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pay [ pei] vt.支付;付给;给予

pay attention to 注意;重视

pay back 偿还(借款等);回报

pay for 偿还;受到惩罚

pay off 还清(债款)

pay out 付出(款项等)

pay up 全部付清(钱);付款

pay respect to 考虑,关心,重视

pay honour to 向…致敬

pay attention to 注意

pay back 偿还,回报

pay off 还清(债), 给清工资后遗散

pay up 全部付清

pay attention to

pay back

pay off
还清(债), 给清工资后遗散

pay up

exta work 加班 extra pay加班费

pay [pei] n. 工资, 支付, 交纳, 给予

拜年 pay New Year call

拆东墙补西墙 rob Peter to pay Paul

带薪假期 paid holiday

(吃)皇粮 "public grainfunds, goods, etc provided by the government; salary paid by the state "

敲竹杠 make somebody pay through the nose; put the lug on; rob by a trick

神州行电话卡 Shenzhou pre-paid card

偷税、骗税、逃税、抗税 "tax evasion, tax fraud, and refusal to pay taxes "

弹性工资 flexible pay

物质文明建设和精神文明建设一起抓 pay attention to ethical as well as material progress

乡统筹,村提留 fees paid by farmers for overall township planning and village reserve

PTV Pay Television 付费电视

PPV Pay Per View 有价值意见

拜年 pay New Year's call; give New Year's greetings; New Year's visit

to pay the commission 支付佣金

I need a checking account so that I can pay my bill.

How much do you wish to pay into your account?

I'd like to pay 200 yuan into my deposit account.

pay-in slip 存款单

The letter at Counter 6 will pay you against your number slip.

Do you pay interest on this account?

Interest is paid at the rate of 1% per annum at present.

你必须为这项物品缴付税金。 You'll have to pay duty on this.

pay down (分期付款)付头款

pay one's own way 各自付费

pay the price 付出代价;得到报应

Please ensure that you have paid and display 请确保已买票并张贴。

This is a pay and display car park 此停车场自动交费并张贴票据。

Fill in your selection here and take to a pay point. 在此选购商品填单,然后到收款台付款。

Price paid including fees and vat.

Free children admission with full paying adult 卖成人票,儿童免费。

拆东墙补西墙 rob Peter to pay Paul

pre-paid Phone Card : 储值卡

工资水平领先者 pay leaders

工资水平居后者 pay followers

工资等级 pay grade

工资幅度 pay range

pre-paid Phone Card:储值卡

偷税、骗税、逃税、抗税 tax evasion, tax fraud and refusal to pay taxes

一次付清 pay in full;

pay-off control 支出控制

以计帐方式付款 to pay on account

请付票款; 清付票款 to pay a cheque; to honour a cheque

付款 to pay; to make payment; to make effect payment

迅速付款 to pay promptly

付款相当迅速 to pay moderately well; to pay fairly well; to keep the engagements regularly

付款相当慢 to pay slowly; to take extended credit

付款不好 to pay badly; to be generally in arrear with payments

付款颇为恶劣 to pay very badly; to never pay unless forced

拒绝付款 to refuse payment; to refuse to pay; to dishonour a bill

惠请付款 kindly pay the amount; please forward payment; please forward a cheque.

请支付票款 advice to pay cheques

下星期一以前未能清结本件款项, 不得已, 将委任我公司顾问律师处理。
We wish to state that if the account be not paid by Monday next, we shall be forced to place the matter in the hands o four solicitors.

我们送货后, 顾客直接向我们办分期付款。我们收款时, 要将收据交付顾客。
The customer pays the instalments direct to us, after delivery o fthe articles and we send him the receipts.

敬请留意, 我公司对市区的付款日, 订于每周星期三上午11时起至下午3时。但是,我们希望各位债权人至少提前三天派代表与我行接洽清偿金额。
Please note that our pay day for Town Accounts is Wednesday of any Week, between the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., but we expect creditors to send representatives to agree to amounts for settlement at least three days prior to calling for their cheques.

across-the-board pay increase

acting pay

annual paid-up pension

appropriate point below the minimum of the pay scale

CAPS [Craft Apprentice Pay Scale]

Certificate of School Fee Paid [overseas education allowance]

consolidated pay scale

corresponding pay range

Craft Apprentice Pay Scale [CAPS]

Directorate (Legal) Pay Scale

Directorate Pay Scale

entry pay

equal pay for equal work

ex gratia leave on full pay

ex gratia leave pay

expatriation pay

Any government, which is blind to this point, may pay a heavy price.
15.Nowadays, many students always go into raptures at the mere mention of the coming life of high school or college they will begin. Unfortunately, for most young people, it is not pleasant experience on their first day on campus.

Those urban planners who are blind to this point will pay a heavy price, which they cannot afford it.

In conclusion, we must take into account this problem rationally and place more emphases on peasants' lives. Any government that is blind to this point will pay a heavy price.

