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down [ daun] ad.向下,在下面

beat down 打倒,推翻;杀(价)

beat up and down 来回奔走

break down 打破;发生故障;中止

bring down 降低(温度等);使倒下

close down (工厂等)关闭,倒闭

come down 败落

come down on 申斥;惩罚

cry down 贬低

cut down 砍倒;消减;缩短

dig down 挖下去;掘倒

do down 胜过;欺骗

down with 打倒;把…拿下

get down to work 认真开始工作

drink down 以酒消(愁)

get down 从…下来;下车;写下

get down to 开始认真考虑或对待

go down 下去;(船等)下沉

hand down 把…传下来;传给

hold down 压制;抑制(热情等)

keep down 控制;压服;缩减开支

knock down 撞倒;击落;拆除

lay down 放下;铺设(铁路)

let down 放下;降低;使…失望

lie down 躺下;(故意)躺下不干

look down on 蔑视,看不起

make down 改小(衣服)

mark down 记下;标低(商品)价目

pull down 拆毁,拉倒;使降低

put down 记下;镇压;杀死

ride down 骑马赶上;践踏

rub down 用力擦遍;按摩

run down 跑下;撞倒;追捕到

set down 记下;登记;放下

settle down 定居;安下心来

slow down 放慢速度;减退

take down 取下;记下;拆卸

tear down 扯下;拆毁;诋毁

track down 找到,发现;查出

turn down 关小,调低;拒绝

vote down 否决

write down 写下;把…描写成

back down off 放弃,让步,退却

bear down 压倒,击败,克服

bear down on 冲向;对…施加压力

burn down 把…夷为平地

call down 祈求到;招来

calm down 平静下来;镇定下来

close down 停止播送;控制

come down on 申斥;惩罚;袭击

go down 为…所接受,得到赞同

up and down 上上下下;前前后后

back down/off 放弃,让步,退却

break down 损坏,分解,瓦解

bring down 打倒,挫伤;降低

cut down 削减,降低

die down 渐渐消失,平息

get down 从...下来;写下

get down to 开始,着手

go down 下降,降低;被载人,传下去

hand down 留传下来,传给,往下传

keep down 控制,压制,镇压;压低,放低(声音)

knock down 撞倒, 击倒

lay down 安装、建造、铺设

let down 放下,降低;使失望

look down on 看不起,轻视

pull down 拆毁,拉倒; 拉下,降低

put down 记下,放下;镇压,平定

run down 撞倒,停掉,撞沉;追捕,追

set down 卸下,放下,记下,记入

settle down 定居,过安定的生活

take down 记下,写下

turn down 关小,调低;拒绝,搌斥

back down/off

break down

bring down

cut down

die down

get down

get down to

go down

hand down

keep down

knock down
撞倒, 击倒

lay down

let down

look down on

pull down
拆毁,拉倒; 拉下,降低

put down

run down

set down

settle down

take down

turn down

down prep.沿着,沿…而下, ad. 向下

down [ daun] n.绒毛,汗毛

down [daun] 向下

搀水股票 water-down stocks (ordinary stocks that can be bought by persons inside a stock company or a business at a cost lower that their face value)

打黑 crack down on speculation and profiteering

打假 crack down on counterfeit goods

打假办 Office of Cracking down on Fake Products

股市行情 the ups and downs of the stock market

脚踏实地 be down-to-earth

首期按揭 down-payment

严打斗争 "Strike-Hard Operation, campaign to crack down relentlessly on criminal activities"

祖传 handed down from one's ancestors

DSK Down-Stream Key 下游键

Knock-down carcass 可随时拆卸的框架

CKD(complete knock down) 整体拆装式家具

Down and Feather 羽绒被

Down Garment 羽绒

Down Jacket 羽绒服

Down Pillow 羽绒夹克

Down Quilt 羽绒枕

Punch Down Tool 打线工具

Tie Down 半导体闸流管

lie down 屈从。

put down roots in 定居

for more specialized work 为更专门的工作
for prospects of promotion 为晋升的前途
for higher responsibility 为更高层次的工作责任
for wider experience 为扩大工作经验
due to close-down of company 由于公司倒闭
due to expiry of employment 由于雇用期满
offered a more challenging opportunity 获得的更有挑战性的工作机会
sought a better job 找到了更好的工作
to look for a more challenging opportunity 找一个更有挑战性的工作机会
to seek a better job 找一份更好的工作

close-down sale:(店关闭前的)大甩卖

to decline an offer 或 to turn down an offer 谢绝报盘

to be laid down in the contract 在合同中列明

down-to-earth 实在的
A: I had a chance to chat with Dr. Lee last time. I was totally surprised to find out that a famous person like him can be so down-to-earth.
A: 我上次有機會跟 Dr. Lee 閒聊。 我很驚訝地發現一個像他這樣有名氣的人竟然可以這樣的真實純樸。
B: Really? Tell me more about it.
B: 真的啊? 再跟我多講一點!

