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lose [ lu:z] vt.失去;迷失;输掉

lose one's hair 脱发;发脾气

lose one's head 慌乱;被砍头

lose heart 丧失勇气(或信心)

lose one's heart to 心被…俘去,爱上

lose heart 灰心,泄气

lose no time 立即

lose sight of 看不见

lose one's nerves 变得慌张,不知所措

lose sight of 不再看见;忽略;忘记

lose one's temper 发怒,发脾气

lose one's breath 喘不过气来,呼吸困难

lose track 失去联系

lose heart 丧失勇气,失去信心

lose one's head 不知所措

lose heart

lose one's head

lose [lu:z] vt. 失去,丢失

losing streak 连败场数,连败纪录

Here is your pasbook. Please bring it back when you deposit or withdraw money any time you like. Keep it well and inform us whenever you lose it.

When falling in love, some lose their head, others lose their heart.

to lose height, to fly low 降低

losing candidate 落选者

People differ in their attitudes towards failure. Faced with it, some of them can stand up to it, draw useful lessons from it and try hard to fulfill what they are determined to do. Others, however, lose heart and give in.

Allow money-losing enterprise to merger or go bankrupt 允许亏损企业兼并或破产

Don't lose your head!

Don't lose your head。

You cannot discover new ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

The greatest test of courage on the earth is to bear defeat without losing heart.

She runs everyday in order to lose weight.

It's recession when your neighbor loses his job; it's a depression when you lose yours.

When hospitality becomes an art it loses its very soul.

To persist in efforts without losing the aim will finally result in success.

It takes a lot of discipline to eat less and lose weight.

How do you account for losing such a large sum of money?

It's a serious situation if one loses his identity.

She tends to lose her temper if you disagree with her.

How do you account for losing such a large sum of money?

Not only did we lose all our money, but we also came close to losing our lives.

Nothing can compensate for losing her husband.
她失去了丈夫 ,这是什么也弥补不了的。

One slip and you could lose the game.

Our bodies can sweat, thereby losing heat.

Don't lose your head。 不要惊慌失措。

I really need to lose some weight. 我真的需要减肥了。

She runs everyday in order to lose weight.她每天都跑步是为了减肥。

If Tom cannot keep his promise, he'll lose face.如果汤姆不能信守诺言,他就会丢面子。

Combining exercise with the diet may be the most effective way to lose weight. 运动与节食结合也许是减肥最有效的途径。

Professor Taiju Matsuzawa wanted to find out why otherwise healthy farmers in northern Japan appeared to be losing their ability to think and reason at a relatively early age, and how the process of ageing could he slowed down.
Taiju Matsuzawa 教授想找出为什么日本北部的健康农民在相对年轻的年龄就显得开始失去思考与推理的能力的原因以及怎样才能延缓老化过程。

We may lose a lot of support, but that's a chance we'll have to take.

What good does it do a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?

People do not know the value of health till they lose it.

I can't get over losing you. *get over“(从疾病、痛苦中)恢复,重新站起”。
I can't recover from breaking up with you. (我无法接受和你的分手。)
I can't forget you. (我无法忘记你。)

He has a short temper. *temper 特指“(感情上的)秉性,气质”,short temper 表示“易怒”。
He gets angry easily.
He loses his temper quickly.
He is very temperamental. (他喜怒无常。)

Are you gaining weight?
Are you gaining weight? (最近你是不是胖了?)
I'm afraid so. (好像是吧。)
Have you gained weight?
Are you getting fatter? *不礼貌的说法。
Are you losing weight? (最近你是不是瘦了?)

I'm afraid so. *一种将不愉快的事情或对方不想听到的事情告诉对方并表示同情的语感。“很遗憾是这样”、“恐怕是这样”。
Did you lose your wallet? (你丢了钱包?)
I'm afraid so. (好像是。)
Do I have to do it again? (我还得重新干吗?)
I'm afraid so. (恐怕就是这样了。)

If you don't want to lose me, you'd better lay it on the line.

All covet, all lose.

Grasp all, lose all.

A joke never gains an enemy but often loses a friend.

All covet, all lose.

A ready way to lose friend is to lend him money.

Better ask twice than lose you way once.

Better lose a jest than a friend.

Better lose the saddle than the horse.

By gambling we lose both time and treasure, two things most precious to the life of man.

Grasp all, lose all.

He that doth lend, doth lose his friend.

He who does not gain loses.

Lend your money and lose your friend.

Lose not time; be always employed in something useful; cut off all unnecessary actions.

Merry is he that hath nought to lose.

One false move may lose the game.

One never loses anything by politeness.

One never loses by doing a good turn.

