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Be sure not to tell a first falsehood, and you needn't fear being detected in any subsequent ones.

I detected a slight change in his attitude.

Traces (痕迹) of blood were detected on his clothes.

Small quantities of poison were detected in the dead man's stomach.

Cancer may soon be detected in its earliest stages — even before cells begin to appear abnormal.

The submarine of the allied forces launched a torpedo at the enemy ship before it was detected.

Detecting medium 检验介质

{adj: aboveground} on or above the surface of the ground
"aboveground nuclear testing"
"surface instruments for detecting oil deposits"
"surface transportation"

{adj: detectable, noticeable} capable of being detected
"after a noticeable pause the lecturer continued"

{adj: detectable, perceptible} easily seen or detected
"a detectable note of sarcasm"
"he continued after a perceptible pause"

{adj: detected} perceived or discerned
"the detected micrometeoritic material"
<-> undetected

{adj: detected} perceived with the mind
"he winced at the detected flicker of irony in her voice"

{adj: heard} detected or perceived by the sense of hearing
"a conversation heard through the wall"

{adj: perceived} detected by means of the senses
"a perceived difference in temperature"

{adj: sensed, perceived} detected by instinct or inference rather than by recognized perceptual cues
"the felt presence of an intruder"
"a sensed presence in the room raised goosebumps on her arms"
"a perceived threat"

{adj: undetected} not perceived or discerned
"they feared some undetected trace of poison"
"she looked around to be sure her faux pas was undetected"
<-> detected

{n: Crab Nebula} a remnant of a supernova detected first in 1054 AD

{n: Mercalli scale} a scale of earthquake intensity; an earthquake detected only by seismographs is a I and an earthquake that destroys all buildings is a XII

{n: Widal test, Widal's test} a test for detecting typhoid fever and other salmonella infections

{n: detection, catching, espial, spying, spotting} the act of detecting something; catching sight of something

{n: detection, detecting, detective work, sleuthing} a police investigation to determine the perpetrator
"detection is hard on the feet"

{n: envelope} a natural covering (as by a fluid)
"the spacecraft detected an envelope of gas around the comet"

{n: fetal movement, foetal movement} motion of a fetus within the uterus (usually detected by the 16th week of pregnancy)

{n: galvanometer} meter for detecting or comparing or measuring small electric currents

{n: just-noticeable difference, jnd} (psychophysics) the difference between two stimuli that (under properly controlled experimental conditions) is detected as often as it is undetected

{n: lidar} a measuring system that detects and locates objects on the same principle as radar but uses light from a laser; a potential technology for detecting air turbulence that can affect aircraft

{n: magnetic ink} an ink that contains particles of a magnetic substance whose presence can be detected by magnetic sensors

{n: manner of speaking, speech, delivery} your characteristic style or manner of expressing yourself orally
"his manner of speaking was quite abrupt"
"her speech was barren of southernisms"
"I detected a slight accent in his speech"

{n: minesweeping} the activity of detecting and disposing of marine mines

{n: note} a characteristic emotional quality
"it ended on a sour note"
"there was a note of gaiety in her manner"
"he detected a note of sarcasm"

{n: olfactory property, smell, aroma, odor, odour, scent} any property detected by the olfactory system

{n: seismograph} a measuring instrument for detecting and measuring the intensity and direction and duration of movements of the ground (as an earthquake)

{n: semantic error, run-time error, runtime error} an error in logic or arithmetic that must be detected at run time

{n: touch, trace, ghost} a suggestion of some quality
"there was a touch of sarcasm in his tone"
"he detected a ghost of a smile on her face"

{v: detect, observe, find, discover, notice} discover or determine the existence, presence, or fact of
"She detected high levels of lead in her drinking water"
"We found traces of lead in the paint"

What ACE detected was a violent gust of " solar wind ", the constant flow of charged particles from the sun.
ACE 探测到的是一股凶猛的 "太阳风 ",即不断从太阳中流出的带电粒子。

Many American pharmacies now carry easy-to-use home tests for detecting or monitoring elevated cholesterol, colorectal disease, HIV, diabetes, urinary tract infections, skin cancer, drug use, vision problems, high or low blood pressure, ovulation and pregnancy.