weirdo 怪人; 怪胎
A: Stop bouncing up and down, you weirdo!
A: 不要跳来跳去的, 怪人!
B: I'm happy!
B: 我很开心嘛!
- "weird"和"strange"这二个都是「奇怪」的意思的词。在美国好象多半会用"weird", 而不太会用"strange"。
这二个字其实意思上没什么太大的分别, 也许可以说, "weird" 在「奇怪的程度上」比"strange"稍微强烈一点。

由此下楼 down; downstairs

bake down 临阵退缩

boil down to 归结起来是;其结果是

break down 故障;毁坏

bring down the house 掌声雷动

cast down 沮丧

come down with 病倒

cut down on 削减

cut sb down to size 揭穿某人的底细

double crosser 出卖朋友的人 down in the dumps 愁眉苦脸

down in the mouth 愁眉苦脸

down on one's luck 倒楣

down payment 分期付款的定金

Down the hatch! 干杯!

get down to 开始处理

get down to business 办正经事

get me down 令我生气

go down 下降;被记录下来

go down the drain 前功尽弃;白费心机

pay down (分期付款)付头款

pipe down 安静些

put one's foot down 坚决反对

right down one's alley 正好是某人所精通的

run down 撞倒;诋毁;破旧的

sell sb down the river 出卖某人

settle down 安定

take down 记下

tear down 拆毁

That's right down my alley. 那是我最拿手的.

the crack of down 破晓

turn down 放低(音量);否决(提案)

You can't keep a good man down. 好人自有出头之日.

You let me down. 你太让我失望了.

don’t turn me down 不要拒绝我

don’t let me down 别叫我失望  

If your mobile breaks down more than twice because of a mechanical fault, we will replace it.

If your mobile phone breaks down, we will carry out as many repairs as your product needs, free of charge.

脚踏实地 be down-to-earth

留级 to repeat the year's work; to stay down

due to close-down of company 由于公司倒闭

交通规则 traffic regulation
路标 guide post
里程碑 milestone
停车标志 mark car stop
红绿灯 traffic light
自动红绿灯 automatic traffic signal light
红灯 red light
绿灯 green light
黄灯 amber light
交通岗 traffic post
岗亭 police box
交通警 traffic police
打手势 pantomime
单行线 single line
双白线 double white lines
双程线dual carriage-way
斑马线 zebra stripes
划路线机 traffic line marker
交通干线 artery traffic
车行道 carriage-way
辅助车道 lane auxiliary
双车道 two-way traffic
自行车通行 cyclists only
单行道 one way only
窄路 narrow road
潮湿路滑 slippery when wet
陡坡 steep hill
不平整路 rough road
弯路 curve road ; bend road
连续弯路 winding road
之字路 double bend road
之字公路 switch back road
下坡危险 dangerous down grade
道路交叉点 road junction
十字路 cross road
左转 turn left
右转 turn right
靠左 keep left
靠右 keep right
慢驶 slow
速度 speed
超速 excessive speed
速度限制 speed limit
恢复速度 resume speed
禁止通行 no through traffic
此路不通 blocked
不准驶入 no entry
不准超越 keep in line ; no overhead
不准掉头 no turns
让车道 passing bay
回路 loop
安全岛 safety island
停车处 parking place
停私人车 private car park
只停公用车 public car only
不准停车 restricted stop
不准滞留 restricted waiting
临街停车 parking on-street
街外停车 parking off-street
街外卸车 loading off-street
当心行人 caution pedestrian crossing
当心牲畜 caution animals
前面狭桥 narrow bridge ahead
拱桥 hump bridge
火车栅 level crossing
修路 road works
医院 hospital
儿童 children
学校 school
寂静地带 silent zone
非寂静地带 silent zone ends
交通管理 traffic control
人山人海 crowded conditions
拥挤的人 jam-packed with people
交通拥挤 traffic jam
水泄不通 overwhelm
顺挤 extrusion direct
冲挤 extrusion impact
推挤 shoved
挨身轻推 nudging
让路 give way
粗心行人 careless pedestrian
犯交通罪 committing traffic offences
执照被记违章 endorsed on driving license
危险驾驶 dangerous driving
粗心驾车 careless driving
无教员而驾驶 driving without an instructor
无证驾驶 driving without license
未经车主同意 without the owner's consent
无第三方保险 without third-party insurance
未挂学字牌 driving without a "L" plate
安全第一 safety first
轻微碰撞 slight impact
迎面相撞 head-on collision
相撞 collided
连环撞 a chain collision
撞车 crash
辗过 run over
肇事逃跑司机 hit-run driver
冲上人行道 drive onto the pavement

打拐 Cracking Down on the Abduction of Women and Children

即期付款 spot cash; cash down; cash on the nail

doubling down

doubling-down allowance

water down 淡化

Can you come down a little? --Sorry, it's one price for all.

Down payment 定金

Shut down 关闭,停工,停产,停业

down stroke

down flow type converter

lug down method

Don't let me down!

Don't let this get you down.

Down the hatch!

Slow down!

Please turn the radio down. I'm trying to sleep.

Please turn the television down. I'm trying to sleep.

Work was halted when the machine broke down.

She slowed down her pace so I could keep up with her.

The policeman paced up and down the street.

Hold the handrail for safety while coming down the steps.