Although many experts from universities and institutes consistently maintain that it is an inevitable part of an independent life, parents in growing numbers are starting to realize that people, including teachers and experts in education, should pay considerable attention to this problem.

Furthermore, people who addict to fashion clothes have to spend more time going shopping and pay more attention to the impression they make on others. As a result, it is impossible to devote enough time and energy in their study and job.
而且,沉湎于时尚服装的人们不得不花费更多时间逛商店,更加注意自己给别人的印象。因此,他们不可能有足够的时间用于学习或工作。 112a. No one can doubt the essential fact that the traffic problem over the last years has caused wide public concern all over the world. Experts in increasing numbers are beginning to believe that such situation would produce unfavorable effects on economic growth of local areas.

ability to pay 支付能力

accept to pay 承兑

additional paid-in capital 溢缴资本

capacity to pay 支付能力

paying capacity 支付能力

additional paid-in capital 追加股本金

capital paid in 实收资本,已缴资本

debt paying ability 偿债能力

monthly pay 月工资

Paid 付清的

paid cash book 现金支出帐

paid check 已付支票

paid debt 已还清的债务

paid off 付清

Paid-in 已缴的,已收到的

paid-in capital 实收资本

paid-in surplus 缴入公积

Paid-up 已缴纳的,已付清的

paid-up capital 已缴清的资本

paid-up loan 已还清的贷款

Pay 付钱,付款,偿还,工资

pay back period 还本期

pay bill 工资单

pay check 付工资的支票

pay cut 工资削减

pay duty 纳税

pay freeze 工资冻结

pay in 缴款

pay in cash 现金支付

pay off 清偿

pay out 支出

pay up 付清

premium pay 加班费

duty-paid price 完税价格

profit paid to the state 上交国家利润

profit ratio of paid-in capital 实收资本利润率

maximum design pay mass

maximum autohorized pay mass

I hope I'll get a big pay raise.

Two delusions fostered by higher education are that what is taught corresponds to what is learned, and that it will somehow pay off in money.

Paying attention to simple little things that most men neglect makes a few men rich.

All poets pretend to write for immortality, but he whole tribe have no objection to present pay and present praise.

responsibility — the price every man must pay for freedom 责任——每个人都必须为自由而付出的代价。

The service we render to others is really the rent we pay for our room on this earth.

In order to pay off his debts, he had to trade in his piano for money.

Even though he is hardworking, there is never enough money to pay the bills.
尽管工作努力, 他总是入不敷出。

The company required its clients to pay their bills in advance.

Whoever broke the window, he should pay for the damage.

It will take me ten years to pay back this loan.

Whoever broke the window, he should pay for the damage.

She paid close attention to the details.

Her university study is paid for by a scholarship from a private foundation.

He stopped me from getting that job and I'm going to make him pay for it.

I didn't bother to have the car checked, a mistake for which I paid dearly.

I paid $50 for that coat. 我花50美元买了这件大衣。

How do you wish to pay for your purchase?

Women are, on average, paid 25 percent less than men.
妇女的薪水平均比男人低25% 。

The agreement is explicit in saying the rent must be paid by the tenth of every month.

The little boy cannot pay attention; he is distracted by the bird outside the classroom.

He pays me occasional visits.

The boy failed in the examination because he had paid no attention to the teacher in class.
那男孩考试没及格, 他上课不听老师讲课。

Bob quit because the pay was too low.

My pay was affected by the reorganization of the business.

He intends to ask the managers for a raise in pay.

Becoming more creative means paying attention to that endless flow of ideas you produce, and learning to capture and act upon the new that's within you.

Pollution of the environment is an excessive price to pay for so-called progress.

The doctor refused to accept any pay from the poor woman for numerous medical visits.

The government issues a warning that those who won't pay income taxes will be billed.

How much did you pay for the tickets?
I didn't pay a penny; I got them for free.

I’m short of funds so I’ll pay you next week.
由于我现在手头紧, 因此下周才能付给你钱。

The sponsors of a television program pay the costs of making the program.

He asked $1,500 for his old car, but I thought it was only worth $1,000. We finally reached a compromise and I paid $1,250.

He asked more than I was willing to pay, so we compromised on a price in between.
他的要价超出我愿意付的数额,结果我们达成妥协, 商定了一个居中的价格。

If you are living overseas, you may not have to pay tax in your own country.

The pay I receive is paid after the deduction of tax.

If you take more luggage than is allowed, you will have to pay for the excess luggage.

She’s an expert in her field, and is paid accordingly.

We are meant to fill in a tax form and pay income tax every year.

Lately, shops have had to pay more every month for the space they use. These increases could put a lot of small shops out of business.

I pay 30 pounds a week for board and lodging (or: bed and board).

The company has been crippled by its responsibility to pay back all the money it borrowed.

Workers have rejected a pay offer of 3% in favor of a 4% increase linked with a shorter working week.
工人们拒绝了3% 的工资增长幅度,主张工资增长幅度为4% ,同时每周工作日也要缩短。

Some companies are establishing variable pay programs to reward top workers on their staff.

