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discussion [ dis'kʌʃən] n.讨论,谈论;论述

discussion [dis'kʌʃən] n.讨论,辩论

Discussion Group(研讨组):学生就教授的讲课内容,与教授或教学助理一起,分组进行讨论。

课堂讨论 class discussion

Discussion Group(研讨组):学生就教授的讲课内容,与教授或教学助理一起,分组进行讨论。

discussion paper

closed-door discussion 闭门会谈

discussion paper 讨论文件

for discussion 提交讨论;以供讨论

There is a general discussion these days over education in many colleges and institutes. One of the questions under debate is whether education is a lifetime study.

There is a general discussion over fashion in recent years. One of the questions under debate is whether a person should choose comfortable clothes, which he or she likes, regardless of fashion.

There is much discussion over science and technology. One of the questions under debate is whether traditional technology and methods are bound to die out when a country begins to develop modern science and technology.
关于科学技术存在许多争论,其中一个问题是当国家发展现代科学技术时,传统的技术方法是否可能会消亡? 130. As for me, the declining of traditional technology and methods is not a bad thing; it is the natural result of progress of society.

Our teacher often participates in our discussions.

Let us begin our discussion with a quotation.

After several days' discussion, their project began to take shape.

This is the core of the discussion.

No further discussions arising, the meeting was brought to an end.
没有作进一步的讨论, 会议就告结束了。

Because of a stupid mistake, we lost the initiative in the business discussions; the other side has the initiative now.
由于犯了一个愚蠢的错误, 我们失去了谈判的主动权,现在主动权落到了对方手中。

The discussion (the subject being important) was completed, and the chairman declared the meeting closed.
讨论一完(讨论的问题很重要), 主席就宣布会议结束。

Labor is on top in it’s contract discussions with management.

This is the core of the discussion.

The two leaders have been involved in lengthy diplomatic discussions.

We entered into meaningful discussions with them weeks ago.

The discussion went on for hours as neither side would give in.

The teacher asked the students to sit in groups so as to have group discussion.

We have reached a consensus after a long discussion.

an in-depth discussion 深入的讨论
an in-depth study 深刻的学习

The whole class is in a heated discussion.

A spirited discussion springs up between a young girl who says that women have out grown the?jumping-on-a-chair-at-the-sight-of-a mouse era and a major who says that they haven’t.

Lack of time forbids any further discussion at the point.

He joined us in the discussion yesterday.

Anything else you want to bring up for discussion.

That freedom and order are not incompatible ;that reverence is the maid of knowledge; that free discussion is the life of truth, and of true unity in a nation.
Thomas Henry Huxley, British naturalist
英国博物学家赫胥.T. H.

He always breaks in on our discussions.

He always breaks in on our discussions.

The next thing I'd like to bring up for discussion is packing.

本题 [běn tí] /the subject under discussion/the point at issue/

概论 [gài lún] /outline/introduction/general discussion/

和平会谈 [hé píng huì tán] /peace talks/peace discussions/

会谈 [huì tán] /talks/discussions/

论点 [lùn diǎn] /argument/line of reasoning/thesis/point (of discussion)/

论坛 [lùn tán] /forum (for discussion)/

密谈 [mì tán] /commune/private discussion/

七嘴八舌 [qī zuǐ bā shé] /(saying) a discussion with everybody talking at once/

坦率 [tǎn shuài] /frank (discussion)/blunt/open/

讨论的议题 [tǎo lún de yì tí] /topic of discussion/

讨论会 [tǎo lùn huì] /symposium/discussion forum/

研讨会 [yán tǎo huì] /discussion forum/seminar/

议论 [yì lùn] /to comment/to talk about/to discuss/discussion/

议题 [yì tí] /topic of discussion/topic/subject/issue (under discussion)/

酝酿 [yùn niàng] /mull over (an issue)/carry on a preliminary round of exploratory discussions/

座谈 [zuò tán] /have a informal discussion/

Levin would not comment on the debate last week, but there were signs that the chairman was backing off his hard-line stand, at least to some extent.
During the discussion of rock singing verses at last month's stockholders' meeting.
Levin asserted that "music is not the cause of society's ills" and even cited his son, a teacher in the Bronx, New York, who uses rap to communicate with students.
But he talked as well about the "balanced struggle" between creative freedom and social responsibility, and he announced that the company would launch a drive to develop standards for distribution and labeling of potentially objectionable music.

