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class [ kla:s] n.班,班级;阶级

class [kla:s] n.(学校)班;年级;课

class [kla:s]

进修班 class for further studies

强化班 intensive training class

Guide for the Use of Class A Foams in Manual Structural Fire Fighting

Standard on Fire-Fighting Foam Chemicals for Class A Fuels in Rural, Suburban, and Vegetated Areas

upper-middle-class 上中阶层

grade 年级
class 班级

first-class quality 或 first-rate quality 头等的质量

first-class 一等品

at each other's throats 吵架
A: I can't believe Sean and Keith. They were at each other's throats in front of the whole class yesterday.
A: 我真不敢相信 Sean 跟 Keith会这样。他俩昨天当着整个班上互相叫骂起来了。
B: They fight all the time. You didn't know that?
B: 他们经常在吵架, 你不知道吗?

(指限定条件) endoresement/restrictions
前往城市 to
旅客姓名 name of passenger
承运人(公司) carrier
旅行经停地点 good for passage between
航班号 flight no.
起点城市 from
座舱等级 class (fare basis)
起飞日期 date
机号 plane No.
起飞时间 time
机座号 seat No.
订座情况 status
吸烟坐位 smoking seat
机票确认 ticket confirm
非吸烟席 non-smoking seat
登机口 gate    

签 证
姓 surname 失效日期(或必须在...日之前入境) expiry date ( 或 before)
名 first (given) name 停留期为...... for stays of
性别 sex 10天 ten days
出生日期 birthdate 8周 eight weeks
国籍 nationality 3个月 three months
护照号 passport No. 6个月 six months
编号 control No. 1年 one year
签发地 Issue At 3年 three years
签发日期 Issue Date (或On) 签证种类 visa type(class)

一个经济舱座位,对吗? One economy class seat, is that right?

class)、二年级(sophomore class)、三年级(junior class)、四年级(senior class);
(3)"届",某一特定年份毕业的学生,如"九七届"("The Class of 1997")。

Class Card(听课证):一种正式颁发的卡证,一般是用计算机打出,持证者得以到某课堂听课。

Class Rank(年级名次):表示一个学生学习成绩在毕业年级(graduating class)的排列名
后则为100/100。年级名次也可以百分比表示,如前百分之二十五(the top 25
percent)、后百分之五十(the lower 50 percent)。

(对女人来说) 有三类男人:智慧的情人,尊荣的情人,***的情人。
There are three classes of men: lovers of wisdom, lovers of honor, lovers of gain.

进修班 class for advanced studies

听课 to visit a class; to sit in on a class;p to attend a lecture

公开课 open class

课外辅导 instruction after class

课堂讨论 class discussion

扫盲班 literacy class

Class(班、级或届):“Class”一词可以有多种解释。(1)“班”,根据同一课程表在同一讲师或教授指导下上课的一群学生;(2)“级”,同一学年的学生,如一年级(freshman class)、二年级(sophomore class)、三年级(junior class)、四年级(senior class);(3)“届”,某一特定年份毕业的学生,如“九七届”(“The Class of 1997”)。

Class Card(听课证):一种正式颁发的卡证,一般是用计算机打出,持证者得以到某课堂听课。

Class Rank(年级名次):表示一个学生学习成绩在毕业年级(graduating class)的排列名次或比率。在由一百名学生组成的年级中排列第一的学生的年级名次为1/100,排列最后则为100/100。年级名次也可以百分比表示,如前百分之二十五(the top 25 percent)、后百分之五十(the lower 50 percent)。

economy class, tourist class 经济座

first class 头等

class 班级

课堂是以教师为中心还是以学生为中心? A Teacher-centered Class or A Student-centered Class?

product class 产品类别

social class 社会阶层

accounting class

administrative class

broadcasting and information class


class of passage

class scale

clerical class

construction class

Class A surface A级表面

His mark in math is second to none in the class.

Protect the interests of the working class 保护工人阶级利益

wage-earning class 工薪阶层

SAE channel class 100 and 180 filter

channel frequency classes

A society that gives to one class all the opportunities for leisure, and to another all the burdens of work, dooms both classes to spiritual sterility.

Instead of this absurd division into sexes they ought to class people as static and dynamic.

We are expected to participate actively in English class.

Now that John has arrived, we can begin our English class.

The navy is introducing a new class of battle ship this year.

At her best, she's a really first-class dancer.

The whole class were infected with the virus.

The teacher's colleagues taught his classes while he was ill.

The teacher appointed her to chair the class meeting.

Bill's problems in math class concern Sandy very much.

