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against [ ə'geinst, ə'genst] prep.倚在;逆,对着

come up against 碰到(困难、反对等)

ensure sb. against 保护某人免受…

guarantee against 保证…不…

hold...against 记恨

react against 反抗;起反作用

run up against 意外地碰到(困难等)

set oneself against 坚决反对

struggle against 与…作斗争,和…斗争

turn against 对…采取敌对态度

be up against 面临(困难等)

go against 违反;反对;不利于

knock up against 碰撞;同…冲突

against [ə'ge(i)nst] prep. 对着,反对

存款准备金制度 reserve against deposit system

反倾销措施 anti-dumping measures against

反不正当竞争法 Law of the People's Republic of China Against Competition by Inappropriate Means

缉私力量 the forces engaged in the fight against smuggling

廉政公署 Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC)

排华政策 policy of discrimination against the Chinese

无为而治 govern by doing nothing that is against nature; govern by non-interference

中美战略核武器互不瞄准对方 non-targeting strategic nuclear weapons against each other

Standard on Flame-Resistant Garments for Protection of Industrial Personnel Against Flash Fire

Standard on Selection, Care, Use, and Maintenance of Flame-Resistant Garments for Protection of Industrial Personnel Against Flash Fire

warn against 告诫防范

to make a claim with (against) sb. 向某方提出索赔

claim against carrier 向承运人索赔

insurance against risk 保险

insurance with particular average (WPA), basic risks. Insurance against all risks. 综合险,应保一切险

insurance against total loss only (TLO) 全损险

insurance against war risk 战争险

insurance against strike, riot and civil commotion (SRCC) 罢工,暴动,民变险

insurance against extraneous risks, insurance against additional risks 附加险

insurance against air risk, air transportation insurance 航空运输保险

I'd like to draw 100 yuan against this letter of credit.

May I draw money against the letter of credit here?

The letter at Counter 6 will pay you against your number slip.

The rate for traveler's cheques is 300 yuan against 100 dollars.

Guard against Damp 防潮

run up against 遇到

turn against sb 与某人做对

to kick against the pricks 螳臂挡车 .

Do not put (place) bicycles against the railings 请不要把自行车靠到栏杆上。

Your insurance plan will protect your product against accidental damage.

D/P(document against payment)付款交单

D/A (document against acceptance)承兑交单

防范和化解金融风险 take precautions against and reduce financial risks

凭单据付现款 cash against documents

凭提单付现款 cash against bills of lading

承兑交单 documents against acceptance (D/A)

付款交单 documents against payment (D/P)

兹向贵公司开陈这批货见票后60日付款、面额500,000元汇票一张, 请予承兑为荷。
We have taken the liberty of drawing on you today against this consignment for $500,000 at sixty days' sight, which please protect on presentation.

C, ICAC [Commissioner, Independent Commission Against Corruption]

Commission Against Corruption Investigator

Commission Against Corruption Officer

Commissioner, Independent Commission Against Corruption [C, ICAC]

Ethical Leadership in Action--Handbook for Senior Managers in the Civil Service [Independent Commission Against Corruption]

"Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment [United Nations]" 《禁止酷刑和其它残忍、不人道或有辱人格的待遇或处罚公约》〔联合国〕

Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women [CEDAW] 《消除对妇女一切形式歧视公约》

Independent Commission Against Corruption [ICAC] 廉政公署〔前称总督特派廉政专员公署〕

反对原子弹氢弹会议 Conference Against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs

A house divided against itself cannot stand.

That's against the law.

Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.

She banged the chair against the wall.

There is a ladder leaning against the wall.

You have to balance the positive points of living in a big city against the negative ones.

He had ranged the bottles from small to large in rows against the wall.

He had ranged the bottles from small to large in rows against the wall.

This is an open house and there is little way to guard against strangers.

His actions offended against the rules of proper behavior.

offend against the law

What he had done offended against the rules of proper behavior.

Does the government argue against the creation of an separate Scottish government?

The waves surged against the shore.

The rain beat against the windows.

Waves were striking against the shore.

The money I've saved is my security against hard times.

Such a thin coat gives little protection against the cold.

This decision goes against everything I stand for.

She will not go against her convictions.

The children protested against having adults in the game.

