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action [ 'ækʃən] n.行动;作用;功能

action [ 'ækʃən] n.作用;情节

bring into action 使行动起来

put out of action 使失去效用

take action 采取行动;提出诉讼

go into action 开始行动

action ['ækʃən] n. 行动

action ['ækʃən] 动作

ACT (Action Game):动作类游戏。这类游戏提供玩者一个训练手眼协调及反应力的环境及功能,通常要求玩者所控制的主角(人或物)根据周遭情况变化做出一定的动作,如移动、跳跃、攻击、躲避、防守等,来达到游戏所要求的目标。此类游戏讲究逼真的形体动作、火爆的打斗效果、良好的操作手感及复杂的攻击组合等等。

纪律处分 disciplinary action

纠正措施计划 corrective action plan

corrective action 矫正行动

marketing action plan 营销行动计划

action by . . .

action checklist

action copy to . . .

action plan

action required

action taken

action to be taken

disciplinary action

Ethical Leadership in Action--Handbook for Senior Managers in the Civil Service [Independent Commission Against Corruption]

April 5th Action Group 四五行动

Education Action Group 教育行动组

administrative action 行政裁定

civil action 民事诉讼

corporate action 法人行为

War is an aggressive action of man to man independent of his own will.

Liberty does not consist in mere declarations of the rights of man. It consists in the translation of those declarations into definite actions.

The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action.

When a boy hit his brother, his brother may respond to this action by hitting back.

I take full responsibility for this action.

His actions offended against the rules of proper behavior.

He was brought to the trial court because of his criminal actions.

It is important to understand the powerful economic and social forces at work behind their actions.

We do not often consider the morality of our daily actions, though that should occupy a high position in our thinking.

What, in your judgment, is the best course of action?

They should be judged by their actions, not by what they say.

Most people assume actions speak louder than words.

He said her actions speak louder than her words; she's never kept a promise.

The thief's actions called for a heavy punishment, and the judge sentenced him to ten years in prison.

The mayor surveyed the situation before taking action.

The company resolved to take further actions against the thieves.

He hasn’t specified what action he would take in response to their behavior.

These words could not stir him to take action.

There seems to be a contradiction between her words and actions.

The prompt action of the policemen saved the people in the house from being burned.

A prompt action is done without any delay.

He countered our criticism with a powerful defence of his actions.

She threatened legal action against the company for breach of copyright.

We need more than listening. We need action!我们需要的不光是听得进意见,我们要的是行动。

The release of the carbon in these compounds for recycling depends almost entirely on the action of both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and certain types of fungi.

While a selection of necessary details is involved in both, the officer must remain neutral and clearly try to present a picture of the facts, while the artist usually begins with a preconceived message or attitude which is then transmitted through the use of carefully selected details of action described in words intended to provoke associations and emotional reactions in the reader.

Great comic artists assume that truth may bear all lights, and thus they seek to accentuate contradictions in social action, not gloss over or transcend them by appeals to extrasocial symbols of divine ends, cosmic purpose, or laws of nature.

This means that we fit out actions to those of other people based on a constant mental process of appraisal and interpretation.

If FIFA, football’s international ruling body, wants to improve the standard of refereeing at the next World Cup, it should encourage referees to keep their eyes on the action from a distance, rather than rushing to keep up with the ball, the researcher argues.

Actions speak louder than words.

The action lasted three hours.

The union said that they would take action to defend their member's jobs.

He's a go-getter. *go-getter“有才能的人”,“干将”。
He runs a lot of business. (他有很多生意。)
Yeah, he's a go-getter. (是呀!他是个有才干的人。)
He's a man of action.
He's a man of ability.
He's a wheeler-dealer. *比较旧的说法。

I regret doing that.
I regret doing that. (我后悔我做的事。)
I know what you mean. (我明白你的意思。)
I regret my action(s).
I repent my action(s).
I am sorry for what I have done.

Someday you're going to have to face the music for your actions.

It's full of hot air.
= Lots of talk and no action.

A common danger causes common action.

Action is the proper fruit of knowledge.

Actions speak louder than words.

A man is not good or bad for one action.

A man's actions show his character.

Brave actions never want a trumpet.

Counsel after action is like rain after harvest.

Deliberate in counsel, prompt in action.

