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catch [ kætʃ] vt.捉住;赶上;领会

catch one's breath 喘息;屏息

catch at 想抓住;渴望取得

catch on 理解,明白,变得流行

catch up with 赶上;指出…出了差错

be caught up in 对…特别感兴趣

catch sb.'s eye 引起(某人)注目

catch fire 着火,烧着

catch sight of 发现,看到,突然看见

catch at 想抓住;立即接受

catch up 赶上;打断…的话

catch fire 着火

catch on 理解,明白

catch one's breath 屏息,歇口气

catch one's eye 引人注目

catch sight of 发现,突然看见

catch up with 追上,赶上

catch fire

catch on

catch one's breath

catch one's eye

catch sight of

catch up with

catch [kætʃ] v.接住,捉住,赶,染上病

catch [kætʃ] 捕捉

抛砖引玉 a modest spur to induce others to come forward with valuable contributions; throw a sprat to catch a whale

先下手为强 catch the ball before the bound

Magnetic catch 磁性拉手

Magnetic catch 磁性拉手

catch on to 理解

catch one's breath 喘口气

catch up on sth 补上某事

catch up with 迎头赶上

caught red-handed, be 犯罪活动的当场被抓住

What's the catch? 你这是什么意思?

Anyone caught using this lift will be removed from this lift 发现用此电梯者将被清走。

a modest spur to induce others to come forward with valuable contributions;
throw a sprat to catch a whale

先下手为强 catch the ball before the bound

It must be noted that improvement in agriculture seems to not be able to catch up with the increase in population of rural areas and there are millions of peasants who still live a miserable life and have to face the dangers of exposure and starvation.

Most important of all, apart from their hometown and parents, students couldn't catch sight of any familiar face and have to suffer from homelessness, which can cause certain serious mental disease.

Catch me later.

As she ran to catch the school bus, Sandy thought of her brother.

The bird dived into the water to catch the fish.

Unfortunately, we arrived too late to catch the plane.

The thief and his associates were caught by the police.

He failed the test because he was caught cheating.

The boat brought back a big catch of fish.

We were planning on just having a snack and catching the early train.

Illegal immigrants are sent back across the border if they are caught.

The thief tried to set his companion up for punishment but he too was caught and tried.

They barely had time to catch the plane.

You'll catch cold if you don't watch out: you need a warmer coat than that.

They chased the man, caught him and retrieved the handbag.

There was a long chase before the criminal was caught.

I should say you've caught a cold.

I caught the last bus. 我赶上了最后一班车。

We just caught the plane 我们刚好赶上了飞机。

I think I've caught a cold. 我想我得了感冒。

I have to catch a plane. Could you hurry?你能快点吗?我好久没有她的消息了。

Why isn't Mrs. Lee's cat catching the mice?李太太的猫为何不在抓这些老鼠呢?

I left at 6:00 so that I could catch the train.我六点钟出门,以便赶上火车。

He waved his hand to catch my attention.

The early bird catches the worm.

We're just in time to catch the train.

It's noisy and I can't catch a word.

That's a nice catch.

He caught a cold.

The Jews lived in dread of being caught.

We caught three little fishes.

I intended to catch the early train, but I didn't get up in time.

The fans of the actress craned their necks to catch a glimpse of their idol.
If I need you to come and help I'll call.

If I miss this train I'll catch the next one.

The police worked out a plan to catch the thief.

He shut himself away for a month to catch up on his academic work.

I caught a curious sound in the neighboring room.

Let's play catch.
Let's play catch. (我们来投球吧。)
Great! (好呀!)
Let's play ball.

I caught a cold from you.

I don't even have time to catch my breath.
How's work? (工作怎么样?)
I don't even have time to catch my breath. (连喘口气的工夫都没有。)
I don't have time to breathe.

He's quick on the uptake. *这是一种固定说法,表示“理解吸收能力强”。
He's a fast learner.
He has a quick mind.
He catches on quickly.

See you.
See you later.
See you soon.
See you again.
Catch you later.
See you around. *用于在同一座楼里,过会儿还有可能再见面时。

I couldn't catch what you said. *“听见,明白(话语等)”。
I didn't catch that.

There's a little catch. *“小心有陷阱,圈套”。
That sounds easy. (好像很简单。)
Well, there's a little catch. (可是,有点蹊跷。)
There's something to it.
It's not as easy as it sounds. (并不像听起来的那么容易。)

May I play catch here?
May I play catch here? (我可以在这儿玩球吗?)
Of course you may. (当然,玩吧。)

I could not catch your question. Could you repeat it, please?

