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fine [ fain] a.美好的;纤细的

fine [ fain] n.罚金,罚款

fine a. 细的,晴朗,美好,(身体)健康的

fine [fain] n.& v. 罚款

乱收费、乱摊派、乱罚款 "arbitrary charges, fund-raising quotas and fines"

政治合格,军事过硬,作风优良, 纪律严明,保障有力 "be qualified politically and competent militarily, have a fine style of work, maintain strict discipline and be assured of adequate logistical support"

AFT Automatic Fine Tuning 自动微调

Fine wood board 纤维板

fine quality 优质

fine print 细则

太好了。请告诉我班机号码与起飞时间? That will be fine. What's the flight number and departure time?

Fine views of London 伦敦美景

综合性大学 comprehensive university
文科大学 university of liberal arts
文科院校 colleges of art
理工科大学 college/university of science and engineering
师范大学 normal university; teachers' university
师范学院 teachers' college
工业大学 polytechnical university
工业学院 engineering institute
农业大学 agricultural university
农学院 agricultural college
医科大学 medical university
医学院 medical college/school
中医院 institute of traditional Chinese medicine
音乐学院 conservatory of music
美术学院 academy of fine arts
体育学院 physical culture institute

乱收费、乱摊派、乱罚款 arbitrary charges, fund-raising, quotas and fines

美术学 Fine Arts

Anybody can sympathize with the sufferings of a friend, but it requires a very fine nature to sympathize with a friend's success.

No fine work can be done without concentration and self-sacrifice and toil and doubt.

Very fine shades of meaning cannot easily be conveyed with a limited word bank.

It suits me fine.

The machine works fine if you oil it.

The students took advantage of the fine weather today to play tennis.

He is doing fine in the company.

It's a shame to see so many fine old houses being made into flats.

The “I to you” approach is fine in the US, but it’s not feasible in Japan.

Fine, thanks.And you?

I'm fine, too.

We'll have fine weather for the next few days?

That's ok/fine.

If it had been fine, we would have gone to the park.

It's a fine day。 今天是个好天。

He set up a fine example to all of us. 他为我们树立了一个好榜样。

Unfortunately you'll have to pay the fine before you check those books out.在你借书之前你要先付清罚款。

Remember you may be taken to court for not doing so, and you may be fined if you cannot prove to? ?the court that you have been excused from wearing it.

She gave birth to a fine healthy baby.

We are hoping to go for a day in the country if the weather's fine tomorrow.

He is famous for his fine acting.

He is a very fine musician.

Please cut up the vegetables very fine.

Have you handed in your fine?

He was fined 200 dollars.

Jack, what time do you want to go bowling? (杰克,你想什么时候去打保龄球呀?)
Whenever. I'm free all day. (什么时候都可以。我一整天都有空。)
Whenever you are free. (什么时间都行,只要你有时间。)
Any day is okay. (哪天都行。)
Any day of the week is fine. (星期几都行。)
Anytime is fine.

That day is fine.

Fine, thank you.
I'm fine, thank you.

How's your family?
How's your family? (你的家人怎么样?)
Everyone's fine. (大家都很好。)

It's a fine day today.
It's beautiful today.
It's nice today.

That's fine with me.
How's tomorrow? (明天怎么样?)
That's fine with me. (我没问题。)
That sounds good.
Sounds like a good idea to me.

Fine. *这是种常用的表达方式,表示带有“无可挑剔的”、“不错的”、“好的”等语感。
How was the proposal? (这个建议怎么样?)
Fine. (很好!)
How's everything? (一切都好吗?)
Fine. (很好呀!)
It's acceptable.

It'll work out. *work out 表示“进展顺利”、“解决”。
I don't know what to do! (我不知道该怎么办!)
I'm sure it'll work out. (别担心,总会有办法的。)
Everything will be fine. (一切都会顺利的。)
Things will work out.

要想说人“气色好”。“You look fine !”当然不错,可如果你说”You’re in the pink !”就妙得多了,实际上,在英语口语中,表示颜色的词用起来非常形象生动。

Evening red and morning grey are the sign of a fine day.

Everything new is fine.

Fine clothes make the man.

Fine feathers do not make fine birds.

Fine feathers make fine birds.

Fine words butter no parsnips.

Fine words dress ill deeds.

Hard words break no bones, fine words butter no parsnips.

Many a fine dish has nothing on it.

Never trust of fine words.

Rain before seven; fine before eleven.

Soft (or Fine or Kind) words butter no parsnips.