The boy failed in the examination because he had paid no attention to the teacher in class.
那男孩考试没及格, 他上课不听老师讲课。

Names, ages, and other data about the class are recorded in the teacher's notebook.

The number of students in the class declined from 25 to 20.

Professor Cary has a name as an outstanding lecturer. His classes are always well attended.

He hit the target when he became president of the class.

It took the teacher months to bring his class under control.

The staff rendered first-class service and all the guests were quite satisfied.

He was absent from class and he gave an incredible excuse.
他没来上课, 提出的借口令人难以置信。

We should apply what we have learned in class to the experiment.

Tony has the distinction of being the tallest boy in the class.

George turned over a new leaf and stopped disturbing the class.
乔治己改好了, 不再在课堂上捣乱了。

In her youth, she earned a reasonable living by posing for art students in drawing classes.

How do you account for your long absence from classes without asking for leave?

Anna got a lucky break yesterday when the teacher failed to notice she was late for class.

We must press for a reduction in the number of students in a class.

The lesson ended and the teacher dismissed the class.

It's time for class.

I'll call the roll before class.

The whole class is in a heated discussion.

There are many training classed and night classes.

My class went camping last summer.

Mr. Smith is in charge of this class. 史密斯老师负责该班。

Why don't you attend an aerobic class? 你为什么不去参加一个有氧健身班呢?

Jack is the strongest boy in the class.杰克是全班最强壮的男孩。

Well established among segments of the middle and upper classes by the mid-1800’s, this new view of childhood spread throughout society in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries as reformers introduced child labor regulations and compulsory education laws predicted in part on the assumption that a child’s emotional value made child labor taboo.

My point is that its central consciousness—its profound understanding of class and gender as shaping influences on people’s lives—owes much to that earlier literary heritage, a heritage that, in general, has not been sufficiently valued by most contemporary literary critics.

If we look at man as an animal and try to analyze the environmental forces that are acting on the organism, we find that we have to deal with things like climate, soil, plants, and such like factors common to all biological situations; but we also find, always, very important environmental influences that we can only class as “cultural”, which modify the physical and biological factors.

You can join the class if you parents approve.

You must pay attention to your teacher in the class.

She divided the food into four equal shares.
The class is divided in opinion.

You should finish your English grammar drills in the class.

How many students are there in your class?

She is more clever than the other girls in her class.

How many pupils are there in your class?

Hearing the bell, we raced to the class.

The teacher read the poem to the class.

How many students are there in your class?

Let's play hooky! *play hooky 俚语,“逃学”。
Let's skip school!
Let's cut class!
Let's ditch school!

It's for the birds. *直译“帮不了谁,最多只能帮帮鸟罢了”,即“无聊,没有意思”。是比较旧的说法,但现在仍然在用。
I hate this class. (我最讨厌上这课。)
I agree. It's for the birds. (没错。真无聊。)
It's no good.
It sucks.

I'd like to change this ticket to the first class.

What''s the fare to New York, Economy Class?

Can I have a second-class one way ticket to Chicago,please?

She is at the top of her class.

school is open 与 the school is open:
school is open (或 schools are open) 是指「学校开学」(classes are in session),这里的 open 是形容词,school 前面不加冠词 the,意味整个中小学的 school system。但是 the school is open,多指学校的建筑物开放著,但没有学生上课。
同理:He goes to school. 是指他去上学读书受教育,而 He goes to the school. 又指他去学校的建筑物(看朋友、参观等)。
至於 School is closed.(或 Schools are closed.) 是指「学校停课」,前面也不加 the。
注意:close 当形容词时,也有「附近」(nearby) 或「友善」(friendly) 的意思。 例如:
* The school is close(=nearby).(学校在附近。)
* That is a close neighborhood.(那是一个友善的住宅区),而 The school is opened at 8 a.m.; 或
* The school is closed at 5 p.m.(都是指学校的建筑物开放或关闭的时间。)
但是 The store is open. 是指店铺在营业中(= Business is going on.),而 The store is closed. 又是指店铺暂时不营业。
* The store was closed down. (permanently)
不过 closed 当形容词时,又有「保守」(conservative)或受某种「限制」(restricted)的意思。 例如:
* This is a closed community.(这是一个保守的社区。)(由於宗教信仰等原因,美国有的社区不欢迎外来的人。)

