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hold [ həuld] vt.拿住;掌握;拥有

get hold of 一把抓住;掌握;得到

hold...against 记恨

hold back 踌躇,退缩不前,阻止

hold down 压制;抑制(热情等)

hold in 约束,抑制

hold office 担任公职

hold on 握住不放;坚持下去

hold on to 紧紧抓住;控制,克制

hold oneself in 尽力不叫

hold one's own 坚守住,不被打败

hold out 伸出;坚持;支持

hold up 举起;耽搁;抢劫

hold water (容器等)盛得住水

lay hold of 握住;控制住;占有

seize hold of 抓住;占领

make hold to 冒昧地…擅自(做)…

hold one's breath (由于激动等原因)屏息

hold forth 给予,提供

hold off 不接近;拖延;迟疑

hold over 将…延迟;期满后继任

hold with 同意,赞成;原谅

hold true 适用,有效

get hold of 抓住,掌握

hold back 跨躇,退缩;阻止,抑制

hold on 继续,掘住不放

hold on to 紧紧抓住,坚持

hold out 维持,支持;坚持,不屈服

hold up 举起,承载;阻挡, 使停止;抢劫,拦截

keep/hold pace with 跟上,与...同步

get hold of

hold back

hold on

hold on to

hold out

hold up
举起,承载;阻挡, 使停止;抢劫,拦截

keep/hold pace with

hold [həuld] vt.拿,抱,握住,举行,进行

hold [ həuld] n.(船)货舱

hold [həuld] 保持

保持国有股 keep the State-held shares

控股公司 "holding company, controlling company"

望子成龙 hold high hopes for one's child

预防为主,谁污染谁治理和强化环境管理三大政策 three major principles for environment control: to put prevention first, to hold those who cause pollution responsible for cleaning up and to improve environmental protection and management

站得住脚 hold water

Hand Held Shower Head 手握式花洒

inspection on cleanliness of dry cargo hold 干货舱清洁检验

inspection on cleanliness of dry cargo hold 干货舱清洁检验

held ball 持球(双方均持球不放)

holding 拉手犯规

That's a promise I'll hold you to. 是你许下的诺言,我会叫你兑现

What held you up? 你为什么迟到?

Tours are held throughout the day 旅游活动全天进行。

hold, lock-----揪钮

Love is the only thing that holds the dark at bay.

望子成龙 hold high hopes for one's child

贮存舱 storage hold

您租用我公司的缝纫机一台, 同时送上一张契约书, 记明您应为此每月付款15美元。
You have on hire from us a sewing machine, for which we hold your written agreement to make regular payments at the rate o f$15 per month.

appointment held

appointment last held

Although this view is wildly held, this is little evidence that education can be obtained at any age and at any place.

Allow employees to hold some shares 允许职工持股

bank holding company 银行控股公司

cash in hold 库存现金

Closely held company 封闭型控股公司

Holding 持有,占有的

holding bank 控股银行

holding company 控股公司,母公司

holding corporation 控股公司

mutual stock holding 相互控股

personal holding company 私有股份公司

physical holding of stock 实际库存

share holding economic 股份制经济

engine holding frame

peak hold device

hold presure

Hold your horses!

Hold on.

Hold your horses.

Bodily exercise, when compulsory, does no harm to the body; but knowledge which is acquired under compulsion obtains no hold on the mind.

This is no time for any man to withdraw into some ivory tower and proclaim the right to hold himself aloof from the problems and the agonies of his society.

Hold the handrail for safety while coming down the steps.

These are the ideas we hold dear.

a representative holding of very old Greek art

The piece of music is composed for the celebration of 2008 Olympic Games to be held in China.

I still hold to my former opinions.

Do you still hold to your plan of going to Australia?

Their trial will be held next week.

He suggested quite a few tips about the managers of the company, but none of them held water.

I'm sorry, but your story just doesn't hold water.

I think these official papers will hold water.

He made suggested quite a few ideas about the managing of the company, but none of them held water.

Conventions are usually held in large cities, which have good transportation systems and interesting sights to see.

The policeman overwhelmed the robber by holding his arm.

None of his arguments seemed to me to hold water.

I’m sorry, but your story just doesn’t hold water.

The money your father left you will be held in trust until you are 21.

Up to two thousand students can hold a party in this hall.

The whole hall held its breath waiting for the announcement of the winner of the first prize.

All Europe held its breath to see who would win the election.

He held her in a warm embrace.

He is a good worker, and will hold down his job.

He holds down quite a good job in the city.

His task is to ensure the fair use and storage of personal information held in computer.

This examination is held yearly.

The owner of the flower shop has promised to hold its prices down.

The rate of interest has been held down.

To order a book one first had to get permission from the monastery that held the copyright.

Hold on.

Hold on. 等一等。

I get hold of you at last. 我终于找到你了。

He holds a position of great responsibility upon him.他担任着一个责任重大的职务。

The problem is, how to encourage a child to express himself freely and confidently in writing without holding him back with the complexities of spelling?

A band of robbers held up the train.

He holds life dear.

The king held a feast for us.

We held our breath in fear.

The city is held by the enemy.

We are holding a meeting.

