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case [ keis] n.情况;事实;病例

case [ keis] n.箱(子),盒(子),套

in any case 不管怎样

a case in point 一个恰当的例子

in case 假如;免得

in case of 假如,万一…

in any case 无论如何,总之

in no case 决不,无论如何不

in the case of 就…来说;至于

in this case 既然是这样

make out a case 提出一个论点(理由)

such being the case 事实既然如此

in any case 无论如何,总之

in case 假如,以防(万一),免得

in case of 假使,万一

in no case 决不

in any case

in case

in case of

in no case

case n.情况, 病例, 案件, 真相

case [keis] n. 箱;盒;容器

case [keis] n.情况,场合

暗箱操作 black case work

大要案 major and serious criminal cases

发案率 incidence (of criminal cases)

冤假错案 "cases in which people were unjustly, falsely or wrongly charged or sentenced; unjust, false or wrong cases"

一刀切 cut it even at one stroke--make it rigidly uniform; impose uniformity in all cases; allow no flexibility

Glass case玻璃陈设柜

Acrylic Case 有机玻璃箱

Aluminum Case 铝制箱子

Attache Case 公文包

Beauty Case 化装箱

CD Case CD 盒

Cell Phone Case 手机套

Computer Case 电脑机箱

Cosmetic Case 化妆箱,化妆盒

Display Case 陈列柜

DVD Case DVD 盒

Eyeglass Case 眼镜盒

Food Casing 食品包装袋

Leather Case 皮盒

Mobile Phone Case 手机袋

Molded Case Circuit Breaker 低压断路器

Pencil Case 铅笔盒

Refrigerated Display Case 冷藏陈列货柜

Tool Case 工具箱

Trolley Case 拉杆旅行箱


wooden case 木箱

cheapskate 小气鬼
A: Larry wants me to buy him a new CD simply because I accidentally scratched the back of his CD case.
A: Larry 要我买一个新的 CD 还他, 因为我不小心把他的 CD 盒的背面括到了。
B: I'm not surprised. He's known as a cheapskate.
B: 我并不感到惊讶。他是有名的「小气鬼」。
- 说一个人小气时, 用 "cheap" 就可以了。如: "He is very cheap." 他这个人很小气。

For Use Only in Case of Fire 灭火专用

always the case 常常如此

In case of fire, stay in vehicle.

"cases in which people were unjustly, falsely or wrongly charged or sentenced; unjust, false or wrong cases"

案例研究 case study

in case of 假如,防备

in any case 无论如何

in no case 决不 

如支票不获兑现时, 不必出具拒绝证书。 notto be protested in case of dishonour; protest waived; no protest

如有机会, 请向本人开出煤炭价款加上保险费的汇票。对于这批出口货物, 为弥补发生损害的损失, 请办理保险并在货值上再加保5%金额
Should you have an opportunity, you may draw on me for the cost of coal, together with that of insurance, which you will be so good as to effect on the outward cargo to its full value, with an addition of five per cent, to cover expenses in case of loss.

艾滋病毒案例 HIV cases

静脉注射使用者是中国艾滋病主要人口 IV users constitute the largest proportion of HIV cases in China

HIV cases 艾滋病毒案例

IV users constitute the largest proportion of HIV cases in China 静脉注射使用者是中国艾滋病主要人口

IV users constitute the largest proportion of HIV cases in China 静脉注射使用者是中国艾滋病主要人口

IV users constitute the largest proportion of HIV cases in China 静脉注射使用者是中国艾滋病主要人口

case conference

case file

complaint case

But is it really the case? The information I've collected over last few years leads me to believe that artistic and cultural projects may be less useful than many governments think. In fact, basic infrastructure projects are playing extremely important role and should be given priority.

To average people, they often tend to live under the illusion that English often means a good opportunity for one's career, is this really the case?

Case extension 外壳的伸出部分,延伸外壳

Casing gasket 外壳密封垫

exceptional case 例外情况

valve mechanism casing

pump casing

blower casing

flywheel casing

transfer case

differential carrieer(case)

离合器外壳 Clutch Case

变速箱外壳 Transmission Case

链条盖 Chain Case

The lack of evidence in this case is frustrating the police.