{adj: academic} hypothetical or theoretical and not expected to produce an immediate or practical result
"an academic discussion"
"an academic question"

{adj: at issue, in dispute, in hand, in question, under consideration} now in consideration or under discussion
"regarding the matter in hand"

{adj: awkward, embarrassing, sticky, unenviable} hard to deal with; especially causing pain or embarrassment
"awkward (or embarrassing or difficult) moments in the discussion"
"an awkward pause followed his remark"
"a sticky question"
"in the unenviable position of resorting to an act he had planned to save for the climax of the campaign"

{adj: conceptual} being or characterized by concepts or their formation
"conceptual discussions"
"the schizophrenic loses ability to abstract or do conceptual thinking"
"sex is a notional category, gender is a grammatical category"

{adj: deliberative} involved in or characterized by deliberation and discussion and examination
"a deliberative body"

{adj: drawn-out, extended, lengthy, prolonged, protracted} relatively long in duration; tediously protracted
"a drawn-out argument"
"an extended discussion"
"a lengthy visit from her mother-in-law"
"a prolonged and bitter struggle"
"protracted negotiations"

{adj: emblematic, exemplary, typic} being or serving as an illustration of a type
"the free discussion that is emblematic of democracy"
"an action exemplary of his conduct";

{adj: exciting} stimulating interest and discussion
"an exciting novel"

{adj: fit} meeting adequate standards for a purpose
"a fit subject for discussion"
"it is fit and proper that you be there"
"water fit to drink"
"fit for duty"
"do as you see fit to"
<-> unfit

{adj: interrupted} discontinued temporarily
"we resumed the interrupted discussion"

{adj: lively} full of life and energy
"a lively discussion"
"lively and attractive parents"
"a lively party"
<-> dull

{adj: low-level} at a low level in rank or importance
"a low-level job"
"low-level discussions"

{adj: meaningful} having a meaning or purpose
"a meaningful explanation"
"a meaningful discussion"
"a meaningful pause"
<-> meaningless

{adj: meaty, substantive} being on topic and prompting thought
"a meaty discussion"

{adj: open-ended} without fixed limits or restrictions
"an open-ended discussion"

{adj: pertinent, to the point} having precise or logical relevance to the matter at hand
"a list of articles pertinent to the discussion"
"remarks that were to the point"

{adj: postmortem} after death or after an event
"a postmortem examination to determine the cause of death"
"the postmortem discussion of the President's TV address"

{adj: private} confined to particular persons or groups or providing privacy
"a private place"
"private discussions"
"private lessons"
"a private club"
"a private secretary"
"private property"
"the former President is now a private citizen"
"public figures struggle to maintain a private life"
<-> public

{adj: provocative} serving or tending to provoke, excite, or stimulate; stimulating discussion or exciting controversy
"a provocative remark"
"a provocative smile"
"provocative Irish tunes which...compel the hearers to dance"- Anthony Trollope
<-> unprovocative

{adj: relaxed} without strain or anxiety
"gave the impression of being quite relaxed"
"a relaxed and informal discussion"
<-> tense

{adj: stimulating} rousing or quickening activity or the senses
"a stimulating discussion"
<-> unstimulating

{adj: timely, seasonable, well-timed, well timed} done or happening at the appropriate or proper time
"a timely warning"
"with timely treatment the patient has a good chance of recovery"
"a seasonable time for discussion"
"the book's publication was well timed"

{adj: ulterior} beyond or outside an area of immediate interest; remote
"a suggestion ulterior to the present discussion"
"without...any purpose, immediate or ulterior"- G.B.Shaw

{adj: unsatisfactory} not giving satisfaction
"shops should take back unsatisfactory goods"
"her performance proved to be unsatisfactory"
"life is becoming increasingly unsatifactory"
"our discussion was very unsatisfactory"
<-> satisfactory

{adv: efficaciously, effectively} in an effective manner
"these are real problems that can be dealt with most effectively by rational discussion"
<-> ineffectively, inefficaciously

{adv: superfluously} in a superfluous manner
"superfluously, he added his silly comments to the discussion"

{adv: tenthly} (in enumerating something, such as topics or points of discussion) in the tenth place

{adv: under, below} further down
"see under for further discussion"

{n: Bhagavad-Gita, Bhagavadgita, Gita} (Hinduism) the sacred `song of God' composed about 200 BC and incorporated into the Mahabharata (a Sanskrit epic); contains a discussion between Krishna and the Indian hero Arjuna on human nature and the purpose of life

{n: amora} one of a group of rabbis (active AD 250-500) who discussed the Mishnaic law in the law schools of Palestine and Mesopotamia where they explained and applied earlier teachings and whose discussions are recorded in the Talmud; they emphasized the study of Torah and the importance of personal action and the fulfillment of the commandments

{n: argument, argumentation, debate} a discussion in which reasons are advanced for and against some proposition or proposal
"the argument over foreign aid goes on and on"