I didn't catch that, Could you go over that again?

It is a shame!
这是一句可以用在许多适当情况的口语 (Catch-all phrase),是表示一种轻度的「遗憾」或「同情」(a form of sympathy or regret) 但没有「羞耻」的意思。
It is a shame that your car got stuck in the snow.(你的汽车陷在雪里,真糟糕。)
When I said, "I lost ten dollars from my pocket.",he replied, "It is a shame!"(当我说:「我从口袋里掉了十块钱」,他回答:「真遗憾?」)
至於 "What a shame",其实与 "it is a shame" 意思相似,也有 "It is too bad" 的味道。例如:
What a shame that his son's behavior is so rude.(他儿子的粗鲁行为是令人遗憾的)

Who caught the bouquet?

Love the neighbor. But don‘t get caught.

It is a silly fish that is caught twice with the same bait.

Tall trees catch much wind.
树大招风 。

A close mouth catches no flies.

A tall tree catches the wind.

Catch the bear before you sell his skin.

Drowning man will catch at a straw.

Eagles catch no flies.

First catch your hare, then cook him.

Give a lark to catch a kite.

Harm watch, harm catch.

He who follows two hares is sure to catch neither.

He who would catch fish mush not mind getting wet.

If the sky fall(or falls), we shall catch larks.

If you run after two heares, you will catch neither.

If you swear you will catch no fish.

It is a silly fish, that is caught twice with the same bait.

Laws catch flies but let hornets go free.

Never fry a fish till it's caught.

Old birds are not caught with new nests.

Old birds are not to be caught with shaff.

One beats the bush, and another catches the birds.

Set a thief to catch a thief.

Tall trees catch much wind.

The catin glores catch no mice.

The early bird catches the worm.

The sleeping fox catches no poultry.

The tail does often catch the fox.

Venture a small fish to catch a great one.

When the ffish is caught the net is laid aside.

Pitch and catch technique 一发一收法

I could not catch your question. Could you repeat it, please?

A Hi! What are you doing this weekend? Any good plans?
A 嗨!你这个周末怎么过?有什么好的计划吗?
B I’m going out with some friends. We’re hoping to catch some good music.
B 我要和朋友一起出去。我们希望能听到一些好的音乐。
A That sounds good. Where are you going?
A 听起来不错。你们要去哪里?
B We’re not sure yet. Do you know any good clubs with live music?
B 我们还不确定。你知道那家夜总会有现场音乐演奏吗?
A You might find some around Sanlitun, or Houhai.
A 在三里屯或者后海一带你可能会找到这样的夜总会。
B We heard that Haidian was good for clubs, around the university area.
B 我们听说海淀是夜总会的好去处,在大学城周围。

A Go on. Come to the party. You’ll enjoy it.
A 去吧。去参加晚会吧。你会很开心的。
B I don’t know. Are you sure it’s OK for me to come with you?
B 我不知道。你肯定我和你一起去合适吗?
A Yes, don’t worry. It will be really good. There should be food, drinks and music.
A 是的, 别担心了。会非常好的。应该有食物、饮料和音乐。
B I must admit, it sounds interesting. OK, I’ll come.
B 我必须承认,这听起来很吸引人。好吧,我去。
A Good. Shall we meet after work on Thursday, about 6? We can catch a taxi together to the party.
A 好极了。我们周四下班后大约6点见面好吗?我们可以乘出租车一起去参加晚会 。
B Yes, that’s fine. See you at 6 on Thursday. Bye!
B 好的,可以。周四6点见。再见!

A Do you cycle to work everyday?
A 你每天骑自行车上班吗?
B Nearly everyday. If it’s raining or freezing cold and windy, I’ll catch the bus.
B 几乎每天都是。如果是下雨或者刮风以及寒冷的天气,我就乘公共汽车。
A Do you enjoy cycling? Especially in all the traffic in Beijing?
A 你喜欢骑自行车吗?尤其是在北京这么多的车辆当中?
B I don’t mind it. It keeps me fit. And it’s OK if the weather is fine and I’m not too tired.
B 我不在乎。骑自行车使我强壮。而且如果天气好、我也不太累的话骑车可以。
A I know what you mean. I love cycling. But the traffic is so heavy in Beijing. Cycling looks pretty dangerous!
A 我明白你的意思。我爱骑自行车。但是北京的交通太拥挤了。骑自行车看起来相当危险!
B Yes, it can be. There are some pretty bad drivers. You have to cycle carefully.
B 是的,可能很危险。有一些很糟糕的司机。你骑自行车的时候要小心。