This will be paid on demand.

You must pay a deposit to the hotel if you want them to keep a room free for you.

It's a good feeling to pay off the house after all these years.

Once we have paid off the store, we shall owe money to no one.

It would take him the rest of his life to pay off that loan.

Three years later, he is still paying off his debts.

They will pay about $675 million plus interest.

We paid a yearly visit to my uncle.

A survey conducted by a group of physicians indicates that pregnant women should pay more attention to their amount of iron reserves.

Every bank pays close attention to the speed and accuracy of its staff.

Please pay your bills at the checkout counter.

He is going bankrupt if he can not pay off the loan that becomes due soon.

I'm afraid your request for a pay rise was turned down again.

Can I pay by check or credit card?

You can stay as long as you pay the rent on time.

Even if you had given him much more money, he might not have paid off the debt.

He does not pay attention to anybody.
You are wasting your time in persuading him.

You don't have to pay any duty on personal belongings.

They are paid by the hour. 他们按时取酬。

They are arguing over who should pay the bill.他们为谁应该付款而争论不休。

Unfortunately you'll have to pay the fine before you check those books out.在你借书之前你要先付清罚款。

The instinctive sense of the dishonor which money-purchase does to art is so strong that sometimes a man of letters who can pay his way otherwise refuses pay for his work, as Lord Byron did, for a while, from a noble pride, and as Count Tolstoy has tried to do, from a noble conscience.
金钱购买给艺术的本能耻辱感如此强烈,以致可有时文人可以获得报酬却拒绝为其作品给予的报酬,Lord Byron有时因为尊贵的自豪而这么做,而Count Tolstoy则出于贵族的良知而尽力这么做。

You must pay attention to your teacher in the class.

Tomorrow I'll pay a call on him.

Women demand equal pay for equal work.

According to your contract, you get 15 days' paid holiday a year.

The manager wouldn't pay him his wages.

He gets his pay each Friday.

He paid for it out of his own pocket.

The president is paying a private visit to Europe.

Just to satisfy my curiosity, how much did you pay for your car?

If you want a share of the pay, you'll have to do your fair share of the work.

When is this due? *due“必须支付”、“支付期限到了”。日常生活中常使用带有due的表达方式。
Here's the phone bill. (这是电话费通知单。)
When is this due? (交费截止到什么时候?)
When is the rent due? (房租截止到几号?)
When is the paper due? (交论文的时间截止到几号?)
When is the last day I can pay for this?
How long is the pay period?
When do I have to pay this by?
When does this have to be finished by?

I paid out of my own pocket. 直译是“从自己的口袋里拿出钱来支付。”是“自己掏腰包”的固定说法。

He didn't pay the debt and disappeared. *debt“借债,负债,有欠债的状态”。
He skipped town without paying his debt.

When is this due? *due“已到付款截止日期”。
When do I have to pay this by?
When is the last day I can pay for this?
How long is the pay period?
When is the pay period over?
When does this have to be finished by?

She ignored me. *ignore“不放在眼里”、“不理”、“假装看不见”。
What did she do? (她怎么了?)
She ignored me. (她不搭理我。)
She gave me the cold shoulder.
She didn't pay any attention to me (at all).

Are you listening to me? *这句是用于确认对方是否在注意听自己讲话。注意在这儿不能用动词hear。
Are you paying attention?

Don't be silly.
I'll pay for dinner. (我付晚饭的钱。)
Don't be silly. (别说傻话。)
Don't be foolish.

Let's change the subject.
Okay, okay, I'll pay you back next week... (好吧,好吧,下星期我还你钱……)
Let's change the subject. (那,我们换个话题吧。)
Let's talk about something else.
Let's talk about something different.
I'd rather talk about something else. (能不能换个别的话题。)

Pay up!
Pay up! (还我钱!)
Can you wait till next month? (能等到下个月吗?)
Pay your debt!
Pay me back!
Give me my money now! (现在你就还我钱。)

You'll pay for this. *威胁他人,带有“要报复你”的语感。

I can't make ends meet on my small salary.
I can't live on my low pay.
I can't get along on my scanty pay.
I find it impossible to make ends meet on my small salary.

I want to get even with him.
I'll pay him back. (这个仇我一定得报。)

Where am I supposed to pay the excess train fare?

It is a pay phone .

According to the regulations, sir, you'll have to reimburse the bank for the amount paid.

But you have to pay 5% commission on this money exchange.

Other buyers are satisfied with it, but we could delay it if you could pay 40 percent up front.

Buyers always pay great attention to packing.

Tune him out!
意思是「别听他的」,「不必理会他」(don't listen to him; don't pay attention to him.)
Mr. Lee just talked nonsense; tune him out.(李先生在瞎扯,别听他的。)
I am going to tune her out when she begins to speak on the subject.(当她谈及主题时,我不想理会她。)
The husband tuned out his wife when he was watching the football game.(老公看足球赛时没有理会太座。)
(tune out 有时也可连在一起使用)(在 "tune him out" 这句口语里,动词 tune 可用任何时态;受词 him 也可用其他人称代名词。)

Can I pay by credit card?