Life is measured by thought and action, not by time.

Lose not time; be always employed in something useful; cut off all unnecessary actions.

Our own actions are our security, not others' judgements.

Strong reasons make strong actions.

Suit the action to the word.

Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in.

The only cure for grief is action.

The past is for wisdom, the present for action, but for joy the future.

Thought is the seed of action.

Capillary action 毛细管作用

Wetting action 润湿作用

Wetting action 润湿作用

That is one of the rewards of competition: you can drop down a couple of notches on the food
chain to be as brutal , unsympathetic , selfish and inhuman as you wish in the name of
competition because success supposedly justifies any actions.
Howard Mel, American writer

Life is measured by thought and action, not by time.
J. Lubbock British banker and statesman

A new breeze is blowing --and a nation refreshed by freedom stands ready to push on : there is new ground to be broken, and new action to be taken.
George Bush, American President

The greatest pleasure I know, is to do a good action by stealth, and to have it found out by accident.
Charles Lamn, British essayist

If democracy is to survive, it is the task of men of thoughts, as well as men of action, to put aside pride and prejudice; and with courage and single-minded devotion---- to find the truth and teach the truth that shall keep men free.
Franklin Roosevelt, American pesident

The enlargement consists, not merely in the passive reception into the mind of a number of ideas hitherto unknown to it, but in the mind's energetic and simultaneous action upon and towards and among those new ideas.
Jonh Henry. British Newman Priest  

Experience is the child of thought , and thought is the child of action. We cannot learn men from books.
Benjamin Disraeli, British statesman
经验是思想之子,思想是行动之子,了解他人不可以书本为据。英国政治家迪斯雷利B .

Action is the last resource of those who know not how to dream.
Oscar Wilde, British dramatis
英国剧作家王尔德O .

Action is consolatory. It is the enemy of thought and the friend of glittering illusions.
Joseph Conrad, British novelist  
英国小说家康拉得. J . 

Action springs not from thought, but from a readiness for
Dietrich Bonhoeffer, German theologian  
德国神学家邦赫费尔. D . 

Every man feels instinctively that all the beautiful sentiments in the world weigh less than a single lovely action.
R.Lowell James, American poet and critic  
美国诗人、评论家詹姆斯R L  

Nothing is more terrible than ignorance in action.
Desiderius Eramus, Dutch humanist  

Strong reasons make strong actions.
William Shakespeare, British dramatist 
英国剧作家莎士比亚W .

Take time to deliberate ; but when the time for action arrives ,stop thinking and go in .
John Albion Andrew, American Ieader against slavery  
美国废奴运动领导人安德鲁. J .A . 

The world can only be grasped by action, not by contemplation, The hand is more important than the eye…The hand is the cutting edge of the mind.
Jacob Bronowski, writer of the former soviet Union  
前苏联作家布洛夫斯基. J . 

Words and deeds are quite indifferent 23modes of the divine 24energy. Words are also action, and actions are a kind of words.
Ralph Waldo Emerson, American thinker  
美国思想家爱默生. R .W.  

Words have a magical power. They can bring either the greatest happiness or deepest despair; can transfer knowledge from teacher to students words enable the orator to sway his audience and dictate its decisions .Words are capable of arousing the strongest emotions and prompting all man's actions , Do not ridicule the use of words in psychotherapy.
Sigmund Freud, German Psychiatrist 

The court dismissed the action.

@@@ 活动, 行动
active volcano 活火山
bring into action 使行动起来
change of pace 变换活动; 换口味
do about 对...想某种办法或采取某种行动
get in on 参加(活动), 加入
get off the ground (指活动、事业等)顺利开始
get the ball rolling 开始某种活动, 开始
get under way 开动
go around 四处活动; 散布, 传播
leave for 动身前往(某地)
recreation center 活动中心
set in motion 开动; 使...运转; 调动...
set out (for) 朝...方向去; 动身去...
start out 开始时打算, 本来想要; 动身
take action 行动, 采取行动

Remember how to talk simply about regular actions, things you do everyday or every week, e.g.: I watch the programs every week / I watch the programmes every week.
记住怎样谈论有规律地做的事情,如每天或者每周做的事情,例如:I watch the programs every week / 我每周看节目。

