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drink [ driŋk] vt.饮 vi.喝 n.饮料

drunk [ drʌŋk] a.醉的;陶醉的

be in drink 喝醉了

be on the drink 常常喝酒,酗酒

drink down 以酒消(愁)

drink to 为…干杯,为…祝福

drink up 喝干净,喝完

drink n. 饮料;喝酒 v. 喝,饮

drunk [drʌŋk] a. 醉的

soft drink n. (不含酒精)清凉饮料

Cold Drink Shop 冷饮店

Food and Drink Shop 饮食店

eating and drinking establishment: 餐饮店

Drinks purchased are for taken away only 饮料仅供外卖

Superb cuisine and wide selection of drinks. 美味佳肴,各种饮料

soft drink 汽水

He had one over the eight after be drank only half bottle of the wine。

How about a drink tonight?

We drink without thirst, and we make love any time, madame. Only this distinguishes us from the other animals.

We drink one another's healthes and spoil our own.

It embarrassed her that her husband was drunk at the dinner.

I can't drink it hot.
它太烫, 我没法喝。

Will all of you join with me in drinking a toast to the success of this business!

At a nearby table a man was drinking coffee.

I think I'll have a cold drink rather than coffee.

I think I'll have a cold drink rather than coffee.

She looks almost as if she were drunk.

The picnic dinner consisted of chicken, salad, vegetables, cake, and drinks.

I drink an occasional cup of coffee; but usually I take tea.

She meets her old boyfriend for a drink now and then.
她不时见一次前男友, 喝上一杯。

Some people get aggressive after drinking spirits.

My hand moved by mistake and I spilled my drink on my leg.

He sipped his drink, staring intensely at me.

Excessive smoking or drinking will cause damage to one's health.

He tends to get quarrelsome when he is drunk.

It is claimed that soap powders pollute the water we drink.

She succeeded in transforming him from a hard drinking man into a devoted husband and father.

In the United States drinking alcohol was once regarded as illicit.

They are always short of water to drink, much less to bathe in.
他们连喝的水也总是不够, 更别提洗澡了。

She wouldn't take a drink, still less (or: much less) stay for dinner.
她连水也不肯喝一口, 更别说留下吃饭了。

Have another drink; one more drink won’t hurt.

The medicine is for external use, not to drink.

The picnic dinner consisted of chicken, salad, vegetables, cake, and drinks.

The ice cubes in the bottom of her glass made a ringing sound as she drank.
她喝酒时, 杯子底部的冰块丁当作响。

A few drinks loosened his tongue.

I'm longing for a cool drink, aren't you?

The shop has applied for a licence to sell alcoholic drinks.

Would you like something to drink?

Great. Then we can drink beer together.

Anything to drink?

I'm not used to drinking. 我不习惯喝酒。

How about a drink tonight? 今晚喝一杯怎样?

He neither smokes nor drinks. 他既不抽烟也不喝酒。

I fear that he drinks too much. 我担心他喝的酒太多了。

They drank a whole bottle!

He doesn't smoke or drink.

We must drink to the health of the bride.

Please give me a drink of water.

Don't drink and drive.

I don't like to drink instant coffee.

The little cat drank its milk and washed its face.

The deer lowered its head to drink from the pond.

Neither of my sisters drinks coffee.

The farm has a pond from which the cattle can drink.

She set the foods and drink before the guest.

He is a slave to drink.

He likes to drink red wine at supper.

Thanks for asking, but...
Let's go out for a drink. (去喝一杯吧。)
Thanks for asking, but I already made plans. (谢谢你的邀请,可是我有别的安排。)
Thanks for the invitation, but... (谢谢您的邀请,可是……)

How about a drink?
How about a drink? (去喝一杯怎么样?)
That's a great idea. (好主意。)

I need a drink.

Would you like to have a drink after work?
Would you like to have a drink after work? (下班以后去喝一杯怎么样?)
I'm afraid I'm busy tonight. (很遗憾,恐怕我今天晚上很忙。)

What are you drinking?

I'm drunk.
I'm drunk. (我喝醉了。)
Let me drive you home. (我开车送你回家吧。)

I feel a little tipsy. *tipsy“微醉的”、“踉踉跄跄的”。
I'm slightly drunk.

Drink moderately.
Don't overdo it.
Please don't drink too much.

I get drunk easily. *drunk“喝醉”,“酒后驾车”是drunk driving。
I get drunk quickly.
I'm a heavy drinker. (我的酒量大。)

I drank too much.
I had too much to drink.

I should have drunk less.
I shouldn't have drunk this much.

Is it okay to drink? *询问医生能否喝含有酒精的饮料。
Is it all right to drink?
May I drink?