She's very good at paying lip service.

Be green-eyed (be jealousy) 嫉妒的“红眼病”
When I got the well-paid job in a foreign company , my friends were somewhat green with envy .

Death pays all debts.

He who likes borrowing dislikes paying.

If one desires to succeed in anything, he must pay the price.

If you dance you must pay the fiddler.

Labour is light where love doth pay.

Pay somebody back in his own coin.

To pay a person in his own way.

Wisdom is a good purchase though we pay dear for it.

Words pay no debts.

Collection is not paid.

We don't think you'll refuse to pay.

You ought to pay us the bank interest once payment is wrongly refused.

We'll not pay until shipping documents for the goods have reached us.

The equipment will be paid in installments with the commodities produced by our factory.

pay order 支付凭证

pay on delivery (P.O.D) 货到付款

pay...Co. only 仅付...公司

pay...Co. not negotiable 付...公司,不准疏通

pay...Co. or order (pay to the order of...Co.) 付...公司或其指定人

CPT (Carriage Paid To)运费付至目的地

CIP (Carriage and Insurance Paid To)运费、保险费付至目的地

DDP (Delivered Duty Paid)

A Extra money is always helpful.
A 额外挣的钱总是很有帮助。
B I know. That’s why I do evening job in the hotel restaurant.
B 我知道。这就是我为什么晚上在旅馆的餐馆打工的原因。
A If you are studying, it’s good to earn some extra income.
A 如果你在读书,额外有些收入很好。
B I agree. It’s only a part-time job at the hotel but it pays well.
B 我同意。虽然只是在旅馆里兼职,但是报酬很高。
A Well, life is expensive!? We all need money.
A 哦,生活消费很高!我们都需要钱。
B You can say that again!? The money helps me with my studying so it’s important for me to earn as much as I can.
B 太同意你的看法了!钱对我的学习有帮助,所以尽可能多地挣些钱对我很重要。

A Thank you, sir. That'll be 350 RMB altogether.
A 谢谢你,先生。总共是350元人民币。
B Do you take credit cards? I'd like to pay by credit card if I can.
B 你们接受信誉卡吗?如果可以的话我想刷卡。
A Yes, sir. We accept all the major credit cards.
A 可以,先生。我们接受所有的主要的信誉卡。
B Excellent. Here's my card.
B 太好了。这是我的卡。
A Thank you sir.
Could you sign here, please?
A 谢谢你,先生。?
B Certainly. Thank you very much. And can I have a receipt, please?
B 当然可以。非常感谢你。我可以要一张收据吗?

A Do you have a preference for your return flight?
A 对于返程您更喜欢哪个时间?
B Well, if I book for Sunday, can I change my reservation later?
B 哦,如果我预订了周日的航班,我后面能更改吗?
A Yes, sir. You can change your flight reservation at any time.
A 可以,先生。你可以在任何时候更改你预订的机票。
B And is there a penalty? Do I have to pay extra?
B 更改的话有罚金吗?我是不是得额外付费?
A Let me check. No, sir. Not on this flight.
A 让我看看。不,先生,这个航班不需要。
B Right, then. Make it Sunday.
B 那么,好的。就定周日的航班了。

A Would you like to see the bill, sir?
A 先生,您要看帐单吗?
B Yes, please. And I'd like to pay by credit card.
B 好的,请拿给我。我想用信誉卡付帐。
A Certainly, sir. ’Just a moment.
A 当然可以,先生。我马上给您拿来。
B Thank you very much.? That should be enough for a tip.
B 非常感谢你。这付小费应该够了。
A Your bill, sir.
A 您的帐单,先生。
B Thank you. And can I have a receipt, please?
B 谢谢你。我能要一张收据吗?

A Good morning. I’d like to check out, please.
A 早上好!我想结帐。
B Certainly. What’s your room number?
B 好的。您的房间号是多少?
A Eight-two-one.
A 8-2-1。
B Mr Smith. Thank you. How would you like to pay, Mr Smith?
B 史密斯先生,谢谢你。您想用什么方式付款?
A Can I pay by credit card? Here’s my card.
A 我能用信誉卡付款吗?这是我的信誉卡。
B No problem. If you’d just like to check your bill, Mr Smith. And sign there.
B 没问题。请您核对一下帐单,史密斯先生。然后请在这里签名。

A It’s always good to earn something extra.
A 额外挣些钱总是好的。
B I know. That’s why I do the weekend job in the restaurant.
B 我知道。这也是我为什么周某在餐馆打工的原因。
A If you are studying, it’s good to earn some extra income. Even from part-time work.
A 如果你在上学,额外有些收入很好。即使是做兼职工作也好。
B I agree. It’s not a full-time job but it pays well.
B 我同意。这虽然是一份兼职工作,但是报酬不低。
A Well, living is expensive these days. Everything helps.
A 哦,现在生活消费很高。干点什么都有用。
B Yes, the extra money helps me with my studying so it’s important for me to earn as much as I can.
B 是的,额外挣的钱对我的学习有帮助,所以我尽可能多挣一些,这对我很重要。

Can I have the bill, please?
Certainly. Here you are, sir.
Thanks. Can I pay by card?
谢谢, 我能刷卡吗?
Yes, no problem.
好的, 没问题。
Can you sign here, please?
OK. Thank you.