Everything will be fine.

A I need to make a copy of this document.
A 这份文件我需要一个副本。
B Go ask the Business Centre. They’ll be able to do it. Do you need just a photocopy or a scan?
B 到商务中心问一下。他们能做到。你需要复印还是扫描?
A Can I scan the document? I need a scan because I need to e-mail a copy.
A 我能扫描这份文件吗?我需要一份扫描的,因为我需要用电子邮件发送。
B Do you want it in colour or black and white?
B 你需要彩色的还是黑白的?
A I’m not sure. I think black and white is probably fine.
A 我不确定。我想黑白的可能就行。
B Well, black and white will be cheaper. Anyway, go and ask the Business Centre.
B 哦,黑白的会便宜一些。不管怎样,去到商务中心问问吧。

A I just want to use the internet for about half an hour.
A 我只需上网大约半个小时。
B The same for me. I need to check my e-mails and send some.
B 我也是。我需要看一下我的电子邮件以及发送几封电子邮件。
A How much does it cost to use the internet?
A 上网需要多少钱?
B It should be quite cheap. It usually depends on the time – how long you are online.
B 应该很便宜。通常依时间而定——你上网的时间。
A Well, let’s ask how much it costs. Half an hour is enough for me.
A 哦,咱们问问需要多少钱。半小时对我足够了。
B Yes, 30 minutes is fine for me too.
B 是的,30分钟对我也够了。

A Go on. Come to the party. You’ll enjoy it.
A 去吧。去参加晚会吧。你会很开心的。
B I don’t know. Are you sure it’s OK for me to come with you?
B 我不知道。你肯定我和你一起去合适吗?
A Yes, don’t worry. It will be really good. There should be food, drinks and music.
A 是的, 别担心了。会非常好的。应该有食物、饮料和音乐。
B I must admit, it sounds interesting. OK, I’ll come.
B 我必须承认,这听起来很吸引人。好吧,我去。
A Good. Shall we meet after work on Thursday, about 6? We can catch a taxi together to the party.
A 好极了。我们周四下班后大约6点见面好吗?我们可以乘出租车一起去参加晚会 。
B Yes, that’s fine. See you at 6 on Thursday. Bye!
B 好的,可以。周四6点见。再见!

A We could go out to the Summer Palace on the weekend if it’s nice weather. And maybe the Ming Tombs too.
A 如果天气好的话,这个周末我们可以去颐和园。也许还去明十三陵。
B That would be nice. Do you have a car?
B 那好啊。你有车吗?
A Yes, I do. I’ve got a car. I could pick you up on Saturday early morning and we could drive before it gets busy.
A 是的,我有。我有一辆小汽车。我可以在周六早晨早早接你,然后我们在交通变得繁忙之前驾车出行。
B That would be fine if it’s OK for you on Saturday early morning.
B 如果周六清早对你合适的话就太好了。
A I prefer it earlier. It’s nicer driving. The roads are quieter, not so busy.
A 我喜欢早一点。那时开车比较好。道路比较安静,车辆不多。
B That’s true. And it’s usually quieter on Saturday anyway.
B 是这样。而且周六通常要安静一些。

A Do you cycle to work everyday?
A 你每天骑自行车上班吗?
B Nearly everyday. If it’s raining or freezing cold and windy, I’ll catch the bus.
B 几乎每天都是。如果是下雨或者刮风以及寒冷的天气,我就乘公共汽车。
A Do you enjoy cycling? Especially in all the traffic in Beijing?
A 你喜欢骑自行车吗?尤其是在北京这么多的车辆当中?
B I don’t mind it. It keeps me fit. And it’s OK if the weather is fine and I’m not too tired.
B 我不在乎。骑自行车使我强壮。而且如果天气好、我也不太累的话骑车可以。
A I know what you mean. I love cycling. But the traffic is so heavy in Beijing. Cycling looks pretty dangerous!
A 我明白你的意思。我爱骑自行车。但是北京的交通太拥挤了。骑自行车看起来相当危险!
B Yes, it can be. There are some pretty bad drivers. You have to cycle carefully.
B 是的,可能很危险。有一些很糟糕的司机。你骑自行车的时候要小心。

A Hi, Yanjing. Can we have a word?
A 你好,燕静。我们能谈一下吗?
B Yes, but this week is difficult. I have meetings all day today and Thursday and Friday.
B 是的,但是这周很难。今天和周四、周五我整天都开会。
B And a big meeting early next week.
B 下周初还有一个大型的会。
A When's your meeting next week?
A 你下周什么时间开会?
B It's on Tuesday. Tuesday morning.
B 周二,周二上午。
A Right. Can we get together on Monday?
A 对。我们周一能聚一下吗?
B Fine. Monday afternoon is good for me. What time?
B 可以,我周一下午合适。什么时间聚?

