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Before the crash, the pilot attempted to drop one of the auxiliary fuel tanks so that he could climb higher and avoid the crash, but in vain.

Make up your mind after thinking it over carefully. *make up one's mind 常用词组,表示decide(下决心)。带有“仔细考虑之后再下决定”的语感。
Make your decision after you give it a lot of thought.
Think it over carefully before you decide.

A You've been to a lot of restaurants here. Do you have a favourite?
A 你已经去过了这里的许多家餐馆。你有最喜欢的吗?
B That's a difficult question. There are so many good restaurants.
B 这是一个很难回答的问题。这里有如此之多的餐馆。
A But you must have a favourite. I definitely have a favourite.
A 但是你一定有自己最喜欢的。我有自己最喜欢的。
B OK. Tell me your favourite.
B 好吧。告诉我你最喜欢的是哪家。
A I really liked The Blue Lotus Thai restaurant. I thought the food was brilliant – and the staff was very friendly.
A 我非常喜欢蓝莲花泰国餐馆。我认为那里的饭菜一流——而且员工都非常友好。
B Yes, I think that's one of my favourites, too.
B 是的,我也认为那是我最喜欢的餐馆之一。

A That’s a really good digital camera.
A 这真是一架相当好的数码相机。
B You’re right. It’s got 6 million pixels. That’s good.
B 说得对。这是6百万像素的。非常好。
A But it’s not cheap. Look at the price.
A 但是也不便宜啊。看看价格。
B Three thousand five hundred yuan! That is expensive.
B 三千五百元!很贵啊。
A Do you want to look for something cheaper?
A 你想买架便宜一些的吗?
B Yes. Look at that one. It costs 1,500 – that’s a lot cheaper.
B 是的。看看那架。价格是一千五百元——那架便宜多了。

A You've been to a lot of restaurants here. Do you have a favourite?
A 你去过这附近的很多餐厅。你有最喜欢的吗?
B That's a difficult question. There are so many good restaurants.
B 这是个很难回答的问题。那里有很多很好的餐厅。
A I really like the Mongolian Hotpot restaurant. I thought the food was brilliant – and the staff were very friendly.
A 我很喜欢那家蒙古火锅。我记得那里的食物真是棒极了-服务员也非常友善。
B Yes, I think that's one of my favourites, too.
B 是呀。那也是我最喜欢的餐厅之一。

all documents made out in English must be sent to out bank in one lot

after negotiation, you may reimburse yourselves by debiting our RMB¥ account with you, please forward all relative documents in one lot to us by airmail

A: Where can we get a taxi?
A: 我们在哪里可以打到出租车?
B: Just outside the hotel. It’s usually easy to find one.
B: 在饭店外面就可以。通常很容易打到出租车。
A: How much should it cost us to the Kunlun Hotel?
A: 到昆仑饭店要多少钱?
B: About 15 RMB. Maybe a little more if there is a lot of traffic.
B: 大约要15块钱。如果交通拥挤的话,可能还会多一点。
A: Thanks. I think the traffic should be OK now.
A: 谢谢。我想现在交通不会太拥挤。

A: Hello, can I speak to Mr. Lin, please?
A: 你好,我能跟林先生讲话吗?
B: One moment. I’m sorry, but he’s not here right now.
B: 请稍等一下。对不起,他现在不在。
A: Do you have his mobile number?
A: 你有他的手机号吗?
B: Yes. It’s one-three-five-eight-two-one-six-one-two-nine. (1358216129)
B: 有。是1358216129。
A: Let me repeat that. One-three-five-eight-two-one-six-one-two-nine.
A: 我重复一下。1358216129。
B: Yes, that’s right.
B: 对,没错。
A: Ok, thanks a lot. I’ll give him a call.
A: 好,非常感谢。我现在就给他打电话。

A: I would like to learn Chinese. What’s the best way to learn?
A: 我想学汉语。学习的最好方法是什么?
B: There’re quite a lot of schools and classes you can go to.
B: 有很多学校和课程,你可以参加。
A: Perhaps you could help me find a good one.
A: 也许你能帮我找个好的。
B: Yes, I can. And we can get books and CDs at the bookshop.
B: 是的,我能。我们还可以在书店买书和CD。
A: Yes, that will help me too. Thanks.
A: 是的,那对我也会有帮助。谢谢你。

身世 [shēn shì] /one's life experience/one's lot/

{n: Lancelot, Sir Lancelot} (Arthurian legend) one of the knights of the Round Table; friend of King Arthur until (according to some versions of the legend) he became the lover of Arthur's wife Guinevere

{n: Simon, St. Simon, Simon Zelotes, Simon the Zealot, Simon the Canaanite} one of the twelve Apostles (first century)

{n: bulk mail} mail consisting of large numbers of identical items (circulars or advertisements) sent to individual addresses at less than 1st-class rates and paid for in one lot

{n: linguist, polyglot} a person who speaks more than one language

{n: maillot, tank suit} a woman's one-piece bathing suit

{n: military chaplain, padre, Holy Joe, sky pilot} a chaplain in one of the military services

{n: quarter} a United States coin worth one fourth of a dollar
"he fed four quarters into the slot machine"

{n: slot, one-armed bandit} a slot machine that is used for gambling
"they spend hours and hours just playing the slots"

{n: slot} a position in a hierarchy or organization
"Bob Dylan occupied the top slot for several weeks"
"she beat some tough competition for the number one slot"

{n: split ticket} a ballot cast by a voter who votes for candidates from more than one party
<-> straight ticket

{n: straight ticket} a ballot cast by a voter who votes for all the candidates of one party
<-> split ticket

{n: substitution class, paradigm} the class of all items that can be substituted into the same position (or slot) in a grammatical sentence (are in paradigmatic relation with one another)

{v: line one's pockets} make a lot of money

{v: work, act} have an effect or outcome ; often the one desired or expected
"The voting process doesn't work as well as people thought"
"How does your idea work in practice?"
"This method doesn't work"
"The breaks of my new car act quickly"
"The medicine works only if you take it with a lot of water"

" I have to say Air 'Newzillun' is one of my favourites.
"我必须说 '正确。新西兰 ''正确。航空公司是我最喜欢的航空公司之一。
the staff are so spontaneous,
So that's the kind of thing we re trying to get the Aeroflot staff to do, bless them.
They 're still learning how to smile at the moment. "
眼下他们还在学习怎样微笑。 "

"I think it has a lot to do with, number one, some of the on-shore staging areas have been pretty much devastated," said Mr. Flanagan. "So, it's difficult to get transportation to and from some of these platforms. I think there's 819 manned platforms and 140 or so manned rigs offshore that all need to be checked out. And so there's a big run on transportation equipment and personnel to go out and check on all these facilities. And it's just taking a long time."

"That is one of the stories of the coming together of the international community around the insistence that Iran deal with its international obligations and a lot of concern about it," she said.Ms. Rice then pointed to recent action in the United Nations on the violence in Sudan's troubled Darfur region as another example of trans-Atlantic cooperation. She said the Security Council has warned of possible action, if the Sudanese government does nothing to end violence against civilians."And so, I suspect, if they do not act within the 30 days they were granted, people will be prepared to look at what those next steps ought to be, and nothing is off the table," she said.Ms. Rice says the real problem in dealing with the Darfur crisis is not the alliance, it is the leadership in Khartoum.

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