The lawyer spent a whole day talking with his client about the case.

The case illustrates that women can do much better than men in some fields.

In order to increase the efficiency of their factory, they have in several cases replaced the managements.

The new discovery put an entirely different perspective on the case.

There has been no comment so far from the police about the case.

Please acquaint me with the facts of the case.

Does the report give all the significant facts of the case?

This is an on-file case.

He has a bad case of nerves.

Hand your cases over to the doorman; he will see that they are delivered to your room.

This is an on-file case.

In case you need something, please don’t hesitate to ask me.
如果你需要什么东西, 请只管对我说。

Many more people travel overseas for their holidays now than used to be the case.

Judges are supposed to judge each case objectively.

The lawyer said that he was unable to help us because our case fell outside his specialization.

The police officer saw a parallel between the two murder cases.

They have pledged their support for our case.

The case was settled out of court.

In a case of murder, the police questioned everyone who might have a motive.

I should warn you that if the case goes against you, you may find yourself in prison.

The technician wanted to keep an auxiliary engine handy just in case.

I think it would be sensible to leave early, in case there's a lot of traffic.

The same is true of all other cases.

Experts believe that a great number of cancer cases in the area are directly related to the polluted environment.

It was a classic case of bad management.

That's always the case. 习以为常了。

I'll call a taxi in case of need. 如果需要的话,我会叫出租车的。

The defense lawyer relied on long-standing principles governing the conduct of prosecuting attorneys: as quasi-judicial officers of the court they are under a duty not to prejudice a party’s case through overzealous prosecution or to detract from the impartiality of courtroom atmosphere.

In the case of man, the difficulties with the environment concept are even more complicated because we have to deal with man as an animal and with man as a bearer of culture.

This rule cannot be applied to every case.

Just give us the bare facts of the case.

She thought she was hurt but it wasn't the case.

Pick up the typewriter case by the handle.

He is a key witness in this case.

He took out a book from the case.

This is a special case, deserving special treatment.

It depends.
Don't you think you can save more money in Tokyo? (你不觉得在东京能攒更多的钱吗?)
It depends. (那得看情况。) *on a case by-case basis “基于具体情况”。
That depends.

I think it's sour grapes. *sour grapes是意为“酸葡萄”、“不认输”的惯用表达方式。它来自有名的伊索寓言。“狐狸看到树上长满了诱人的葡萄,可是怎么也够不着时,就说那葡萄是酸的,算了吧。”狐狸嘴硬,但却不得不死心。
I think it's a case of sour grapes.

Let us imagine a hypothetical case where we disagree.

Well, er, in your case, I see no reason why not. What's your proposition?

In that case, we might need to reopen the question of prices.

Solid packing and overall stuffing can prevent the cases from vibration and jarring.

All measurements of each case must not exceed 1.5m*1m*1m.

If that is the case...

Let's imagine a hypothetical case where we disagree.

case No. 箱号

A What would you like to drink?
A 你想喝什么?
B I'd like a beer, please.
B 请来杯啤酒。
A Would you like to try a local beer?
A 你想尝尝地产啤酒吗?
B I certainly would, thanks.
B 我当然愿意,谢谢。
A Well, there are many different kinds. My favourite is Yanjing beer.
A 哦,有很多种地产啤酒。我最喜欢的是燕京啤酒。
B In that case, I'll try that one. And some time, I'd like to try rice wine.
B 那样的话,我就喝燕京啤酒。将来有机会,我想品尝米酒。

We often hear of people breaking down from overwork, but in nine cases out of ten they are really suffering from worry or anxiety.
John Lubbock , British banker 

The administration of the law can never go lax where every individual sees to it that it grows not lax in his own case, or in cases which fall under his eyes.
Mark Twain, Arerican writer 

The court ordered the case to be retried.