Good morning. I’d like to check out, please.
Certainly. What’s your room number?
Mr Smith. Thank you. How would you like to pay, Mr Smith?
Can I pay by credit card? Here’s my card.
No problem. If you’d just like to check your bill, Mr Smith. And sign there.

A Compared to Beijing, what’s the traffic like in London?
A 和北京比较起来,伦敦的交通是什么样子的?
B In London? It’s getting better in London. Drivers have to pay if they go into the city centre. So there’s less traffic now and less pollution.
B 在伦敦?它现在比原来要好多了。司机要交纳通行税才能进市中心。所以现在交通比较好,污染也在减轻。
A Drivers have to pay! That might be a good idea for Beijing.
A 司机要交钱!这个会是个好主意,如果它能在北京实行。

Drivers have to pay if they go into the city centre / 司机要交纳通行税才能进入市中心。

A I work in the hotel restaurant at the weekend.
A 我周末在饭店餐厅工作。
B If you are a student, it’s good to earn some extra money.
B 如果你是名学生,挣一些多余钱总是有用的。
A I agree. It’s only a part-time job but it pays well.
A 我同意。这只是个 兼职,但是待遇不错。
B Well, life is expensive! We all need money.
B 嗯,生活是很贵呀! 我们总是需要钱。

The job pays well.
It’s not a full-time job.
It’s a weekend job.
I only work in the evenings.

Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing.
Albert Einstein, American scientist

No artist of performer can entirely escape the lure of fame and its promise of endless admiration and respect, but there is a heavy price one must pay for it.
Howards Mesvin, American essayist

If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him, an investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.
Benjamin Franklin. Aerican president

I hope I'll get a big pay raise.但愿薪水大大提高一下。

Would you please put it on top?能请你把它放在最上面吗?We demand better pay.我们要求增加工资。

But I'll pay. Why not?但是我付钱啊,不行吗?

my own pocket 自己的腰包
I paid out of my own pocket.

Marrying a divorced man is responsible. In a world where there are more women than men, it pays to recycle.
If it's attention you want, don't get involved with a man during play-off season.

Subject: Reservations for a Flight
Dear Sir/madam,
Mr.Zhang Xiaohua, our Marketing Manager, would like to fly from Guangzhou to London on the earliest flight possible.
We would be obliged if you would book one economy class seat for him on a flight leaving Guangzhou on or about July 28th.
Bank of China has been instructed to pay the fare and booking fee, and we would ask you to submit your account directly to them.
We appreciate your early confirmation.
Sincerely yours,
Lin Jie
Secretary to Mr.Zhang
Guangzhou Trading Company

@@@ ...之处
check-out counter 结账处
dwelling place 住处
end up 1.结束, 停止
2.到达某处或某种状态, 结果, 到头来
for the good of 为了对...有好处; 为了...的利益
glean sth. from 从...处搜集(消息、资料、情报等)
have (sth.) in common 有共同之处
in the forefront (of sth.) 在...的最前沿; 在...最重要之处
parking lot 停车处
pay off 1.证明是成功的; 做...是有好处的或值得的
put back 把...放回原处
send in 将...寄至某处进行处理
share sth. with sb. 与某人分享某物; 与...共有或合用某物;
stay behind (别人走后)在某处留下不走(尤指暂不回家)
stick around 逗留/停留在某处或附近, 不走远
the housing office 房管处

@@@ 好, 善, 美
all right 1.好(与OK的用法相同); 良好
2.毫无疑问地, 显然
be better off doing sth. 日子更好过, 处境更加佳
be good at 善于, 擅长于
by all means 一定; (表示答应)好的, 当然可以
change for the better 改进; 改善; 好转
cheer (sb.) up 使高兴, 使情绪好转
cope with 对付...; 妥善处理棘手之事
do a good job 干得出色, 干得好
do well 做得好, 进展得好
excel in 擅长
fawn on 讨好, 奉承
fine arts 美术
for the better 好转, 向好的方向发展
for the good of 为了对...有好处; 为了...的利益
get/be ready for 准备好
get ... right 把...做好, 把...弄对
get off the ground (指活动、事业等)顺利开始
get set 准备好开始
go well 事情顺利进行
good nature 好脾气
good temper 好心情
had better do sth. 最好还是; 应该
have (sth.) in mind 考虑好; 打算
have a heart of gold 好心肠
hit it off 相处得很好; 合得来
if only 要是...就好了(用以表示对现时或未来的愿望)
in a good mood 心情好, 高兴
in good condition 状态良好
in shape 1.在外形上
2.处于良好状态, 健康
make the best of 善处(逆境); 尽量做好
pay off 1.证明是成功的; 做...是有好处的或值得的
prepare for 准备好, 做...打算
put away 1.把...收起来, 放好
2.存储以备他日之需, 积攒
set the stage for sth. 为某事做好准备或创造条件
superior to 好于, 优于; 高于
take a rain check (on sth.) 谢绝一番好意, 但答应日后接受
think much of 高度评价; 认为不错
too good to be true 太好以致于不现实, 令人难以置信
with flying colors 出色地

