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mine [ main] pron.我的

mine [ main] n.矿,矿山;地雷

mine [main] n. 矿藏,矿山 vt. 开采

mine pron. 我的〈名词物主代词〉

Coal Mining Industry Company 煤矿工业公司

Mining Machinery Plant 矿山机械厂

Standard on Fire Protection for Self-Propelled and Mobile Surface Mining Equipment

Standard for Fire Prevention and Control in Underground Metal and Nonmetal Mines

Standard for Fire Prevention and Control in Underground Bituminous Coal Mines

Did you fall heir to a gold mine? 你是否遇见了金矿的小老板?

扫雷直升机 mine-sweeping helicopter

扫雷坦克 mine-sweeping tank

水雷 submarine mine

自航式水雷 mobile mine

锚雷 mooring mine

触发锚雷 moored contact mine

雷索 mine-mooring cable

沉底水雷 ground mine

漂雷 floating mine

扫雷舰 mine sweeping vessel

MIN (minimum)最小的,最低限度

Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company (3M) 明尼苏达矿业和制造公司

开矿 mine exploration

mine exploration 开矿

采矿工程 Mining Engineering

Mining Engineer 采矿工程师

coal and mining industry 煤炭开采业

Mine 矿山,矿

Mining 采矿

mining dump truck

It is a principle of mine to help people when I can.

His idea is infinitely better than mine.

Your fingerprint can’t be identical to / with mine.

I know this job of mine isn't much, but on the other hand I don't feel tied down.

Yes, it's mine.

Mine is blue.

Some of them are mine.

I had lunch with a friend of mine.

Check your answers with mine. 把你的答案跟我的核对一下。

He was married to a friend of mine. 他和我的一个朋友结了婚。

His cake is four times as big as mine. 他的蛋糕是我的四倍大。

His cake is three times bigger than mine.他的蛋糕比我的大三倍。

He is a distant cousin of mine.

He is a distant cousin of mine.

That book is mine.

A good encyclopaedia is a mine of information.

The cruiser was mined, and sank in five minutes.

None of the money is mine.

She is a special friend of mine.

You're mine.
You belong to me.

I'd like you to meet a friend of mine.
Hi, John. (嗨!约翰,你好!)
Hi, Joe. I'd like you to meet a friend of mine. (嗨!琼,我给你介绍一下我的朋友。)

Your guess is as good as mine. *guess “推测,猜想”。这是句常用表达方式,意为“你要不知道,那我更不知道了”。
How many people live in this town? (这个镇上住了多少人?)
Your guess is as good as mine. (我也不清楚。)

Excuse me. That's mine. *当发现别人错拿走什么东西时使用。
That doesn't belong to you. (那不是你的。)
Excuse me, that's not yours. (对不起,那不是你的。)
I think that belongs to me. (我想那是我的。)

You dropped this. *drop “掉下,丢下”。
You dropped this. (你掉了这个。)
Oh, yeah. It's mine. (哦,对!是我的。)

It's mine.
Yes, that's mine. (是的,那是我的。)
Yes, it's my handkerchief. (是的,是我的手绢。)
It belongs to me.

I know how you feel.
My wife left me. (我妻子离开了我。)
Mine, too. I know how you feel. (我也是,我了解你的感受。)
I understand the way you feel.
I really sympathize with you. (我真的同情你。)

A useful trade is a mine of gold.

Better is the neighbour's hen than mine.

I would rather have the affectionate regard of my fellow men than I would have heaps and mines of gold.

So much is mine as I enjoy.

A Hi! ?I’ll just be a few moments. I want to check my e-mail.
A 嗨!我只用一会。我想看看我的电子邮件。
B No problem. I want to check mine too.
B 没问题。我也想看看我的。
A I hate it when you get a lot of junk mails.
A 有那么多的垃圾邮件真令我讨厌。
B Me too. It’s such a waste of time.
B 我也是。这浪费了很多时间。
A I’m expecting an e-mail from my friend and I want to reply.
A 我在等我朋友的邮件,我想回复邮件。
B No problem. I’ve got a few quick e-mails I need to send anyway.
B 没问题。我也有几封需要尽快发送的邮件。

A Your weekend does sound busy! Mine was the exact opposite.
A 你的周末听起来确实很忙!我的刚好相反。
B Why? What was yours like?
B 为什么?你的周末怎么过的?
A My weekend was quiet. Very quiet. I did almost nothing.
A 我的周末很安静。非常安静。我几乎什么也没做。
B Why? I thought you were going out. I thought you had big plans for the weekend.
B 为什么?我以为你要出去呢。我以为你的周末有重大的计划。
A I think I had a little bit of the flu. I didn’t feel too well so I spent most of the weekend in bed. I didn’t go out or do anything.
A 我想我有点感冒。我感觉不太舒服,所以周末大部分的时间我都呆在床上。我既没出去,也没做任何事情。
B Oh, that’s a pity. At least you had a good rest!
B 噢,太遗憾了。但至少你好好休息了一下!