Cut class 逃课

A I’ll see you later tonight. I’m going to my music class first.
A 今晚晚些时候见。我先去上音乐课。
B Your music class What musical instrument do you play?
B 音乐课?你玩什么乐器?
A I play the piano. I practise every week. It’s my hobby.
A 我弹钢琴。我每周都练习。这是我的业余爱好。
B I didn’t know you play the piano. I’d love to hear you play.
B 我不知道你弹钢琴。我想听你弹弹。
A You can come and listen, if you’d like. What’s your hobby?
A 如果你愿意的话可以来听。你的爱好是什么?
B Well, I like music too – but not playing musical instrument. I like going to clubs and hearing the best DJs.
B 哦,我也喜欢音乐——但是不是乐器。我喜欢去俱乐部听最好的DJ。

A I know what you mean. Sometimes you are too busy for hobbies.
A 我明白你的意思。有时你太忙了,不能有爱好。
B And tired!? I’m often very tired when I get home after work.
B 还有累!下班回家时我经常感到很累。
A Me too. I’m too busy and tired for hobbies.
A 我也是。我太忙太累了,不能有爱好。
B There’re lots of things I want to do, if I had the time.
B 如果我有时间的话,我有很多想做的事。
A Yes. I’d like to go to regular English classes . . . and go dancing.
A 是的。我想定期去上英语课. . .还有舞蹈课。
B I’d like to practise tennis and learn how to play well.
B 我想练习打网球,学习打好网球。

I like to have a man's knowledge comprehend more than one class of topics, one row of shelves. I like a man who likes to see a fine barn as well as a good tragedy.
Ralph Waldo Emerson, American thinker  
美国思想家、爱默生。R. W.

Why don't you attend an aerobic class?

at each other's throats 吵架
A: I can't believe Sean and Keith. They were at each other's throats in front of the whole class yesterday.
B: They fight all the time. You didn't know that?

Subject: Reservations for a Flight
Dear Sir/madam,
Mr.Zhang Xiaohua, our Marketing Manager, would like to fly from Guangzhou to London on the earliest flight possible.
We would be obliged if you would book one economy class seat for him on a flight leaving Guangzhou on or about July 28th.
Bank of China has been instructed to pay the fare and booking fee, and we would ask you to submit your account directly to them.
We appreciate your early confirmation.
Sincerely yours,
Lin Jie
Secretary to Mr.Zhang
Guangzhou Trading Company

Subject: Confirmation of reservation
Dear Miss Lin,
We have acknowledged your E-mail dated July 15th requesting us to book one economy-class seat for Mr. Zhang xiaohua on a flight from Guangzhou to London.
One seat has been reserved on flight S.A 917 departing Baiyun Airport, Guangzhou at 10:00 a.m. on the 28th, arriving London at 11:00 a.m. local time on the 30th.
The account will be sent to Bank of China, as requested.
Yours faithfully,
Tang xiaogang
Reservations Manager

I would like to book a flight to Paris on January 8 on Air France, First Class and round trip.

class treasurer 班里的生活委员

@@@ 生活, 谋生
bread and butter 生活必需品; 衣、食和住, 生计
class treasurer 班里的生活委员
do business with 同...做生意
earn a/one's living 谋生
eke out an existence 勉强维持生活
fend for oneself 自己谋生, 照料自己
get along 过活; 进展; 应付
live by oneself 独自一人生活
living quarters 生活区
make a living 谋生, 挣钱度日
subsist on/upon 依靠...生活; 以...维持生命
way of life 生活方式; 行为准则

"My boss is a stuffed shirt: all he talks about is how important his ancestors are, how he was number one in his class at his university, and the wonderful things he thinks he's done for our company."

"I keep trying to get friendly with that lovely blonde who sits next to me in biology class. But she keeps me at arm's length."

- Clam up 守口如瓶,拒不开口,沉默不语
I don't understand why my students are quite talkative during the break but all clam up in class.

- a poor apology for...蹩脚货,名不副实
That travel agency was first-class, but it offered a poor apology for its service

- have ( a case of ) the jitters 忐忑不安
The new teacher had a case of jitters when he first stood in front of the class.

- .make a slip of the tongue 说走嘴
The class burst into laughter when the teacher made a slip of the tongue. He meant to say "Good morning" to students, but he said "Good afternoon".

- Take a dim view of …对……抱悲观态度;不赞同
Teachers in middle schools usually take a dim view of students' talking up too many after-class activities.

- Drive someone to the wall 把某人逼得走投无路
He hates learning foreign languages. But the challenging situation drives him to the wall. He decides to go to an evening class.

