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force [ fɔ:s] vt.强迫 n.力,力量

by force 凭借暴力;强迫地

in force (法律)有效的;大批地

put...in force 实施…;使…生效

come/go into force 生效,实施

in force 有效,实施中

come/go into force

in force

force [fɔ:s] vt. 强迫,迫使

force [fɔ:s] v.力,强度

forced [fɔrst] a.强制的

不承诺放弃使用武器 not undertake to renounce the use of force

不可抗力 force majeure

彻头彻尾的反动政治势力 an out and out reactionary political force

封杀出局 force out

缉私力量 the forces engaged in the fight against smuggling

解放生产力 emancipate the productive forces

快速反应部队 rapid response force

科技是第一生产力 Science and technology constitute a primary productive force.

欺行霸市价格 forced quotation

日本右翼势力 right-wing forces in Japan

三个有利于 three favorables (whether it promotes the growth of the productive forces in a socialist society, increases the overall strenth of the socialist state and raises the people's living standards

三个代表 three represents theory (The Party should always represent the development needs of China's advanced social productive forces, always represent the onward direction of China's advanced culture, and always represent the fundamental interests of the largest member of the Chinese people.)

威武之师,文明之师 mighty force and civilized force

to go (enter)into force 生效

to cease to be in effect/force 失效

填鸭式教学法 cramming/forced-feeding method of teaching

新增劳动力 incoming labor force

硬性分布法 forced distribution method

forced landing 迫降

customer organization of sales force 按客户组织销售队伍

functional organization of sales force 按销售职能组织销售队伍

geographical organization of sales force 按地区组织销售队伍

sales force estimates 销售人员估计

sales force size 销售队伍规模

sales force 销售队伍

付款颇为恶劣 to pay very badly; to never pay unless forced

下星期一以前未能清结本件款项, 不得已, 将委任我公司顾问律师处理。
We wish to state that if the account be not paid by Monday next, we shall be forced to place the matter in the hands o four solicitors.

Commandant, Hong Kong Auxiliary Police Force

Civil Force 公民力量

"Commander, People's Liberation Army Military Force in Hong Kong Special Administration Region" 中国解放军驻香港特别行政区部队司令员

People's Liberation Army Military Force in Hong Kong Special Administration Region 中国解放军驻香港特别行政区部队

From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw the conclusion that, although extra studies indeed enjoy many obvious advantages, its disadvantages shouldn't be ignored and far outweigh its advantages. It is absurd to force children to take extra studies after school.

Clamping force 夹持力,合模力

Ejection force 脱模力

军种战役学(含第二炮兵战役学) Armed Service Operation (including Operation of Strategic Missile Force)

Whether it would be beneficial to developing socialist productive forces 是否有利于发展社会主义生产力

Science and technology are the primary productive forces 科学技术是第一生产力

cheap labour force 廉价劳动力

labour force 劳动力

legal force 法律效力

reciprocating inertia force,1st order

reciprocating inertia force, 2nd order

centrifugal inertia force

forced-feed water circulation system

forced-air cooling

forced lubrication

forced exhaust

principal force

direction of principal force(PDOF)

forced shift

Evolution is not the force but a process, not a cause but a law.

We must focus on our sales force as the chief means of improving trade.

If you threaten me or use any force, I shall inform the police.

For two months the city was surrounded by enemy forces, and no supplies could be brought in.

It is important to understand the powerful economic and social forces at work behind their actions.

The failing of the project forced us to conclude that we had overestimated his abilities.

Using a gun to force people to do something is a crime.

I thought their laughter was rather forced.

The airplane had to make a forced landing because two of the engines were on fire.

This has forced airlines to discount fares heavily in order to encourage demand.

The submarine of the allied forces launched a torpedo at the enemy ship before it was detected.

He is at least content that there will be no immediate use of force.

The rebellion was crushed by the government forces.

We do not readily plunge into battle with such powerful forces.

The damage was caused by external forces. 损害是由外力引起的。

If we take the age-and sex-specific unemployment rates that existed in 1956 (when the overall unemployment rate was 4.1 percent) and weight them by the age- and sex-specific shares of the labor force that prevail currently, the overall unemployment rate becomes 5 percent.

It seems simple enough to distinguish between the organism and the surrounding environment and to separate forces acting on an organism into those that are internal and biological and those that are external and environmental.