At the end of the eighteenth century, the Americans rebelled against their English rulers.

Working on Sunday is against their religious beliefs.

She will not go against her convictions.

Our school competes against many other schools in baseball.

He began to rage against his bad luck.

Try not to use violence against children.

The climate of public opinion before the 1990s was against income taxes.

This material is proof against fire.

That watch is proof against water.

There is a clear-cut shape of the mountains against the blue sky.
在蓝天的映衬下, 群山轮廓分明。

a cleanup campaign against industrial pollution

The ball impacted against the bat with a loud noise.

He harbors a secret hatred against his father.

She is prejudiced against (= has a prejudice) French wine because she is Italian.
她对法国酒存有偏见, 因为她是意大利人。

The company resolved to take further actions against the thieves.

Domestic public opinion had turned against the war.

The managers will declare their arguments against the plan next week.

There has been a dramatic shift in public opinion. People used to support the war but now they are against it.

There was a large crowd in the square, protesting against the war.

We should check the factory’s productivity against the agreed target.

Our policies have to be checked against one clear test: will they improve the people’s living standard?
评判我们的政策只有一个不容含糊的标准: 即这些政策能否提高人民的生活水平?

He proclaimed his intention of attending the business meeting, despite their being against it.

At first he was against the marriage but in the end he agreed to it.

It goes against my nature to get up early in the morning.

Lying goes against my principles.

I should warn you that if the case goes against you, you may find yourself in prison.

Your unfortunate report might go against your chances of winning the contract.

They are taking measures to guarantee against the occurrence of hijacking.

The school is warned to take precautions against fire.

You can see the bold outline of the mountain against the blue sky.

She threatened legal action against the company for breach of copyright.

Let's just run through the arguments for and against.

It's against the law. 这是违法的。

He is heavily insured against death. 他给自己投了巨额的人身保险。

The students declared against cheating.学生们表示反对作弊。

Please push the ladder against the wall.请把梯子靠在墙壁上。

He decided to bring a suit against his boss.他决定起诉他的老板。

We are all taking medicine against the disease.我们都服药治疗疾病。

I will speak against anything I know to be wrong.我会对所有我认为不对的事情直言不讳。

It's against the rules to handle the ball in soccer.在足球中以手触球就是犯规。

His thesis works relatively well when applied to discrimination against Blacks in the United States, but his definition of racial prejudice as “ racially-based negative prejudgments against a group generally accepted as a race in any given region of ethnic competition,” can be interpreted as also including hostility toward such ethnic groups as the Chinese in California and the Jews in medieval Europe.

Yet across the gulf of space, minds that are to our minds as ours are to those of the beasts that perish, intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic, regarded this earth with envious eyes, and slowly and surely drew their plans against us.

Supporters of the Star Wars defense system hope that this would not only protect a nation against an actual nuclear attack, but would be enough of a threat to keep a nuclear war from ever happening.

Quite apart from the logistic problems, there existed a well-established tradition in Britain which refused to repatriate against their will people who found themselves in British hands and the nature of whose reception by their own government was, to say the least, dubious.

In addition, the style of some Black novels, like Jean Toomer’s Cane, verges on expressionism or surrealism, does this technique provide a counter point to the prevalent theme that portrays the fate against which Black heroes are pitted, a theme usually conveyed by more naturalistic modes of expression?
此外,一些黑人小说的风格,像Jean Toomer的Cane,就接近于表现主义或者超现实主义,这种巧合是否给流行描述黑人主人公与命运对抗的主题提供了一个反衬点,或者经常被更加自然的表达模式所传达的主题?

We sailed against the wind.

There are 26 votes for him and 8 against him.

We have saved some money against our old age.

You have to balance the advantages of living in a big city against the disadvantages.

The pound stayed firm against dollar in London but fell a little in New York.

Are you for or against?

The dog guarded the house against strangers.

Public opinion is against him.

He is against race prejudice.

It's against the rule to pick up the ball.

He had the idea of shooting them against a complete plain white background.

He warned me against going there at night.

You are either with me or against me.

Are you for or against his idea?

I'm against his proposal.

What sort of guarantees are there against late delivery?

We'll have to check these rates against those charged by other suppliers.

