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course [ kɔ:s] n.课程;过程;一道菜

in the course of 在…期间,在…过程中

of course 自然,当然,无疑

in due course 在适当的时候

in course of 正在…中

in due course 及时地,在适当的时候

in the course of 在...过程中,在...期间

of course 当然,自然,无疑

in the course of

of course

course [kɔ:s] n. 过程;经过;课程

course [kɔ:s] n.过程,航向,课程

curriculum 课程
major 主修
minor 副修
educational highlights 课程重点部分
curriculum included 课程包括
specialized courses 专门课程
courses taken 所学课程
courses completed 所学课程
special training 特别训练
social practice 社会实践
part-time jobs 业余工作
summer jobs 暑期工作
vacation jobs 假期工作
refresher course 进修课程
extracurricular activities 课外活动
physical activities 体育活动
recreational activities 娱乐活动
academic activities 学术活动
social activities 社会活动

pipe course 容易的课程或工作

Core Curriculum(核心课程、基础课程):高等院校设置一批各种主题领域的本科课程,作
为攻读某一学位学生必修的课程,也称"Required Courses"(必修课程)。

是五小时以上)。一项授给学位的课程总是由特定数目的必修课程(Required Courses)和
选修课程(elective courses)组成,各校的规定各不相同。学校开设的课程通常都有指定的

Course Load(课程负担):学生一个学期登记选读课程的总数。

Course Number(课程代号):指定给某个课程的代号,如"化学103"。

Required Courses(必修课程):学生为获得特定学位所必须学习并取得合格成绩的课程。

All courses offered accredited by British Council

One-to-one English language courses with full board accommodation

在职进修班 in-service training course

短训班 short-term training course

专修科 special (training) course

课程 course; curriculum

必修课 required/compulsory course

选修课 elective/optional course

基础课 basic course

专业课 specialized course

教学内容 content of courses

Core Curriculum(核心课程、基础课程):高等院校设置一批各种主题领域的本科课程,作为攻读某一学位学生必修的课程,也称“Required Courses”(必修课程)。

Course(课程):按预定计划进行的课堂教学,在一个学期中每周安排一至五课时(也可能是五小时以上)。一项授给学位的课程总是由特定数目的必修课程(Required Courses)和选修课程(elective courses)组成,各校的规定各不相同。学校开设的课程通常都有指定的名称和代号(如数学101),以示区分。

Course Load(课程负担):学生一个学期登记选读课程的总数。

Course Number(课程代号):指定给某个课程的代号,如“化学103”。

Required Courses(必修课程):学生为获得特定学位所必须学习并取得合格成绩的课程。

in the course of 在...期间/过程中

specialized courses 专门课程

courses taken 所学课程

courses completed 所学课程

refresher course 进修课程

交易行情表 course of exchange; exchange table

同函奉上神户Brown兄弟公司向贵公司开出的汇票一张, 恳请惠予承兑后并及时寄还为荷。
Herewith we hand you a draft from Messrs. Brown & Bros., of Kobe, on your goodselves, which please accept and return to us in due course.

China Studies Course

commissioned course

crash course

day-release course

Of course!

Has anyone ever seen a dramatic critic in the daytime? Of course not. They come out after dark, up to no good.

Time and again I have emerged from a course of reading in philosophy with the conviction that the authors were really avoiding specific problems by converting them into tenuous sophistries that have very little real meaning.

an online course

The online course would not have succeeded without the commitment of all the teachers.

I've signed up to take a course at the local college.

After two months' intensified course, he could write down the teacher's lecture in English.

The university is unwilling to impose upon students the heavy responsibility of choosing their own courses.

Hard work will be demanded of students in this course.

Ordinarily, these "enriched" courses are kept for special students.

In addition to teaching, the online course also gives the students tests.

It is critical that you (should) keep up with the progress of an online course.

What, in your judgment, is the best course of action?

The teachers are talking about the adoption of a new course of study for the high school.

"Of course," I replied automatically.

Some sites, such as Term Paper Emporium and Absolutely Free: Online Essays offer course papers for free.