If we look at man as an animal and try to analyze the environmental forces that are acting on the organism, we find that we have to deal with things like climate, soil, plants, and such like factors common to all biological situations; but we also find, always, very important environmental influences that we can only class as “cultural”, which modify the physical and biological factors.

His guilty conscience forced him to make a clean breast of everything.

The police had to employ force to break up the crowd.

The enemy was forced to retreat.

The rider forced his horse on through the storm.

The force of the explosion broke all the windows in the building.

The force of the wind is measured on a standard scale of 0-12.

Force can never destroy right.

Love cannot be forced

The drop hollows the stone, not by force, but by the frequency of its fall.

You may force a man to shut his eyes, but you cannot make him sleep.

Coercive force 矫顽力

Lines of force 磁力线

Magnetic force 磁化力

Fame is very much like an animal chasing his own tail who, when he captures is , does not know what else to do but to continue chasing it, Fame and the exhilarating celebrity that accompanies it, force the famous person to anticipate in his own destruction.
Howards Melvin, Ameican essayist

Our enemy has made us human and civilized by forcing us to suppress our narcissistic urges and desires for the good of all.
Howards Mel, American writer

Great men are the guide posts and landmarks in the state;are they who see that spiritual is stronger than any material force, that thoughts rule the world.
Jimmy Ellis, American boxer

Force , and fraud , are in war the two cardinal virtues.
Thomas Hobbes, British philosopher

Wherever in the world a people knows desperate want, there must appear at least the spark of hope, the hope of progress--or there will surely rise at last the flames of conflict.
Dwight Eisenhower,Commander in chief of the Allied forces in the second World War

@@@ 产生, 生效
arise from 由...而引起, 由...而产生
bring forth 引起, 使产生; 生(孩子)
come/spring into being & come into existence 诞生; 形成
come into effect 开始生效, 开始实行
grow out of 产生自...
have an impact/effect on 对...产生影响/作用
put in force 实施...; 使...生效
put into effect 实行; 使生效
result from 因...而产生; 是...的结果

up : 增加,变强(to a state of greater activity, force, strength, power and degree.
mount up 增加
pick up 振作,加快
pluck up 振作
turn up 开打,开大, 出现
shake up 震惊
steam up 使发怒
stir up 激起,搅起
ease up 放松
warm up 兴奋
speak up 大声说
heat up 变热
total up 加总
tense up 紧张
gather up 收集
speed up 加速
screw up 振作
build up 增大
show up 显现
cheer up 振作起来
stir up 刺激
work up 激动,刺激
- 用在带"-en"后缀的动词后(used after the verbs with suffix of -en)
brighten up 发亮
fatten up 发胖
freshen up使新鲜
harden up变硬
sharpen up 变快
smarten up 变精明
strengthen up 加强
sweeten up 变甜
tighten up 使紧密
toughen up 使强壮
soften up 变软

down : 停止,减弱(to a state of less activity, force, strength and power)
close down 关闭
drop down 突然停止
break down 坏了,中止
run down 停止
settle down 平静下来
cool down 冷静下来
turn down 拒绝
die down 停止
lay down 失望
put down 镇压 4) 紧紧地,牢牢地(firmly, tightly)
fasten down 系牢
chain down 链住,栓住
clamp down 夹住
nail down 钉住
pin down 扣牢
hammer down 钉上
tie down 栓住
bind down 捆绑
draw down 停下来

in force 生效,有效;在实施中;大量的

This credit shall remain in force until 15th August 197 in China

This contract will come into force as soon as it is signed by two parties.

暴力 force; violence

被迫的 constrained; forced; compelled

逼 compel; force

勒逼 coerce; force

强逼 compel; force

八国联军 [bā guó lián jūn] /the Eight Power Allied Force/

八级风 [bā jí fēng] /force 8 wind/fresh gale/

霸 [bà] /feudal chief/rule by force/tyrant/lord/master/hegemon/usurp/

霸道 [bà dào] /overbearing/high-handed/(of liquor, medicine, etc) strong/potent/(feudal) rule by force/

暴风 [bào fēng] /storm wind/storm (force 11 wind)/

暴力 [bào lì] /violence/(use) force/violent/

被迫 [bèi pò] /be compelled/be forced/

逼 [bī] /force/compel/drive/press for/extort/press on towards/press up to/close in on/close/

逼宫 [bī gōng] /force the king or emperor to abdicate/

逼迫 [bī pò] /force/compel/coerce/

逼上梁山 [bī shàng liáng shān] /be driven to join the Liangshan Mountain rebels/be driven to revolt/be forced to do something desperate/

