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mean [ mi:n] vt.作…解释;意指

mean [ mi:n] a.自私的;吝啬的

mean [ mi:n] a.平均的 n.平均值

meaning [ 'mi:niŋ] n.意义,意思;意图

means [ mi:nz] n.方法,手段,工具

mean business 是当真的

by all means 尽一切办法;一定

by means of 用,凭借,依靠

by any means 无论如何

by no means 决不,并没有

by all means 无论如何

by means of 用...办法

by no means 决不

by all means

by means of

by no means

mean [mi:n] vt. 意思是,意指

meaning ['mi:niŋ] n. 意思,含意

means [mi:nz] n. 方法,手段

mean [mi:n] 平均

means [mi:nz] n.方法,手段

暴发户 new rich; upstart (persons or households who suddenly became rich through unscrupulous means or unexpected opportunities)

盗打 (电话) free call on somebody else's expense through illegal means

反不正当竞争法 Law of the People's Republic of China Against Competition by Inappropriate Means

开后门 under-the-counter deals; offer advantages to one's friends or relatives by underhand means

破釜沉舟 cut off all means of retreat; burn one‘s own way of retreat and be determined to fight to the end

四书(《大学》、《中庸》、《论语》、《孟子》) The Four Books (The Great Learning, The Doctrine of the Mean, The Analects of Confucius, The Mencius)

GPS Greenwich Mean Time 格林威治标准时间

RMS Root Mean Square 均方根值,有效值

RMS Root Mean Square 均方根

Code for Means of Egress for Buildings and Structures

mean (心眼儿; 态度)坏; 凶
After I told him that I wasn't going to buy the car, the salesman became very mean towards me.
我跟那个汽车销售员说我并不打算买那不车后, 他变的对我态度恶劣。
"mean" 是用来表示态度或心眼儿不好很常用的字。好比有人故意做些雪上加霜的事,
就可以说 "He is a mean person." (他这个人很坏)。
抱起朋友家的猫, 结果被猫抓了一把, 朋友也可以对猫说: "You're a mean cat."

by all means 务必

by fair means or foul 不择手段

You mean to say... 你的意思是说...

You see what I mean? 你明白我的意思了吗?

These seats are meant for elderly and handicapped persons & women with child.

Do not use this lift as a means of escape in the event of fire 遇火警时,严禁使用此电梯

Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood.

cut off all means of retreat;
burn one‘s own way of retreat and be determined to fight to the end

by all means 尽一切办法,务必

by means of 用,依靠

by no means 决不,并没有

中庸 the way of medium (cf. Golden Means

public transport means 公共交通工具

political means 政治手段

Bicycle can't be compared with other means of transportation like car and train for speed and comfort.

At the time when technology means ever more harmful carbon in the air we breathe, we need these forests now more than ever.

Rich as our country is, the qualities of our living are by no means satisfactory.
虽然我们的国家很富有,但是我们的生活质量却令人很不满意。 146. The harder you work, the more progress you make.

To average people, they often tend to live under the illusion that English often means a good opportunity for one's career, is this really the case?

Additional social stresses may also occur because of the population explosion or problems arising from mass migration movements-themselves made relatively easy nowadays by modern means of transport.

Television is more than just an electronic appliance; it is a means of expression, as well as a vehicle for communication, and as such becomes a powerful tool for reaching other human beings.

MTBF Mean Time Between Failure 平均故障间隔时间

MTTR Mean Time To Repair 平均修复时间

Mean 平均数,方法,手段

mean price 平均价

mean-square value 均方值

brake mean effective pressure(bmep)

mean piston speed

mean injection torque

mean camberline

Never fear shadows. They simply mean there's a light shining somewhere nearby.

Do you really mean it?.

By no means!

The day of the printed word is far from ended. Swift as is the delivery of the radio bulletin, graphic as is television's eyewitness picture, the task of adding meaning and clarity remains urgent.

Time and again I have emerged from a course of reading in philosophy with the conviction that the authors were really avoiding specific problems by converting them into tenuous sophistries that have very little real meaning.

A state without the means of some change is without the means of its conservation.

Conspicuous consumption of valuable goods is a means of reputability to the gentleman of leisure.