The quality of this article cannot qualify for first-class.

class; squad

班级 class

特别二等舱 cabin class

A: I would like to learn Chinese. What’s the best way to learn?
A: 我想学汉语。学习的最好方法是什么?
B: There’re quite a lot of schools and classes you can go to.
B: 有很多学校和课程,你可以参加。
A: Perhaps you could help me find a good one.
A: 也许你能帮我找个好的。
B: Yes, I can. And we can get books and CDs at the bookshop.
B: 是的,我能。我们还可以在书店买书和CD。
A: Yes, that will help me too. Thanks.
A: 是的,那对我也会有帮助。谢谢你。

班 [bān] /team/class/rank/squad/a work shift/a measure word/(a surname)/

般 [bān] /sort/kind/class/way/manner/

班次 [bān cì] /order of classes or grades at school/number of runs or flights/

班级 [bān jí] /classes or grades in school/

班务会 [bān wù huì] /a routine meeting of a squad/team or class/

班长 [bān zhǎng] /class monitor/squad leader/team leader/

班主任 [bān zhǔ rèn] /a teacher in charge of a class/

曹 [cáo] /a company/a class/a generation/(a surname)/

侪 [chái] /a class/a company/companion/

畴 [chóu] /arable fields/cultivated field/class/category/

出身 [chū shēn] /family background/class origin/

粗俗的阶级 [cū sú de jiē jí] /vulgar class/

大类 [dà lèi] /main type/main class/main category/

等 [děng] /class/rank/grade/equal to/same as/wait for/await/et cetera/and so on/

第一流 [dì yī liú] /first-class/

顶尖级 [dǐng jiān jí] /first class/top/world best/

放学 [fàng xué] /classes are over/

分子 [fèn zi ] /(math.) numerator (in fractions)/members of a class or group/political elements (such as intellectuals or extremists)/

纲 [gāng] /head rope of a fishing net/guiding principle/key link/class (taxonomy)/outline/program/

高层 [gāo céng] /high level/high class/

高层旅馆 [gāo céng lǚ guǎn] /luxury hotel/high class hotel/

工人阶级 [gōng rén jiē jí] /(n) the working class/

归入 [guī rù] /to assign (to a class)/to classify as/to include/

汇 [huì] /class/collection/

阶级 [jiē jí] /(social) class/

课 [kè] /subject/class/lesson/

课程 [kè chéng] /course/class/

课时 [kè shí] /class/period/

旷课 [kuàng kè] /(v) be truant from school; cut classes/

类 [lèi] /kind/type/class/category/similar/like/to resemble/

门 [mén] /opening/door/gate/doorway/gateway/valve/switch/way to do something/knack/family/house/(religious) sect/school (of thought)/class/category/phylum or division (taxonomy)/

旁听 [páng tīng] /be a visitor (at a meeting, class, trial, etc)/

跷课 [qiāo kè] /avoid attending classes/

软席 [ruǎn xí] /soft seat (= first class in PRC trains)/

上课 [shàng kè] /to attend class/

上流 [shàng liú] /upper class/

同等 [tóng děng] /(adj) having the same social class or status/

下课 [xià kè] /class is over/

小康社会 [xiǎo kāng shè huì] /middle-class society/

学级 [xué jí] /class/

学时 [xué shí] /class hour/period/

夜间 [yè jiān] /nighttime/evening or night (e.g., classes)/

中产 [zhōng chǎn] /middle class/to ascend to the middle class/

种类 [zhǒng lèi] /kind/genus/type/category/variety/species/sort/class/

资产阶级 [zī chǎn jiē jí] /the capitalist class/the bourgeoisie/

Scientists could "adopt" middle school classes and present their own research.

Here is a troubled business that keeps hiring employees whose attitudes vastly annoy the customers.
Then it sponsors lots of symposiums and a credibility project dedicated to wondering why customers are annoyed and fleeing in large numbers.
But it never seems to get around to noticing the cultural and class biases that so many former buyers are complaining about.
If it did, it would open up its diversity program, now focused narrowly on race and gender, and look for reporters who differ broadly by outlook, values, education, and class.

While in America the trend started as a reaction to the economic decline — after the mass redundancies caused by downsizing in the late '80s — and is still linked to the politics of thrift, in Britain, at least among the middle class downshifters of my acquaintance, we have different reasons for seeking to simplify our lives.

The grand mediocrity of today — everyone being the same in survival and number of offspring — means that natural selection has lost 80% of its power in upper-middle-class India compared to the tribes.

When a new movement in art attains a certain fashion, it is advisable to find out what its advocates are aiming at, for, however farfetched and unreasonable their principles may seem today, it is possible that in years to come they may be regarded as normal.
With regard to Futurist poetry, however, the case is rather difficult, for whatever Futurist poetry may be — even admitting that the theory on which it is based may be right — it can hardly be classed as Literature.