There are only two families in the world, as a grandmother of mine used to say, the haves and the have-nots.
Miguel de Cervantes, Spanish novelist

Genius without educaton is like silver in the mine.
Benjamin Franklin, American president 

I think his fish is a little bigger than mine.他的鱼似乎比我的大了一点。

Maybe mine is the bigger.我的或许更大些。

@@@ 也; 又; 还
as well 也; 又; 还
as well as 不但...而且...; 和...一样; 也
as with 正如, 与...一样
dispense with 省掉; 没有...也行; 无需
do without 没有...也行, 没有...而设法对付过去
far from 一点儿也不; 根本不是
go without 没有...也行, 将就
had better do sth. 最好还是; 应该
have had it 已经受够了; 再也没有耐心了
I'll say. 一点也没错.
in no way 决不, 一点也不
not at all 一点儿也不; 没关系, 别客气
once more 再一次, 又一次
You are telling me. [口]这还用你说!这还用说!
Your guess is as good as mine. 我也不知道.

@@@ 了解, 熟悉
acquaint (sb.) with 使了解, 使熟悉
acquaintance with 熟悉, 了解
awake sb. to sth. (使)意识到, (使)觉醒
be aware of 知道; 意识到, 认识到
be unaware of 不知道, 没意识到
between you and me 只有你我知道, 对外保密
cognizant of 已认识到...的, 晓得...的
come into one's own 得到尊重/重视; 被人认识
come to light 真相大白; 被人知道
familiar with sth. 熟悉或精通...的
familiarize (sb.) with 使...熟悉, 使...通晓
get the feel of 适应; 了解; 掌握技巧
have intimate knowledge of 对...精通/熟悉
ignorant of 对...不知道(不了解)
in the dark about ... 不知道, 未被告知
introduce sb. to sth. 使某人了解
keep abreast of 与...并进, 跟上; 了解最新情况
keep track of 了解动态, 掌握线索
know about 了解..., 知道...的情况
know of 知道; 听说
lose track of 忘记; 不了解
stay on top of ... 知道, 掌握(信息)
versed in 精通...
Your guess is as good as mine. 我也不知道.

Did you fall heir to a gold mine? 你是否遇见了金矿的小老板?

Your counter-offer is much more modest than mine.

采矿 mining

开采 extract; mine; exploitation

采矿 [cǎi kuàng] /mining/

采煤 [cǎi méi] /coal mining/coal extraction/coal cutting/

厂矿 [chǎng kuàng] /factories and mines/

开采 [kāi cǎi] /(v) extract ore or some other natural resource from a mine/

矿 [kuàng] /ore/mine/

矿井 [kuàng jǐng] /mine (shaft)/

矿难 [kuàng nàn] /mining disaster/

矿区 [kuàng qū] /(n) mining site; mining area/

矿山 [kuàng shān] /mine/

矿务局 [kuàng wù jú] /mining affairs bureau/

矿业 [kuàng yè] /mining industry/

我的 [wǒ de ] /my/mine/

{adj: arduous, backbreaking, grueling, gruelling, hard, heavy, laborious, operose, punishing, toilsome} characterized by toilsome effort to the point of exhaustion; especially physical effort
"worked their arduous way up the mining valley"
"a grueling campaign"
"hard labor"
"heavy work"
"heavy going"
"spent many laborious hours on the project"
"set a punishing pace"

{adj: deep-mined} of coal, as contrasted with coal obtained from a strip mine
"deep-mined coal"

{adj: dirty, soiled, unclean} soiled or likely to soil with dirt or grime
"dirty unswept sidewalks"
"a child in dirty overalls"
"dirty slums"
"piles of dirty dishes"
"put his dirty feet on the clean sheet"
"wore an unclean shirt"
"mining is a dirty job"
"Cinderella did the dirty work while her sisters preened themselves"
<-> clean