Nature is by no means inferior to art, and no works of art is not the imitation of various phenomena of nature.

Democracy means simply the bludgeoning of the people by the people for the people.

There are three means of believing, by inspiration, by reason, and by custom.

A long dispute means that both parties are wrong.

In science, the total absorption of the individual event in the generalization is the goal; on the other hand, the humanities are concerned rather with providing for the special meaning of the individual event within an appropriate general system.

Gestures are a nonverbal means of expression.

Wisdom denotes the pursuing of the best and by the best means.

For Chinese understanding, it is natural to put content words in the first place, but the meaning of functional words in sentences, dialogues and texts cannot be overlooked, either.

Radio is an important means of communication.

That is the only means of access to the building.

The wagon is still the major means of travel for people in some countries.
在有些国家, 马车仍然是主要的交通工具。

Lighten up, would you? She didn't mean to break the glass.

We must focus on our sales force as the chief means of improving trade.

Breaking the dish was accidental; he didn't mean to do it.

Intense pain can mean serious damage.

Sometimes a gesture conveys one's meaning better than words.

Very fine shades of meaning cannot easily be conveyed with a limited word bank.

The teacher exemplified the meaning of the word.

The poem with an inner meaning is hard to understand.

To give someone credit for a good quality means to believe that they have it.

Getting married often means a sudden change in life-style.

Wanting other friends doesn't mean you don't love your partner

Can you tell the meaning of this word from its context?

Becoming more creative means paying attention to that endless flow of ideas you produce, and learning to capture and act upon the new that's within you.

Some of the students had experienced what hard times meant before they entered the university.

I meant to do it, but I lost my nerve.

When you say a painting is a fake, you mean it is not authentic.

Can you figure out the meaning of the word?

He has no notion of what I mean.

There are subtle differences in meaning between these two words.

He is by no means a traditional man. On the contrary, he always departs from customs.
他决不是一个传统的人。相反, 他做事常常不考虑风俗习惯。

You are meant to take your shoes off before you enter a temple in India.

We are meant to fill in a tax form and pay income tax every year.

To give someone credit for a good quality means to believe that he has it.

When he said he never wanted to see you again, I’m sure he didn’t mean it literally.

You mean you’ve eaten all three pieces of cake? You greedy pig!

If you say that something such as a word or feeling derives or is derived from something else, you mean that it comes from that thing.

No doubt he means to help, but in fact he just gets in the way.

This new type of plane can have vertical takeoff, which means it can rise straight from the ground without first running along for some distance.

The choice was meant to create an impression of company unity.

Can you give me an illustration of what you mean?

I don't mean it. 我不是故意的。

What be said did not annoy me much, for I knew he did not mean it.我并不在乎他所说的,我知道他不是那个意思。

Much family quarrelling ends when husbands and wives realize what these energy cycles mean, and which cycle each member of the family has.

The hydrologic cycle, a major topic in this science, is the complete cycle of phenomena through which water passes, beginning as atmospheric water vapor, passing into liquid and solid form as precipitation, thence along and into the ground surface, and finally again returning to the form of atmospheric water vapor by means of evaporation and transpiration.

One need only ask first-year university students what music they listen to , how much of it and what it means to them, in order to discover that the phenomenon is universal in America, that it begins in adolescence or a bit before and continues through the college years.

This means that we fit out actions to those of other people based on a constant mental process of appraisal and interpretation.

I would keep putting my dream to the test-even though it meant living with uncertainty and fear of failure.

For all these reasons, reading newspapers efficiently, which means getting what you want from them without missing things you need but without wasting time, demands skill and self-awareness as you modify and apply the techniques of reading.

What does the phrase ‘learning to use a computer’ mean? It sounds like ‘learning to drive a car’; that is , it sounds as if there is some set of definite skills that, once acquired, enable one to use a computer.

Competition is not only good in itself, it is the means by which other basic American values such as individual freedom, equality of opportunity, and hard work are protected.

It means a great deal to her.

That defeat meant the death of all my hopes.

I see what you mean.

I don't understand what the word means.

The mean of 7,9 and 14 is 10.
7、9和14 的平均数是10。

He's too mean to buy us a meal.

You mistook my meaning entirely.

