or services

{n: arbitrageur, arbitrager, arb} someone who engages in arbitrage (who purchases securities in one market for immediate resale in another in the hope of profiting from the price differential)

{n: automobile loan, auto loan, car loan} a personal loan to purchase an automobile

{n: bargain, buy, steal} an advantageous purchase
"she got a bargain at the auction"
"the stock was a real buy at that price"

{n: building supply store, building supply house} a store where builders can purchase materials for building houses and related structures

{n: buttery} a teashop where students in British universities can purchase light meals

{n: buying, purchasing} the act of buying
"buying and selling fill their days"
"shrewd purchasing requires considerable knowledge"

{n: buyout} acquisition of a company by purchasing a controlling percentage of its stock

{n: capital gain} the amount by which the selling price of an asset exceeds the purchase price; the gain is realized when the asset is sold

{n: capital loss} the amount by which the purchase price of an asset exceeds the selling price; the loss is realized when the asset is sold

{n: cash bar} a counter at a large party where you can purchase drinks by the glass

{n: checkout line} a queue of people waiting to pay for purchases

{n: checkout, checkout counter} a counter in a supermarket where you pay for your purchases

{n: commerce, commercialism, mercantilism} transactions (sales and purchases) having the objective of supplying commodities (goods and services)

{n: commercial bribery} bribery of a purchasing agent in order to induce the agent to enter into a transaction

{n: conditional sale} a sale in which the buyer receives title to the property only upon the performance of some condition (usually the full payment of the purchase price)

{n: credit system} a system for allowing people to purchase things on credit

{n: debit card} a card (usually plastic) that enables the holder to withdraw money or to have the cost of purchases charged directly to the holder's bank account

{n: demand} the ability and desire to purchase goods and services
"the automobile reduced the demand for buggywhips"
"the demand exceeded the supply"
<-> supply

{n: down payment, deposit} a partial payment made at the time of purchase; the balance to be paid later

{n: gas line} a queue of vehicles waiting to purchase gasoline

{n: greenmail} (corporation) the practice of purchasing enough shares in a firm to threaten a takeover and thereby forcing the owners to buy those shares back at a premium in order to stay in business

{n: grocery list} a list of groceries to be purchased

{n: group insurance} insurance that is purchased by a group (such as the employees of a company) usually at a reduced rate to individual members of the group

{n: hire-purchase, never-never} installment plan
"we bought a car on the never-never"

{n: kickback} a commercial bribe paid by a seller to a purchasing agent in order to induce the agent to enter into the transaction

{n: lagniappe} a small gift (especially one given by a merchant to a customer who makes a purchase)

{n: leverage, purchase} the mechanical advantage gained by being in a position to use a lever

{n: lunchroom} a restaurant (in a facility) where lunch can be purchased

{n: magazine, mag} a periodic publication containing pictures and stories and articles of interest to those who purchase it or subscribe to it
"it takes several years before a magazine starts to break even or make money"

{n: mail order} a purchase negotiated by mail

{n: malpractice insurance} insurance purchased by physicians and hospitals to cover the cost of being sued for malpractice
"obstetricians have to pay high rates for malpractice insurance"

{n: option} the right to buy or sell property at an agreed price; the right is purchased and if it is not exercised by a stated date the money is forfeited

{n: order, purchase order} a commercial document used to request someone to supply something in return for payment and providing specifications and quantities
"IBM received an order for a hundred computers"

{n: pet shop} a shop where pet animals can be purchased

{n: preemption, pre-emption} the right to purchase something in advance of others

{n: price, terms, damage} the amount of money needed to purchase something
"the price of gasoline"
"he got his new car on excellent terms"
"how much is the damage?"

{n: purchase contract, purchase agreement} a contract stating the terms of a purchase

{n: purchase price} the price at which something is actually purchased

{n: purchase} a means of exerting influence or gaining advantage
"he could get no purchase on the situation"

{n: purchase} something acquired by purchase

{n: purchase} the acquisition of something for payment
"they closed the purchase with a handshake"

{n: purchasing agent} an agent who purchases goods or services for another

{n: purchasing department} the division of a business that is responsible for purchases

{n: pyramid} (stock market) a series of transactions in which the speculator increases his holdings by using the rising market value of those holdings as margin for further purchases

{n: ration card} a card certifying the bearer's right to purchase rationed goods

{n: ready-made} a manufactured artifact (as a garment or piece of furniture) that is made in advance and available for purchase
"their apartment was furnished with ready-mades"
<-> custom-made

{n: reconsideration, second thought, afterthought, rethink} thinking again about a choice previously made
"he had second thoughts about his purchase"

{n: record} a document that can serve as legal evidence of a transaction
"they could find no record of the purchase"

{n: redemption, repurchase, buyback} the act of purchasing back something previously sold

{n: requirements contract} a contract in which you agree to purchase all your requirements of a particular sort from one party

{n: resale} the selling of something purchased

{n: risk arbitrage, takeover arbitrage} arbitrage involving risk; as in the simultaneous purchase of stock in a target company and sale of stock in its potential acquirer; if the takeover fails the arbitrageur may lose a great deal of money