One wrong (or false) move can lose the whole game.

Sometimes the best gain is to lose.

Spoil (or Lose) the ship for half penny worth of tar.

The wolf may lose his teeth, but never his nature.

To lose a freind is the greatest of all loses.

What we lose in hake we shall have in herring.

What you lose on the swings you gain (or get back) on the roundabouts.

Who loses liberty loses all.

It is good to have money to buy things that money can buy ,but it is better not to lose things money cannot buy.
George H. Lorimer, American journalist

The only thing wealth does for some people is to make them worry about losing them.
A. R .Ricvarol, French writer

Make use of time if you love eternity, yesterday cannot be recalled; tomorrow cannot be assured ;only today is yours, which if you procrastinate, you lose, and which lost is lost forever, One today is worth two tomorrow.
Anatole France, French novelist and critic

Beauty gains little, and homeliness and deformity lose much , by gaudy attire.
Arthur Zimmermann, German diplomat

It is a strange desire to seek power and to lose liberty, or to seek power over others and to lose power over a man's self.
Francis Bacon, British Philosopher

I really need to lose some weight.

Combining exercise with the diet may be the most effective way to lose weight.

She runs everyday in order to lose weight.

I can’t stand losing you.

Losing her eyelash cause her to blush for shame.她因为弄丢了假睫毛,羞得面红耳赤。

I'm willing to bet he'll lose.我愿意赌他输。

Most women ofen ask,″Am I in love?Am I fulfilled?″Most men ofen ask,″Did my team win?How's mycar?″
If a man says,″I'll callyou,″and he doesn't, he didn't forget…he didn't lose your number…he didn't die. He just didn't want to call you.

Men hate to lose, especially the winner is a woman.

@@@ 减
cut back on 削减, 缩减
cut corners 节省开支; 节省气力
cut down 1.砍倒(树木), 砍伐
2.减少...的量; 缩减
deduct from 从...中扣除; 从...中减去
die away (风、声音)逐渐消失; 减少或减弱
fade away 逐渐凋谢; (声音)慢慢减弱, 逐渐消失
let up 减小, 渐渐停止
lose weight 体重减轻; 减肥
reduce to 变少; 使处于, 使成为(某种情况或状态)
slow down 减速, 慢下来; 松弛

@@@ 不安, 担心
anxious about/for 担心
blow/lose one's cool 失去自恃或失去镇静
concern over 对...的担心/忧虑
concern about 对...关心; 为...担心
fear for 为...担心
fit to be tied 非常生气; 非常烦躁不安
ill at ease 拘束; 不自在; 局促不安
least of my worries 最不担心的事
lose one's head 慌张, 失去镇静
take one's mind off 使...不再思考或担忧某事
worry about 焦虑; 担心, 发愁

@@@ 坏, 恶, 丑
burn out 烧掉, 烧坏
change for the worse 恶化; 每况愈下
do damage 损害, 破坏
do wrong 做错; 作恶; 犯罪
feel down in the dumps 心情不好; 情绪低落
get off on the wrong foot 开始就不顺利; 一开始就犯了个错误
give out 1.分发, 发配
2.用尽, 耗尽; 坏了
go bad 变坏; 腐败
It never fails... 从不例外(信息词, 暗示后面没有好事)
leave much to be desired 不够好; 有待改善
lose face 丢脸, 出丑
make a fool of sb. 愚弄某人, 让某人出丑
not much of a 不是很好的...
not think much of 对...评价不高, 认为...不好
think little of 不喜欢, 认为不好
wear out 1.把...用坏, 穿破
2.使疲乏, 使精疲力竭

@@@ 了解, 熟悉
acquaint (sb.) with 使了解, 使熟悉
acquaintance with 熟悉, 了解
awake sb. to sth. (使)意识到, (使)觉醒
be aware of 知道; 意识到, 认识到
be unaware of 不知道, 没意识到
between you and me 只有你我知道, 对外保密
cognizant of 已认识到...的, 晓得...的
come into one's own 得到尊重/重视; 被人认识
come to light 真相大白; 被人知道
familiar with sth. 熟悉或精通...的
familiarize (sb.) with 使...熟悉, 使...通晓
get the feel of 适应; 了解; 掌握技巧
have intimate knowledge of 对...精通/熟悉
ignorant of 对...不知道(不了解)
in the dark about ... 不知道, 未被告知
introduce sb. to sth. 使某人了解
keep abreast of 与...并进, 跟上; 了解最新情况
keep track of 了解动态, 掌握线索
know about 了解..., 知道...的情况
know of 知道; 听说
lose track of 忘记; 不了解
stay on top of ... 知道, 掌握(信息)
versed in 精通...
Your guess is as good as mine. 我也不知道.