{n: bargain, deal} an agreement between parties (usually arrived at after discussion) fixing obligations of each
"he made a bargain with the devil"
"he rose to prominence through a series of shady deals"

{n: bull session} an informal discussion (usually among men)

{n: conference, group discussion} a discussion among participants who have an agreed (serious) topic

{n: conference} a prearranged meeting for consultation or exchange of information or discussion (especially one with a formal agenda)

{n: consideration} a discussion of a topic (as in a meeting)
"consideration of the traffic problem took more than an hour"

{n: deliberation} (usually plural) discussion of all sides of a question
"the deliberations of the jury"

{n: dilation} a lengthy discussion (spoken or written) on a particular topic

{n: discussant} a participant in a formal discussion

{n: discussion, give-and-take, word} an exchange of views on some topic
"we had a good discussion"
"we had a word or two about it"

{n: discussion, treatment, discourse} an extended communication (often interactive) dealing with some particular topic
"the book contains an excellent discussion of modal logic"
"his treatment of the race question is badly biased"

{n: disquisition} an elaborate analytical or explanatory essay or discussion

{n: dissemination, airing, public exposure, spreading} the opening of a subject to widespread discussion and debate

{n: expansion, enlargement, elaboration} a discussion that provides additional information

{n: expatiation} a discussion (spoken or written) that enlarges on a topic or theme at length or in detail

{n: forum, assembly, meeting place} a public facility to meet for open discussion

{n: forum} a public meeting or assembly for open discussion

{n: glasnost} a policy of the Soviet government allowing freer discussion of social problems

{n: green paper} a preliminary report of government proposals that is published in order to stimulate discussion

{n: motion, question} a formal proposal for action made to a deliberative assembly for discussion and vote
"he made a motion to adjourn"
"she called for the question"

{n: negotiation, dialogue, talks} a discussion intended to produce an agreement
"the buyout negotiation lasted several days"
"they disagreed but kept an open dialogue"
"talks between Israelis and Palestinians"

{n: panel discussion} discussion of a subject of public interest by a group of persons forming a panel usually before an audience

{n: postmortem, post-mortem} discussion of an event after it has occurred

{n: previous question} a motion calling for an immediate vote on the main question under discussion by a deliberative assembly

{n: prolegomenon} a preliminary discussion inserted at the beginning of a book or treatise

{n: public discussion, ventilation} free and open discussion of (or debate on) some question of public interest
"such a proposal deserves thorough public discussion"

{n: question, head} the subject matter at issue
"the question of disease merits serious discussion"
"under the head of minor Roman poets"

{n: readiness, eagerness, zeal, forwardness} prompt willingness
"readiness to continue discussions"
"they showed no eagerness to spread the gospel"
"they disliked his zeal in demonstrating his superiority"
"he tried to explain his forwardness in battle"

{n: recapitulation, recap, review} a summary at the end that repeats the substance of a longer discussion

{n: round table, roundtable, round-table conference} a meeting of peers for discussion and exchange of views
"a roundtable on the future of computing"

{n: seconder} someone who endorses a motion or petition as a necessary preliminary to a discussion or vote

{n: sense of the meeting} general agreement reached by an assembled group
"no vote was taken, but after each discussion the chair summed up the sense of the meeting"

{n: specificity} the quality of being specific rather than general
"add a desirable note of specificity to the discussion"
"the specificity of the symptoms of the disease"

{n: subject, topic, theme} the subject matter of a conversation or discussion
"he didn't want to discuss that subject"
"it was a very sensitive topic"
"his letters were always on the theme of love"

{n: symposium} a meeting or conference for the public discussion of some topic especially one in which the participants form an audience and make presentations

{n: talking point} an especially persuasive point helping to support an argument or discussion

{n: talk} discussion; (`talk about' is a less formal alternative for `discussion of')
"his poetry contains much talk about love and anger"

{n: teach-in} an extended session (as on a college campus) for lectures and discussion on an important and usually controversial issue

{n: think piece} an article in a newspaper or magazine or journal that represents opinions and ideas and discussion rather than bare facts

{n: universe, universe of discourse} everything stated or assumed in a given discussion

{v: arise, come up} occur
"A slight unpleasantness arose from this discussion"

{v: broach, initiate} bring up a topic for discussion

{v: change, alter, modify} cause to change ; make different ; cause a transformation
"The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city"
"The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue"

{v: closure, cloture} terminate debate by calling for a vote
"debate was closured"
"cloture the discussion"

{v: come up} be mentioned
"These names came up in the discussion"