{adj: disfigured} having the appearance spoiled
"a disfigured face"
"strip mining left a disfigured landscape"

{adj: dud} failing to detonate; especially not charged with an active explosive
"he stepped on a dud mine"

{adj: hideous, horrid, horrific, outrageous} grossly offensive to decency or morality; causing horror
"subjected to outrageous cruelty"
"a hideous pattern of injustice"
"horrific conditions in the mining industry"

{adj: inactive} lacking activity; lying idle or unused
"an inactive mine"
"inactive accounts"
"inactive machinery"
<-> active

{adj: lidless, sleepless} without having the eyes closed or covered by the eyelids
"to an eye like mine, a lidless watcher of the public weal"- Alfred Tennyson

{adj: living} (used of minerals or stone) in its natural state and place; not mined or quarried
"carved into the living stone";

{adj: mined} extracted from a source of supply as of minerals from the earth
<-> unmined

{adj: naked, defenseless} having no protecting or concealing cover
"naked to mine enemies"- Shakespeare

{adj: opencast, opencut} (of mines and mining) worked from the exposed surface
"opencast mining"
"an opencut iron mine"

{adj: predisposed} made susceptible
"because of conditions in the mine, miners are predisposed to lung disease"

{adj: reconcilable} capable of being reconciled
"her way of thinking is reconcilable with mine"
<-> irreconcilable

{adj: run-of-the-mill, run-of-the-mine, mine run, unexceptional} not special in any way
"run-of-the-mill boxing"
"your run-of-the-mine college graduate"
"a unexceptional an incident as can be found in a lawyer's career"

{adj: similar} marked by correspondence or resemblance
"similar food at similar prices"
"problems similar to mine"
"they wore similar coats"
<-> dissimilar

{adj: strip-mined} mined near the earth's surface by stripping

{adj: subfusc} devoid of brightness or appeal
"a subfusc mining town"
"dark subfusc clothing"

{adj: sworn} bound by or stated on oath
"now my sworn friend and then mine enemy"- Shakespeare
<-> unsworn

{adj: unattractive} lacking beauty or charm
"as unattractive as most mining regions"
<-> attractive

{adj: unmined} not mined
"deposits of unmined uranium"
<-> mined

{adj: unprofitable} producing little or no profit or gain
"deposits abandoned by mining companies as unprofitable"
<-> profitable

{adj: well-mined} well known and commonly used
"Shakespeare exploited many well-mined sources for his plays"

{adj: wildcat} (of a mine or oil well) drilled speculatively in an area not known to be productive
"drilling there would be strictly a wildcat operation"
"a wildcat mine"
"wildcat drilling"
"wildcat wells"

{adj: yawning} gaping open as if threatening to engulf someone or something
"the yawning mine shaft"
"a yawning abyss"

{n: Aberdare} a mining town in southern Wales

{n: Appalachia} an impoverished coal mining area in the Appalachian Mountains (from Pennsylvania to North Carolina)

{n: Butte} a town in southwestern Montana; center for mining copper

{n: Durango, Victoria de Durango} a city in north central Mexico; mining center

{n: Golconda} a source of great wealth (especially a mine)

{n: Guggenheim, Meyer Guggenheim} United States industrialist (born in Switzerland) who with his sons established vast mining and metal processing companies (1828-1905)

{n: Isle Royal National Park} a national park on an island in Michigan; includes prehistoric iron mines

{n: Kenai Fjords National Park} a national park in Alaska having mountains and whale watching and ancient Indian copper mines

{n: Kimberley} city in central South Africa; center for diamond mining and diamond marketing

{n: Korea, Korean Peninsula, Dae-Han-Min-Gook, Han-Gook} an Asian peninsula (off Manchuria) separating the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan; the Korean name is Dae-Han-Min-Gook or Han-Gook

{n: Lewis, John L. Lewis, John Llewelly Lewis} United States labor leader who was president of the United Mine Workers of America from 1920 to 1960 and president of the Congress of Industrial Organizations from 1935 to 1940 (1880-1969)

{n: Lubumbashi, Elisabethville} a city in southeastern Congo near the border with Zambia; a copper mining center; former name (until 1966) was Elisabethville

{n: Min, Min dialect, Fukien, Fukkianese, Hokkianese, Amoy, Taiwanese} any of the forms of Chinese spoken in Fukien province

{n: Min} an Egyptian god of procreation

{n: Mitchell, John Mitchell} United States labor leader; president of the United Mine Workers of America from 1898 to 1908 (1870-1919)