A I want to see you before you meet Mr. Li on the 15th.
A 我想在你15日见李先生之前见你。
B I can't make the 11th or the 12th.
B 11日和12日我不行.
A How about the 14th?
A 14日怎么样?
B No, not the 14th, I'm sorry. I’m tied up all day with work.
B 不,14日不行。很抱歉。我整天都有事。
A How about the 13th, then? Can you do the 13th?
A 那么13日怎么样?你13日行吗?
B Yes, no problem. The 13th is fine. ?
B 是的,没问题。13日可以。
A Would 11am suit you?
A 11点行吗?
B Yes. So we'll meet on the 13th at 11am. Excellent!
B 是的。那么我们13日上午11点见。太好了!

A Hello, Ping. Did you get the tickets?
A 你好,平! 你拿到票了吗?
B Yes, I did. I collected them this morning when the ticket-office opened.
B 是的,我拿到了。今天早晨售票处开门的时候我拿到的。
A Good. Can we check dates? I'll just get my diary.
A 好。我们能查看一下日期吗?我就把我的日志拿来。
B Okay? The concert is on the 12th at 8pm.
B 好的。音乐会是12日下午8点开始。
A The 12th. Fine. I'm really looking forward to that concert. And the opera?
A 12日。好。我特别期待这场音乐会。那歌剧是什么时候 ?
B It's on the 23rd at 7pm.
B 23日下午7点。

A Hello, Neil. When do you want to meet?
A 你好,尼尔!你想什么时候见面?
B Let's meet at quarter to seven this evening.
B 咱们今晚差一刻七点见。
A 6:45 this evening. Fine. At the theatre?
A 今晚6:45。好的。在剧院见面吗?
B Yes, we'll have time for a drink and a chat.
B 是的。我们将有时间喝一杯,聊一聊。
A When does the performance begin?
A 演出什么时候开始?
B At 7:45. So we'll have a full hour before it begins.
B 7:45 开始。所以在开演前我们有整整一个小时的时间。

A I'd like to talk to you about an idea I've got.
A 我想和你谈谈我的想法。
B OK, that sounds interesting. When would you like to meet?
B 好啊,听起来很有趣。你想什么时候见面?
A Tomorrow some time? When are you free? What's best for you?
A 明天的某个时间怎样?你什么时候有空?什么时间对你最合适?
B I'm busy in the morning, but we could meet late afternoon or early evening.
B 我上午很忙,但是我们可以在下午晚些时候或者晚上早些时候见面。
A Late afternoon would suit me. I can do any time after 3.
A 下午晚些时候对我合适。下午3点以后我都行。
B Fine. How about 4:30?
B 好。4点半怎么样?

A How's your head? How do you feel this morning?
A 你的头怎么样了?你今天早晨感觉如何?
B About the same. I still don't feel 100%.
B 差不多,还那样。我还是没有完全好。
A If you don't get better, you should go to see a doctor.
A 如果你不好转的话,应该去看医生。
B I'll be fine. Don't worry about me.
B 我会好的。不要为我担心。
A Well, why not rest this morning? I'll look in at lunchtime.
A 哦,为什么上午不休息呢?我吃午饭的时候顺便去看你。
B Thanks. I’ll have a little rest this morning. I'm sure I'll be fine.
B 谢谢。今天上午我将稍稍休息一下。我想我肯定会好的。

A Here's the taxi. Let me help you in.
A 出租车来了。我帮你上车。.
B Thanks. It was stupid of me to go out in the sun.
B 谢谢。出去到大太阳下,我太傻了。
A Do you still feel faint?
A 你还感觉晕吗?
B Yes, and my headache is worse.
B 是的,我头痛得更厉害了。
A Well, you can have a check-up at he hospital. Don't worry. You'll be fine.
A 哦,你可以在医院做检查。不要担心。你会好的。
B This is all my own fault.
B 这都是我自己的错。