{n: sack, poke, paper bag, carrier bag} a bag made of paper or plastic for holding customer's purchases

{n: sales tax, nuisance tax} a tax based on the cost of the item purchased and collected directly from the buyer

{n: savings bond} non-negotiable government bond; cannot be bought and sold once the original purchase is made

{n: self-insurance} insuring yourself by setting aside money to cover possible losses rather than by purchasing an insurance policy

{n: separate} a garment that can be purchased separately and worn in combinations with other garments

{n: shopping list} a list of items to be purchased

{n: short covering} the purchase of securities or commodities by a short seller to close out a short sale

{n: side} an aspect of something (as contrasted with some other implied aspect)
"he was on the heavy side"
"he is on the purchasing side of the business"
"it brought out his better side"

{n: spender, disburser, expender} someone who spends money to purchase goods or services

{n: stamp tax, stamp duty} a tax collected by requiring a stamp to be purchased and attached (usually on documents or publications)

{n: stock buyback} a corporation's purchase of its own outstanding stock; increases earnings/share so stock price rises (which can discourage a takeover attempt)

{n: stock purchase plan} an organized plan for employees of a company to buy shares of its stock

{n: stock warrant} a written certificate that gives the holder the right to purchase shares of a stock for a specified price within a specified period of time

{n: supercargo} an officer on a merchant ship in charge of the cargo and its sale and purchase

{n: ticket collector, ticket taker} someone who is paid to admit only those who have purchase tickets

{n: trade acceptance} a bill of exchange for a specific purchase; drawn on the buyer by the seller and bearing the buyer's acceptance

{n: trader, bargainer, dealer, monger} someone who purchases and maintains an inventory of goods to be sold

{n: twofer} a coupon that allows the holder to purchase two items (as two tickets to a play) for the price of one

{n: viatication, viaticus} purchasing insurance policies for cash from terminally ill policy holders

{n: warrant, stock warrant, stock-purchase warrant} a type of security issued by a corporation (usually together with a bond or preferred stock) that gives the holder the right to purchase a certain amount of common stock at a stated price
"as a sweetener they offered warrants along with the fixed-income securities"

{v: buy, purchase} obtain by purchase ; acquire by means of a financial transaction
"The family purchased a new car"
"The conglomerate acquired a new company"
"She buys for the big department store"
<-> sell

{v: charge} pay with a credit card ; pay with plastic money ; postpone payment by recording a purchase as a debt
"Will you pay cash or charge the purchase?"
<-> pay cash

{v: check out} record, add up, and receive payment for items purchased
"She was checking out the apples that the customer had put on the conveyer belt"

{v: deaccession} sell (art works) from a collection, especially in order to raise money for the purchase of other art works
"The museum deaccessioned several important works of this painter"

{v: get} purchase
"What did you get at the toy store?"

{v: ring up} to perform and record a sale on a cash register
"Sally rang up Eve's purchase of tomatoes"

{v: take out, buy food} purchase prepared food to be eaten at home

{v: trade, trade in} turn in as payment or part payment for a purchase
"trade in an old car for a new one"

{v: translate} be equivalent in effect
"the growth in income translates into greater purchasing power"

In order to test her theory as to his occupation, Miss Martha brought from her room one day a painting that she had purchased at a sale and set it conspicuously against the shelves behind the bread counter.

He was beginning to look thinner and very discouraged.
her sympathetic heart ached to add some delicacy to his meager purchase, but her courage failed.

With a dossier that includes your name, address, previous purchasing habits and demographic info, Cookie not only knows where you live, he knows what make you tick
凭着一份档案, "机灵鬼 "不仅知道你住哪儿,还知道你为何而来。这份档案记录了你的姓名、地址、先前购物习惯和人口统计资料。

At $129.95 with 8 megs of storage or $229.95 with 16 megs, eBookMan might prove to be an educated purchase.
花上 129.95美元,你就可以买上一部 8兆内存的电子书, 16兆内存的价格是 229.95美元,购买它可能证明是你明智的选择。

He saw an opportunity to give consumers more of a choice in how companies rewarded them for purchases, and to grease the wheels of the burgeoning Internet economy.

To fend off the raider, the partners brought in self-made French billionaire Francois Pinault, the owner of Christie's auction house and part owner of Converse shoes, who used a controversial clause in Gucci's bylaws to purchase a 42% stake in the firm for $2.9 billion.
为逃避被收购,这两位合伙人邀请一位白手起家的法国亿万富翁弗朗索瓦·彼诺特加盟。这位富翁拥有佳士得拍卖行,并部分拥有鞋业公司 Converse 。利用古驰《公司章程》中一个有争议的条款,他出资 29亿美元购买鞋业公司 42%的股份。

Gucci CEO Domenico De Sole and creative director Tom Ford started purchasing premium fashion brands in a bid to become a luxury superpower to rival LVMH.

In recent years computer and Internet penetration has grown rapidly in Sweden, due mainly to corporate initiatives such as Employee Purchase Programs whereby companies sell computers to their employees at reduced prices.