A You’ll enjoy the party. It’ll be good fun.
A 在晚会上你会很愉快的。那将是很愉快的时光。
B Should we meet for something to eat before we go?
B 我们在去之前应该见面一起吃点东西吗?
A No, I don’t think we need to. There should be food and drinks there.
A 不,我想不必。晚会上应该有食物和饮品。
B That’s good. I’m really looking forward to it – I can’t wait!
B 那太好了。我期待着晚会的来临——我都等不及了!
A Good. Shall we meet after work on Friday, about 5? We can catch a taxi together to the party.
A 好啊。我们周五下班后见,5点怎么样?我们可以一起打车去参加晚会。
B Yes, see you at Friday at 5. Bye!
B 好的。周五5点见。再见!

A Do you cycle to work everyday?
A 你每天骑车去工作吗?
B Nearly everyday. Sometimes, if it’s raining, I’ll catch the bus.
B 几乎每天。有时如果下雨的话,我会做公共汽车。
A Do you enjoy cycling? Especially in all the traffic in Beijing?
A 你喜欢骑车吗?尤其是在交通烦杂的北京?
B It keeps me fit. It’s OK if the weather is fine. You should get a bike.
B 它让我保持健康的身体。如果天气好的话这样很好。你也应该买个自行车。

catch up with/on 赶做(应及时完成的工作)

@@@ 爱; 喜欢
a standing ovation 起立欢呼
acquire a taste for sth. 对...有兴趣, 开始喜欢
attach to 1.依附在...上; 系在...上
2.依恋; 喜爱
be fond of 喜欢; 偏爱
care for 1.照顾, 照看
catch on 1.理解, 领会
2.逐渐流行, 逐渐受欢迎
do one's thing 做拿手的并且喜欢做的事
endear to (使)受到喜爱
enthusiasm for 热衷; 热爱
fall in love with 爱上...; 喜欢上...
keen on 喜爱; 热衷于
love affair 恋爱; 风流韵事
make sb. welcome 表示欢迎
prefer to 1.宁愿..., 更喜爱
2.喜爱A甚于B; 选择A而不选择B
take care of 1.负责, 处理
2.照顾, 照应; 爱护
welcome back 欢迎回来

@@@ 休闲, 放松, 歇息
alight on 栖息
blow over 平息; 平安地过去
break down 1.(汽车等)抛锚; (机器)停止运转, 发生故障
catch one's breath 缓口气, 歇口气
day off 休假
fool around 闲荡, 浪费时间
laze about/around 轻松愉快地打发时间
pump out (of) 抽出; 抽空
retire from 退休
slow down 减速, 慢下来; 松弛
take a break & take one's break 休息, 放松
take it easy 休息; 放松
take off (from work) 休假, 歇假
time off 空闲时间

@@@ 慢; 逐渐
break in 使(新鞋新靴)逐渐舒适合脚; 磨合; 训练
by and by 不久以后, 过一段时间; 逐渐地
catch on 1.理解, 领会
2.逐渐流行, 逐渐受欢迎
die away (风、声音)逐渐消失; 减少或减弱
die out 灭绝; 逐渐消失
drain off 流掉; 渐渐枯竭
fade away 逐渐凋谢; (声音)慢慢减弱, 逐渐消失
fade in (使)渐显(电影、电视中的画面); (使声音)渐强
let up 减小, 渐渐停止
little by little 逐渐地; 慢慢地
melt away (使某物)融化或溶解而消失; 逐渐消失
slow down 减速, 慢下来; 松弛
waste away 慢慢消逝; 日益消瘦/衰弱

@@@ 理解, 弄清
catch on 1.理解, 领会
2.逐渐流行, 逐渐受欢迎
fathom out 理解, 弄清楚
figure out 算出; 理解; 想出
find out 弄清楚, 明白
get across 使观点被理解, 接受
make certain (把...)弄确实, 弄清楚
make sense out of sth. 弄懂或理解困难或看似无法理解的事物
put across 表达清楚; (使人)接受

@@@ 注意, 当心, 谨慎
be cautious to 谨慎
catch sight of (短暂地)见到, 注意到
concentrate on 集中于; 全神贯注于
concentration on 注意力集中于
draw (one's) attention to 引起(对...的)注意
focus on 以...为焦点; 集中(注意力)于...
in the spotlight 处于公众注意的中心
keep an eye on & keep an eye out (for) 照料, 照看; 留心, 注意
keep one's eyes open (for) 留心看着; 保持警惕
on the alert 密切注意; 当心
pay/devote attention to 注意; 重视
pay heed to 注意..., 留心...
see to 照顾, 注意
see to it that... 一定注意到...; 务必
show off 卖弄, 炫耀, 吸引大家注意
take care 当心, 注意
take note of 注意
think over 慎重思考
watch out (for) 当心, 戒备, 提防