避实就虚 [bì shí jiù xū] /stay clear of the enemy's main force and/strike at his weak points/

兵 [bīng] /soldiers/a force/an army/weapons/arms/military/warlike/

兵力 [bīng lì] /military strength/armed forces/troops/

兵马 [bīng mǎ] /troops and horses/military forces/

兵种 [bīng zhǒng] /(military) branch of the armed forces/

部队 [bù duì] /army/armed forces/troops/force/unit/

不可抗力 [bù kě kàng lì] /force majeure/

冲突 [chōng tú] /conflict/conflict/clash of opposing forces/contention/

冲 [chòng] /of great force/towards/

动力 [dòng lì] /power/motion/propulsion/force/

夺得 [duó dé] /(v) force one's way; achieve by force/

奋勇 [fèn yǒng] /(adv) using extreme force of will; without fear/

风力 [fēng lì] /wind-force/wind power/

共产党部队 [gòng chǎn dǎng bù duì] /communist forces/

国民党军队 [guó mín dǎng jūn duì] /nationalist forces/

海空军 [hǎi kōng jūn] /navy and air force/

精干 [jīng gàn] /crack (troops)/special (forces)/highly capable/

静态 [jìng tài] /state of not working/static (as in electrostatic force)/

军事力量 [jūn shì lì liang ] /military strength/military force(s)/

空防 [kōng fáng] /air force/air defense/

空军 [kōng jūn] /air force/

劳动力 [láo dòng lì] /labor force/manpower/

力 [lì] /power/force/strength/

力量 [lì liang ] /power/force/strength/

流亡 [liú wáng] /to (force into) exile/

陆海空三军 [lù hǎi kōng sān jūn] /army, navy, air force/

美军 [měi jūn] /US army/US armed forces/

勉强 [miǎn qiǎng] /manage (to do something) with difficulty/force somebody to do something/

迫 [pò] /to force/to compel/pressing/urgent/

迫使 [pò shǐ] /force (someone to do something)/

气势 [qì shì] /(n) look of great force or imposing manner/

强 [qiáng] /strength/force/power/powerful/better/

强加 [qiáng jiā] /impose by force/

强劲 [qiáng jìng] /powerful/with force/

强迫 [qiǎng pò] /compel/force/

软硬兼施 [ruǎn yìng jiān shī] /use both carrot and stick/use gentle methods and force/an iron hand in a velvet glove/

生机 [shēng jī] /(n) opportunity to life; reprieve from death/(n) life force; vitality/

生命 [shēng mìng] /life (force)/

特种部队 [tè zhǒng bù duì] /(military) special forces/

团结 [tuán jié] /(hold a) rally/join forces/

推动力 [tuī dòng lì] /driving force/

外力 [wài lì] /(n) external force; foreign pressure/

威风 [wēi fēng] /(n) impressive force; power/

维和部队 [wéi hé bù duì] /peace-keeping force/

武力 [wǔ lì] /(make use of) military force/military force/military power/military might/

武装 [wǔ zhuāng] /arms/equipment/to arm/military/armed (forces)/

武装部队 [wǔ zhuāng bù duì] /armed forces/

现行 [xiàn xíng] /be in effect/in force/

繇 [yáo] /folk-song/forced labor/

氤 [yīn] /generative forces/magic emanation/

引力 [yǐn lì] /gravitation (force)/attraction/

元帅 [yuán shuài] /a marshal (in the armed forces)/

栽 [zāi] /to force/to stick in/to plant/

只好 [zhǐ hǎo] /to have to/to be forced to/

主力 [zhǔ lì] /main force/main strength of an army/

Just three weeks before the Court's ruling on physician-assisted suicide, the National Academy of Science (NAS) released a two-volume report, Approaching Death: Improving Care at the End of Life.
It identifies the undertreatment of pain and the aggressive use of "ineffectual and forced medical procedures that may prolong and even dishonor the period of dying" as the twin problems of end-of-life care.

A great deal of attention is being paid today to the so-called digital divide — the division of the world into the info(information) rich and the info poor.
And that divide does exist today.
My wife and I lectured about this looming danger twenty years ago.
What was less visible then, however, were the new, positive forces that work against the digital divide.
There are reasons to be optimistic.

The world is going through the biggest wave of mergers and acquisitions ever witnessed.
The process sweeps from hyperactive America to Europe and reaches the emerging countries with unsurpassed might.
Many in these countries are looking at this process and worrying: "Won't the wave of business concentration turn into an uncontrollable anti-competitive force?"