@@@ 自己
blow/lose one's cool 失去自恃或失去镇静
boast of 吹牛, 自夸, 夸耀
fend for oneself 自己谋生, 照料自己
get above oneself 变得自高自大
go about one's business 忙自己的事
go Dutch 各自负担自己的费用
have nothing to do with 自己与...无关; 避开...
in person 本人, 亲自
keep to oneself 不与他人交往; 不向他人透露自己的意见和想法
knock oneself out 辛苦地工作, 使自己精疲力尽
lay claim to 声称/要求...是自己的; 争...的所有权
live by oneself 独自一人生活
on one's own 独立地, 凭自己的力量
on one's own time 自己的时间; 非工作时间
pretend to 自称拥有; 自称, 自夸
proud of 以...而自豪
read sth. into sth. 将本来没有的意思加进去解释, 自以为有某种含义
speak one's mind 直抒己见
sure of oneself 有自信心
volunteer for 自愿或无偿给与或提供(帮助、建议等)

@@@ 身体
black and blue 被打得青紫的, 遍体鳞伤的
fit as a fiddle 身体很健康
get a checkup 做身体检查
go up 物体上行; 价格气温等上升
lose weight 体重减轻; 减肥
stay in shape/keep in shape (指人)锻炼身体, 保持健康
under the weather 身体不适, 生病

I tried losing weight, but nothing worked.

There's no way he can lose. He's a shoo-in.

down and out穷困潦倒
Sarah was down and out after losing her job and her apartment.

I can't afford to lose... 我丢不起...

lose one's nerve 紧张,没勇气

lose one's shirt. 输得精光

lose track of the days 把时间搞糊涂了

lose track of time 弄乱时间

"Be careful of salesmen who call on the phone and offer to sell you land on the beach down in Florida. You can lose your shirt because the chances are the land is under water at high tide."

lose sb's head 慌乱,仓皇失措

lose heart 丧失勇气,失去信心

lose track of 失去与…的联系,不能跟上…的进展

- Lose one's cool 沉不住气
反义词keep one's cool
In the boxing match. Tyson lost his cool and bit Hollyfield's ear.

- a drop in the bucket 沧海一粟
He has suffered a lot in his life. Losing his job this time was only a drop in the bucket.

- put that in your pipe and smoke it 你好好考虑考虑吧
Don't take it out on me. It is he who makes you lose so much money. Put it in your pipe and smoke it!

- lose one's shirt 输得精光
The man didn't leave Las Vegas until he lost his shirt.

- Lose one's temper 发脾气
You don't have to lose your temper about trifle things.

败 fail; lose; defeat

败 fail; lose; defeat

败北 [bài běi] /suffer defeat/lose a battle/

败局 [bài jú] /lost game/losing battle/

败诉 [bài sù] /lose a lawsuit/

不失时机 [bù shī shí jī] /seize the opportune moment/lose no time/

丢 [diū] /to lose/to put aside/to throw/

丢丑 [diū chǒu] /lose face/

丢饭碗 [diū fàn wǎn] /to lose one's job/

丢人 [diū rén] /(v) lose face/

丢失 [diū shī] /(v) lose/

发疯 [fā fēng] /go mad/go crazy/lose one's mind/

负 [fù] /lose/negative (math. etc.)/to bear/to carry (on one's back)/

灰心 [huī xīn] /lose heart/be discouraged/

昏 [hūn] /muddle-headed/twilight/to faint/to lose consciousness/

昏迷 [hūn mí] /to lose consciousness/to be in a coma/

减肥 [jiǎn féi] /to lose weight/

落选 [luò xuǎn] /(v) lose in an election/

赔 [péi] /lose in trade/pay damage/

丧 [sàng] /lose (by death)/

丧生 [sàng shēng] /to die/lose one's life/

丧失 [sàng shī] /lose/forfeit/

失 [shī] /to lose/to miss/to fail/

失宠 [shī chǒng] /lose favor/be in disfavor/be disgraced/

失掉 [shī diào] /lose/miss/

失去 [shī qù] /to lose/

失望 [shī wàng] /be disappointed/to lose hope/to despair/

失效 [shī xiào] /to fail/to lose effectiveness/

失学 [shī xué] /(v) lose opportunity to attend school/

输 [shū] /to transport/to lose/

损 [sǔn] /to damage/injure/to lose/to harm/

损失 [sǔn shī] /a (financial, etc.) loss/to lose/

行踪 [xíng zōng] /whereabouts/(lose) track (of)/

遗 [yí] /to lose/to leave behind/

遗失 [yí shī] /(v) lose due to carelessness/

晕 [yūn] /confused/dizzy/giddy/faint/swoon/lose consciousness/pass out/

作废 [zuò fèi] /(v) expire and thus lose validity/

"Do we really want railroads to be the arbiters of who wins and who loses in the marketplace?" asks Martin Bercovici, a Washington lawyer who frequently represents shipper.