Let's have tea or something.
Let's have something to drink. (我们喝点什么吧。)
How about having a cup of tea?

I've just finished work.
I've just finished work. (正好工作刚做完。)
Let's go for drink. (那我们去喝一杯吧。)
I just got off work.
I've just finished working.

Let's have a drink.
Let's go out for a drink!

Would you care for something to drink?
A) Would you care for something to drink?

How old are you? *在美国,出于礼貌是不问别人的年龄、体重和身高的。除非是自己比较熟悉的人,最好回避提这些问题。
I'm not old enough to drive. (我还不到开车的年龄。)
How old are you? (你多大了?)
I can't drink alcohol yet. (我还不能喝酒。)
How old are you? (你多大了?)
May I ask how old you are? (我可以问您的年龄吗?)
May I ask your age? (我可以问您的年龄吗?) *比较礼貌的说法。

Let's not. *否定、拒绝对方的提议、定义、暗示。
Let's go drinking. (我们去喝酒吧!)
Let's not. (算了吧!)

Why not? *表示“没有理由不同意”的语感,意为“当然”、“很愿意”。
Should we have more drinks? (我们再喝点儿吗?)
Why not? (当然。)
No reason not to.

Anything. *“什么都可以,按你说的做”。
What would you like to drink? (你喝点什么?)
Anything. (什么都行。)

I'd rather not.
Let's go drinking. (我们去喝酒吧。)
I'd rather not. (我还是不去了吧。)

I'm game!
Let's go out drinking. (我们去喝一杯吧。)
I'm game! (行啊!)
I'm all for it. (非常赞成。)

That's a lie!
He drinks too much. (他喝得太多了。)
That's a lie! (那是瞎说!)
That's a filthy lie. (那纯属骗人。) *含有更强烈的谴责的语感。“filthy”是“污秽的,丑恶的”意思。加上这个词句子含有贬义,更强调程度之深。
He's a filthy liar. (他是个彻头彻尾的骗子。)

I'm on the wagon.
= I quit drinking.

Can I get you a drink?

A man cannot whistle and drink at he same time.

A man may lead a horse to the water, but he cannot make him drink.

As soon as you have drunk, you turn your back upon the spring.

As you brew, so must you drink.

Eat at pleasure, drink with measure.

Old wood best to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read.

One must drink as one brews.

Those who eat best and drink best often do worst.

Walk groundly; talk profoundly; drink roundly; sleep soundly.

When a dog is drowning everyone offers him drink.

When ale (or drink or wine) is in wit is out.

You can take a horse to the water but you cannot make him drink.

A Go on. Come to the party. You’ll enjoy it.
A 去吧。去参加晚会吧。你会很开心的。
B I don’t know. Are you sure it’s OK for me to come with you?
B 我不知道。你肯定我和你一起去合适吗?
A Yes, don’t worry. It will be really good. There should be food, drinks and music.
A 是的, 别担心了。会非常好的。应该有食物、饮料和音乐。
B I must admit, it sounds interesting. OK, I’ll come.
B 我必须承认,这听起来很吸引人。好吧,我去。
A Good. Shall we meet after work on Thursday, about 6? We can catch a taxi together to the party.
A 好极了。我们周四下班后大约6点见面好吗?我们可以乘出租车一起去参加晚会 。
B Yes, that’s fine. See you at 6 on Thursday. Bye!
B 好的,可以。周四6点见。再见!

A Hello, Neil. When do you want to meet?
A 你好,尼尔!你想什么时候见面?
B Let's meet at quarter to seven this evening.
B 咱们今晚差一刻七点见。
A 6:45 this evening. Fine. At the theatre?
A 今晚6:45。好的。在剧院见面吗?
B Yes, we'll have time for a drink and a chat.
B 是的。我们将有时间喝一杯,聊一聊。
A When does the performance begin?
A 演出什么时候开始?
B At 7:45. So we'll have a full hour before it begins.
B 7:45 开始。所以在开演前我们有整整一个小时的时间。

A What would you like to drink?
A 你想喝什么?
B I'd like a beer, please.
B 请来杯啤酒。
A Would you like to try a local beer?
A 你想尝尝地产啤酒吗?
B I certainly would, thanks.
B 我当然愿意,谢谢。
A Well, there are many different kinds. My favourite is Yanjing beer.
A 哦,有很多种地产啤酒。我最喜欢的是燕京啤酒。
B In that case, I'll try that one. And some time, I'd like to try rice wine.
B 那样的话,我就喝燕京啤酒。将来有机会,我想品尝米酒。