It's my idea to hold the party outside the house.

She holds the world record for long distance swimming.

I hold her in high regard.

The talks between the two premiers will be held next month.

She held her baby tight in her arms.

Let's walk hand in hand. *hand in hand指“手拉着手”、“手牵着手”。
Let's hold hands. (我们手握手吧!)

May I hold your hand?
May I hold your hand? (我可以牵你的手吗?)
Sure you may. (当然可以。)

Hold me tight.

Pull yourself together. *pull oneself together“打起精神,振作起来”。
Pull yourself together. (打起精神来。)
But I just made a big mistake. (可是我出了个很大的差错。)
Get a hold of yourself.

Hold on, please. *hold on“等待”。
May I speak to Mr. Smith? (请找史密斯先生。)
Hold on, please. (请稍等。)
One moment, please.
Just a moment, please.
Hold the line, please.
Just a second, please.

Would you like to hold? *hold“拿”、“握住”,即“不挂电话等着”。
Would you like to hold? (您等会儿行吗?)
No, I'll call back later. Thanks. (不用了,过会儿我再打吧。谢谢。)
Would you like to stay on the line?
Can you hold the line, please?
Would you like to hold on?
Wanna hold? (能等会儿吗?) *只用于朋友或熟人,工作中不能使用。Wanna...是Do you want to的省略形式。表示“你想……吗?”

How can he get a hold of you?
How can he get in touch with you?
How can he get in contact with you?

Hold on to me tight.
Don't let go! (别松手!)
Hold me tightly.

Hold it down!
Be quiet! *用于一般情况下。
Keep it down!
Keep it quiet!
Silence! *用于学校老师对学生。
Turn it down! *对看电视或听收音机的人说的。turn down是“关小电视、收音机等的声音”。

Hold it! *用来表达“等等!”、“停下!”、“别干了!”。
Hold it! It's time for lunch. (别干了,该吃午饭了。)
It's about time. (总算到点了。)
Cut it out!
Knock it off! *俚语,“安静!”、“别动!”

Wait! You forgot your umbrella. (等等,你忘了带伞。)
Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. (哦,我差点忘了。)
Wait a minute, please! (请等一下!)
Just a minute, please! (请稍等!)
Hold on!
Give me a minute!

Hold it!

Cheer up!
Cheer up! (振作起来!)
I'll try. (我会的。)
Come on! (打起精神来!)
Take it easy! (别那么想不开。)
Pull yourself together! (重新振作起来。)
Get a hold of yourself!
Get your shit together! *语气相当尖锐。表达类似“别那么懒懒散散的,振作精神,好好干”的感觉。

Maybe we should hold off until we have covered item B on our agenda.

Would you hold the line, please, I will find out his number for you.

Could you hold your questions until I've finished?

Hold it down小声点

Hold your tongue! 不要再说!

He knows enough that can live and hold his peace.

He knows much who knows how to hold his tongue.

He must needs swim that is held up by the chin.

He that knows not how to hold his tongue knows not how to talk.

He who cannot hold his peace will never live at ease.

Hold fast when you have it.

Hold (or Run) with the hare and run (or hunt) with the hounds.

Run (or Hold) with the hare and hunt (or run) with the hounds.

Who holds the purse rules the house.

Maybe we should hold off until we have covered item B on our agenda.

How long will your offer hold good?

His argument doesn't hold water.

A Are you having difficulty with your chopsticks?
A 你用筷子有困难吗?
B I'm sorry. I haven't used chopsticks very often.
B 很抱歉。我不经常用筷子。
A Let me show you how to hold them.
A 让我示范给你看。
B Like this? Oh, dear, I've dropped one. It’s quite difficult when you are not used to them.
B 像这样?噢,天哪!我弄掉了一只。当你不习惯用筷子的时候这太难了。
A Never mind, we'll get some more.
A 不必介意。我们再多要一些。
B I'm sorry. I hope I'm not rude but could I have a knife and fork, do you think?
B 对不起。我希望我这样说不算无礼,我可以要一副刀叉吗?

A Oriental Palace Hotel. Can I help you?
A 东方王宫饭店。您需要什么?
B Can you put me through to Room 8216, please?
B 请替我接通8216房间好吗?
A Certainly, madam. Please hold.
A 当然,女士。请稍等。
B Thank you.
B 谢谢你。
A I'm sorry, madam. There's no reply. Can I take a message?
A 对不起,女士。没有人应答。您能留口信吗?
B No, thank you. I'll call later.
B 不,谢谢你。我呆会再打。

Should the diver parse, from the ravening monster's jaw he'd never hold the precious pearl, the bright pearl, in his grasp.
Jaber, Kuwait king

In silence, in steadiness, in severe abstraction, let him hold by him-delf, add observation to observation, patient of neglect, patient of reproach , and bide his own time , happy enough if he can satisfy himself alone that thia day he has seen something truly.
Ralph Waldo Emersom, American thihker

I count religion but a children toy, and hold there is no sin but igno-rance.
Marlowe Christopher, British poet and dramstist