按兵不动 [àn bīng bù dòng] /not throw the troops into battle/bide one's time/take on action/

步调一致 [bù diào yí zhì] /to be united in action/

不约而同 [bù yuē ér tóng] /take the same action or view without prior consultation/happen to coincide/

采取 [cǎi qǔ] /adopt or carry out (measures, policies, course of action)/to take/

措 [cuò] /put in order/arrange/administer/execute/take action on/

打招呼 [dǎ zhāo hu ] /(v) greet sb by word or action/(v) give prior notice/

动作 [dòng zuò] /movement/motion/action/

独立自主 [dú lì zì zhǔ] /(idiom) self-determination; independence of action; maintain control/

方案 [fāng àn] /plan/program (for action, etc)/proposal/proposed bill/

分寸 [fēn cùn] /(n) the limits of proper speech or action/

附和 [fù hè] /(v) repeat in agreement (actions; words)/

回 [huí] /(a measure word for matters or actions) a time/to circle/to go back/to turn around/to answer/to return/to revolve/Islam/

抗药性 [kàng yào xìng] /resistance to action of a drug/

起来 [qǐ lai ] /beginning or continuing an action/upward movement/stand up/

请愿 [qǐng yuàn] /petition (for action to be taken)/

人民行动党 [rén mín xíng dòng dǎng] /People's Action Party (ruling party in Singapore)/

手脚 [shǒu jiǎo] /movement of limbs/action/trick/

行动 [xíng dòng] /operation/action/to move/mobile/

行为 [xíng wéi] /action/conduct/behavior/activity/

一举 [yī jǔ] /(n) move; an act; an action/(adv) with one move; at one stroke/

着 [zhe ] /-ing part. (indicates an action in progress)/part. coverb-forming after some verbs/

作法 [zuò fǎ] /course of action/method of doing something/practice/modus operandi/

作为 [zuò wéi] /accomplish/action/to regard (sth as sth)/to look upon (sth as)/conduct/

作用 [zuò yòng] /action/activity/actions/acts/effect/to play a role/

Despite a spell of initial optimism in the 1960s and 1970s when it appeared that transistor circuits and microprocessors might be able to copy the action of the human brain by the year 2010, researchers lately have begun to extend that forecast by decades if not centuries.

Although it ruled that there is no constitutional right to physician-assisted suicide, the Court in effect supported the medical principle of "double effect, "a centuries-old moral principle holding that an action having two effects — a good one that is intended and a harmful one that is foreseen — is permissible if the actor intends only the good effect.

In the first year or so of Web business, most of the action has revolved around efforts to tap the consumer market.

The researchers made great progress in the early 1970s, when they discovered that oncogenes, which are cancer-causing genes, are inactive in normal cells.
Anything from cosmic rays to radiation to diet may activate a dormant oncogene, but how remains unknown.
If several oncogenes are driven into action, the cell, unable to turn them off, becomes cancerous.

"First, we need to understand how the normal cell controls itself. Second, we have to determine whether there are a limited number of genes in cells which are always responsible for at least part of the trouble. If we can understand how cancer works, we can counteract its action."

{adj: accidental, inadvertent} without intention (especially resulting from heedless action)
"with an inadvertent gesture she swept the vase off the table"
"accidental poisoning"
"an accidental shooting"

{adj: accountable} liable to account for one's actions
"governments must be accountable to someone beside themselves"
"fully accountable for what they did"
"the court held the parents answerable for their minor child's acts of vandalism"
"he was answerable to no one"

{adj: actionable} affording grounds for legal action
"slander is an actionable offense"

{adj: activating, actuating} causing motion or action or change

{adj: active, dynamic} expressing action rather than a state of being; used of verbs (e.g. `to run') and participial adjectives (e.g. `running' in `running water')
<-> stative

{adj: active} characterized by energetic activity
"an active toddler"
"active as a gazelle"
"an active man is a man of action"
<-> inactive

{adj: active} disposed to take action or effectuate change
"a director who takes an active interest in corporate operations"
"an active antagonism"
"he was active in drawing attention to their grievances"
<-> passive

{adj: actuated} moved to action
"a man actuated by unworthy desired"

{adj: adjuvant} enhancing the action of a medical treatment
"the adjuvant action of certain bacteria"