One more reason not to lose sleep over the rise in oil prices is that, unlike the rises in the 1970s, it has not occurred against the background of general commodity-price inflation and global excess demand.

About 50 percent of the companies lose when injured customers take them to court.

{adj: apt, liable} at risk of or subject to experiencing something usually unpleasant
"he is apt to lose"
"she is liable to forget"

{adj: calm, unagitated, serene, tranquil} not agitated; without losing self-possession
"spoke in a calm voice"
"remained calm throughout the uproar"
"he remained serene in the midst of turbulence"
"a serene expression on her face"
"she became more tranquil"
"tranquil life in the country"

{adj: conceptual} being or characterized by concepts or their formation
"conceptual discussions"
"the schizophrenic loses ability to abstract or do conceptual thinking"
"sex is a notional category, gender is a grammatical category"

{adj: dulled, benumbed} having lost or been caused to lose interest because of overexposure
"the mind of the audience is becoming dulled"
"the benumbed intellectual faculties can no longer respond"

{adj: excess, extra, redundant, spare, supererogatory, superfluous, supernumerary, surplus} more than is needed, desired, or required
"trying to lose excess weight"
"found some extra change lying on the dresser"
"yet another book on heraldry might be thought redundant"
"skills made redundant by technological advance"
"sleeping in the spare room"
"supernumerary ornamentation"
"it was supererogatory of her to gloat"
"delete superfluous (or unnecessary) words"
"extra ribs as well as other supernumerary internal parts"
"surplus cheese distributed to the needy"

{adj: faint, light, swooning, light-headed, lightheaded} weak and likely to lose consciousness
"suddenly felt faint from the pain"
"was sick and faint from hunger"
"felt light in the head"
"a swooning fit"
"light-headed with wine"
"light-headed from lack of sleep"

{adj: left, left-hand} intended for the left hand
"I rarely lose a left-hand glove"

{adj: light} having little importance
"losing his job was no light matter"

{adj: traumatic} psychologically painful;"few experiences are more traumatic than losing a child";

{adv: at best, at the best} under the best of conditions
"at best we'll lose only the money"
<-> at worst

{adv: in stride, in good spirits} without losing equilibrium
"she took all his criticism in stride"

{adv: ironically} contrary to plan or expectation
"ironically, he ended up losing money under his own plan"

{adv: only} with nevertheless the final result
"He arrived only to find his wife dead"
"We won only to lose again in the next round"

{n: Apache} any member of Athapaskan tribes that migrated to the southwestern desert (from Arizona to Texas and south into Mexico); fought a losing battle from 1861 to 1886 with the United States and were resettled in Oklahoma

{n: Curie temperature, Curie point} the temperature above which a ferromagnetic substance loses its ferromagnetism and becomes paramagnetic

{n: Stentor} the mythical Greek warrior with an unusually loud voice who died after losing a shouting contest with Hermes

{n: air pocket, pocket, air hole} a local region of low pressure or descending air that causes a plane to lose height suddenly

{n: anaclitic depression} severe and progressive depression in infants who lose their mother and do not get a suitable substitute

{n: caste} social status or position conferred by a system based on class
"lose caste by doing work beneath one's station"

{n: commitment, allegiance, loyalty, dedication} the act of binding yourself (intellectually or emotionally) to a course of action
"his long commitment to public service"
"they felt no loyalty to a losing team"

{n: committee, commission} a special group delegated to consider some matter
"a committee is a group that keeps minutes and loses hours" - Milton Berle

{n: craps} a gambling game played with two dice; a first throw of 7 or 11 wins and a first throw of 2, 3, or 12 loses and a first throw of any other number must be repeated to win before a 7 is thrown, which loses the bet and the dice

{n: deficit} (sports) the score by which a team or individual is losing
<-> lead

{n: demerit} a mark against a person for misconduct or failure; usually given in school or armed forces
"ten demerits and he loses his privileges"

{n: exchange} (chess) gaining (or losing) a rook in return for a knight or bishop
"black lost the exchange"

{n: failure, loser, nonstarter, unsuccessful person} a person with a record of failing; someone who loses consistently
<-> achiever

{n: fat farm} a health spa that specializes in helping people lose weight

{n: fatigability} susceptibility to fatigue; a tendency to get tired or lose strength

{n: forfeit, forfeiture, sacrifice} the act of losing or surrendering something as a penalty for a mistake or fault or failure to perform etc.