This, though it fulfills the laws and requirements of Futurist poetry, can hardly be classed as Literature.
All the same, no thinking man can refuse to accept their first proposition: that a great change in our emotional life calls for a change of expression. 实际上,没有一个善于思考的人会拒绝接受他们的第一个观点:即情感生活的巨大变化要求表达方式也随之变化。
The whole question is really this: have we essentially changed?

The growth of the limited liability company and municipal business had important consequences.
Such large, impersonal manipulation of capital and industry greatly increased the numbers and importance of shareholders as a class, an element in national life representing irresponsible wealth detached from the land and the duties of the landowners; and almost equally detached from the responsible management of business.

Towns like Bournemouth and Eastbourne sprang up to house large "comfortable" classes who had retired on their incomes, and who had no relation to the rest of the community except that of drawing dividends and occasionally attending a shareholders' meeting to dictate their orders to the management.

{adj: advanced} farther along in physical or mental development
"the child's skeletal age was classified as `advanced'"
"children in the advanced classes in elementary school read far above grade average"

{adj: advantaged, favored} blessed with advantages
"she is more advantaged than her cousin"
"born into the favored classes"

{adj: after-school} outside regular school hours
"a special after-school class"

{adj: all} quantifier; used with either mass or count nouns to indicate the whole number or amount of or every one of a class
"we sat up all night"
"ate all the food"
"all men are mortal"
"all parties are welcome"
<-> some, no

{adj: amphibious, amphibian} relating to or characteristic of animals of the class Amphibia

{adj: animate} belonging to the class of nouns that denote living beings
"the word `dog' is animate"
<-> inanimate

{adj: arachnoid, arachnidian, spidery, spiderlike, spiderly} relating to or resembling a member of the class Arachnida

{adj: ascendant, ascendent, dominating} most powerful or important or influential
"the economically ascendant class"
"D-day is considered the dominating event of the war in Europe"

{adj: ascomycetous} related to or characteristic of fungi of the class Ascomycetes

{adj: atypical, untypical} not representative of a group, class, or type
"a group that is atypical of the target audience"
"a class of atypical mosses"
"atypical behavior is not the accepted type of response that we expect from children"
<-> typical

{adj: basidiomycetous} pertaining to or characteristic of fungi of the class Basidiomycetes

{adj: bemused, deep in thought, lost, preoccupied} deeply absorbed in thought
"as distant and bemused as a professor listening to the prattling of his freshman class"
"lost in thought"
"a preoccupied frown"

{adj: better} (comparative of `good') superior to another (of the same class or set or kind) in excellence or quality or desirability or suitability; more highly skilled than another
"You're a better man than I am, Gunga Din"
"a better coat"
"a better type of car"
"a suit with a better fit"
"a better chance of success"
"produced a better mousetrap"
"she's better in math than in history"
<-> worse

{adj: boisterous, rambunctious, robustious, rumbustious, unruly} noisy and lacking in restraint or discipline
"a boisterous crowd"
"a social gathering that became rambunctious and out of hand"
"a robustious group of teenagers"
"beneath the rumbustious surface of his paintings is sympathy for the vulnerability of ordinary human beings"
"an unruly class"

{adj: bottom} the lowest rank
"bottom member of the class"

{adj: bourgeois, conservative, materialistic} conforming to the standards and conventions of the middle class
"a bourgeois mentality"

{adj: bourgeois} (according to Marxist thought) being of the property-owning class and exploitive of the working class

{adj: bourgeois} belonging to the middle class

{adj: cephalopod, cephalopodan} relating or belonging to the class Cephalopoda

{adj: class-conscious, stratified} (used of society) socially hierarchical
"American society is becoming increasingly stratified"

{adj: classified} arranged into classes
<-> unclassified

{adj: clipped} (of speech) having quick short sounds
"a clipped upper-class accent"

{adj: coroneted, highborn, titled} belonging to the peerage
"the princess and her coroneted companions"
"the titled classes"

{adj: costumed} dressed in clothing characteristic of a period, country, or class

{adj: crinoid} of or relating to or belonging to the class Crinoidea

{adj: crustaceous, crustacean} of or belonging to the class Crustacea

{adj: cyanobacterial, cyanophyte} relating to or caused by photosynthetic bacteria of the class Cyanobacteria

{adj: derived} formed or developed from something else; not original
"the belief that classes and organizations are secondary and derived"- John Dewey
<-> underived

{adj: excellent, first-class, fantabulous} of the highest quality
"made an excellent speech"
"the school has excellent teachers"
"a first-class mind"

{adj: extensional} defining a word by listing the class of entities to which the word correctly applies

{adj: first, foremost, world-class} ranking above all others
"was first in her class"
"the foremost figure among marine artists"
"the top graduate"

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