Commuters in Hong Kong can now purchase watches that are embedded with a microchip that allows access to the underground with a simple swipe of the wrist.

Computer-based Friend@Call assists consumers in making product purchases.
由电脑控制的装置 Friend@Call 可以协助消费者购买商品。

This is why he feels the online shopping experience is simply unable to give consumers that twinge of irrational desire to make a purchase that Twitchell calls the " Buchanan moment ".

Customers do not buy a particular plane so much as the right to fly on a jet of the class they have purchased.

NetJet owners can purchase a fraction of a plane up to the whole thing and get a proportional share of its air time.
NetJet 的物主可以购买一架飞机的一部分,也可以购买整架飞机,从而获得相应的飞行时间。

Because of this, Harvard researchers believe the scans can also predict future purchasing patterns.

If Patrick is right, then a lot more than just book purchases and credit card details will be going online in the future.

If I were buying a PDA, I'd probably get Handspring's new Visor, which you'll be able to purchase online at the company's website,( www.handspring.com).
如果我想买一部个人数字助手的话,我可能会买 Handspring 的新型 Visor ,我可以在该公司的网址上购买( www.handspring.com )。

2. Accessories attached
This product is attached with the following accessories.
Please contact with the local dealer in case of missing when purchasing.
- Earphone (1 set)
- User’s manual (1)
- Installation disc (1)
- USB communication line (1)
- Charger (1)
- 3/5F6 Nickel-hydrogen battery (2)
- 带FM 调频收音机的耳机(1 副)
- 使用说明书(1 本)
- 光盘(1 张)
- USB 转接器(1 个)
- 充电器(1 套)
- 3/5F6 镍氢电池(2 粒)

purchase 购买

PUR (purchase)购买、购货

purchase tax 购买税

A/P Authority to Purchase 委托购买证

购货合同 purchase contract

购货确认书 purchase confirmation

Point of purchase signs

Point of purchase display packaging services

deficient purchase 来料不良

库存资产 Inventories
- 物资采购 Supplies purchasing
- 原材料 Raw materials
- 包装物 Wrappage
- 低值易耗品 Low-value consumption goods
- 材料成本差异 Materials cost variance
- 自制半成品 Semi-Finished goods
- 库存商品 Finished goods
- 商品进销差价 Differences between purchasing and selling price
- 委托加工物资 Work in process - outsourced
- 委托代销商品 Trust to and sell the goods on a commission basis
- 受托代销商品 Commissioned and sell the goods on a commission basis
- 存货跌价准备 Inventory falling price reserves
- 分期收款发出商品 Collect money and send out the goods by stages

Abuse of non-dependence-producing substances
A wide variety of medicaments and folk remedies may be involved, but the particularly
important groups are: (a) psychotropic drugs that do not produce dependence, such as
antidepressants, (b) laxatives, and (c) analgesics that may be purchased without medical
prescription, such as aspirin and paracetamol.
Persistent use of these substances often involves unnecessary contacts with medical
professionals or supporting staff, and is sometimes accompanied by harmful physical
effects of the substances. Attempts to dissuade or forbid the use of the substance are
often met with resistance; for laxatives and analgesics this may be in spite of warnings
about (or even the development of) physical harm such as renal dysfunction or electrolyte
disturbances. Although it is usually clear that the patient has a strong motivation to
take the substance, dependence or withdrawal symptoms do not develop as in the case of the
psychoactive substances specified in F10-F19.
Abuse of:
. antacids
. herbal or folk remedies
. steroids or hormones
. vitamins
Laxative habit
Excludes: abuse of psychoactive substances (F10-F19)
广泛的包含药剂和民俗用药 , 但较特别重要的几类
药物是 ( a ) 不造成成瘾性的精神药物 , 如抗忧郁剂 ,
( b ) 轻泻药 ( c ) 不需医师处方即可购得的止痛剂 , 如
aspirin 和 paracetamol 。
病人持续且不正常使用这些药物 , 常引起与医疗专
业人员非必要的求诊接触 , 有时也伴有该药物引起
常会遭遇阻抗 ; 使用泻药及止痛药者可能不顾对身
体伤害的警告 , 比如将会造成胃功能障碍或电解质
不平衡等。虽然病人了解上述状况 , 但是病人仍有
强烈动机去使用这些药物 , 并不会像 F10-F19 精神作用
滥用以下药物 :
. 制酸剂
. 草药及民俗用药
. 类固醇或荷尔蒙
. 维生素
不包含 : 有成瘾性精神药物之滥用 (F10-F19)

订购单 purchase order

订购单变更请求 purchase order change request

订购单回复 purchase order response

hire purchase agreement 租购合约

hire purchase 租购;分期付款购买

purchases contract 购货契约

purchases 购货

purchasing management 采购管理

purchasing power 购买力

外购件和原料 Purchased part and material

纯碱 Purchase of 25,000 MT Soda Ash Light

P/O purchase order 订单

(吊杆)滑车组 Purchase

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