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assistant [ ə'sistənt] n.助手,助理;助教

assistant [ə`sɪstənt] n. 助手,助理

shop assistant (英) 售货员

总裁助理 assistant president

president 校长
vice-president 副校长
dean 院长
assistant dean 副院长
academic dean 教务长
department chairman 系主任
professor 教授
associate professor 副教授
guest professor 客座教授
lecturer 讲师
teaching assistant 助教
research fellow 研究员
research assistant 助理研究员
supervisor 论文导师
principal 中学校长(美)
headmaster 中学校长(英)
master 小学校长 (美)
dean of studies 教务长
dean of students 教导主任
dean of students 教导主任
teacher 教师
probation teacher 代课教师
tutor 家庭教师
governess 女家庭教师

assistant coach 助理教练

Assistantship(助理金):向研究生(graduate student)提供的一种学习补助金,获得助理
金的研究生必须做某种教学或实验室工作(作为教学助理teaching assistant)或研究工作(作
为研究助理research assistant)。

助教 assistant

辅导员 assistant for political and ideological work

assistant director 副导演,助理导演

assistant cameraman 摄影助理

地区服务经理助理 assistant district service manager

Assistantship(助理金):向研究生(graduate student)提供的一种学习补助金,获得助理金的研究生必须做某种教学或实验室工作(作为教学助理teaching assistant)或研究工作(作为研究助理research assistant)。

assistant dean 副院长

teaching assistant助教

research assistant 助理研究员

总裁助理 assistant president

Amenities Assistant

Assistant Officer

assistant rank

Assistant Registrar

Assistant Shipping Master

Association of Assistant Principals of Government Secondary Schools

Association of Assistant Social Work Officers (S.W.D.)

Association of Government Cultural Services Assistants

Association of Laboratory Assistants and Technicians in Education Department

Association of Principal and Senior Assistant Masters and Mistresses of Education Department

Bailiffs Assistant

Bailiffs Assistants Association

Bank Examination Assistant

Clerical Assistant

Clerical Assistant (CAC)

Confidential Assistant

Confidential Assistant (CAC)

Cultural Services Assistant

Dental Surgery Assistant

Education Assistant

Estate Assistant

Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant (CAC)

Assistant Counting Supervisor 助理点票主任

Assistant Electoral Registration Officer 助理选举登记主任

Assistant Presiding Officer 助理投票站主任

Assistant Registration Officer 助理登记主任

Assistant Returning Officer 助理选举主任

Assistant Returning Officer (General) 助理选举主任(一般事务)

campaign assistant 竞选助理

election assistant 选举助理

Polling Assistant 投票站事务员

Accounting Assistant 会计助理

Administrative Assistant 行政助理

Assistant Manager 副经理

Economic Research Assistant经济助究助理

General Manager Assistant总经理助理

Marketing Assistant 销售助理

Office Assistant 办公室助理

Sales Assistant 销售助理

Secretarial Assistant 秘书助理

部长助理 Assistant Minister

assistant general manager 助理,副总经理

He barked at his assistants.

He's been promoted from assistant manager to manager.

He delegated his responsibilities to an assistant.

“I’d never have won the prize without the help of my two assistants,” she said modestly.
“如果没有我的两名助手的帮助, 我决不可能获得这个奖。” 她谦逊地说道。

White collar workers doing routine work in government offices are, however, as likely to have shrinking brains as the farm worker, bus driver and shop assistant.

帮手 [bāng shou ] /helper/assistant/

壁助 [bì zhù] /help/assistant/

编辑 [biān jí] /edit/compile/(assistant) editor/compiler/

店员 [diàn yuán] /shop assistant/salesclerk/salesperson/

佴 [èr] /assistant/

副 [fù] /secondary/auxiliary/deputy/assistant/vice-/(measure word for a pair)/

副部长 [fù bù zhǎng] /assistant (government) minister/

伙 [huǒ] /assistant/furniture/partner/

夥 [huǒ] /assistant/partner/many/great/numerous/

洛德 [luò dé] /(Winston) Lord (former assistant Secretary of state for East Asia and Pacific Affairs)/