{v: conclude, resolve} reach a conclusion after a discussion or deliberation

{v: devolve, deteriorate, drop, degenerate} grow worse
"Her condition deteriorated"
"Conditions in the slums degenerated"
"The discussion devolved into a shouting match"
<-> recuperate

{v: hash out, discuss, talk over} speak with others about (something) ; talk (something) over in detail ; have a discussion
"We discussed our household budget"

{v: moderate, chair, lead} preside over
"John moderated the discussion"

{v: palaver} have a lengthy discussion, usually between people of different backgrounds

{v: politicize, politicise} give a political character to
"politicize the discussion"

{v: prosecute, engage, pursue} carry out or participate in an activity ; be involved in
"She pursued many activities"
"They engaged in a discussion"

{v: raise, bring up} put forward for consideration or discussion
"raise the question of promotions"
"bring up an unpleasant topic"

{v: reconcile, patch up, make up, conciliate, settle} come to terms
"After some discussion we finally made up"

{v: reverberate} have a long or continuing effect
"The discussions with my teacher reverberated throughout my adult life"

{v: run out} exhaust the supply of
"We ran out of time just as the discussion was getting interesting"

{v: stonewall} obstruct or hinder any discussion
"Nixon stonewalled the Watergate investigation"
"When she doesn't like to face a problem, she simply stonewalls"

{v: temporize, temporise} draw out a discussion or process in order to gain time
"The speaker temporized in order to delay the vote"

{v: vex} subject to prolonged examination, discussion, or deliberation
"vex the subject of the death penalty"

Padre Pio's popularity stretches well beyond Italy to prayer groups and Internet discussion forums around the world.

Those are the " Big Five " in terms of ethical decisions. They tend to provoke the strongest emotions, and come up most often in discussions of ethical investing.
这是有道德争议的 "五大 "领域,容易激起人们最强烈的爱憎之情,也最常引发道德性投资的讨论。

British Airways confirmed it is in discussions to join up with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and Switzerland's SAir Group won approval to buy Belgium's Sabena Airlines.

Scientists in white coats gather in knots, furrow their brows in discussion and enter data into hand-held devices.

The website contains a directory of musicians and composers, as well as open mike discussions with tips on playing instruments.

Discussion on philosophy and political theory abounded, Sichuan opera was performed, and storytellers shared humorous anecdotes and Chinese fairytales.

A Europe-wide network gives UPC the commercial clout to negotiate deals with providers like France's Canal+, allowing for cooperative discussion on content and interactive television.
覆盖欧洲范围的网络使 UPC 取得商业上的优势,以便与供应商如法国的 Canal+内容和互动电视的合作展开洽谈。

In spite of such omissions, what Rosenblatt does include in his discussion makes for an astute and worthwhile study.

Discussion of the assimilation of Puerto Ricans in the United States has focused on two factors: social standing and the loss of national culture.
有关在美国的波多黎各人(Puerto Ricans)的同化问题,这方面的探讨一直侧重于两个因素:社会地位以及民族文化的丧失。

From our contemporary viewpoint, the pretensions of this film may seem a trifle ludicrous, but at the time it provoked endless debate and discussion and gave a new intellectual respectability to the cinema.

The discussions were chaired by Britain's top financial official, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Gordon Brown, who praised his colleagues for reaching the agreement ahead of a G8 summit next month in Gleneagles, Scotland.

Mr. Boucher reiterated the United States' readiness to return to the talks without preconditions. He said North Korea should similarly be open to serious discussions to resolve the issues of its nuclear program and to "end its international isolation."

"We had a good discussion on all of the bilateral issues between our two nations, but we also talked about broader issues of Euro-Atlantic integration, and how Ukraine will be moving to make sure that it become a valued member of the Euro-Atlantic community," said Mr. Powell.

He says there was no discussion of delaying those elections during a Monday telephone call between President Bush and Iraqi interim Prime Minister Iyad Allawi.

National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice is traveling with the president, and was also involved in the discussions. White House Spokesman Scott McClellan says the president told his aides to make sure the government is taking all action that might be necessary in light of the tape, which includes threats of more terrorist attacks.

If your boss becomes intolerably abusive, you may have to go above his head to your personnel department or senior manager. But before you take this course, discreetly, ask coworkers if they've clashed with your boss in the past. Ideally, they will back you up and permit you to mention their names when you make your charges. That way, you can bring a pattern of behavior to management's attention. Begin by asking, “Can I have a discussion with you off the record?" Then cite examples that show how your boss's treatment negatively affects your performance. Make it clear that you want to improve the situation, not punish your boss. If discipline is what he needs, let the higher-ups make that call.

业务洽谈 business discussion

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