We would also like to point out that we mainly settle our accounts on a documents-against-acceptance basis.

Against your enquiry, we are pleased to make you a special offer as follows and hope to receive your trial order in the near future.

Foam plastics are applied to protect the goods against press.

A blind man who leans against a wall imagines that it's the boundary of the world.

A house divided against itself cannot stand.

Rear sons for help in old age; and store up grains against famine.

The best remedy against an ill man is much ground between.

The friar preached against stealing and had a goose in his sleeve.

Cash Against Documents (C.A.D) 凭单付现

cash against bill of lading 凭提单付款

cash against delivery 货到付款

cash against shipping ducuments 凭单付款

insurance with particular average (WPA), basic risks. insurance against all risks. 综合险,应保一切险

insurance against total loss only (TLO) 全损险

insurance against war risk 战争险

insurance against strike, riot and civil commotion (SRCC) 罢工,暴动,民变险

insurance against extraneous risks, insurance against additional risks 附加险

Republic trusts the states wholly to the intelligence and moral sense of the people.
Wendell Phillips. American leader against slavery  

The world makes history, and scholars write it, ——one half truly and the other half as their prejudices blur and distort it.
Wendell Phillip. American leader against slavery  

Take time to deliberate ; but when the time for action arrives ,stop thinking and go in .
John Albion Andrew, American Ieader against slavery  
美国废奴运动领导人安德鲁. J .A . 

When a true genius appears in the world you may know him by his sign, that the dunces are all in confederacy against him.
Jonathan Swift, British satire writer

Every law has no atom of stregth, as far as no public opinion supports it.
Wendell phillips, American leader against slavery 

Really, what we want now, is not laws, against crime, but a law a -gainst insaity.
Mark Twain, American writer 

against prep. 反对,靠,倚

@@@ 因...而...
arise from 由...而引起, 由...而产生
be known for 因...而众所周知
come down with 因患...而病倒; 染上...
distinguished for 因...而著称
famous for 以...著称, 因为...而出名
hold against 因某事对某人抱有意见
on business 因公, 出公差
proud of 以...而自豪
rain out 因下雨阻碍
result from 因...而产生; 是...的结果
stem from 起源于; 由...造成
thrive on 靠...健壮成长; 因...蓬勃发展

@@@ 恨; 厌恶
abhorrent to 厌恶
allergic to 对...极厌恶; 对...过敏
averse to 讨厌...
be/get tired of 厌倦...
disapprove of 不赞同, 不喜欢
fed up with 对...感到厌烦; 腻了
go against the grain 不合(某人)(性情、意愿等);令人讨厌或不高兴
grudge against 怨恨...
sick of ... 对...厌烦, 厌倦
think little of 不喜欢, 认为不好

@@@ 不快
burn a hole in one's pocket 不花光(钱)不痛快
confront sb. with sth. 使某人面对令人不快/头疼的事
cry over spilled milk 对已经发生的事情哭喊抱怨;
go against the grain 不合(某人)(性情、意愿等); 令人讨厌或不高兴
hard feeling 感情不合; 不愉快

@@@ 不要, 别
feel free to 无需拘束; 不要客气
forget about 遗忘, 忘记; 别再想了
Hold the line. 不要挂断电话
make oneself at home 请别拘束, 别客气
mind one's own business 别管闲事
No kidding! 别开玩笑了!你开什么玩笑!
not at all 一点儿也不; 没关系, 别客气
not to mention 更别提..., 更不必说...
warn against 警告/告诫某人不要做某事

@@@ 困难
at a loss 1.困惑, 茫然
2.赔; 亏本
be besieged by/with 被...所围困; 为...所困扰
carry off 成功地应付(困难)局面; 赢得
come through 熬过(困难、危险等)而活下来
come up against 碰到, 面临(困难、反对等)
easier said than done [谚]说起来容易做起来难
face up to 正视, 勇敢地面对(不愉快或难以接受的事情)
get (sb.) into hot water 使(某人)处于困境
get into trouble 陷入困境; 招致麻烦
go hard with 使某人为难或痛苦
help out 帮助, 帮忙(尤指摆脱困境或危难)
in trouble 处在不幸/苦恼/困境中
make sense out of sth. 弄懂或理解困难或看似无法理解的事物
rally (a)round 集结在一起(以应付困难, 帮助某人)
rare breed 凤毛麟角, 稀罕, 难得
run into 1.偶然碰见
run up against 遇到(困难、问题、麻烦等)
smooth out 消除/解决(困难、障碍等)
sth. is tied up 某物被困住
That's easier said than done. 说来容易, 做起来难.
tide over (通过提供所需)帮助(某人)渡过(难关等)
too good to be true 太好以致于不现实, 令人难以置信
turn one's back on 1.(在困难时)不愿帮助; 不理睬, 避开
2.抛弃, 离弃