{n: Ostrava} an industrial city in northwestern Czech Republic in the Moravian lowlands; located in the coal mining area of Silesia

{n: Rhodes, Cecil Rhodes, Cecil J. Rhodes, Cecil John Rhodes} British colonial financier and statesman in South Africa; made a fortune in gold and diamond mining; helped colonize the territory now known as Zimbabwe; he endowed annual fellowships for British Commonwealth and United States students to study at Oxford University (1853-1902)

{n: Ruhr, Ruhr Valley} a major industrial and coal mining region in the valley of the Ruhr river in northwestern Germany

{n: Sudbury} a city in south central Canada in Ontario; a major nickel mining center

{n: Taiyuan} an ancient city in northeastern China noted for coal mining and steel production

{n: United Mine Workers of America, United Mine Workers} an industrial union of mine workers in North America

{n: adit} a nearly horizontal passage from the surface into a mine

{n: afterdamp} a toxic mixture of gases (including carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and nitrogen) after an explosion of firedamp in a mine

{n: air passage, air duct, airway} a duct that provides ventilation (as in mines)

{n: andrena, andrenid, mining bee} a bee that is a member of the genus Andrena

{n: anomalistic year} time of the earth's revolution from perihelion to perihelion again; 365 days and 6 hr and 13 min and 53.1 sec

{n: antithesis} exact opposite
"his theory is the antithesis of mine"

{n: bangalore torpedo} a metal pipe filled with explosive, used to detonate land mines or to clear a path through barbed wire

{n: birch leaf miner, Fenusa pusilla} small black sawfly native to Europe but established in eastern United States; larvae mine the leaves of birches causing serious defoliation

{n: bouncing betty} an antipersonnel land mine

{n: brattice} a partition (often temporary) of planks or cloth that is used to control ventilation in a mine

{n: chokedamp, blackdamp} the atmosphere in a mine following an explosion; high in carbon dioxide and incapable of supporting life

{n: claymore mine, claymore} an antipersonnel land mine whose blast is aimed at the oncoming enemy

{n: coal mine, coalpit} a mine where coal is dug from the ground

{n: coal miner, collier, pitman} someone who works in a coal mine

{n: colliery, pit} a workplace consisting of a coal mine plus all the buildings and equipment connected with it

{n: copper mine} a mine where copper is dug from the ground

{n: cross bit} a rock drill having cruciform cutting edges; used in mining

{n: data mining} data processing using sophisticated data search capabilities and statistical algorithms to discover patterns and correlations in large preexisting databases; a way to discover new meaning in data

{n: deepness, profundity, profoundness} the quality of being physically deep
"the profundity of the mine was almost a mile"
<-> shallowness

{n: delf} an excavation; usually a quarry or mine

{n: double time} a fast marching pace (180 steps/min) or slow jog

{n: downcast} a ventilation shaft through which air enters a mine

{n: dressed ore, concentrate} the desired mineral that is left after impurities have been removed from mined ore

{n: drift, heading, gallery} a horizontal (or nearly horizontal) passageway in a mine
"they dug a drift parallel with the vein"

{n: fathom, fthm} (mining) a unit of volume (equal to 6 cubic feet) used in measuring bodies of ore

{n: firedamp} a mixture of gases (mostly methane) that form in coal mines and become explosive when mixed with air

{n: floating mine, marine mine} an explosive mine designed to destroy ships that bump into it

{n: gold dust} the particles and flakes (and sometimes small nuggets) of gold obtained in placer mining

{n: goldfield} a district where gold is mined

{n: goldmine, gold mine} a good source of something that is desired

{n: goldmine, gold mine} a mine where gold ore is found

{n: gracilariid, gracilariid moth} small dull or metallic-colored tineoid moths whose larvae mine in plant leaves

{n: headgear} the hoist at the pithead of a mine

{n: home, place} where you live at a particular time
"deliver the package to my home"
"he doesn't have a home to go to"
"your place or mine?"