{adj: adrenergic, sympathomimetic} relating to epinephrine (its release or action)

{adj: adroit} quick or skillful or adept in action or thought
"an exceptionally adroit pianist"
"an adroit technician"
"his adroit replies to hecklers won him many followers"
"an adroit negotiator"
<-> maladroit

{adj: advisable} worthy of being recommended or suggested; prudent or wise
"such action is neither necessary nor advisable"
"extreme caution is advisable"
"it is advisable to telephone first"
<-> inadvisable

{adj: anticholinergic} inhibiting or blocking the action of acetylcholine at a receptor site
"anticholinergic drugs"
<-> cholinergic

{adj: anti} not in favor of (an action or proposal etc.)
<-> pro

{adj: aqueous, sedimentary} produced by the action of water
<-> igneous

{adj: aroused} aroused to action
"the aroused opposition"

{adj: autonomous, self-directed, self-reliant} (of persons) free from external control and constraint in e.g. action and judgment

{adj: bactericidal, disinfectant, germicidal} preventing infection by inhibiting the growth or action of microorganisms

{adj: barbarous, brutal, cruel, fell, roughshod, savage, vicious} (of persons or their actions) able or disposed to inflict pain or suffering
"a barbarous crime"
"brutal beatings"
"cruel tortures"
"Stalin's roughshod treatment of the kulaks"
"a savage slap"
"vicious kicks"

{adj: barricaded, barred, blockaded} preventing entry or exit or a course of action
"a barricaded street"
"barred doors"
"the blockaded harbor"

{adj: blind} unable or unwilling to perceive or understand
"blind to a lover's faults"
"blind to the consequences of their actions"

{adj: bouncing, bouncy, peppy, spirited, zippy} marked by lively action
"a bouncing gait"
"bouncy tunes"
"the peppy and interesting talk"
"a spirited dance"

{adj: carcinogenic} causing or tending to cause cancer
"the carcinogenic action of certain chemicals"

{adj: catapultic, catapultian} of or like a catapult
"a catapultic kind of action"

{adj: catastrophic, ruinous} extremely harmful; bringing physical or financial ruin
"a catastrophic depression"
"catastrophic illness"
"a ruinous course of action"

{adj: caustic, corrosive, erosive, vitriolic, mordant} of a substance, especially a strong acid; capable of destroying or eating away by chemical action

{adj: cautious} cautious in attitude and careful in actions; prudent
"a cautious answer"
"very cautious about believing everything she was told"

{adj: centrist, middle-of-the-road} supporting or pursuing a course of action that is neither liberal nor conservative

{adj: changing, ever-changing} marked by continuous change or effective action

{adj: checked, curbed} held back from some action especially by force

{adj: circumspect, discreet} heedful of potential consequences
"circumspect actions"
"physicians are now more circumspect about recommending its use"
"a discreet investor"

{adj: combined, concerted, conjunct, conjunctive, cooperative, united} involving the joint activity of two or more
"the attack was met by the combined strength of two divisions"
"concerted action"
"the conjunct influence of fire and strong wind"
"the conjunctive focus of political opposition"
"a cooperative effort"
"a united effort"
"joint military activities"

{adj: committed} bound or obligated, as under a pledge to a particular cause, action, or attitude
"committed church members"
"a committed Marxist"
<-> uncommitted

{adj: complacent, self-satisfied, self-complacent} contented to a fault with oneself or one's actions
"he had become complacent after years of success"
"his self-satisfied dignity"

{adj: confident, surefooted, sure-footed} not liable to error in judgment or action
"most surefooted of the statesmen who dealt with the depression"- Walter Lippman
"demonstrates a surefooted storytelling talent"- Michiko Kakutani

{adj: confining, constraining, constrictive, limiting, restricting} restricting the scope or freedom of action

{adj: controversial} marked by or capable of arousing controversy
"the issue of the death penalty is highly controversial"
"Rushdie's controversial book"
"a controversial decision on affirmative action"
<-> uncontroversial

{adj: corrective, disciplinary, disciplinal} designed to promote discipline
"the teacher's action was corrective rather than instructional"
"disciplinal measures"
"the mother was stern and disciplinary"

{adj: counteractive} opposing or neutralizing or mitigating an effect by contrary action

{adj: counterinsurgent} of or relating or characteristic of actions taken by a government to defeat insurgency