The train is a safe means of transportation.

Do you see what I mean?

He is trying his best to understand his meaning.

You broke my heart. *break...heart在恋爱中“使……十分痛苦”,用于甩掉自己的人。
You broke my heart. (你也太狠心了。)
I didn't mean to... (我不是那个意思……)

I can't live without you.
I don't want to live without you.
Life isn't worth living without you in my life.
You mean everything to me.
You mean the world to me.

He's very hard on me. *be动词+hard on...“蛮横,野蛮”。
Do you like your boss? (你喜欢你的上司吗?)
No, he's very hard on me. (不,他对我很严厉。)
He treats me unkindly. (他对我一点儿都不友好。)
He's mean to me. (他对我很刻薄。)
He's very strict. (他很严厉。)

Do you know what I mean?
Do you know what I mean? (你懂我说的意思吗?)
I think so. (我想我明白了。)
You know what I mean?
Are you following me?
Do you get my drift?

You know what I'm talking about. *就自己所说的某个问题确认对方是否明白时使用。
You know what I mean.
Don't play stupid. *更随意的说法。

I see what you mean.

I see your point.
I think we need to expand. (我认为我们必须再扩展。)
I see your point. (我明白你的意思。)
I see what you mean.
I understand what you mean.
That makes sense.
I get the point.

I can't understand what you mean.
I can't see what you mean.
I don't understand what you're trying to say.
I don't get your drift.

I'm not sure what you mean.
That's how you do it. (所以应该这样做呀。)
I'm not sure what you mean. (我弄不清楚你想说什么。)
I'm not sure I understand.
I'm not sure I see what you mean.
I don't know if I understand what you're trying to say.

Who knows? *该句有时让人听起来有些富有哲理。
What is the meaning of life? (什么是人生?)
Who knows? (谁能知道?)
Nobody knows.
No way of knowing.
There's no way of knowing.
It's impossible to find out.

What does it mean? *没弄明白对方所说事情时,可以这样积极主动地问。
What do you mean?
Please explain what you mean. (请您解释一下您的意思。)
What are you trying to say? (您想说什么?)
What do you mean by that? (您这是什么意思?)

Are you saying that...? *确认对方讲话内容时。
Are you saying that it's a bad idea? (你是说这个主意不好?)
That's right. (是的。)
Do you mean...?
Are you trying to say that...?

I mean... *“就是说”、“不,其实我是说……”,用于会话中补充或纠正自己的发言时。
May I ask who you are? (请问您是哪位?)
I'm a friend of John's... I mean, Mr. Sheehan. (我是约翰的朋友,我是说我是希恩先生的朋友。)*当说话的人是希恩先生的朋友时。

You'll see.
I don't think she's mean. (我没觉得她有什么恶意。)
You'll see. (你终究会明白的。)
You'll find out soon enough.
Time will tell. (时间会证明一切。)

I didn't mean that. *mean “打算说/做……”。

You got it. *直译是“我说的话你正确地理解了”。
Do you mean this one? (你的意思是这个?)
You got it. (正是!)
You've got it.
That's right.
You know it.

That's not what I mean.
Are you saying you're better than I am? (你是说你比我出色吗?)
That's not what I mean. (我不是那个意思。)
I didn't mean that.
You misunderstood me. (你误会我了。)

What I meant was...
Do you mean fire people? (你的意思是要裁人?)
No, what I meant was we need to use cheaper materials. (不,我的意思是必须使用更便宜的材料。)
What I wanted to say was...

Like this? *穿衣服时表示“是这样穿吗?”;吃第一次吃到的东西时表示“是这样吃吗?”。
You eat sushi this way. (寿司是这样吃的。)
Like this? (是像这样吗?)
You mean like this?

You mean any place?
Do you mean any place?
Anywhere's okay?
Any place?

What does “drowsy” mean?
What does “drowsy” mean? (“drowsy”是什么意思?)
It means “sleepy.” (“drowsy”表示“犯困”。)

Do you know the meaning of this word?