@@@ 厌烦, 麻烦
abhorrent to 厌恶
allergic to 对...极厌恶; 对...过敏
averse to 讨厌...
be/get tired of 厌倦...
fed up with 对...感到厌烦; 腻了
fit to be tied 非常生气; 非常烦躁不安
get into trouble 陷入困境; 招致麻烦
go against the grain 不合(某人)(性情、意愿等); 令人讨厌或不高兴
have trouble with 有...苦恼、麻烦; 同...闹纠纷
make a fuss about/over 烦扰; 大吵大闹
run up against 遇到(困难、问题、麻烦等)
sick of ... 对...厌烦, 厌倦

@@@ 看法, 观点, 意见
as far as 1.远到..., 直到...
2.就...而言, 从...来看; 尽...所能
as far as I'm concerned 依我看
come to terms 达成协议; 达成一致意见
for one's sake & for the sake of sb. 看在...的份上; 为了...的缘故
from one's standpoint 从...的观点来看
get across 使观点被理解, 接受
have a bias towards 对...持偏见
hold against 因某事对某人抱有意见
in one's opinion 依某人的看法
keep to oneself 不与他人交往; 不向他人透露自己的意见和想法
look down on sb./sth. 轻视, 看不起
look on the bright side of things 对事物持乐观态度
outlook on 对...的看法
point of view 观点; 见地
run into 1.偶然碰见
speak one's mind 直抒己见
take a dim view of sth. 不赞成..., 对...持怀疑态度; 对...持悲观态度
think of ... as ... 把...看作是, 以为...是
throw (sth.) out 1.拒不接受意见、建议等
treat ... as 把...待如; 把...看作
viewed as 被看作是

@@@ 面临
come up against 碰到, 面临(困难、反对等)
confront sb. with sth. 使某人面对令人不快/头疼的事
face down 勇敢地面对...并赢得胜利
face to face 面对面地
face up to 正视, 勇敢地面对(不愉快或难以接受的事情)
get together 会面; 集会
up against 面临

run up against 遇到

turn against sb 与某人做对

"Last night I got into a poker game with these men I met in the hotel bar. And I lost a thousand dollars before I realized the cards were stacked against me. All I could do was pick up the money I had left and walk away."

"I really wanted to try out for the basketball team when I was in college. But the cards were stacked against me: I'm only five feet six inches tall and everybody else was six-two or even taller."

take(make) a stand against 反对

against one's will 违心地

- Fight the clock 争分夺秒,与时间赛跑
等同于work against the clock
If you don't fight the clock to enrich yourself, you will surely be lagged behind soon.

- put someone up to...唆使某人去……
How dare you to have lodged a complaint against me with the director ? Who put you up to it ?

The Barclays Bank in London is in a position to open letters of credit in Renminbi against our sales confirmation or contract.

We regret we can't accept payment "cash against document".

We'll draw D/P against your purchase.

We regret we can't accept "Cash against Documents" on arrival of goods at destination.

We shall cover the goods against all risks.

We have covered insurance on the 100 metric tons of wool for 10% of the invoice value against all risks.

The machines must be well protected against dampness, moisture, rust and shock.

Each case is lined with foam plastics in order to protect the goods against press.

I've heard that you have lodged a claim against us.

We filed a claim with(against) you for the shortweight.

I'll have the goods covered against Free from Particular Average.

Don't you wish to arrange for W.P.A. and additional coverage against Risk of Breakage?

We'd like? To cover the porcelain ware against All Risks.

Please insure the shipment for RMB5,000 against All Risks.