Every course is made up of 10 - 12 informal weekly meetings.
每门课程定为10到12周, 每周非正式见面讨论一次。

Of course plastic is cheaper than leather in the short run, but it won’t last long.
从短期看, 塑料当然比真皮便宜, 但塑料不经用。

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has courses in engineering and computer studies.

Hard work will be demanded of students in this course.

On the one hand, of course, cars are very useful. But on the other hand, they cause a huge amount of pollution.

Of course! 当然了!

For every course that he follows a student is given a grade, which is recorded, and the record is available for the student to show to prospective employers.

Of course, it would be as dangerous to overreact to history by concluding that the majority must now be wrong about expansion as it would be to re-enact the response that greeted the suggestion that the continents had drifted.

In addition to giving a general introduction to computer, the course also provides practical experience.

We will all have a course in ancient history this term.

Events took their natural course.

Our course was straight to the north.

When do you finish your college course?

Are there any golf courses around here?

You bet! *完全赞成对方所说的事的语气。
Did you study for the test? (快考试了,你准备了吗?)
You bet. (当然!/一定!)
That is for sure.
You know it.
I'd bet on it.
You can bet on it.
Bet on it.
Of course.
It goes without saying.
That goes without saying.
You betcha. *俚语。

Certainly not. *比较正式的说法。强烈地否定对方所指责或暗示的事情。
Did you cheat? (你骗人了吧?)
Certainly not. (哪儿有的事儿。/当然不是。)
Of course not. *否定的答案是显而易见的,根本无须发问时使用。
Of course. (当然。)

Could I possibly...?
Could I possibly use your bathroom? (我能用一下您的洗手间吗?)
Of course. (当然。)

Of course. *一般情况下的说法,“当然”。
Did you finish the report? (你写完报告了吗?)
Of course. (当然。)
Wanna come to my party? (你来参加我的舞会吗?)
Of course. (当然。)
Sure. *比Of course.要亲切一些。
Sure thing.
For sure. *俚语。
No way. (绝对不行。)

May I play catch here?
May I play catch here? (我可以在这儿玩球吗?)
Of course you may. (当然,玩吧。)

All disputes arising in the course of the consignment period shall be settled amicably through friendly negotiation.

The course I took was above me〖超过我的能力〗.

A middle course is the safest.

Ideals are like the stars -- we never reach them, but like mariners, we chart our course by them.

Let things take their course.

Nature will have its course.

The course of true love never did run smooth.

Of course payment might be refused if anything goes wrong with the documents.

A Are you free to meet tomorrow tonight?
A 你明晚有时间见面吗?
B I’m afraid not. I work in a restaurant in the evenings.
B 恐怕没有。晚上我在餐馆工作。
A Every evening Surely you have some evenings free.
A 每天晚上吗?总有几个晚上你有空吧。
B Yes, of course I do. I’ve got two nights off each week.
B 是的,当然了。我每周有两个晚上不用上班。
A But not tomorrow night . . . when are you next free?
A 但是明天晚上不行. . .你下次什么时候有空?
B I’m free the day after tomorrow. We could meet Thursday evening.
B 我后天有空。我们可以在周四晚上见面。

A Is there a big difference between driving in Beijing and driving in London?
A 在北京开车和在伦敦开车有很大区别吗?
B Well, the biggest difference is that in Britain we drive on the left. Here, you drive on the right side of the road.
B 哦,最大的区别是在英国我们是左侧通行。在这里,你们是右侧通行。
A Of course. I forgot! This must be very strange for you then?
A 当然, 我忘了!你对这个一定感到很奇怪吧?
B Not really. I’m used to it. In Europe and America, they drive on the same side as China.
B 不太奇怪。我习惯了。在欧洲和美国,也跟中国一样是右侧通行。
A So, is it only Britain that drives on the left?
A 那么说,只有英国是左侧通行了?
B No, not at all. Hong Kong, Japan, India – they’re all the same as Britain. They drive on the left too.
B 不,不是。在香港、日本和印度——都跟英国一样,都是左侧通行。

A Oh, yes. Very much. I'm sure it will be a great event - and great for China.
A 噢,是的。非常期待。我肯定这将是个重大的事件——对中国非常重要。
B I hope China wins lots of gold medals.
B 我希望中国赢得许多块金牌。
A So do I, Mr Clark. ?So do I. ?Canada, too, of course ...
A 我也是,克拉克先生。我也是。当然也希望加拿大赢得许多金牌。
B Yes, indeed. See you in August.
B 是的,的确。8月见。