裨 [pí] /(surname)/assistant/small/

营业员 [yíng yè yuán] /clerk/shop assistant/

掌握电脑 [zhǎng wò diàn nǎo] /PDA/Personal Digital Assistant/

助教 [zhù jiào] /teaching assistant/

助理 [zhù lǐ] /assistant/

助手 [zhù shǒu] /assistant/helper/

专员 [zhuān yuán] /assistant director/

{adj: adjunct, assistant} of or relating to a person who is subordinate to another

{adj: ignorant, unknowledgeable, unknowing, unwitting} unaware because of a lack of relevant information or knowledge
"he was completely ignorant of the circumstances"
"an unknowledgeable assistant"
"his rudeness was unwitting"

{adj: obsequious} attentive in an ingratiating or servile manner
"obsequious shop assistants"

{adj: short-handed, short-staffed, undermanned, understaffed} inadequate in number of workers or assistants etc.
"they're rather short-handed at the moment"
"overcrowded and understaffed hospitals"

{adj: unreliable, undependable} not worthy of reliance or trust
"in the early 1950s computers were large and expensive and unreliable"
"an undependable assistant"
<-> dependable, reliable

{adj: unwilling} not disposed or inclined toward
"an unwilling assistant"
<-> willing

{adv: educationally} in an educational manner
"the assistant masters formed a committee of their own to consider what could be done educationally for the town"

{n: Joliot, Jean-Frederic Joliot, Joliot-Curie, Jean-Frederic Joliot-Curie} French nuclear physicist who was Marie Curie's assistant and who worked with Marie Curie's daughter who he married (taking the name Joliot-Curie); he and his wife discovered how to synthesize new radioactive elements (1900-1958)

{n: Levite} a member of the Hebrew tribe of Levi (especially the branch that provided male assistants to the temple priests)

{n: adjunct} a person who is an assistant or subordinate to another

{n: adjutant, aide, aide-de-camp} an officer who acts as military assistant to a more senior officer

{n: administrivia} the tiresome but essential details that must be taken care of and tasks that must be performed in running an organization
"he sets policy and leaves all the administrivia to his assistant"

{n: aide, auxiliary} someone who acts as assistant

{n: assistant professor} a teacher or lower rank than an associate professor

{n: assistant, helper, help, supporter} a person who contributes to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose
"my invaluable assistant"
"they hired additional help to finish the work"

{n: assisted suicide} suicide of a terminally ill person that involves an assistant who serves to make dying as painless and dignified as possible

{n: associate professor} a teacher lower in rank than a full professor but higher than an assistant professor

{n: busboy, waiter's assistant} a restaurant attendant who sets tables and assists waiters and clears away dirty dishes

{n: coadjutor} an assistant to a bishop

{n: demonstrator} a teacher or teacher's assistant who demonstrates the principles that are being taught

{n: dental assistant} an assistant to a dentist

{n: deputy, lieutenant} an assistant with power to act when his superior is absent

{n: dresser, actor's assistant} a wardrobe assistant for an actor

{n: familiar, familiar spirit} a spirit (usually in animal form) that acts as an assistant to a witch or wizard

{n: girl Friday} a female assistant who has a range of duties

{n: labor coach, monitrice} assistant (often the father) who provides support for a woman in labor by encouraging her to use techniques learned in childbirth-preparation classes

{n: line coach} an assistant football coach in charge of the linemen

{n: medical assistant} a person trained to assist medical professionals

{n: paralegal, legal assistant} a person with specialized training who assists lawyers

{n: personal digital assistant, PDA, personal organizer, personal organiser, organizer, organiser} a lightweight consumer electronic device that looks like a hand-held computer but instead performs specific tasks; can serve as a diary or a personal database or a telephone or an alarm clock etc.

{n: physician-assisted suicide} assisted suicide where the assistant is a physician

{n: pitching coach} an assistant baseball coach in charge of pitchers

{n: right-hand man, chief assistant, man Friday} the most helpful assistant

{n: secretary, secretarial assistant} an assistant who handles correspondence and clerical work for a boss or an organization

{n: shop assistant} an employee in a shop

{n: shop boy} a young male shop assistant

{n: shop girl} a young female shop assistant

{n: sidesman} (Church of England) an assistant to the churchwarden; collects offerings of money in the church

{n: straw boss, assistant foreman} a member of a work gang who supervises the other workers