@@@ 如果
if I were you 如果我是你的话(表建议)
if it were not for 要不是(与现在事实相反的假设)
if necessary 如果必要的话
if not 如果不这样的话; 否则
if only 要是...就好了(用以表示对现时或未来的愿望)
in case of sth. 如果; 万一
on condition that 如果...;在...条件下

@@@ 例如
case in point 例证, 证明
for example 例如
for instance 例如, 比如, 举例说

@@@ 也许, 可能
as the case might be 或许
likely to 可能
threaten to 威胁; 预示...可能来临

@@@ 各种点
come to the point 说到要点; 扼要地说
critical point 临界点
culminate in 达到高潮, 顶点; 以...告终
defect in ...的缺点; 有...缺陷
focus on 以...为焦点; 集中(注意力)于...
from one's standpoint 从...的观点来看
get across 使观点被理解, 接受
make out a case 提出一个论点或理由
miss the point 抓不着要点
on the dot 准时; 正点
point of view 观点; 见地
rain down (on/upon) 雨点般降下,倾泻

always the case 常常如此

in any case 无论如何,不管怎样

in case of 假如,如果发生;防备

in case 假使,以防(万一)

in no case 决不,无论如何不

- let something slip through one's fingers 眼睁睁地看着……跑掉
The lawyer studied the case very carefully. He wouldn't let something slip through his fingers.

- have the goods on someone 有某人犯罪的证据
Fred was sure that he would win the case. He had the goods on the culprit.

- have ( a case of ) the jitters 忐忑不安
The new teacher had a case of jitters when he first stood in front of the class.

In case of transhipment, we have to pay extra transportation charges.

Packed in Woodencase,the***was(were)Mounted with Bolts on the Bottom of the Case.Packing Intact.

Packed in Wooden Case with 2 Reels Inside and Each Reel Was Wrapped with Poly-Membrane and Kraf Paper.It was Bound with Iron Belts Externally.

Packed in Wooden Case with 5 Reels Inside and Every Reel was Wrapped with Poly-Membrane and Neutral Paper.The Cases were Bound with Ironbelts Externally.

Packed in Wooden Case.Packing Intact

Packed in Wooden Case,for Specification 6.0mm×430mm,except One Case Packed with Three Reels.All were Packed with Eight Reels Respectively;for Specification 6.5mm×300mm, Every Case was Packed with Six Reels.The inner Reels were Wrapped with a Poly-mumbrane and Each Reel was wrapped with a Poly-membrane Again.

Who issues the inspection certificate in case the quality do not confirm to the contract?

It would cost more for you to pack the goods in wooden cases.

The piece goods are to be wrapped in kraft paper, then packed in wooden cases.

The case was a substantial one, with sufficient packing used.

We prefer packing in smaller cases.

Each case is lined with foam plastics in order to protect the goods against press.

The goods are to be packed in strong export cases, securely strapped.

Every 100 dozen should be packed in a wooden case marked TM and numbered from No. 1 upward.

Please mark the cases(boxes,bags,casks,etc)as per the drawing given.

Can you give us an additional 200 cases?

But what in case there is short weight or disqualification?

Enquiries are so large that we can only than allot you 200 cases.

We can get 4.5% commission if 10,000 cases are ordered.

We have already made a careful investigation of the case.

In case one party fails to carry out the contract, the other party is entitled to cancel the contract.

An F.P.A. policy only covers you against total loss in the case of minor perils.

A W.P.A. or W.A. policy covers you against partial loss in all cases.

In the insurance business, the term "average" simply means "loss" in most cases.

Who issues the inspection certificate in case the quality do not confirm to the contract?

案件 case

案例 cases

案情 case

案子 case

专案 case

罪案 case

包装 wrap; cased; casing; pack; package; packaging; packing; wapped; wrapped; bale

公事包 brief; briefcase; attache case

手提皮包 attache case

包装 wrap; cased; casing; pack; package; packaging; packing; wapped; wrapped; bale

公事包 brief; briefcase; attache case

手提皮包 attache case

表面硬化 case-hardened

案 [àn] /(legal) case/incident/record/file/table/

案件 [àn jiàn] /law case/legal case/judicial case/

案例 [àn lì] /case/

案情 [àn qíng] /details of a case/case/

案验 [àn yàn] /investigate the evidence of a case/

案由 [àn yóu] /main points of a case/brief/summary/

案子 [àn zi ] /long table/counter/<口> case/law case/legal case/judicial case/

办案 [bàn àn] /to handle a case/

报案 [bào àn] /report a case to the security authorities/

备案 [bèi àn] /put on record/enter (a case) in the records/

备而不用 [bèi ér bù yòng] /have something ready just in case/keep something for possible future use/