I believe that the most important forces behind the massive M&A wave are the same that underlie the globalization process: falling transportation and communication costs, lower trade and investment barriers and enlarged markets that require enlarged operations capable of meeting customers' demands.

A history of long and effortless success can be a dreadful handicap, but, if properly handled, it may become a driving force.
When the United States entered just such a glowing period after the end of the Second World War, it had a market eight times larger than any competitor, giving its industries unparalleled economies of scale. Its scientists were the world's best, its workers the most skilled.

Few creations of big technology capture the imagination like giant dams.
Perhaps it is humankind's long suffering at the mercy of flood and drought that makes the ideal of forcing the waters to do our bidding so fascination.
But to be fascinated is also, sometimes, to be blind. Several giant dam projects threaten to do more harm than good.

Among the many shaping factors, I would single out the country's excellent elementary schools; a labor force that welcomed the new technology; the practice of giving premiums to inventors; and above all the American genius for nonverbal, "spatial" thinking about things technological.

When all these shaping forces — schools, open attitudes, the premium system, a genius for spatial thinking — interacted with one another on the rich US mainland, they produced that American characteristic emulation.
Today that word implies mere imitation. But in earlier times it meant a friendly but competitive striving for fame and excellence.

Advertising does more for the material benefit of the community than any other force I can think of.

{adj: Sri Lankan, Ceylonese} of or relating to Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) or its people or culture
"Sri Lankan beaches"
"Sri Lankan forces fighting the Sinhalese rebels"

{adj: Union, Federal} being of or having to do with the northern United States and those loyal to the Union during the American Civil War
"Union soldiers"
"Federal forces"
"a Federal infantryman"

{adj: acquired} gotten through environmental forces
"acquired characteristics (such as a suntan or a broken nose) cannot be passed on"

{adj: active, combat-ready, fighting} engaged in or ready for military or naval operations
"on active duty"
"the platoon is combat-ready"
"review the fighting forces"

{adj: allegiant} steadfast in devotion (especially to your lawful monarch or government)
"it is impossible to be allegiant to two opposing forces"

{adj: appressed, adpressed} pressed close to or lying flat against something
"adpressed hairs along the plant's stem"
"igneous rocks...closely appressed by this force"-L.V.Pirsson

{adj: at bay, cornered, trapped, treed} forced to turn and face attackers
"a stag at bay"
"she had me cornered between the porch and her car"
"like a trapped animal"

{adj: attractive, magnetic} having the properties of a magnet; the ability to draw or pull
"an attractive force"
"the knife hung on a magnetic board"
<-> repulsive

{adj: autonomous, independent, self-governing, sovereign} (of political bodies) not controlled by outside forces
"an autonomous judiciary"
"a sovereign state"

{adj: ballistic} relating to or characteristic of the motion of objects moving under their own momentum and the force of gravity
"ballistic missile"

{adj: beastly, bestial, brute, brutish} resembling a beast; showing lack of human sensibility
"beastly desires"
"a bestial nature"
"brute force"
"a dull and brutish man"
"bestial treatment of prisoners"

{adj: benefic} exerting a favorable or beneficent influence
"a benefic star"
"a benefic force"

{adj: besieged} surrounded by hostile forces
"the besieged town"

{adj: big} marked by intense physical force
"a big wind"

{adj: black, dark, sinister} stemming from evil characteristics or forces; wicked or dishonorable
"black deeds"
"a black lie"
"his black heart has concocted yet another black deed"
"Darth Vader of the dark side"
"a dark purpose"
"dark undercurrents of ethnic hostility"
"the scheme of some sinister intelligence bent on punishing him"-Thomas Hardy

{adj: blasting, ruinous} causing injury or blight; especially affecting with sudden violence or plague or ruin
"the blasting effects of the intense cold on the budding fruit"
"the blasting force of the wind blowing sharp needles of sleet in our faces"
"a ruinous war"

{adj: blown} (of glass) formed by forcing air into a molten ball
"blown glass"

{adj: blue} used to signify the Union forces in the American Civil War (who wore blue uniforms)
"a ragged blue line"

{adj: bombproof, shellproof} able to resist the explosive force of bombs and shells
"bombproof shelter"

{adj: brainwashed} subjected to intensive forced indoctrination resulting in the rejection of old beliefs and acceptance of new ones
"brainwashed prisoners of war"
"captive audiences for TV commercials can become brainwashed consumers"
<-> unbrainwashed