{adj: covert} secret or hidden; not openly practiced or engaged in or shown or avowed
"covert actions by the CIA"
"covert funding for the rebels"
<-> overt

{adj: delayed-action} operating after a predetermined lapse of time
"a delayed-action bomb"

{adj: desperate, heroic} showing extreme courage; especially of actions courageously undertaken in desperation as a last resort
"made a last desperate attempt to reach the climber"
"the desperate gallantry of our naval task forces marked the turning point in the Pacific war"- G.C.Marshall
"they took heroic measures to save his life"

{adj: developing} making or becoming visible through or as if through the action of a chemical agent
"he watched as the developing photograph became clearer and sharper"

{adj: direct} extended senses; direct in means or manner or behavior or language or action
"a direct question"
"a direct response"
"a direct approach"
<-> indirect

{adj: disabled, hors de combat, out of action} so badly injured as to be excused from continuing
"disabled veterans"

{adj: discouraging} depriving of confidence or hope or enthusiasm and hence often deterring action
"where never is heard a discouraging word"
<-> encouraging

{adj: disobliging, uncooperative} intentionally unaccommodating
"the action was not offensive to him but proved somewhat disobliging"

{adj: dissuasive} deterring from action
"dissuasive advice"
"made a slight dissuasive gesture with her hand"
<-> persuasive

{adj: driven, impelled} urged or forced to action through moral pressure
"felt impelled to take a stand against the issue"

{adj: dynamic, dynamical} characterized by action or forcefulness or force of personality
"a dynamic market"
"a dynamic speaker"
"the dynamic president of the firm"
<-> undynamic

{adj: earned} gained or acquired; especially through merit or as a result of effort or action
"a well-earned reputation for honesty"
"earned income"
"an earned run in baseball"
<-> unearned

{adj: effective, effectual, efficacious} producing or capable of producing an intended result or having a striking effect
"an air-cooled motor was more effective than a witch's broomstick for rapid long-distance transportation"-LewisMumford
"effective teaching methods"
"effective steps toward peace"
"made an effective entrance"
"his complaint proved to be effectual in bringing action"
"an efficacious law"
<-> ineffective

{adj: emblematic, exemplary, typic} being or serving as an illustration of a type
"the free discussion that is emblematic of democracy"
"an action exemplary of his conduct";

{adj: emergent} occurring unexpectedly and requiring urgent action
"emergent repair of an aorta"

{adj: emphatic, forceful} forceful and definite in expression or action
"the document contained a particularly emphatic guarantee of religious liberty"

{adj: enlightening, informative, illuminating} tending to increase knowledge or dissipate ignorance
"an enlightening glimpse of government in action"
"an illuminating lecture"
<-> unenlightening

{adj: ethical, honorable, honourable, moral} adhering to ethical and moral principles
"it seems ethical and right"
"followed the only honorable course of action"
"had the moral courage to stand alone"

{adj: evasive} avoiding or escaping from difficulty or danger especially enemy fire
"pilots are taught to take evasive action"

{adj: extreme} beyond a norm in views or actions
"an extreme conservative"
"an extreme liberal"
"extreme views on integration"
"extreme opinions"

{adj: extremist, radical, ultra} (used of opinions and actions) far beyond the norm
"extremist political views"
"radical opinions on education"
"an ultra conservative"

{adj: faltering} unsteady in speech or action

{adj: far} beyond a norm in opinion or actions
"the far right"

{adj: flying} designed for swift movement or action
"a flying police squad is trained for quick action anywhere in the city"

{adj: future, later, ulterior} coming at a subsequent time or stage
"the future president entered college at the age of 16"
"awaiting future actions on the bill"
"later developments"
"without ulterior argument"

{adj: gallant} unflinching in battle or action
"a gallant warrior"
"put up a gallant resistance to the attackers"

{adj: glaciated} covered with ice (as by a glacier) or affected by glacial action

{adj: go} functioning correctly and ready for action
"all systems are go"
<-> no-go

{adj: haphazard, hit-or-miss} dependent upon or characterized by chance
"a haphazard plan of action"
"his judgment is rather hit-or-miss"

{adj: hostile} characterized by enmity or ill will
"a hostile nation"
"a hostile remark"

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