病例 [bìng lì] /[medical] case [of illness]/

病历 [bìng lì] /medical record/case history/

不一而足 [bù yī ér zú] /by no means an isolated case/numerous/

不知凡几 [bù zhī fán jǐ] /can't tell how many there are - there are numerous similar cases/

橱 [chú] /a wardrobe/case/cabinet/

除非 [chú fēi] /only if (..., or otherwise, ...)/only if/only when/only in the case that/

第一例 [dì yī lì] /first case/first instance/first time (sth is done)/

椟 [dú] /cabinet/case/casket/

反正 [fǎn zhèng] /anyway/anyhow/in any case/

复审 [fù shěn] /reexamine (a judicial case)/

函 [hán] /envelope/case/letter/

盒 [hé] /small box/case/

盒子 [hé zi ] /case/

既然 [jì rán] /since/as/this being the case/

假若 [jiǎ ruò] /if/supposing/in case/

检察官 [jiǎn chá guān] /the prosecution (in a court case)/

皆 [jiē] /all/each and every/in all cases/

可见 [kě jiàn] /it can clearly be seen (that this is the case)/it is (thus) clear/clear/visible/

例 [lì] /example/precedent/rule/case/instance/

例证 [lì zhèng] /example/case in point/

例子 [lì zi ] /case/(for) instance/example/

民事 [mín shì] /civil case/agricultural affairs/civil/

谋杀案 [móu shā àn] /murder case/

那么 [nà me ] /like that/in that way/or so/so/so very much/about/in that case/

那末 [nà mò] /if that's the case, then (...)/

其实 [qí shí] /actually/that is not the case/in fact/really/

然则 [rán zé] /that being the case/then/in that case/

如果 [rú guǒ] /if/in case/in the event that/

杀人案 [shā rén àn] /murder case/homicide case/

杀人案件 [shā rén àn jiàn] /(case of, incident of) murder/

上诉 [shàng sù] /appeal (a judicial case)/

审理 [shěn lǐ] /to hear (a case)/

首例 [shǒu lì] /first case/first instance/

韬 [tāo] /bow case/to cover/

套 [tào] /to cover/covering/case/cover/(a measure word, a set of something)/sheath/

万一 [wàn yī] /just in case/if by any chance/contingency/

悉 [xī] /in all cases/know/

咸 [xián] /all/in all cases/salty/

一旦 [yī dàn] /in case (something happens)/once (something becomes true, then...)/in one day/

一但 [yí dàn] /if/in case/in a short time/once/

专案 [zhuān àn] /project (Taiwanese)/special case for investigation/

总 [zǒng] /always/to assemble/gather/total/overall/head/chief/general/in every case/

Shippers who feel they are being overcharged have the right to appeal to the federal government's Surface Transportation Board for rate relief, but the process is expensive, time consuming, and will work only in truly extreme cases.

And should one country take upon itself the role of "defending competition" on issues that affect many other nations, as in the US vs. Microsoft case?

When a new movement in art attains a certain fashion, it is advisable to find out what its advocates are aiming at, for, however farfetched and unreasonable their principles may seem today, it is possible that in years to come they may be regarded as normal.
With regard to Futurist poetry, however, the case is rather difficult, for whatever Futurist poetry may be — even admitting that the theory on which it is based may be right — it can hardly be classed as Literature.

In an odd way, however, it is the educated who have claimed to have given up on have give up on ambition as an ideal.
What is odd is that they have perhaps most benefited from ambition — if not always their own then that of their parents and grandparents.
There is heavy note of hypocrisy in this, a case of closing the barn door after the horses have escaped — with the educated themselves riding on them.

Now the tide appears to be turning.
As personal injury claims continue as before.
Some courts are beginning to side with defendants, especially in cases where a warning label probably wouldn't have changed anything.

Rather, we have a certain conception of the American citizen, a character who is incomplete if he cannot competently assess how his livelihood and happiness are affected by things outside of himself.
But this was not always the case; before it was legally required for all children to attend school until a certain age, it was widely accepted that some were just not equipped by nature to pursue this kind of education.