@@@ 留
carry over 继续下去, 遗留下来
hang around 逗留; 转悠
hang on to sth. 保留...; 不把...卖掉或
impress sb. with sth. 给...留下深刻印象
keep an eye on & keep an eye out (for) 照料, 照看; 留心, 注意
keep one's eyes open (for) 留心看着; 保持警惕
leave behind 1.留下(痕迹等)
2.把...遗留在..., 忘记携带...
make an impression on sb. 给某人留下印象; 使某人感动
pay heed to 注意..., 留心...
stay behind (别人走后)在某处留下不走(尤指暂不回家)
stick around 逗留/停留在某处或附近, 不走远

@@@ 注意, 当心, 谨慎
be cautious to 谨慎
catch sight of (短暂地)见到, 注意到
concentrate on 集中于; 全神贯注于
concentration on 注意力集中于
draw (one's) attention to 引起(对...的)注意
focus on 以...为焦点; 集中(注意力)于...
in the spotlight 处于公众注意的中心
keep an eye on & keep an eye out (for) 照料, 照看; 留心, 注意
keep one's eyes open (for) 留心看着; 保持警惕
on the alert 密切注意; 当心
pay/devote attention to 注意; 重视
pay heed to 注意..., 留心...
see to 照顾, 注意
see to it that... 一定注意到...; 务必
show off 卖弄, 炫耀, 吸引大家注意
take care 当心, 注意
take note of 注意
think over 慎重思考
watch out (for) 当心, 戒备, 提防

up : 完成,结束(expressing completeness and finality)
finish up 完成
drink up 喝干
eat up 吃光
burn up 烧光
wash up 洗净
use up 用光
fill up 装满
pay up 付清
settle up 解决
lick up 甜净
sum up 总结,
open up 透露
end up 结束
let up 中止, 减少
draw up 停止
close up 停止,关闭
swallow up 吞没
beat up 痛打
cover up 掩盖
break up 结束,分解
wind up 结束

off : 完成,停止(indicating completion)
finish off 结束
pay off 付清
break off 停止,中断
send off 结束
leave off 停止
pass off 终止,停止
sign off 停止播音
wear off 消失,
write off 注销,购销
bring off 完成
call off 取消
lay off 停止, 解雇

Can you imagine how much he paid for that car?

clock in 打卡
Don't forget to clock in,otherwise you won't get paid.

don't have a cow别大惊小怪
Don't have a cow! I'll pay for the damages.

don't knock it 不要太挑剔
Don;t knock it! You won't be able to find another job that pays so

a leg up占上风
All Jeff's hard work is paying off. He's a leg up on the rest of his competitors.

decent pay令人轻视不得的薪水
I make ( a ) decent pay.

bad blood不,敌意
Ever since Howard borrowed 5,000 dollars from Mike and never paid him back, there has been bad blood between them.

May I pay by credit card?

You get what you pay for.

it pays to do sth 值得做某事

pay down (分期付款)付头款

pay one's own way 各自付费

pay the price 付出代价;得到报应

"I've been planning to go to medical school but my dad threw cold water on this idea the other day when he told me he wasn't sure he had the money to pay my tuition for so long."

"I keep telling my friend it's foolish to gamble all his pay, but it's like water off a duck's back."

"After his restaurant failed, Bill couln't pay back the money he had borrowed from the bank. He was afraid the bank would take the house he'd put up as security. But his dad bailed him out and paid the loan off for him."

"No way am I going to vote for a bill to raise income tax again. The voters back home are already up in arms about how much the government takes out of their pay already and I have to run for re-election this fall."

"I read in the paper about this customs officer they arrested at the airport. They caught him working hand in glove with a gang of smugglers to bring diamonds into the country without paying duty."

"My brother Bob borrowed the money to open his restaurant five years ago when the interest rate was so high, so he's been paying through the nose ever since."

"Life is funny. When the famous dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh was alive, nobody wanted to buy his pictures. But now rich people will pay through the nose for one, sometimes more than five million dollars."

pay attention to 注意

pay back 偿还,还钱给(某人);向…报复,回报

pay off 还清(债);付清工资解雇(某人);向…行贿;得到好结果,取得成功

pay up 全部付清

- make the dust fly 干得很起劲
Many volunteers are helping in the Olympic Games. They are making the dust fly without getting pay.