A Good morning, Mrs Baker. ?How are you today?
A 贝克夫人早晨好!您今天好吗?
B I’m fine, thank you. Can I book trips here at the hotel?
B 我很好,谢谢你。我能在旅馆里预订旅游行程吗?
A Yes, of course. We can arrange lots of different excursions.
A 是的,当然可以。我们能安排多种不同的游览行程。
B I want to book a trip to the Great Wall and the Ming Tombs.
B 我想预订去长城和明十三陵的游览行程。
A An excellent choice! And when do you want to go?
A 很棒的选择!您想什么时候去?
B Tomorrow, if possible.
B 明天,如果可能的话。

A Operator speaking. Can I help you?
A 我是接线员。您需要帮忙吗?
B Yes, thank you. What do I dial for an outside line?
B 是的,谢谢。打外线需要先拨什么?
A If you want a local number, please dial 9.
A 如果你想打市话,请先拨9。
B Fine. Thank you. And if I want to make an international call?
B 好的。谢谢。如果我想打国际电话呢?
A Then I can connect you.
A 那我替你接线。
B Thanks. Can I call Canada, please?
B 谢谢。我能打往加拿大吗?

A Hello Paul. Sorry I can’t meet you tomorrow. I’ve got a meeting tomorrow morning at ten-thirty.
A 你好,保罗。对不起,我明天不能和你见面。我明天上午10点半有个会。
B Don’t worry. I know you are very busy. Perhaps we could meet in the afternoon?
B 没关系。我知道你很忙。也许我们明天下午可以见面?
A That would be great. How are you fixed around 2 o’clock?
A 那太好了。2点左右你有安排吗?
B Two is fine. I can easily make 2. Let’s meet then.
B 2点可以。2点我很容易安排。我们就那时候见吧。

A Hello, is that the Hairdressing Salon?
A 你好!是美发厅吗?
B Yes. How can I help you?
B 是的。您有什么需要?
A I’d like to book an appointment, please. To get my hair done.
A 我想预约去做头发。
B No problem. What time would you like to come?
B 没问题。您想什么时候过来?
A Sometime this afternoon, if possible. Is that ok?
A 今天下午某个时间,如果可以的话。下午可以吗?
B Yes, that should be no problem. Would 3pm be fine?
B 好的,下午没问题。3点可以吗?

A Can I book an alarm call for tomorrow morning, please?
A 我能预约明天早晨叫我起床吗?
B Certainly, sir. What time?
B 当然可以,先生。什么时间叫您?
A Well, I need to get up very early. About 5.15 would be fine for the alarm call.
A 哦,我要起得很早。大约5:15叫我起床就可以。
B That’s no problem. 5.15 is booked for your alarm call. What’s your room number?
B 没问题。5:15叫您起床。您的房间号是多少?
A It’s eight-two-one-six. 8216.
A 是8-2-1-6。8216。
B OK sir. That’s done. Alarm call for Room 8216 at 5.15 tomorrow morning.
B 好的,先生。就这么定了。明早5:15叫8216房间的先生起床。

A Hi! This is my friend Gao.
A 你好!这是我的朋友高。
B Hi Gao. How are you doing? It’s good to meet you.
B 你好,高。你好吗?很高兴认识你。
A I’m fine, thanks. What are you guys up to?
A 我很好,谢谢。你们要去做什么?
B We’re going for a drink. Want to join us?
B 我们要去喝点什么。你想和我们一起去吗?
A Cool. That sounds good. Where are you going?
A 好啊! 听起来不错。你们要去哪里?
B There’s a good coffee bar in the hotel over there.
B 在那边的旅馆里有一家不错的咖啡馆。

A I’m really pleased you finally made it to Beijing!
A 我非常高兴你最终设法来到北京!
B Thank you. And I’m delighted I could make it. It’s great to meet you after all this time.
B 谢谢你。我也很高兴我最终能来。这么久之后能见到你非常开心。
A Well, please have a seat. Can I get you a tea, or coffee, or water?
A 哦,请坐。我能给你拿杯 茶、咖啡或者水吗?
B Tea would be fine thanks. I’m so looking forward to my visit.
B 茶就可以,谢谢。我一直期待着能到这里。
A Yes, I’m sure you’ll really enjoy Beijing.
A 是的,我肯定你在北京将非常愉快。
B I’ve got so much I want to see and do.
B 我有这么多要看的东西和要做的事情。

A I’m afraid I have to go. I’ve got an early start tomorrow.
A 我恐怕得走了。我明天早晨得早起。
B Don’t worry. Anyway, it’s been good to see you again. Are you free tomorrow?
B 别担心。不管怎么说,很高兴再次见到你。你明天有空吗?
A Tomorrow? I might be. What time?
A 明天?我可能有空。什么时候?
B How about early evening, just after work? Around six – for dinner.
B 晚上一下班的时候如何?大约6点左右吃晚饭。
A I think that should be fine.
A 我想应该可以。
B Or lunchtime, if that’s easier for you. I’m free either time.
B 或者一起吃午饭,如果对你更方便的话。我两个时间都有空。
A Early evening is best. Shall we say six – in the hotel lobby?
A 傍晚的时候最好。我们6点在旅馆大厅见面好吗?