In any case, basic computer skills are only complementary to the host of real skills that are necessary to becoming any kind of professional.
It should be observed, of course, that no school, vocational or not, is helped by a confusion over its purpose.

Leonard Schlesinger, a Harvard academic and former chief executive of Au Bong Pain, a rapidly growing chain of bakery cafes, says that much "re-engineering" has been crude.
哈佛学者,快速增长的面包连锁店Au Bon Pain的前任总裁莱昂纳多·施莱辛格说,许多“重组”是粗糙的。
In many cases, he believes, the loss of revenue has been greater than the reductions in cost.

Most of the hot spots move only slowly, and in some cases the movement of the plates past them has left trails of dead volcanoes.
The hot spots and their volcanic trails are milestones that mark the passage of the plates.

When a continental plate come to rest over a hot spot, the material rising from deeper layer creates a broad dome.
As the dome grows, it develops deep fissures (cracks); in at least a few cases the continent may break entirely along some of these fissures, so that the hot spot initiates the formation of a new ocean.
Thus just as earlier theories have explained the mobility of the continents, so hot spots may explain their mutability (inconstancy).

The 15-member Time Warner board is generally supportive of Levin and his corporate strategy.
But insiders say several of them have shown their concerns in this matter.
"Some of us have known for many, many years that the freedoms under the First Amendment are not totally unlimited," says Luce.
"I think it is perhaps the case that some people associated with the company have only recently come to realize this."

Cases are recorded of people who (by ordinary standards) forgot so little that their everyday activities were full of confusion.

{adj: ablative} relating to the ablative case

{adj: attributive genitive} a word in the genitive case used as an attributive adjective
"an example of the attributive genitive is `John's' in `John's mother'"

{adj: case-hardened, hardened, hard-boiled} used of persons; emotionally hardened
"faced a case-hardened judge"

{adj: cased, encased, incased} covered or protected with or as if with a case
"knights cased in steel"
"products encased in leatherette"

{adj: cased} enclosed in a case

{adj: clear} clear to the mind
"a clear and present danger"
"a clear explanation"
"a clear case of murder"
"a clear indication that she was angry"
"gave us a clear idea of human nature"
<-> unclear

{adj: clinical} relating to a clinic or conducted in or as if in a clinic and depending on direct observation of patients
"clinical observation"
"clinical case study"

{adj: coarctate} (of an insect pupa) enclosed in a rigid case

{adj: corroborated, substantiated, verified} supported or established by evidence or proof
"the substantiated charges"
"a verified case"

{adj: crucial} having crucial relevance
"crucial to the case"
"relevant testimony"

{adj: dangerous, grave, grievous, serious, severe, life-threatening} causing fear or anxiety by threatening great harm
"a dangerous operation"
"a grave situation"
"a grave illness"
"grievous bodily harm"
"a serious wound"
"a serious turn of events"
"a severe case of pneumonia"
"a life-threatening disease"

{adj: documented} furnished with or supported by documents
"the first documented case of shark attack in those waters"
<-> undocumented

{adj: effective} works well as a means or remedy
"an effective reprimand"
"a lotion that is effective in cases of prickly heat"

{adj: enzootic} of a disease that is constantly present in an animal community but only occurs in a small number of cases

{adj: established} shown to be valid beyond a reasonable doubt
"the established facts in the case"

{adj: factual} characterized by fact
"the factual aspects of the case"

{adj: immaterial} of no importance or relevance especially to a law case
"an objection that is immaterial after the fact"
<-> material

{adj: implicated, concerned} culpably involved
"all those concerned in the bribery case have been identified"
"named three officials implicated in the plot"
"an innocent person implicated by circumstances in a crime"

{adj: individual, case-by-case, item-by-item} separate and distinct from others of the same kind
"mark the individual pages"
"on a case-by-case basis"

{adj: induced} brought about or caused; not spontaneous
"a case of steroid-induced weakness"
<-> spontaneous

{adj: inflectional} characterized by inflections indicating grammatical distinctions
"inflectional morphology is used to indicate number and case and tense and person etc."
<-> derivational

{adj: involved} connected by participation or association or use
"we accomplished nothing, simply because of the large number of people involved"
"the problems involved"
"the involved muscles"
"I don't want to get involved"

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