We've cover insurance on these goods for 10% above the invoice value against All Risks.

An F.P.A. policy only covers you against total loss in the case of minor perils.

A W.P.A. or W.A. policy covers you against partial loss in all cases.

As our usual practice, insurance covers basic risks only, at 110 percent of the invoice value. If coverage against other risks is required, such as breakage, leakage, TPND, hook and contamination damages, the extra premium involved would be for the buyer's account.

We can serve you with a broad range of coverage against all kinks of risks for sea transport.

Health insurance is merely a mean by which people pool money to guard against the sudden economic consequences of sickness or injury.

违背 violate; contravention; disobedient; go against; run counter to; violation; breach

暗算 [àn suàn] /plot against/

备荒 [bèi huāng] /prepare against natural disasters/

背井离乡 [bèi jǐng lí xiāng] /leave one's native place (especially against one's will)/

备战 [bèi zhàn] /prepare for war/be prepared against war/

避讳 [bì huì] /taboo against using the personal names of emperors or one's elders/

边币 [biān bì] /Border Region currency (consisting of the currency notes issued by the Border Region governments during the War of Resistance Against Japan and the War of Liberation)/

不得已 [bù dé yǐ] /act against one's will/have no alternative but to/have to/to have no choice/must/

不轨 [bù guǐ] /against the law or discipline/

不平则鸣 [bù píng zé míng] /where there is injustice/there will be an outcry/man will cry out against injustice/

蹭 [cèng] /rub against/walk slowly/

冲 [chōng] /to rinse/to collide/to water/to rush/to dash (against)/to wash out/to charge/highway/public road/

冲 [chōng] /dash against/

触 [chù] /knock against/touch/to feel/

抵 [dǐ] /hold up/on the whole/push against/to support/to resist/to reach/to arrive/mortgage/

顶 [dǐng] /go against/most/peak/top/to replace/to substitute/a measure word (use with "hat")/

对立 [duì lì] /oppose/set sth. against/be antagonistic to/antithetical/relative opposite/opposing/diametrical/

伐 [fá] /(v) cut down; fell/(v) dispatch an expedition against; descend upon/

反对 [fǎn duì] /to fight against/to oppose/to be opposed to/opposition/

反人类罪 [fǎn rén lèi zuì] /crimes against humanity/

防 [fáng] /to protect/to defend/to guard (against)/

防守 [fáng shǒu] /defend/protect (against)/

防止 [fáng zhǐ] /to prevent/to guard against/to take precautions/

分辨 [fēn biàn] /to distinguish/to differentiate/to resolve/to defend against an accusation/to exculpate/

告状 [gào zhuàng] /(v) bring a lawsuit against sb/(v) lodge a complaint against sb with a manager/

检举 [jiǎn jǔ] /(v) reveal to higher authorities; inform against/

较量 [jiào liàng] /(v) compete; measure up against/

戒 [jiè] /swear off/warn against/

戒备 [jiè bèi] /to take precautions/to guard against (emergency)/

抗衡 [kàng héng] /contend against/

抗日战争 [kàng rì zhàn zhēng] /(China's) War of Resistance against Japan (1937-1945)/

抗战 [kàng zhàn] /war of resistance, especially the war against Japan (1937-1945)/

抗争 [kàng zhēng] /make a stand and fight (against)/

靠 [kào] /depend upon/lean on/near/by/against/to support/

戾 [lì] /do violence/go against/

逆 [nì] /contrary/opposite/backwards/to go against/to oppose/to betray/to rebel/

逆流 [nì liú] /(n) reverse current/(n) something that goes against the flow/

凭 [píng] /lean against/proof/to rely on/to depend on/to be based on/

歧视 [qí shì] /discrimination (against someone)/

起诉 [qǐ sù] /to sue/to bring a lawsuit against/

呛 [qiāng] /against wind/

抢 [qiāng] /against wind/

清扫 [qīng sǎo] /to tidy up/to mop up/a sweep (against crime)/

劝阻 [quàn zǔ] /(v) advise against doing sth/

违 [wéi] /to disobey/to violate/to separate/to go against/

违心 [wéi xīn] /against ones will or feelings/

诬陷 [wū xiàn] /(v) entrap; frame; plant false evidence against sb/

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