A Good morning, Mrs Baker. ?How are you today?
A 贝克夫人早晨好!您今天好吗?
B I’m fine, thank you. Can I book trips here at the hotel?
B 我很好,谢谢你。我能在旅馆里预订旅游行程吗?
A Yes, of course. We can arrange lots of different excursions.
A 是的,当然可以。我们能安排多种不同的游览行程。
B I want to book a trip to the Great Wall and the Ming Tombs.
B 我想预订去长城和明十三陵的游览行程。
A An excellent choice! And when do you want to go?
A 很棒的选择!您想什么时候去?
B Tomorrow, if possible.
B 明天,如果可能的话。

A What's the international code for the States?
A 美国的国际区号是多少?
B That's easy. One!
B 很简单,是1!
A So, do I just dial one?
A 那么,我拨1就行了?
B No, no. Zero, zero, one. Or plus one.
B 不,不是。零,零,一。或者加号一。
A Of course. Most international numbers begin with zero, zero, don't they?
A 当然。大多数的国际区号都是以00开始的,不是吗?
B Yes, that's right. Or you can use the plus symbol.
B 是的,是这样。或者你可以用加号。

A Are you free to meet tomorrow tonight?
A 明晚有时间见面吗?
B I’m afraid not. I work in a restaurant at the weekends.
B 恐怕不行。我周末在一家餐馆上班。
A Every weekend? Surely you have some time free.
A 每个周末吗?你一定会有些空闲的时间的。
B Yes, of course I do. I’ve got one weekend off every month
B 是的,我当然有。我每个月有一个周末不用上班。
A OK, when are you next free?
A 好,你下次休班是什么时候?
B I’m free next weekend. We could meet saturday evening.
B 我下周末休息。我们可以在周六晚上见面。

A I’m off to Shanghai tomorrow afternoon.
A 我明天下午去上海。
B Of course, I forgot. You’re going to Shanghai, aren’t you?
B 当然,我忘了。你要去上海,不是吗?
A Yes, just for the weekend. I’m back on Monday.
A 是的,只是度个周末,我周一就回来。
B What time’s your flight?
B 你的航班什么时候起飞?
A It’s an afternoon departure. The flight leaves at 15.20.
A 下午出港。航班15:20起飞。
B Fifteen - twenty? You should get to the airport just after one.
B 15:20? 你应该1点后就到机场。

OK, let’s meet tomorrow at 10 for a coffee.
A 好的,咱们明天10点在咖啡店碰面。
B OK, 10 am tomorrow. I’ll bring my laptop.
B 好的,明早10点,我会带上我的笔记本电脑。
A Good idea. You can connect to the internet in the cafe.
A 好主意。你可以在咖啡店里上网。
B Of course. The cafe is wi-fi broadband connected. I can check my e-mail
B 对呀。咖啡店现在都是无线上网了。我可以查看一下电子邮件箱。

Ideals are like the stars----we never reach them, but like mariners, we chart our course by them.
Carl Schurz, American statesman

Beggars do not envy millionaires, though of course they will envy other beggars who are more successful.
Betrand Russell, British philosopher

Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! -- I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!
Patrick Henry. Americna revolutionary

Follow your own course, and let people talk.
Aleghieri Dante, Italian poet  

A:Tony? Oh,it's been a while since we've talked to each other. So nice to hear you again.
B:Same here. Hey, did you know Terry is going to be married? She invited me to her wedding and she wants you to attend also.
B:Definitely. I'm calling to tell you this.
A:Why didn't she call me?
B:She tried. But the line is always busy.
A:Well, I may have stayed on the phone too long. Can you give me her number? I'll call her later.
B:Of course. It's 555-4653.

@@@ 简单, 粗略
black and white 黑白片, 单色
glance at 浏览, (粗略地)看一下
in short 简而言之
nothing to it 很简单; 没什么难的
(there is) nothing to it (这)非常简单
slide over 回避, 略过
sum up 总结, 概括
survey course 概论课

intensive course 精读课程

let nature take its course 顺其自然

pipe course 容易的课程或工作

"Of course Dad gets mad at me sometimes for no good reason. But if I ever need it, I know he would give me the shirt off his back."

in the course of 在…过程中,在…期间

of course 当然,自然

Of course payment might be refused if anything goes wrong with the documents.