- get peanuts 微不足道的钱
He gets paid peanuts although he often works extra hours.

- rob Peter to pay Paul 拆东墙,补西墙
You borrow money from me to pay the bank loan. It is like robbing Peter to pay Paul.

- harp on the same old string 老调重弹
He really gets on my nerves. He always harps on the same old string by promising us a paid holiday., but he never keeps it.

We pay by L/C for our imports.

We pay too much for such a letter of credit arrangement.

Collection is not paid.

We don't think you'll refuse to pay.

You ought to pay us the bank interest once payment is wrongly refused.

We'll not pay until shipping documents for the goods have reached us.

The equipment will be paid in installments with the commodities produced by our factory.

How many installments did it take to pay off the loan?

There are several items of commission not yet paid.

In case of transhipment, we have to pay extra transportation charges.

Buyers always pay great attention to packing.

We hope that you'll pay more attention to the quality of your goods in the future.

To make an inquiry about our oranges, a representative of the Japanese company paid us a visit.

We're usually paid with a 5% commission of the amount for every deal.

We don't pay any commission on our traditional products.

We don't pay commission to firms dealing with us on principal-to principal basis.

The cover paid for will vary according to the type of goods and the circumstances.

According to co-insurance clauses, the insured person must pay usually 20 percent of the total expenses covered.

E) Agents are usually paid with commission.

参拜 pay homage to

顶礼膜拜 pay homage to

参拜 pay homage to

顶礼膜拜 pay homage to

报偿 repay; pay; recompense; wage; paid

报酬 requite; guerdon; honorarium; meed; pay; recompense; remuneration; requital; reward; emolument

参拜 pay homage to

B: Here you are, sir.
B: 给你,先生。
A: Thanks. Can I pay by card?
A: 谢谢, 我能刷卡吗?
B: Yes, no problem.
B: 好的, 没问题。

To pay by credit card, you ask: Can I pay by card, please? / Can I pay by card, please?
要用信誉卡付帐,你可以问:Can I pay by card, please? /我可以刷卡吗?

拜 [bài] /to pay respect/worship/visit/salute/

拜访 [bài fǎng] /pay a visit/call on/

拜会 [bài huì] /pay an official call/call on/visit in an official capacity/

拜见 [bài jiàn] /pay a formal visit/call to pay respects/meet one's senior or superior/

拜年 [bài nián] /pay a New Year call/wish sb a Happy New Year/

拜望 [bài wàng] /call to pay one's respect/call on/

拜谒 [bài yè] /pay a formal visit/call to pay respects/pay homage (at a monument, mausoleum, etc)/

包赔 [bāo péi] /guarantee to pay compensations/

报恩 [bào ēn] /pay a debt of gratitude/

并重 [bìng zhòng] /lay equal stress on/pay equal attention to/

补发 [bǔ fā] /supply again (sth lost)/reissue/pay retroactively/

补税 [bǔ shuì] /pay a tax one has evaded/pay an overdue tax/

不理 [bù lǐ] /refuse to acknowledge/pay no attention to/take no notice of/ignore/

不问 [bù wèn] /pay no attention to/disregard/ignore/let go unpunished/let off/

不在意 [bù zài yì] /pay no attention to/take no notice of/not mind/negligent/careless/

不注意 [bù zhù yì] /thoughtless/not pay attention to/

睬 [cǎi] /pay attention/take notice of/to care for/

偿 [cháng] /to compensate/pay back/to recompense/

出钱 [chū qián] /to pay/

待遇 [dài yù] /treatment/pay/wages/treatment/status/salary/

登门 [dēng mén] /pay a visit to someone's house/

访问 [fǎng wèn] /pay a visit (to)/to access/to interview/

付 [fù] /pay/

付出 [fù chū] /(v) pay/

付款 [fù kuǎn] /pay/payment/

工资 [gōng zī] /wages/pay/

关注 [guān zhù] /follow (an issue) closely/to pay close attention to/

还 [huán] /(surname)/pay back/return/

回访 [huí fǎng] /(pay a) return visit/

会见 [huì jiàn] /to meet with (someone who is paying a visit)/

讲究 [jiǎng jiù] /(v) pay particular attention to/(adj) exquisite; aesthetic/

交 [jiāo] /to deliver/to turn over/to make friends/to intersect (lines)/to pay (money)/

开支 [kāi zhī] /expenditures/pay/expenses/

看望 [kàn wàng] /(v) visit; pay a call to/

来访 [lái fǎng] /pay a visit/

理睬 [lǐ cǎi] /(v) heed; pay attention to/

理会 [lǐ huì] /pay attention to/take notice of/

两耳不闻窗外事 [liǎng ěr bù wén chuāng wài shì] /to pay no attention to outside matters/