What he says offends me. *offend “得罪人,使人生气,给人不愉快的感觉”。
What he says offends me. (他说的话多气人呀。)
I know what you mean. (我理解你的心情。)
What he says bothers me. (他说的话让人心烦。)

Don't get so uptight. *用uptight来表示“紧张的”、“焦急的”、“在意的”状态。
What? You mean I'm too short? (什么?你是说我太矮了?)
Don't get so uptight. (别当真。)
Don't get so worked up.

I didn't mean to hurt you.
I meant no harm.

It was fate. *fate “逃脱不了的命运,注定的命运”。
How did you meet? (你们怎么认识的?)
It was fate. (这就是命运呀!)
It was meant to be.
It's my destiny.

I regret doing that.
I regret doing that. (我后悔我做的事。)
I know what you mean. (我明白你的意思。)
I regret my action(s).
I repent my action(s).
I am sorry for what I have done.

I'm serious.
No way! (不可能!)
I'm serious. (我是认真的。)
Are you joking? (你是开玩笑吧?)
No, I'm serious. (不,我是认真的。)
I'm really serious. (我真的是认真的。)
I'm not joking. (我没开玩笑。)
I'm being honest with you. (开诚布公地跟你讲。)
I mean it! *当对方不相信你说的是真话时。
I don't mean it. (我不是这个意思。)

You'd better believe it! *口语说法。
Did he really say that? (他真的这么说了吗?)
You'd better believe it! (请相信我!)
I really mean it! (真是那么回事。)
Trust me! (请相信我!)

Do we really have the means to actually pull this off?

It's essential to choose the right means of transportation.

He is an operator. (here it means a thief,a swindler,ect.)
= He is a swindler.

Do you really mean it?

He that promises too much means nothing.

Choice of the end covers choice of the means.

Medicines are not meant to live on.

The end justifies (or sanctifies) the means.

To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace.

Wealth may be an excellent thing, for it means power, leisure, and liberty.

Youth means limitless possibilities.

Mean free path 平均自由程

I mean it. I'm serious. I'm no kidding!

A Actually, when I think about it, I like all the athletics events.
A 事实上,当我想到奥运会的时候,我喜欢所有的田径项目。
B You mean, things like the races – the 100 metres and so on?
B 你是说,像赛跑——100米赛跑之类的项目?
A Yes, and the 200 metres, the 400 metres, the 800 metres and the relay races. I also like the longer distance races – the fifteen hundred metres and the five and ten thousand metres.
A 是的,还有200米,400米,800米和接力赛跑。我还喜欢更长距离的赛跑——一千五百米、五千米和一万米赛跑。
B Yes, all the races are really exciting. What about the other athletics events?
B 是的,所有的赛跑都非常激烈。其他的田径项目怎么样?
A I like them all!? I especially love the long jump and the high jump.
A 我都喜欢!我尤其喜欢跳远和跳高。
B Me too. I also like the hurdles.
B 我也是。我还喜欢跨栏赛跑。

A I think I prefer the indoor events.
A 我想我更喜欢室内项目。
B You mean like gymnastics, weight-lifting and so on – things like that?
B 你是说像体操、举重等之类的项目?
A Yes, I prefer gymnastics to athletics. It’s so beautiful to watch. The gymnasts have so much control and discipline.
A 是的, 跟田径项目比起来我更喜欢体操。体操看起来是那么优美。体操运动员有如此强的控制和协调能力。
B I know what you mean. I like it too – and the other indoor sports. I like watching the weight-lifting and I like the judo and boxing.
B 我明白你的意思。我也喜欢体操——还有其他的室内运动。我喜欢看举重,我还喜欢柔道和拳击。
A I’m not so keen on the fighting, like judo and boxing, but I don’t mind the fencing.
A 我不太喜欢像柔道和拳击这样的打斗项目,但是我不介意击剑。
B Yes, that’s good. It’s really fast and exciting.
B 是的,击剑很好。非常迅速、激烈。

A I know what you mean. Sometimes you are too busy for hobbies.
A 我明白你的意思。有时你太忙了,不能有爱好。
B And tired!? I’m often very tired when I get home after work.
B 还有累!下班回家时我经常感到很累。
A Me too. I’m too busy and tired for hobbies.
A 我也是。我太忙太累了,不能有爱好。
B There’re lots of things I want to do, if I had the time.
B 如果我有时间的话,我有很多想做的事。
A Yes. I’d like to go to regular English classes . . . and go dancing.
A 是的。我想定期去上英语课. . .还有舞蹈课。
B I’d like to practise tennis and learn how to play well.
B 我想练习打网球,学习打好网球。