A Let’s meet later, after work. What time’s best for you?
A 咱们晚些时候见,下班后见面。对你来说最佳的时间是什么时候?
B About 6 should be fine. Where’s the best place for you to meet?
B 6点左右应该可以。在哪里见面对你最合适?
A Somewhere in Wangfujing Street would be good.
A 在王府井的某个地方就可以。
B How about meeting in front of the Xinhua Bookstore? Is that ok for you?
B 在新华书店前面见面怎么样?对你合适吗?
A That’s perfect. See you there at 6.
A 完全可以。6点见。
B I’ll wait for you just outside the shop. See you later.
B 我就在书店外面等你。再见。

A I’ll join you in 30 minutes. I’ve just got to check my e-mail.
A 我30分钟后就能跟你碰头。我要看看我的电子邮件。
B Ok. No problem. I’ll wait in the coffee shop for you.
B 好,没问题。我将在咖啡厅里等你。
A Fine. Now where is the business centre in the hotel? Do you know?
A 好的。旅馆的商务中心在哪里?你知道吗?
B Oh, yes – to check your e-mail. It’s upstairs, on the first floor.
B 哦,是的——你要看看你的电子邮件。在楼上,在二楼。
A I’ll find it. See you in the coffee shop soon – order me a coffee.
A 我会找到的。我会很快与你在咖啡厅见面——替我点杯咖啡。

A I’ll see you tomorrow at the hotel. Have a good evening.
A 我明天将到旅馆看你。祝你晚上愉快。
B Thanks. What time will you come tomorrow?
B 谢谢。你明天什么时候来?
A How about just before 10? I won’t be late.
A 10点前怎么样?我不会去太晚的。
B Where shall I meet you? In the coffee shop?
B 我们在哪里见面好呢?在咖啡厅吗?
A Yes, that’s fine. After that, we’ll go and visit some markets.
A 好,可以。见面后,我们去逛逛市场。
B Good! I’m going to buy a lot of presents to take home.
B 好啊!我将买很多礼物带回家。

A What’s a good time for you to meet this evening?
A 今晚什么时候见面对你合适?
B How about six forty-five?
B 6点45怎么样?
A 6.45 this evening. Fine. At the hotel?
A 今晚6点45,好的。在旅馆吗?
B Yes, we'll have time for a drink and a chat before dinner.
B 是的,在晚餐前我们将有时间喝一杯,聊一聊。
A When do we have to be at the restaurant?
A 我们什么时候必须到餐馆?
B At 7.45. So we've got plenty of time.
B 7点45。所以我们有足够的时间。

Hello 你好!
Good morning 早上好!
Good afternoon 下午好!
Good evening 晚上好!
Hi! 你好!
How are you? 你身体好吗?
Fine, thanks. 好,谢谢!
Thank you. 谢谢你!
And you? 你呢?

Good morning, sir. Can I help you?
先生,早上好! 我能帮忙吗?
Yes, thanks. I’m Mr Smith. I have a reservation.
Welcome to the Beijing Hotel, Mr Smith.
Thank you.
Can I have your passport, please?
Yes, here it is.
Thank you. Can you sign here, please?
That’s fine, Mr Smith. Here’s your key. Room 8216.
Thank you.

What time shall we meet tomorrow?
I’m not sure. In the morning? What time is best for you?
Anytime between 10 and 12.
How about 11 o’clock then?
That sounds fine to me.
OK. See you at eleven.
OK, bye. See you then.

See you tomorrow.
OK. See you tomorrow. What time can you come?
好 ,明天见。你什么时候能来?
Is twelve o’clock OK?
Yes, that’s fine. Where shall we meet?
In the hotel lobby?
OK. That’s easy. In the hotel lobby at twelve o’clock. Bye.
Goodnight. See you at 12.

It’s cold today!
Yes. Yesterday was better. It was nice and sunny.
And tomorrow is going to be OK, I think.
Maybe we should go shopping today.

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