漏税 [lòu shuì] /(v) evade paying taxes/

纳 [nà] /to accept/to pay (tax etc.)/

纳税 [nà shuì] /(v) pay taxes/

赔 [péi] /lose in trade/pay damage/

赔款 [péi kuǎn] /(v) pay reparations/(n) reparations/

送终 [sòng zhōng] /pay last respects/

探视 [tàn shì] /pay a visit to/

探望 [tàn wàng] /(v) pay a visit/

偷税 [tōu shuì] /(v) evade paying taxes/

退休金 [tuì xiū jīn] /retirement pay/pension/

饷 [xiǎng] /soldier's pay/

饷 [xiǎng] /soldier's pay/

糈 [xǔ] /official pay/sacrificial rice/

优厚 [yōu hòu] /generous, liberal (pay, compensation)/

预付 [yù fù] /pay in advance/

在密切注意 [zài mì qiè zhù yì] /to pay close attention (to sth)/

支出 [zhī chū] /(v) spend; pay out/(n) expense/

支付 [zhī fù] /pay (money)/

重视 [zhòng shì] /importance/to pay attention to/attach importance to/value/

注 [zhù] /to inject/to pour into/to concentrate/to pay attention/to note/to comment on/to record/to register/to annotate/

注意 [zhù yì] /take note of/(pay) attention (to)/

注重 [zhù zhòng] /pay attention to/emphasize/

走访 [zǒu fǎng] /(v) pay a visit/

Consider the $10.2 billion bid by Norfolk Southern and CSX to acquire Conrail this year.
Conrail's net railway operating income in 1996 was just $427 million, less than half of the carrying costs of the transaction.
Who's going to pay for the rest of the bill?
Many captive shippers fear that they will, as Norfolk Southern and CSX increase their grip on the market.

Some scholars conclude that a government with finite resources should simply stop paying for medical care that sustains life beyond a certain age — say 83 or so.

A great deal of attention is being paid today to the so-called digital divide — the division of the world into the info(information) rich and the info poor.
And that divide does exist today.
My wife and I lectured about this looming danger twenty years ago.
What was less visible then, however, were the new, positive forces that work against the digital divide.
There are reasons to be optimistic.

This account of yourself is actually a sketch of your working life and should include education, experience and references.
Such an account is valuable.
It can be referred to in filling out standard application blanks and is extremely helpful in personal interviews.
While talking to you, your could-be employer is deciding whether your education, your experience, and other qualifications will pay him to employ you and your "wares" and abilities must be displayed in an orderly and reasonably connected manner.

The paid manager acting for the company was in more direct relation with the men and their demands, but even he had seldom that familiar personal knowledge of the workmen which the employer had often had under the more patriarchal system of the old family business now passing away.

If its message were confined merely to information — and that in itself would be difficult if not impossible to achieve, for even a detail such as the choice of the colour of a shirt is subtly persuasive — advertising would be so boring that no one would pay any attention.
But perhaps that is what the well-known television personality wants.

{adj: across-the-board, all-embracing, all-encompassing, all-inclusive, blanket, broad, encompassing, extensive, panoptic, wide} broad in scope or content
"across-the-board pay increases"
"an all-embracing definition"
"blanket sanctions against human-rights violators"
"an invention with broad applications"
"a panoptic study of Soviet nationality"- T.G.Winner
"granted him wide powers"

{adj: apparent, ostensible, seeming} appearing as such but not necessarily so
"for all his apparent wealth he had no money to pay the rent"
"the committee investigated some apparent discrepancies"
"the ostensible truth of their theories"
"his seeming honesty"

{adj: attractive} having power to arouse interest
"an attractive opportunity"
"the job is attractive because of the pay"

{adj: bad, risky, high-risk, speculative} not financially safe or secure
"a bad investment"
"high risk investments"
"anything that promises to pay too much can't help being risky"
"speculative business enterprises"

{adj: bad} having undesirable or negative qualities
"a bad report card"
"his sloppy appearance made a bad impression"
"a bad little boy"
"clothes in bad shape"
"a bad cut"
"bad luck"
"the news was very bad"
"the reviews were bad"
"the pay is bad"
"it was a bad light for reading"
"the movie was a bad choice"
<-> good

{adj: bootleg, black, black-market, contraband, smuggled} distributed or sold illicitly
"the black economy pays no taxes"

{adj: cashed} for which money has been paid
"a cashed check"

{adj: certain} definite but not specified or identified
"set aside a certain sum each week"
"to a certain degree"
"certain breeds do not make good pets"
"certain members have not paid their dues"
"a certain popular teacher"
"a certain Mrs. Jones"

{adj: close} rigorously attentive; strict and thorough
"close supervision"
"paid close attention"
"a close study"
"kept a close watch on expenditures"

{adj: commensurate} corresponding in size or degree or extent
"pay should be commensurate with the time worked"
<-> incommensurate

{adj: compensable, paying, remunerative, salaried, stipendiary} for which money is paid
"a paying job"
"remunerative work"

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