The boy came down the hand-rail.

John is to attend the meeting in place of the manager, who has come down with a bad cold.

Slowly, the parents filed into the classroom and sat down.

I saw a peculiar thing today; a dog was walking down the street wearing a red hat!

The foundation of that building is weak; it may fall down.

Write your idea down while it's clear in your mind.

Write down what you still remember.

After two months' intensified course, he could write down the teacher's lecture in English.

Pressure on the surface of an object changes with the depth of the object below the surface of the water. In other words, the farther down you go, the greater the pressure.

Please write down your permanent address in the form.

There is no harm in writing down your name on the form.

Women have grown tired of being looked down on by bosses.

The school looks down on such behavior.

The army fought its way down and captured many enemy camps.

The house burnt down; fortunately, no one was hurt.

Life is full of ups and downs.

He has seen the ups and downs in the history of the relations between the two countries.

He tried to join the army but was turned down because of poor health.

Why was I turned down for the job? Is it because I’m a woman?

If you can’t give up smoking completely, at least try to cut down.

People concerned about cholesterol levels often try to cut down on meats.

Don't pour these tea leaves down the drain — you'll block the sewer.
别把这些茶叶往排水管里倒, 这样会堵塞下水道的。

They’ve given our plan the thumbs up / down.
他们赞成 / 反对我们的计划。

If everyone refused to buy meat in protest, the shops would have to bring their meat prices down.

Pressure on the surface of an object changes with the depth of the object below the surface of the water. In other words, the farther down you go, the greater the pressure.

His determination, his refusing to back down, and possibly his integrity had won the day.

sell out (to): let down one's cause, one's side (to someone)

Most of the diseased trees were chopped down last year.

He was shot down in enemy territory.

He is a good worker, and will hold down his job.

He holds down quite a good job in the city.

Greedy for power, the general plotted a plan to knock down the government.

a run-down block of flats 一栋破旧不堪的公寓

They lived in an old run-down hotel by the railway bridge.

They have put substantial funds into rebuilding one of the most run-down areas in Scotland.

Everyone works, from the President down to the boy who sweeps the floor.

Marriages usually break down as a result of the shortcomings of both partners.

The sun beamed down upon the peaceful village.

My computer was down this morning.

The central heating system of this office building is down and several workers are repairing it right now.

The owner of the flower shop has promised to hold its prices down.

The rate of interest has been held down.

The standard of performance has gone down since last year.

Egg prices usually go down in the spring, when they are more plentiful.

You should turn your music down out of consideration for your neighbours.

I know this job of mine isn't much, but on the other hand I don't feel tied down.

Why was I turned down for the job?

I'm afraid your request for a pay rise was turned down again.

She used to have servants: now she finds it a come-down to have to do the work herself.

The ideas seem to be far more down-to-earth and sensible.

Gloria is probably the most down-to-earth person I've ever met.

Sit down, please.

Can you came down a bit?

Turn down the radio please.

Slow down! 慢点!

Don't let me down. 别让我失望。

Don't let this get you down. 不要为此灰心丧气。

He led them down the mountain. 他带他们下山。

How do I control myself? I can't calm down.我怎能控制我自己?我无法冷静下来。

You forget to write down the date of your departure.您忘了写离店日期了。

Walking up and down the stairs would beat any exercise machine.上下楼梯可比什么健身器都要好。

Professor Taiju Matsuzawa wanted to find out why otherwise healthy farmers in northern Japan appeared to be losing their ability to think and reason at a relatively early age, and how the process of ageing could he slowed down.
Taiju Matsuzawa 教授想找出为什么日本北部的健康农民在相对年轻的年龄就显得开始失去思考与推理的能力的原因以及怎样才能延缓老化过程。

Unless productivity growth is unexpectedly large, however, the expansion of real output must eventually begin to slow down to the economy’s larger run growth potential if generalized demand pressures on prices are to be avoided.

The family is a co-operative enterprise for which it is difficult to lay down rules, because each family, needs to work out its own ways for solving its own problems.

But in actual practice this system breaks down in many ways, because the organism and the environment are constantly interacting so that the environment is modified by the orgainism and vice versa.

Bent stripes, called chevrons painted on the roads make drivers think that they are driving faster than they really are, and thus drivers slow down.
喷刷在马路上的弯曲的人字型条纹, 使司机们觉得他们驾驶的速度比实际的快, 因此司机会减速行驶

Why does cream go bad faster than butter? Some researchers think they have the answer, and it comes down to the structure of the food, not its chemical composition-a finding that could help rid some processed foods of chemical preservatives.

We looked down from the mountain to the valley below.

She cast her eyes down to avoid direct eye contact.

It gets cold quickly when the sun goes down.

Please sit down.

The tears ran down her cheeks.

He is walking down the seaside.

The fruit dropped down from the tree.

The old woman fell down a flight of stairs.

The flow of melted snow cascaded down the mountainside and into the river.

He put down his glass.

He wrote down his name on the list.

The teacher asked me to note down the main points of the speech.

He looks down from the top of the mountain to the valley far below.

I told myself to calm down.

Let me note down your address and telephone number.

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