{n: subeditor} an assistant editor

{n: subordinate, subsidiary, underling, foot soldier} an assistant subject to the authority or control of another

{n: suffragan, suffragan bishop} an assistant or subordinate bishop of a diocese

{n: underboss} an assistant or second-in-command to a chief (especially in a crime syndicate)

{n: vice chancellor} a deputy or assistant to someone bearing the title of chancellor

{n: water boy, waterer} an assistant who supplies drinking water

{n: whipper-in} huntsman's assistant in managing the hounds

{v: assist} act as an assistant in a subordinate or supportive function

{v: empower, authorise, authorize} give or delegate power or authority to
"She authorized her assistant to sign the papers"

{v: have} have a personal or business relationship with someone
"have a postdoc"
"have an assistant"
"have a lover"

{v: move, displace} cause to move, both in a concrete and in an abstract sense
"Move those boxes into the corner, please"
"I'm moving my money to another bank"
"The director moved more responsibilities onto his new assistant"

{v: recruit} seek to employ
"The lab director recruited an able crew of assistants"

Hussein called his assistants and they brought along donkeys,
the two stranger produced camels,
and the sacks of dates were loaded on to them.

Starting around 1904, Baekeland and an assistant began their search. 1904年左右,贝克兰和一个助手开始了他们的寻找工作。

We had been at Universal Studios barely five minutes when a persuasive shop assistant enticed us into a store where mere crowd-blenders like myself could be transformed into the guise of film stars.

The programme costs the district US $ 1. 3 million, according to Judy White, assistant superintendent for student services.
据负责学生管理工作的副主管朱迪·怀特说,这门课程花去了该学区 130万美元。

Nearer home, I loved the stories collected in memory of Katie Sullivan, the 23-year-old mental home care assistant who was murdered last year.
在家乡一带,我喜欢的是为纪念去年被人谋杀、年仅 23岁的家庭心理治疗助理凯蒂·沙利文而收集的故事。

Callers are greeted by an automated " virtual assistant ", which locates the Bloodhound subscriber or takes messages.
呼叫者由一个自动化的 "虚拟助手 "接待,它会找出该 "大警犬 "用户的位置或收取讯息。

The four thousand executive secretaries, directors, assistant directors, managers, and superintendents of the municipality were taken by surprise, but they all waited patiently for him to return.
市政当局的执行部长、局长、副局长、经理和主管等 4000人均感到很惊讶,但他们都耐心地等待着他回来。

Over the years, the company parlayed that little digital assistant's popularity into a selection of handheld tools.

Assistant Attorney General Joel Klein took the unusual step of making public his concern over increasing concentration.
美国助理检察长乔尔 ( FW) 克莱因异乎寻常地公开表示了他对不断升级的兼并浪潮的忧虑。

The current surge of Internet-enabled cell phones and personal digital assistants( PDAs) foreshadow what's to come.
上网手和个人数字助理( PDA )蓬勃兴起的现状预示示未来的趋势。

Casio is also releasing a personal-digital-assistant watch with the optimistic name PCUnite.
卡西欧公司还发布了一款个人数字助理手表,它有一个乐观的名字 PCUnite 。

Telephones, personal digital assistants, computers and all the things that you can attach to them, from mice to modems are shedding their wires and taking on a life of their own.

Well over 6 million people now own a Palm the personal digital assistant that accounts for 79 percent of the market and use it for everything from managing their calendars to playing infrared games.
这种个人数字助手的市场占有率高达 79%。现在拥有一台 Palm 掌上的人超过了 600万,从管理日程到玩红外游戏,用途可以说是包罗万象。

Cell Phone The hand-held device of the future combines a cell phone, a personal digital assistant and a virtual " secretary. "

There, the assistant coach Herb More had to be Shaq's practice partner because O'Neal was already to big for his teammates to handle.

He sits in the back of a white van, beaming as usual, surrounded by a team of assistants from Amazon.com, the Web's biggest retail store and, someday, if Bezos gets it right, Earth's Biggest Store.