If the goods are to be transshipped from one means of transportation to another during the course of the entire voyage, its called "combined transportation".

We expect a 5% commission, of course.

The rates quoted by us are very moderate. Of course, the premium varies with the range of insurance.

按理 [àn lǐ] /according to reason/in the ordinary course of events/normally/

按说 [àn shuō] /in the ordinary course of events/ordinarily/normally/

本科 [běn kē] /undergraduate course/regular college course/

本来 [běn lái] /original/originally/at first/it goes without saying/of course/

本末 [běn mò] /the whole course of an event from beginning to end/ins and outs/the fundamental and the incidental/

必修 [bì xiū] /a required course/

必修课 [bì xiū kè] /a required course/

病程 [bìng chéng] /course of disease/

不二法门 [bù èr fǎ mén] /the one and only way/the only proper course to take/

采取 [cǎi qǔ] /adopt or carry out (measures, policies, course of action)/to take/

躔 [chán] /course of stars/follow precedent/

当然 [dāng rán] /only natural/as it should be/certainly/of course/without doubt/

奉行 [fèng xíng] /to pursue (a course, a policy)/

辅课 [fǔ kè] /subsidiary course/

拐弯儿 [guǎi wān er ] /(v) take a turn/(v) go on a new course/

轨 [guǐ] /course/path/track/rail/

过程 [guò chéng] /course of events/process/

函授 [hán shòu] /correspondence course/

河道 [hé dào] /(n) riverway; the course of a river/

讲座 [jiǎng zuò] /a course of lectures/

教程 [jiāo chéng] /lecture course/teaching module at university/tutorial/textbook/

教程 [jiào chéng] /course of study/

结业 [jiē yè] /(v) finsh a course of study/

进程 [jìn chéng] /process/course/

经过 [jīng guò] /to pass/to go through/process/course/

开课 [kāi kè] /school begins/give a course/teach a subject/

课程 [kè chéng] /course/class/

理所当然 [lǐ suǒ dāng rán] /(idiom) certainly; of course; it logically follows that.../

历程 [lì chéng] /course/process/

路程 [lù chéng] /course/

路线 [lù xiàn] /route/(political) course/

期 [qī] /a period of time/phase/stage/(used for issue of a periodical, courses of study)/time/term/period/to hope/

速成 [sù chéng] /crash course/

选修 [xuǎn xiū] /take as an elective course/

学科 [xué kē] /subject/branch of learning/course/

预科 [yù kē] /preparatory course (in college)/

主科 [zhǔ kē] /required courses in the major subject/

作法 [zuò fǎ] /course of action/method of doing something/practice/modus operandi/

"As soon as that report runs, we'll suddenly get 500 new internet sign-ups from Ukraine," says Friedman, a former political science professor.
"And we'll hear back from some of them." Open-source spying does have its risks, of course, since it can be difficult to tell good information from bad. That's where Straitford earns its keep.

Of course, the use of the Internet isn't the only way to defeat poverty.
And the Internet is not the only tool we have. But it has enormous potential.

Consequences follow from this, of course, some of which are that ambition is driven underground, or made sly.
Such, then, is the way things stand: on the left angry critics, on the right stupid supporters, and in the middle, as usual, the majority of earnest people trying to get on in life.

Of course, the basics of using any computer these days are very simple. It does not take a lifelong acquaintance to pick up various software programs.

If one wanted to become a computer engineer, that is, of course, an entirely different story. Basic computer skills take — at the very longest — a couple of months to learn.

In any case, basic computer skills are only complementary to the host of real skills that are necessary to becoming any kind of professional.
It should be observed, of course, that no school, vocational or not, is helped by a confusion over its purpose.

What this amounts to, of course, is that the scientist has become the victim of his own writings.
He has put forward unquestioned claims so consistently that he not only believes them himself, but has convinced industrial and business management that they are true.

