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Chinese [ 'tʃai'ni:z] a.中国的 n.中国人

Chinese a.中国(人)的;汉语的 n.中国人;中国话, 汉语,中文

春运 passenger transport around the Chinese lunar new year

工笔 traditional Chinese realistic painting

汉字处理软件 Chinese character processing software

具有中国特色的 with Chinese characteristics

两院院士 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering

排华政策 policy of discrimination against the Chinese

三个代表 three represents theory (The Party should always represent the development needs of China's advanced social productive forces, always represent the onward direction of China's advanced culture, and always represent the fundamental interests of the largest member of the Chinese people.)

水墨画 Chinese brush drawing; ink and wash painting

实现中华民族伟大复兴 bring about a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation

唐装 traditional Chinese garments (clothing)

跳棋 Chinese chequers; Chinese draughts; halma

有中国特色的社会主义民主政治 a socilalist democracy with Chinese characteristics

有中国特色的社会主义道路 road of socialism with Chinese characteristics

振兴中华 make China powerful and strong; revitalize the Chinese nation

中式快餐 Chinese fast food

中山装 Chinese tunic suit

中文信息处理系统 Chinese information processing system

中药 traditional Chinese medicine

中国预防医学科学院 the Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine

中国工程院 the Chinese Academy of Engineering

中国结 Chinese knot

中华医学会 Chinese Medical Association

CCG Chinese Character Generator 中文字幕发生器

CIE Chinese Institute of Electronics 中国电子学会

CIS Chinese Industrial Standard 中国工业标准

Overseas Chinese Investment Company 华侨投资公司

Overseas Chinese Commodities Supply Company 华侨商品供应公司

Chinese chi (中国)漆树

Overseas Chinese Travel Service 华侨旅行社

Overseas Chinese Commodities Supply Company 华侨商品供应公司

Overseas Chinese Investment Company 华侨投资公司

Chinese Medicine 中式服

饺子 Jiao-zi; Chinese meat ravioli

you look great today.(你今天看上去很棒。)【每天都可以用!】
you did a good job. (你干得非常好。)【国际最通用的表扬!】
we're so proud of you.(我们十分为你骄傲。)【最高级的表扬!】
i'm very pleased with your work.(我对你的工作非常满意。)【正式、真诚的赞扬!】
this is really a nice place.(这真是个好地方!)【随口就说、但效果很好的表扬!】
you're looking sharp!(你看上去真精神/真棒/真漂亮。)【与众不同的表扬!】
you always know the right thing to say. = you're very eloquent.(你总是说话得体。)【高层次的表扬!】
nice going! = you did a good job.(干得好!)【极其地道的表扬!】
the food is delicious.(好吃!)【最普通、但非常重要的表扬!】
everything tastes great.(每样东西都很美味!)
your son/daughter is so cute.(你的孩子很可爱。)【外国人绝对喜欢听的表扬!】
what an adorable baby!(多么可爱的孩子。)【只管大胆用!】
i admire your work. = i respect your work.(我对你的工作表示敬意。)【世界通用!】
you've got a great personality.(你的个性很好。)【一个非常安全的表扬!】
you have a good sense of humor.(你真幽默。)【美国人极其喜欢的表扬!】
your chinese is really surprising.(你的中文令人惊讶。)【绝对和其他人不一样的表扬!】
your english is incredible.(我真不敢相信你的英语。)【用了六星级形容词!】
you have a very successful business.(你的事业很成功。)【现代人非常喜欢听!】
you're very professional.(你非常专业。)【专业化的表扬!】
your company is very impressive.(你的公司给我留下深刻印象。)
you're so smart.(你非常聪明。)
i envy you very much.(我非常羡慕你。)
your wife is very charming.(你的妻子很有魅力!)
you two make a lovely couple.(你们真是天生的一对!)
you're really talented.(你很有天赋。)
you look nice in that color.(你穿那种颜色很好看。)
you have a good taste.(你很有品位。)
you look like a million dollars. = you look outstanding.=you look like a movie star.(你看上去帅呆了。)

a socialist education system with distince Chinese characteristics that meets
the needs of socialist modernization and is oriented to the 21st century

综合性大学 comprehensive university
文科大学 university of liberal arts
文科院校 colleges of art
理工科大学 college/university of science and engineering
师范大学 normal university; teachers' university
师范学院 teachers' college
工业大学 polytechnical university
工业学院 engineering institute
农业大学 agricultural university
农学院 agricultural college
医科大学 medical university
医学院 medical college/school
中医院 institute of traditional Chinese medicine
音乐学院 conservatory of music
美术学院 academy of fine arts
体育学院 physical culture institute

Chinese calendar 农历

Chinese copy 与原物一模一样的复制品

Chinese dragon 腆磷

Chinese lantern 灯笼

Chinese puzzle 难答之事,难解之谜

Chinese red 朱红色,橘红色

Chinese Wall 长城

Chinese watermelon 冬瓜

Chinese wisteria 紫藤

Chinese wood oil 桐油

中国传统饮食(Traditional Chinese Foods)

台湾是中国领土不可分割的一部分。Taiwan is an inalienable part of the Chinese territory.