{n: kibble} an iron bucket used for hoisting in wells or mining

{n: kieserite} a white mineral consisting of hydrous magnesium sulfate often found in salt mines

{n: land mine, ground-emplaced mine, booby trap} an explosive mine hidden underground; explodes when stepped on or driven over

{n: magnetic mine} (nautical) a marine mine that is detonated by a mechanism that responds to magnetic material (as the steel hull of a ship)

{n: mine detector} detector consisting of an electromagnetic device; used to locate explosive mines

{n: mine disposal} the disposal of explosive mines

{n: mine field} a tract of land containing explosive mines

{n: mine pig} pig iron made entirely from ore

{n: minefield} a region in which explosives mines have been placed

{n: minelayer} ship equipped for laying marine mines

{n: miner, mineworker} laborer who works in a mine

{n: mineshaft} excavation consisting of a vertical or sloping passageway for finding or mining ore or for ventilating a mine

{n: minesweeper} ship equipped to detect and then destroy or neutralize or remove marine mines

{n: minesweeping} the activity of detecting and disposing of marine mines

{n: mine} excavation in the earth from which ores and minerals are extracted

{n: mine} explosive device that explodes on contact; designed to destroy vehicles or ships or to kill or maim personnel

{n: mining company} a company that owns and manages mines

{n: mining engineer} an engineer concerned with the construction and operation of mines

{n: mining geology} the branch of economic geology that deals with the applications of geology to mining

{n: mining, excavation} the act of extracting ores or coal etc from the earth

{n: mining, minelaying} laying explosive mines in concealed places to destroy enemy personnel and equipment

{n: minute, min} a unit of time equal to 60 seconds or 1/60th of an hour
"he ran a 4 minute mile"

{n: ore} a mineral that contains metal that is valuable enough to be mined

{n: pithead} the entrance to a coal mine

{n: pitprop, sprag} a wooden prop used to support the roof of a mine

{n: placer mining} mining valuable minerals from a placer by washing or dredging

{n: potato tuberworm, Phthorimaea operculella} larva of potato moth; mines in leaves and stems of e.g. potatoes and tobacco

{n: production} (economics) manufacturing or mining or growing something (usually in large quantities) for sale
"he introduced more efficient methods of production"

{n: richness} the quality of having high intrinsic value
"the richness of the mines and pastureland"
"the cut of her clothes and the richness of the fabric were distinctive"

{n: salt mine} a mine where salt is dug

{n: sapper} a military engineer who lays or detects and disarms mines

{n: seam, bed} a stratum of ore or coal thick enough to be mined with profit
"he worked in the coal beds"

{n: shaft} a vertical passage into a mine

{n: silver mine} a mine where silver ore is dug

{n: slagheap} pile of waste matter from coal mining etc

{n: strip miner} a miner who does strip mining

{n: strip mine} an open mine (usually for coal) where the seams run close to the surface

{n: strip mining, opencast mining} the mining of ore or coal from an open mine

{n: sulphur mine, sulfur mine} a mine where sulphur is dug from the ground

{n: taconite} a variety of chert containing magnetite and hematite; mined as a low-grade iron ore

{n: tramcar, tram} a four-wheeled wagon that runs on tracks in a mine
"a tramcar carries coal out of a coal mine"

{n: treadmill, salt mine} a job involving drudgery and confinement

{n: upcast} air passage consisting of a ventilation shaft through which air leaves a mine

{n: vengeance, retribution, payback} the act of taking revenge (harming someone in retaliation for something harmful that they have done) especially in the next life
"Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord"--Romans 12:19
"For vengeance I would do nothing. This nation is too great to look for mere revenge"--James Garfield
"he swore vengeance on the man who betrayed him"
"the swiftness of divine retribution"

{n: version} an interpretation of a matter from a particular viewpoint
"his version of the fight was different from mine"

{n: working, workings} a mine or quarry that is being or has been worked

{v: brattice} supply with a brattice, to ventilate mines

{v: break through, come through} penetrate
"The sun broke through the clouds"
"The rescue team broke through the wall in the mine shaft"

{v: bring in} transmit
"The microphone brought in the sounds from the room next to mine"

{v: broadside} collide with the broad side of
"her car broad-sided mine"

{v: countermine} destroy enemy mines with one's own mines
"We countermined the banks of the river"

{v: devote} set aside or apart for a specific purpose or use
"this land was devoted to mining"

{v: excavate, dig, hollow} remove the inner part or the core of
"the mining company wants to excavate the hillsite"

{v: mine} get from the earth by excavation
"mine ores and metals"

{v: mine} lay mines
"The Vietnamese mined Cambodia"

{v: muck} remove muck, clear away muck, as in a mine

{v: prime} insert a primer into (a gun, mine, charge, etc.) preparatory to detonation or firing
"prime a cannon"
"prime a mine"

{v: salt} sprinkle as if with salt
"the rebels had salted the fields with mines and traps"