A Hi! This is my friend Gao.
A 你好!这是我的朋友高。
B Hi Gao. How are you doing? It’s good to meet you.
B 你好,高。你好吗?很高兴认识你。
A I’m fine, thanks. What are you guys up to?
A 我很好,谢谢。你们要去做什么?
B We’re going for a drink. Want to join us?
B 我们要去喝点什么。你想和我们一起去吗?
A Cool. That sounds good. Where are you going?
A 好啊! 听起来不错。你们要去哪里?
B There’s a good coffee bar in the hotel over there.
B 在那边的旅馆里有一家不错的咖啡馆。

A It’s been really good meeting everybody.
A 见到大家真的非常高兴。
B Yes, we must do this again – meet for dinner or a drink. It’s been good.
B 是的,我们一定还要见面——一起吃饭或者喝酒。这真不错。
A Do you have a contact number? What’s your mobile number?
A 你有联系号码吗?你的手机号码是多少?
B Yes, I do. And you must give me yours.
B 是的,我有。你也要把你的号码给我。
A Yes, it would be good to keep in touch and meet again soon.
A 是的,一定要保持联系并再次见面。.
B Just call or text me anytime.
B 时候给我打电话都可以。

A You’ll enjoy the party. It’ll be good fun.
A 在晚会上你会很愉快的。那将是很愉快的时光。
B Should we meet for something to eat before we go?
B 我们在去之前应该见面一起吃点东西吗?
A No, I don’t think we need to. There should be food and drinks there.
A 不,我想不必。晚会上应该有食物和饮品。
B That’s good. I’m really looking forward to it – I can’t wait!
B 那太好了。我期待着晚会的来临——我都等不及了!
A Good. Shall we meet after work on Friday, about 5? We can catch a taxi together to the party.
A 好啊。我们周五下班后见,5点怎么样?我们可以一起打车去参加晚会。
B Yes, see you at Friday at 5. Bye!
B 好的。周五5点见。再见!

A Why don’t you come for a drink tomorrow evening after work?
A 你明天下班后来喝一杯怎么样?
B Thanks, but I won’t have time. I’m working late tomorrow.
B 谢谢,但是我没有时间。我明天要工作到很晚。
A Surely you’re not working too late. You’ll have time.
A 你当然不要工作到太晚。你会有时间的。
B I’m not sure when I’ll finish. I’ll be tired by the evening.
B 我不能肯定我什么时候会把工作干完。到晚上的时候我会很累的。
A OK, I understand. But if you finish early, you could come.
A 好吧,我理解。但是如果你早点结束的话,你要来啊。
B OK. Maybe I will come. I’ll see how I feel when I finish work.
B 好的。也许我会来的。这要看我干完后感觉如何。

A What’s a good time for you to meet this evening?
A 今晚什么时候见面对你合适?
B How about six forty-five?
B 6点45怎么样?
A 6.45 this evening. Fine. At the hotel?
A 今晚6点45,好的。在旅馆吗?
B Yes, we'll have time for a drink and a chat before dinner.
B 是的,在晚餐前我们将有时间喝一杯,聊一聊。
A When do we have to be at the restaurant?
A 我们什么时候必须到餐馆?
B At 7.45. So we've got plenty of time.
B 7点45。所以我们有足够的时间。

You can meet for a drink and a chat / a drink and a chat.你可以与人见面a drink and a chat /喝一杯,聊一聊。

Let’s go for a coffee.
Let’s go to the restaurant for lunch.
Let’s eat Cantonese food this evening.
Let’s have a drink.

A It’s too hot today! Too hot for shopping, too hot for walking, too hot for sightseeing.
A 今天真是太热了!热得没法逛商店,或者出去走走,或者去观光游览。
B Yes, you’re right. It’s too hot. I think we need a cool drink.
B 你是对的。确实太热了,我想我需要来点冷饮。
A Is the weather similar to New York?
A 纽约的天气和这里类似吗?
B Yes. We get really hot summers and very cold winters.
B 是的。我们的夏天非常热,冬天非常冷。

You should get a good sleep.
You should take a rest.
You should have a hot drink.
You should take some painkillers.
You shouldn’t go to work.
You shouldn’t go out.