@@@ 看见
at first sight/blush 乍看之下
be blind to 对...视而不见
catch a glimpse of 瞥见
catch sight of (短暂地)见到, 注意到
come across 无意中发现; 偶然遇见
disappear from view 消失不见了
glance at 浏览, (粗略地)看一下
have/take a look at (顺便)看一看
look about/around/round 到处寻找; 到处看看
look beyond 朝比...更远的地方看; 考虑...以后(更大)的问题
make out 分辨出来, 看出来
show sb. around 带某人参观某地
squint at 眯着眼睛看
turn a blind eye 故意视而不见
visible to sth. 可用...看见的

@@@ 火
active volcano 活火山
catch fire 着火; 烧着
fly off the handle 发火; 很生气
go too far 走得太远; 做得过火
on fire 起火; [喻]非常激动
vocanic cone 火山锥

@@@ 气
air current 气流
at a breath 一口气地
atmospheric pressure 大气压力
catch one's breath 缓口气, 歇口气
hold one's breath 屏住气息
out of breath 气喘吁吁地, 上气不接下气地
pump in/into (用泵)抽进; 打进气

up : 向说话人的方向(to the place where the speaker is)
go up
run up
rush up
drive up
walk up
catch up
swim up
march up
come up

on : 连上,固定住,(in or into a state of being connected)
act on 对…起作用
catch on 抓牢
come on 跟随
count on 依赖
draw on 带上,穿上
fasten on 纠缠,抓牢
fit on 固定
get on 接近
paste on 粘住
turn on 打开
switch on 打开
pin on 钉住
put on 穿上
try on 试穿
pull on 穿上
hang on 不挂断
build on 建立于
leave on 留住
take on 穿下
rely on 依靠
depend on 依靠

out : 搞清,弄明白(in or into notice and clearness)
find out 找出
figure out 算出,解决
make out 弄清
count out 点清
come out 出版,出现
catch out 看出
carry out 完成,
bear out 证明
bring out 发表,说出
fill out 使完全, 添满
write out 写出

pull a fast one欺骗
He tried to pull a fast one on us, but we caught on before he got away with it.

catch on to突然了解
It took Cindy a long time to catch on to what Bill was saying.

up shit creek惨兮兮
If Mom catches you smoking in the house, you'll be up shit creek.

can't catch my breath 气短不继
I can't catch my breath.

pull a fast one欺骗
He tried to pull a fast one on us, but we caught on before he got away with it.

be caught dead 献丑,出洋相
I wouldn't be caught dead in that ugly outfit.

catch on to 理解

catch one's breath 喘口气

catch up on sth 补上某事

catch up with 迎头赶上

caught red-handed, be 犯罪活动的当场被抓住

What's the catch? 你这是什么意思?

I've gotta catch the bus. 我要去赶公共汽车了。

Catch you later,buddy!

"That movie actor tried to cheat on his income tax, but he got caught and now he's in hot water with the government."

"Keep your shirt on, Harry; we have plenty of time to catch the train."

"I read in the paper about this customs officer they arrested at the airport. They caught him working hand in glove with a gang of smugglers to bring diamonds into the country without paying duty."

catch one's breath 屏息;喘气,气喘;歇口气

catch sb's eye 被某人看到,引起某人注意

catch (on) fire 着火,开始燃烧

get/catch/take hold of 抓住,得到

catch sight of 发现,突然看见

catch at 试图抓住,拼命抓

catch on 理解,懂得;流行起来

catch up with 赶上;对…产生恶果

- catch someone off guard 乘虚而入
Within three days, the run-away was exhausted. He fell asleep in a basement. The police caught him off guard.

- face the music 承担责任,甘受责备
You are caught stealing. You have to face the music.

- be on the sly 办事狡猾
The boy was smoking in the corner when his father caught him on the sly.

A packing that catches the eye will help us push the sales.

捕捉 caught; catching; taking; catch

捕捉之物 catch

闭塞眼睛捉麻雀 [bì sè yǎn jīng zhuō má què] /try to catch sparrows with one's eyes blindfolded - act blindly/

捕 [bǔ] /to catch/to seize/to capture/to catch/

捕虫叶 [bǔ chóng yè] /insect-catching leaf/

捕获 [bǔ huò] /to catch/to capture/to seize/

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