{adj: called, named} given or having a specified name
"they called his name Jesus"
"forces...which Empedocles called `love' and `hate'"
"an actor named Harold Lloyd"
"a building in Cardiff named the Temple of Peace"

{adj: centrifugal} tending to move away from a center
"centrifugal force"
<-> centripetal

{adj: centripetal} tending to move toward a center
"centripetal force"
<-> centrifugal

{adj: checked, curbed} held back from some action especially by force

{adj: chemisorptive, chemosorptive} having the capacity to adsorb by chemical as contrasted with physical forces

{adj: colossal, prodigious, stupendous} so great in size or force or extent as to elicit awe
"colossal crumbling ruins of an ancient temple"
"has a colossal nerve"
"a prodigious storm"
"a stupendous field of grass"
"stupendous demand"

{adj: compelling} driving or forcing
"compelling ambition"

{adj: constrained, forced, strained} lacking spontaneity; not natural
"a constrained smile"
"forced heartiness"
"a strained smile"

{adj: continuing} remaining in force or being carried on without letup
"the act provided a continuing annual appropriation"
"the continuing struggle to put food on the table"

{adj: counterbalanced, counterpoised} brought into equipoise by means of a weight or force that offsets another

{adj: dead, defunct} no longer in force or use; inactive
"a defunct (or dead) law"
"a defunct organization"

{adj: deadlocked, stalemated} at a complete standstill because of opposition of two unrelenting forces or factions
"the chess game ended with white stalemated"
"the two factions are deadlocked over fringe benefits"

{adj: dead} no longer having force or relevance
"a dead issue"

{adj: dead} not showing characteristics of life especially the capacity to sustain life; no longer exerting force or having energy or heat
"Mars is a dead planet"
"a dead battery"
"dead soil"
"dead coals"
"the fire is dead"
<-> live

{adj: defiant, noncompliant} boldly resisting authority or an opposing force
"brought up to be aggressive and defiant"
"a defiant attitude"
<-> compliant

{adj: desperate, heroic} showing extreme courage; especially of actions courageously undertaken in desperation as a last resort
"made a last desperate attempt to reach the climber"
"the desperate gallantry of our naval task forces marked the turning point in the Pacific war"- G.C.Marshall
"they took heroic measures to save his life"

{adj: despoiled, pillaged, raped, ravaged, sacked} having been robbed and destroyed by force and violence
"the raped countryside"

{adj: die-cast} formed by forcing molten metal into a die
"a die-cast seal"

{adj: disconnected, disunited, fragmented, split} having been divided; having the unity destroyed
"Congress...gave the impression of...a confusing sum of disconnected local forces"-Samuel Lubell
"a league of disunited nations"- E.B.White
"a fragmented coalition"
"a split group"

{adj: dissilient} bursting open with force, as do some ripe seed vessels

{adj: driven, impelled} urged or forced to action through moral pressure
"felt impelled to take a stand against the issue"

{adj: driving, impulsive} having the power of driving or impelling
"a driving personal ambition"
"the driving force was his innate enthusiasm"
"an impulsive force"

{adj: dubious} not convinced
"they admitted the force of my argument but remained dubious"

{adj: dynamic, dynamical} characterized by action or forcefulness or force of personality
"a dynamic market"
"a dynamic speaker"
"the dynamic president of the firm"
<-> undynamic

{adj: easy, easygoing, leisurely} not hurried or forced
"an easy walk around the block"
"at a leisurely (or easygoing) pace"

{adj: effective, good, in effect, in force} exerting force or influence
"the law is effective immediately"
"a warranty good for two years"
"the law is already in effect (or in force)"

{adj: energizing, energising, kinetic} supplying motive force
"the complex civilization of which Rome was the kinetic center"- H.O.Taylor

{adj: enforced, implemented} forced or compelled or put in force
"a life of enforced inactivity"
"enforced obedience"
<-> unenforced

{adj: equivocal} open to question
"aliens of equivocal loyalty"
"his conscience reproached him with the equivocal character of the union into which he had forced his son"-Anna Jameson

{adj: evidential, evidentiary} serving as or based on evidence
"evidential signs of a forced entry"
"its evidentiary value"

{adj: expansive} able or tending to expand or characterized by expansion
"Expansive materials"
"the expansive force of fire"
<-> unexpansive

{adj: expeditionary} (used of military forces) designed for military operations abroad
"the French expeditionary force in Indochina"

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