Almost immediately word flashed on the Internet and was picked up, half a world away, by John Hofsess, executive director of the Right to Die Society of Canada. He sent it on via the group's on-line service, Death NET. Says Hofsess: "We posted bulletins all day long, because of course this isn't just something that happened in Australia. It's world history."

There are, of course, exceptions.

And, of course, speaking a language does not necessarily mean that someone understands social and cultural patterns.
Visitors who fail to "translate" cultural meanings properly often draw wrong conclusions.
For example, when an American uses the word "friend", the cultural implications of the word may be quite different from those it has in the visitor's language and culture.
It takes more than a brief encounter on a bus to distinguish between courteous convention and individual interest.

And of course in Britain listeners and viewers can tune in to two BBC television channels, five BBC national radio services and dozens of local radio station. They are brought sport, comedy, drama, music, news and current affairs, education, religion, parliamentary coverage, children's programmes and films for an annual licence fee of £83 per household.

There is one more point I feel I ought to touch on.
Recently I heard a well-known television personality declare that he was against advertising because it persuades rather than informs.
He was drawing excessively fine distinctions. Of course advertising seeks to persuade.

The creative approach begins with the proposition that nothing is as it appears.
Innovators will not accept that there is only one way to do anything.
Faced with getting from A to B, the average person will automatically set out on the best-known and apparently simplest route.
The innovator will search for alternate courses, which may prove easier in the long run and are bound to be more interesting and challenging even if they lead to dead ends.

{adj: accelerated} speeded up, as of an academic course
"in an accelerated program in school"

{adj: acute} having or experiencing a rapid onset and short but severe course
"acute appendicitis"
"the acute phase of the illness"
"acute patients"
<-> chronic

{adj: advanced} comparatively late in a course of development
"the illness had reached an advanced stage"
"an advanced state of exhaustion"

{adj: altered} changed in form or character without becoming something else
"the altered policy promised success"
"following an altered course we soon found ourselves back in civilization"
"he looked...with clouded eyes and with an altered manner of breathing"- Charles Dickens
<-> unaltered

{adj: ambivalent} uncertain or unable to decide about what course to follow
"was ambivalent about having children"

{adj: barricaded, barred, blockaded} preventing entry or exit or a course of action
"a barricaded street"
"barred doors"
"the blockaded harbor"

{adj: basic, introductory} serving as a base or starting point
"a basic course in Russian"
"basic training for raw recruits"
"a set of basic tools"
"an introductory art course"

{adj: catastrophic, ruinous} extremely harmful; bringing physical or financial ruin
"a catastrophic depression"
"catastrophic illness"
"a ruinous course of action"

{adj: centrist, middle-of-the-road} supporting or pursuing a course of action that is neither liberal nor conservative

{adj: consistent} (sometimes followed by `with') in agreement or consistent or reliable
"testimony consistent with the known facts"
"I have decided that the course of conduct which I am following is consistent with my sense of responsibility as president in time of war"- FDR
<-> inconsistent

{adj: curricular} of or relating to an academic course of study

{adj: deadly} (of a disease) having a rapid course and violent effect

{adj: devious, circuitous, roundabout} deviating from a straight course
"a scenic but devious route"
"a long and circuitous journey by train and boat"
"a roundabout route avoided rush-hour traffic"

{adj: differentiated} made different (especially in the course of development) or shown to be different
"the differentiated markings of butterflies"
"the regionally differentiated results"
<-> undifferentiated

{adj: down, downward} extending or moving from a higher to a lower place
"the down staircase"
"the downward course of the stream"

{adj: due} suitable to or expected in the circumstances
"all due respect"
"due cause to honor them"
"a long due promotion"
"in due course"
"due esteem"
" exercising due care"
<-> undue

{adj: early} at or near the beginning of a period of time or course of events or before the usual or expected time
"early morning"
"an early warning"
"early diagnosis"
"an early death"
"took early retirement"
"an early spring"
"early varieties of peas and tomatoes mature before most standard varieties"
<-> middle, late

{adj: elective} not compulsory
"elective surgery"
"an elective course of study"

{adj: errant} straying from the right course or from accepted standards
"errant youngsters"

{adj: erratic, planetary, wandering} having no fixed course
"an erratic comet"
"his life followed a wandering course"
"a planetary vagabond"

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