Until recently, alternative browsers using plug-ins from third-parties such as Macromedia Flash which lets you see fluid, streaming animation, among other things weren't allowed on some enhanced sites, because the sites detected Netscape or IE, not the specific plug-in.
最近,一些使用非主流软件制造商(如为我们带来生动流畅的动画的 MacromediaFlash )生产的插件的浏览器,已经不能浏览一些经过改进的网站,因为这些网站只能检测 Netscape 和 IE 。

From animal studies, researchers in the U.S. and Israel know that some odors are detected more easily when they're flowing past nasal tissue quickly, and others when they' re moving slowly.

However, during the next 10 years, doctors will be given tools for detecting the earliest stages of many cancers, in some cases when they are only a few cells strong-and suppress them before they have a chance to progress to malignancy.

Researchers now know that some species have a magnetic sense, which might allow migrants to determine their geographic location by detecting variations in the strength of the Earth's magnetic field.
科研人员现在获悉,某些动物种类具备一种磁感(magnetic sense),这可能允许动物通过测定地球磁场强度变化而确立其地理位置。

The immunological method of detecting peptide hormones by means of antiserums, however, is imprecise.
但是,通过抗血清的手段来测定肽激素的这种免疫学方法(immunological method)有失精确。

Cross-reactions are possible and this method cannot determine whether the substances detected by the antiserums really are the hormones, or merely close relatives.

Furthermore, this method cannot be used to determined the location in the body where the detected substances are actually produced.

The molecular approach to detecting peptide hormones using cDNA probes should also be much faster than the immunological method because it can take years of tedious purifications to isolate peptide hormones and then develop antiserums to them.

Particles created in this way have only a fleeting existence; they are annihilated almost as soon as they appear, and their presence can never be detected directly.

They are called virtual particles in order to distinguish them from real particles, whose lifetimes are not constrained in the same way, and which can be detected.
它们被称为“虚粒子”(virtualparticle),以便与实粒子(real particle)区分开来,而实粒子则不会以这种方式受到制约,并且其存在可得以测定。

Under these conditions the electron and positron are not a result of vacuum fluctuations but are real particles, which exist indefinitely and can be detected.

Astronomers have detected the brightest explosion ever witnessed in the heavens. It was a flash of light from across our galaxy so powerful that it bounced off the Moon and illuminated Earth's upper atmosphere. The researchers say if the blast had occurred closer to Earth, it might have lead to the death of much of the planet's life.

Instruments/apparatus for measur/detecting ionising radiations

Power generation monitoring or detecting equipment

Dental fracture detecting tools

Allergy detecting or testing instruments or accessories

Disorders of psychological development
The disorders included in this block have in common: (a) onset invariably during infancy
or childhood; (b) impairment or delay in development of functions that are strongly
related to biological maturation of the central nervous system; and (c) a steady course
without remissions and relapses. In most cases, the functions affected include language,
visuo-spatial skills, and motor coordination. Usually, the delay or impairment has been
present from as early as it could be detected reliably and will diminish progressively as
the child grows older, although milder deficits often remain in adult life.
心理发展障碍 (F80-F89)
在 F80-F89 内所列的障碍症有下列共同点 : ( a ) 发生年
龄都是在婴儿期或儿童期 ; ( b ) 功能发展的障碍或
迟滞与中枢神经系统的生物性成熟有密切相关 ; 及
( C ) 病程稳定 , 与许多精神疾病具有的缓解、复发
的病程特性不同。大多数个案中 , 所影响的功能包
含语言、视觉 - 空间技巧或运动协调。通常其障碍
或迟滞的病史在早期即能正确地检查出来 , 且随着
儿童长大 , 其障碍会逐渐减轻 , 但成人期仍会存在

detecting instrument 检出器;检测元件;检波器

insulation fault detecting instrument 绝缘损坏检示仪表

radiation detecting device 辐射检测器

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