{v: segregate} separate or isolate (one thing) from another and place in a group apart from others
"the sun degregates the carbon"
"large mining claims are segregated into smaller claims"

{v: strip mine, surface mine, surface-mine} extract (ore) from a strip-mine

{v: unleash, let loose, loose} turn loose or free from restraint
"let loose mines"
"Loose terrible plagues upon humanity"

" I lost mine at the end of high school. "
"我读完中学时,也失去了父亲。 "

My grandfather then continued: " yes, my boy, forty years ago all this belonged to Masood-two thirds of it is now mine. "
接着,祖父又说: "是呀,孩子, 40年前这一切都属于马苏德-而现在,其中三分之二已为我所有。 "

The photo was mine and I was the photo.

He would be able to appreciate this wonderful poem of mine even more than my mother.

Bell won, and used his war-zone background to plead for the clearance of mines from countries where they pose a constant hazard to the ordinary populations, long after wars are over.

As gold is mined, nuggets at first may be easy, and therefore cheap, to find.

However, either because the Chinese were so different from the others or because they worked so patiently that they sometimes succeeded in turning a seemingly worthless mining claim into a profitable one, they became the scapegoats of their envious competitors.

" But first, I have to pay the bank so the farm will be mine. "
"但首先,我得偿付银行的贷款,这样这所农场才能算是我的。 "

Silently I put the pants in the wastebasket, gave her mine, and we returned to the table--both terrified by her incontinence.

" That must be mine, " exclaims the cigar-chomping father, as a little baby with a miniature cigar is held up by the nurse for him to view( fathers were not admitted to the wards).
当护士抱起一个别着一只迷你雪茄饰物的婴儿给那位大口大口吸着雪茄的父亲看时(父亲们是不允许进入监护室内的),他惊喜地说: "这肯定是我的孩子。 "

Indeed, if your portable DVD needs are like mine, you probably shouldn't even consider the high-end Sony.
说实话,如果你对便携式 DVD 的要求和我相同,你也许不用考虑高价位的索尼 DVD 。

When you 're trying on sneakers, do it 30 min. to 1 hr. after you've exercised so that the foot is still fully expanded.
试穿运动鞋时,最好在运动后再穿 30分钟到 1个小时,以便使你的双脚充分伸展开来。

The tour's 2-hr.-40-min. intermission-free set focused on the early and middle portions of his career, 1975-85.
这次长达 2小时 40分不间断的巡回演出主要突出他早期和中期( 1975-1985)的作品。

In South Africa, where almost a quarter of the world's gold is mined, people are angry.

Authorities there claim that many gold mines can not work profitably with lower prices.

One mining company announced that it would close in August, costing 5,000 jobs.
一家采矿公司宣称将于 8月关闭,造成 5, 000人失业。

As a moralist, Woolf works by indirection, subtly under- mining officially accepted mores, mocking, suggesting, calling into question, rather than asserting, advocating, bearing witness: hers is the satirist's art.  

"I congratulate you on your election and I wish you God's speed, especially in a new and more hopeful time for peace in the Middle East," he said. "I remember the first time I every heard George W. Bush give a speech in Iowa, and I called a friend of mine and said, 'My God, that guy can beat us. He is a good politician.' "
克林顿说:“我祝贺你赢得大选。我祝你一切顺利,特别是在一个新的和更有希望的时刻为中东赢得和平。我还记得我第一次听到乔治·布什在爱奥华州发表演讲时, 我给我的一个朋友打电话说:‘我的上帝,这个家伙会击败我们。他是一个不错的政治家。’”

ex-mine (plantation) 矿区(农场)交货价

MIN (minimum)最小的,最低限度

mine area/lot tax mine tax(mineral product tax)  矿区税

mining tax 矿业税

seabed mining tax  海底矿产税

tax on mine 矿税


min. minimum 最低;最小;起码

采矿 Mining

采矿地质学 Mining geology

采矿废物 Mining wastes

采矿工程 Mining engineering

海底采矿 Sea bed mining

矿山回填 Mine filling

露天剥采 Strip mining

insurance policy/certificate covering all war mines risks

Our (my) letter; Our (my) respects; Ours (mine); This letter; these lines; The present.

居家旅行,工矿必备之良药 an indispensable sovereign remedy for home, travelling, factories and mines.

Centrifugal pumps of ratational speed>=10000r/min

Mine hoist of reel diameter not less than 2m

Mine hoist of reel diameter less than 2m

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