Palm Computing has created a fast Internet messaging service for the Palm VII by building the Personal Query Assistant, a service allowing access to specially cut-down Internet sites which provide data such as flight schedules, sports scores, weather forecasts and news headlines.
美国 3Com 公司下属的 PalmComputing 子公司已经发布了它的 PalmVII 掌上电脑产品。 PalmComputing 子公司为 PalmVII 创造了快速互联网信息服务功能,通过个人问讯助理,用户可以访问专门的文摘式网站,获取飞机航班,体育比赛赛果,天气预报和新闻摘要等信息。

New devices, such as Nokia's 9110 Communicator, a combination phone and personal digital assistant( PDA), are almost ready on the market.
融电话与个人数字助理( PDA )于一体的诺基亚 9110手机等新产品差不多可以上市。

* In addition to owners of personal computers, anyone with a car, mobile phone, personal digital assistant( P.D.A. ) or TV will be connected to the Internet.

Handspring's new personal digi-assistant maybe the last gadget you'll ever need. If it works.
Handspring 公司的新型个人数字助手很可能会成为你需要的最后一个小玩意,如果它能真正奏效的话。

I am so glad that Handspring finally unveiled its glorious personal assistant.
我很高兴 Handspring 公司的个人数字助手终于问世了。

Seiko Epson entered Japan's handheld GPS market last month, launching its Locatio, billed as the world's first personal digital assistant to feature a real-time navigation capability for the walking individual.
精工艾普森公司上个月进入日本的手持 GPS 市场,推出其 Locatio 定位器,宣布它是世界首台为行人提供实时定位功能的个人数字助手。

The deputy assistant commissioner of London's transport police, Andy Trotter, explained the objectives of the operation during an interview on British radio. "There's no specific intelligence, but London is on a very high state of alert, and it is the [4-week] anniversary of the first attack, and we're out there in large numbers," he said. "We are using all the tactics at our disposal to deter any attack on the system and to make sure that the system runs safely today."

Now, assistant space shuttle manager Wayne Hale says they're not so sure. "The indications are that this little piece of foam took a turn, and so there is some concern or some thought that it most likely struck the wing," he said.

Bobby Pittman, deputy assistant secretary of the Treasury for international development, finance and debt, testified that along with the debt relief comes an effort to make sure that more foreign development, including aid from multilateral development banks, is given in the form of grants and not loans. "If we look at the history of development assistance for at least the last 40 years there have been a number of lend and forgive cycles. What this has basically meant is that in many of the poorest countries schools were built leaving the payments coming due to the children that were inside the schools," he said.

On the civilian side, U.S. Agency for International Development Assistant Administrator James Kunder said 135 officials of the aid agency are now in affected areas, assessing how best to allocate the $350 million in earthquake and tsunami aid pledged by the Bush administration.

Mr. Armitage will be accompanied to Syria and Jordan by William Burns, the Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs.

Appearing with the aid agency chief, Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Michael Rannenberger said Khartoum leaders have not severed ties with Janaweed leaders as demanded by the international community, as seen in the continued high-profile role in Khartoum by militia figure Sheikh Musa Hilal. "From the outset, what we've told the Sudanese government is that they need to take control of the situation, that there is clearly active government support for what the Janjaweed is doing," he said. "So the government is linked to this. I think the fact that you see Musa Hilal, who is one of the Janjaweed leaders make no mistake about it, running around Khartoum giving interviews to the international press, flying on government helicopters, indicates the degree of collaboration there. And what we have said is that these Janjaweed leaders need to be held accountable."

Speaking before the House International Relations Committee, the Assistant Secretary of State for Consular Affairs, Maura Hardy, said much has been done to reform a visa screening and processing system that allowed 19 hijackers from the September 11 attacks to enter the United States with little or no scrutiny. "In visa processing, we have established a new worldwide policy for interviewing, added additional security clearance checks for counter-terrorism purposes for certain groups of applicants. We have strengthened procedures following revocation of visas to ensure timely notification to the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI," she said.

In Washington, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Charles Snyder, says there is little doubt that the Arab-Muslim government in Khartoum has deep ties to the Janjaweed. Mr. Snyder says he believes their relationship was forged precisely because of the threat the Darfur rebellion posed against the leadership in Khartoum.

Starter’s Assistant 助理发令员

Personal digital assistant PDAs or organizers

Home health assistants

Test Regulation of Electro-Bicycles with Assistant Driving Motor

special assistant manager 特助

assistant manager 助理

line assistant 直线助理;部属助理

staff assistant 幕僚助理

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