{n: forfeit, forfeiture} a penalty for a fault or mistake that involves losing or giving up something
"the contract specified forfeits if the work was not completed on time"

{n: globe amaranth, bachelor's button, Gomphrena globosa} tropical American herb having rose to red or purple flowers that can be dried without losing color

{n: humiliation, mortification} an instance in which you are caused to lose your prestige or self-respect
"he had to undergo one humiliation after another"

{n: identity, personal identity, individuality} the distinct personality of an individual regarded as a persisting entity
"you can lose your identity when you join the army"

{n: inflationary spiral} an episode of inflation in which prices increase at an increasing rate and currency rapidly loses value

{n: ionic bond, electrovalent bond, electrostatic bond} a chemical bond in which one atom loses an electron to form a positive ion and the other atom gains to electron to form a negative ion

{n: loser, also-ran} a contestant who loses the contest
<-> winner

{n: loser} a gambler who loses a bet
<-> winner

{n: losing streak} a streak of losses

{n: loss, deprivation} the disadvantage that results from losing something
"his loss of credibility led to his resignation"
"losing him is no great deprivation"

{n: loss} the act of losing
"everyone expected him to win so his loss was a shock"

{n: loss} the experience of losing a loved one
"he sympathized on the loss of their grandfather"

{n: merry-go-round} a never-ending cycle of activities and events (especially when they seem to have little purpose)
"if we lose the election the whole legislative merry-go-round will have to start over"

{n: no-win situation} a situation in which a favorable outcome is impossible; you are bound to lose whatever you do

{n: plasma} (physical chemistry) a fourth state of matter distinct from solid or liquid or gas and present in stars and fusion reactors; a gas becomes a plasma when it is heated until the atoms lose all their electrons, leaving a highly electrified collection of nuclei and free electrons
"particles in space exist in the form of a plasma"

{n: psychotic depression} a state of depression so severe that the person loses contact with reality and suffers a variety of functional impairments
<-> neurotic depression

{n: pyramid scheme} a fraudulent scheme in which people are recruited to make payments to the person who recruited them while expecting to receive payments from the persons they recruit; when the number of new recruits fails to sustain the hierarchical payment structure the scheme collapses with most of the participants losing the money they put in

{n: rain shadow} an area that has little precipitation because some barrier causes the winds to lose their moisture before reaching it

{n: reducing diet, obesity diet} a diet designed to help you lose weight (especially fat)

{n: risk arbitrage, takeover arbitrage} arbitrage involving risk; as in the simultaneous purchase of stock in a target company and sale of stock in its potential acquirer; if the takeover fails the arbitrageur may lose a great deal of money

{n: roll} a flight maneuver; aircraft rotates about its longitudinal axis without changing direction or losing altitude

{n: smart money} people who are highly experienced or who have inside information
"the smart money said Truman would lose the election"

{n: sumo} a Japanese form of wrestling; you lose if you are forced out of a small ring or if any part of your body (other than your feet) touches the ground

{n: tossup, toss-up, even chance} an unpredictable phenomenon
"it's a toss-up whether he will win or lose"

{n: totipotency, totipotence} the ability of a cell to give rise to unlike cells and so to develop a new organism or part
"animal cells lose their totipotency at an early stage in embryonic development"

{n: tug-of-war} a contest in which teams pull of opposite ends of a rope; the team dragged across a central line loses

{n: underdog} one at a disadvantage and expected to lose

{n: whitewash} a defeat in which the losing person or team fails to score

{v: acquire, win, gain} win something through one's efforts
"I acquired a passing knowledge of Chinese"
"Gain an understanding of international finance"
<-> lose

{v: bald} grow bald ; lose hair on one's head
"He is balding already"

{v: break down, lose it, snap} lose control of one's emotions
"When she heard that she had not passed the exam, she lost it completely"
"When her baby died, she snapped"

{v: change, alter, vary} make or become different in some particular way, without permanently losing one's or its former characteristics or essence
"her mood changes in accordance with the weather"
"The supermarket's selection of vegetables varies according to the season"

{v: change} undergo a change ; become different in essence ; losing one's or its original nature
"She changed completely as she grew older"
"The weather changed last night"
<-> stay

{v: collapse} lose significance, effectiveness, or value
"The school system is collapsing"
"The stock market collapsed"

{v: concede} acknowledge defeat
"The candidate conceded after enough votes had come in to show that he would lose"

{v: cool, cool off, cool down} lose intensity
"His enthusiasm cooled considerably"

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