The concert will be held September 14 at 10 a.m.该演奏会预定于9月14日10时举行。

@@@ 因...而...
arise from 由...而引起, 由...而产生
be known for 因...而众所周知
come down with 因患...而病倒; 染上...
distinguished for 因...而著称
famous for 以...著称, 因为...而出名
hold against 因某事对某人抱有意见
on business 因公, 出公差
proud of 以...而自豪
rain out 因下雨阻碍
result from 因...而产生; 是...的结果
stem from 起源于; 由...造成
thrive on 靠...健壮成长; 因...蓬勃发展

@@@ 担任
act as 充当; 担任...角色
competent for 能胜任...的
hold office 担任职务, 供职
qualified for 有...资格的, 胜任的

@@@ 紧
button up 扣, 扣紧纽扣
cling to 紧贴; 粘紧; 附着
glue to 1.似用胶固定般紧贴; 紧盯
hold on to 紧紧抓住
hold to 坚持; 紧握
knit together 使...紧密地结合起来
next to ...的旁边, 紧接着

@@@ 不要, 别
feel free to 无需拘束; 不要客气
forget about 遗忘, 忘记; 别再想了
Hold the line. 不要挂断电话
make oneself at home 请别拘束, 别客气
mind one's own business 别管闲事
No kidding! 别开玩笑了!你开什么玩笑!
not at all 一点儿也不; 没关系, 别客气
not to mention 更别提..., 更不必说...
warn against 警告/告诫某人不要做某事

@@@ 寻找, 搜寻
ask for 要, 要求; 找
dig up 掘出; 设法找到
find fault with 挑剔; 找毛病
get around to doing sth. (做完其他事后)终于能做某事; 找出时间做某事
get hold of 得到; 找到
get to the bottom of 找出真正的根源
glean sth. from 从...处搜集(消息、资料、情报等)
hunt for 搜寻; 寻找
in search of 找寻
job search 找工作
look about/around/round 到处寻找; 到处看看
search for 寻找; 苦想
search out 找到...
seek out 找出/找到
turn up 1.开大(音量)
2.(尤指未经过搜寻而)被找到; 出现

@@@ 看法, 观点, 意见
as far as 1.远到..., 直到...
2.就...而言, 从...来看; 尽...所能
as far as I'm concerned 依我看
come to terms 达成协议; 达成一致意见
for one's sake & for the sake of sb. 看在...的份上; 为了...的缘故
from one's standpoint 从...的观点来看
get across 使观点被理解, 接受
have a bias towards 对...持偏见
hold against 因某事对某人抱有意见
in one's opinion 依某人的看法
keep to oneself 不与他人交往; 不向他人透露自己的意见和想法
look down on sb./sth. 轻视, 看不起
look on the bright side of things 对事物持乐观态度
outlook on 对...的看法
point of view 观点; 见地
run into 1.偶然碰见
speak one's mind 直抒己见
take a dim view of sth. 不赞成..., 对...持怀疑态度; 对...持悲观态度
think of ... as ... 把...看作是, 以为...是
throw (sth.) out 1.拒不接受意见、建议等
treat ... as 把...待如; 把...看作
viewed as 被看作是

@@@ 水
a column of water 水柱
assembly line 流水作业线
draw off 放干, 排掉(水等)
glue to 1.似用胶固定般紧贴; 紧盯
handsome salary 可观的薪水
hold water (容器等)盛得住水, 不漏水
wash away (水)将...冲掉或冲至

@@@ 气
air current 气流
at a breath 一口气地
atmospheric pressure 大气压力
catch one's breath 缓口气, 歇口气
hold one's breath 屏住气息
out of breath 气喘吁吁地, 上气不接下气地
pump in/into (用泵)抽进; 打进气

up : 向上(toward or into a higher position)
lift up 举起
climb up 爬上
come up 上升
get up 起来
stand up 站起来
pick up 检起
draw up 升起
grow up 长大
hand up 拖起
put up 举起
send up 使上升
rise up 升起
look up 抬起头
zip up 拉上
hold up 举起
pile up 堆起
dig up 挖出
take up 拿起
build up 树立
set up 建立

up : 关住,锁紧,固定住(firmly, tightly and closely)
shut up 关闭
lock up 锁住
tie up 栓住
chain up 锁住
nail up 钉住
fasten up 系住
pin up 钉住
bind up 装订
bar up 关住
block up 堵塞
choke up 堵塞
save up 存起来
store up 贮藏
stock up 储存
cover up 掩盖
wrap up 包住
lay up 储存
hold up 延误
keep up 坚持

down : 减少(强度,量和体积)(a decrease in intensity, amount, bulk)
dwindle down 减少
die down 变弱,逐渐停止
go down 平静下来
mark down 削减
hold down 压低
burn down (火)减弱, 烧坏
slow down 慢下来
burn down 烧掉
wash down 冲淡
clean down 弄干净
rub down 擦干净
bring down 降低
keep down 缩减
trim down 裁减
water down 冲淡
thin down 减少
run down 用光衰弱
wear down 削减,磨损
come down 下跌
knock down 降价

on: 继续(continuously)
carry on
drive on
fight on
hold on
keep on
live on
sleep on
sing on
walk on
go on
hurry on
move on
read on

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