A It’s difficult deciding on a future career.
A 决定将来的事业是一件很难的事情。
B What do you mean?
B 你的意思是?
A Just now, I’m not sure what kind of work I like.
A 目前,我不太确定我喜欢做什么工作。
B I suppose there are lots of different paths you could take.
B 我想你有很多条路可以选择。
A Yes, to some degree. But I’m just not sure which is the best. I don’t want to work in an office all my life.
A 是的,在某种程度上是这样。但是我不太确定哪个是最好的选择。我不想一辈子在办公室里工作。
B The best thing is to try various jobs and see which you like most.
B 最好的办法是尝试各种工作,看看你最喜欢哪一个。

If you want clarification or extra explanation of something someone has said, you can ask What do you mean? / What do you mean?
如果你想进一步明确某人说过的事情或者需要他进一步的解释, 你可以问What do you mean? /你的意思是?

A I’m not sure if I would like to drive in Beijing. It’s so busy.
A 我不太肯定我是否愿意在北京开车。北京太拥挤了。
B It’s busy in the rush hours, but otherwise it’s the same as any big city.
B 高峰时刻很拥挤,但其它时候跟其他大城市一样。
A I don’t know. I think the driving style in Beijing is different.
A 我不知道。我想在北京开车的风格和其他城市不同。
B What do you mean? Do you think it’s dangerous?
B 你的意思是?你认为在北京开车危险吗?
A No, I just mean it’s different. You have to be very careful of traffic in Beijing.
A 不,我就是说在北京开车不一样。在北京的车流中你要非常小心。
B I think I know what you mean. You never know what to expect.
B 我想我明白你的意思。你从不知道会发生什么。

A Another good thing here is that taxis are cheaper in Beijing than in the States.
A 北京另一个好的方面是出租车比美国的便宜。
B Is that true? Do you think so?
B 真的吗?你这样认为吗?
A Yes. I mean comparatively. I know the cost of living and everything is different, but I still think taxis are cheaper here.
A 是的,相比较而言。我知道生活消费和所有的一切都不同,但是我还是认为这里的出租车便宜一些。
B Maybe it’s because there are more here.
B 可能是因为这里的出则车更多的缘故吧。
A Maybe. I also think it’s because they are a bigger part of the overall transport system here. In the States, there are usually more buses and metros or subways.
A 也许。我也认为这是因为出租车行业是北京交通系统的一个较大的组成部分。在美国,通常有更多的公共汽车和地铁。
B Well, I think we need a bigger metro system and more buses here.
B 哦,我想我们需要一个更发达的地铁系统和更多的公共汽车。

A Do you cycle to work everyday?
A 你每天骑自行车上班吗?
B Nearly everyday. If it’s raining or freezing cold and windy, I’ll catch the bus.
B 几乎每天都是。如果是下雨或者刮风以及寒冷的天气,我就乘公共汽车。
A Do you enjoy cycling? Especially in all the traffic in Beijing?
A 你喜欢骑自行车吗?尤其是在北京这么多的车辆当中?
B I don’t mind it. It keeps me fit. And it’s OK if the weather is fine and I’m not too tired.
B 我不在乎。骑自行车使我强壮。而且如果天气好、我也不太累的话骑车可以。
A I know what you mean. I love cycling. But the traffic is so heavy in Beijing. Cycling looks pretty dangerous!
A 我明白你的意思。我爱骑自行车。但是北京的交通太拥挤了。骑自行车看起来相当危险!
B Yes, it can be. There are some pretty bad drivers. You have to cycle carefully.
B 是的,可能很危险。有一些很糟糕的司机。你骑自行车的时候要小心。

A Look at you! You have blisters on your nose. And your nose is very red!
A 看你呀!你的鼻子上有水泡,而且你的鼻子很红。
B It really hurts.
B 确实很痛。.
A I'm sure it does. What did I tell you?
A 我想肯定很痛。我告诉你什么来着?
B What do you mean?
B 你什么意思?

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