A You don’t sound very good. Are you OK?
A 你的声音听起来不是很健康。你还好吗?
B I’ve just got a sore throat. A few hot drinks and I’ll be OK.
B 我的喉咙很痛。喝些热饮后,应该就会好了。
A Let’s have some jasmine tea. That’ll be good for you.
A 我们来喝点茉莉花茶。它对你比较好。
B Thanks. I’m sure I’ll be fine.
B 谢谢,我知道我会好起来的。

A What would you like to drink?
A 你想喝点什么?
B I'd like a beer, please. Is there a local beer?
B 请给我来杯啤酒。有当地的啤酒吗?
A Yes, it’s called Yanjing beer.
A 是的,它叫燕京啤酒。
B OK, I'll try one. And I'd also like to taste rice wine.
B 好的,我想试一试。而且我也很喜欢用米做的酒的味道。

No animal ever invented anything so bad as drunkness----- or so good as drink.
Gibert Keith Chesteerton, British writer

To suppose, as we all suppose, that we could be rich and not behave as the rich behave, is like supposing that we could drink all day and keep absolute sober.
Logan Pearsall Smith, American weiter

He that sips of many arts, drinks none.
Thomas Fuller, Bdritish clergyman

I am dying .I have't drunk champagne for a long time.
Anton Palovich Chekhov, American writer
美国作家切克豪武A P

Can I buy you a drink?

What are you drinking? Is it good?

The drunk humiliates the gentleman.醉酒使得这位绅士丢人现眼。

Get out of the car! You're drunk.下车,你这家伙!喝醉了吧!

@@@ 结束, 完成
all over 1.全部结束; 完蛋
be finished with 完成
bring an end to ... & bring ... to an end 使...终止
bring off 救出; 圆满完成
come out 1.出版, 刊出
2.结束; 结果是
come to an end 告终, 结束; 完结
culminate in 达到高潮, 顶点; 以...告终
dash off 迅速写(或画); 迅速完成
draw to a close 结束, 终结
drink up 喝干净, 喝完
end in 结束于, 以...告终
end up 1.结束, 停止
2.到达某处或某种状态, 结果, 到头来
finish up 彻底完成, 结束
get (sth.) over with 结束(不愉快的事)
get out of the way 解决, 完成; 除去
get over 1.从(疾病、震惊等)中恢复过来
2.做完, 结束(不愉快但必须做的事)
get through 1.读(写、做)完
go/be through with 结束; 完成
go through 1.穿过
2.完成; 用光, 耗尽
2.各处, 到处
put an end to 停止, 结束; 摧毁
run out (of) 用完, 没有了; 耗尽
run out of time 用完全部时间, 没有时间了
rush through 快速地做, 匆忙完成
turn in 交, 缴(完成的工作)
wind up 1.以...为结尾, 落得...的结果
2.结束, 完成
wrap up 完成(任务), (圆满)结束

up : 完成,结束(expressing completeness and finality)
finish up 完成
drink up 喝干
eat up 吃光
burn up 烧光
wash up 洗净
use up 用光
fill up 装满
pay up 付清
settle up 解决
lick up 甜净
sum up 总结,
open up 透露
end up 结束
let up 中止, 减少
draw up 停止
close up 停止,关闭
swallow up 吞没
beat up 痛打
cover up 掩盖
break up 结束,分解
wind up 结束

Chris is such a low-life. He sleeps on the park bench and drink booze all day.

a bay window大肚皮
Anyone who drinks beer too much is bound to get a bay window.

clamp down on加强取缔
The police are clamping down on drunk drivers.

Would you care for a drink?

Can I buy you a drink?

I'll drink to that!

"I told Sally it was foolish to marry that man, but it went in one ear and out the other. Now she wishes she'd listened to me. He drinks and gambles and she wants to leave him."

- tip one's hand 无意中亮底
Our rival was drunk. He tipped his hand by murmuring that his company will cut down the price of its products.

- have a hollow leg (喝酒)海量
The best man has a hollow leg. He drinks a lot instead of the bridegroom.

meat and drink 精神寄托
To some old people, raising pets is their meat and drink.

- drink someone under the table 把某人灌醉
He has a hollow leg. He can drink all of us here under the table.

- Make waves 兴风作浪
Everything went smoothly in her wedding ceremony, when her formal boyfriend came to make waves by drinking the bridegroom under the table.

啜 [chuò] /drink/taste/sip/suck/

罚酒 [fá jiǔ] /to drink as the result of having lost a bet/

乾杯 [gān bēi] /to drink a toast/to propose a toast/here's to/cheers/

管子 [guǎn zi ] /(n) tube; pipe; drinking straw/

喝 [hē] /my goodness/to drink/

喝酒 [hē jiǔ] /to drink (alcohol)/

冷饮 [lěng yǐn] /cold drink/

湎 [miǎn] /drunk/

歃 [shà] /drink/

酡 [tuó] /flushed (from drinking)/

吸管 [xī guǎn] /(drinking) straw/

酗 [xù] /drunk/

酗酒 [xù jiǔ] /(v) binge drink; drink to excess/

饮 [yǐn] /drink/

饮食 [yǐn shí] /(n) food and drink/

饮用 [yǐn yòng] /drink/drinking or drinkable (water)/

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