台湾是中国领土不可分割的一部分 Taiwan is an inalienable part of the Chinese territory.

开放 kaifang (Chinese openness to the outside world)

中华民族的喜庆节日(Chinese Festivial)
国庆节 National Day
中秋节 Mia-Autumn Festival
春节 Spring Festival
元宵节 Lantern Festival
儿童节 Children’s Day
端午节 Dragon Boat Festival
妇女节 Women’s Day
泼水节 Water-Splashing Day
教师节 Teachers’ Day
五四青年节 Youth Day

武术 wushu(Chinese Martial Arts)

中国社会的组成 makeup of Chinese society

中国政界 Chinese officials

Chinese aged between 15 and 49 …岁之间的中国人

Chinese officials 中国政界

makeup of Chinese society 中国社会的组成

basic Chinese language proficiency test

Chinese Language Officer

Chinese Language Officer (CAC)

Chinese Medicine Council of Hong Kong

Chinese word processing facility

Agreement between the British and Chinese sides on the Question of the Court of Final Appeal in Hong Kong 《中英双方关于香港终审法院问题的协议》

Chinese medicine subsector 中医界界别分组

Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference [CPPCC] 中国人民政治协商会议〔全国政协〕

Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference subsector 中国人民政治协商会议界别分组

Constitution of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference 中国人民政治协商会议章程

Hong Kong Alliance of Chinese and Expatriates 香港中外联盟

Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association subsector 香港中国企业协会界别分组

Local Committee [Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference] 地方委员会〔中国人民政治协商会议〕

member of the Local Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference 中国人民政治协商会议地方委员会委员

member of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference 中国人民政治协商会议全国委员会委员

Tourism brings China a lot of benefits. First, it enables the Chinese people to know more about the outside world and promotes friendship and understanding. Second, it is financially beneficial to China, which needs more foreign currencies for its modernization program.
183 Tourism, however, gives rise to a number of problems. For instance, it becomes a burden to inefficient transportation system.

Besides, the living standard of the average Chinese is still not high enough to be able to afford the many different sorts of expensed during long distance travels.


East Asian Tree Fern Rhizome

Elecampane Inula Root

Emblic Leafflower Fruit

English Walnut Seed

Entada Sten

Entadae Stem

Ephedra Herb

Epigeal Srephaia Root

Epimedium Herb

Erect St. John'swort Herb


Eriocarpous Glochidion Leaf

Eucommia Bark

European Grape Fruit

European Hop Flower

European Verbena

European Waterhemlock Root

False Chinese Swertia Herb

Falsehellebore Root and Rhizome

Falsesour Cherry

Fangchi Root

Feather Cockscomb Seed

Fennel Fruit

Fermented Soybean

Fewflower Lysionotus Herb

Field Sowthistle Herb


Figwort Root


Filiform Cassytha Herb

Fimbriae Orostachys

Fineleaf Schizonepeta Herb

Finger Citron

Fistular Onion Stalk

Fiveleaf Gynostemma Herb

Flabelate Maiden-hair Herb

Flastem Milkvetch Seed

Flos Caryophyllata


Forbes Wildginger Herb

Forest Frog's Oviduct

Forrest Silkvine Stem or Root

Fortune Eupatorium Herb

Fortune Firethorn Fruit

Fortune Loosestrife Herb

Fortune Meadowrue Herb

Fortune Paulownia Fruit /Royal Paulownia Fruit

Fortune Plumyew Twig and Leaf

Fortune Windmillpalm Petiole

Fortune's Drynaria Rhizome

Fourstamen Stephania Root

Fragrant Eupatorium Herb

Fragrant Plantainlily Herb

Fragrant Sarcococca Herb

Fragrant Solomonseal Rhizome

Franchet Groundcherry Calyx and Fruit

Frangrant Ainsliaea Herb


Freshwater Sponge

Fringed Iris Herb

Fruticose Breyniae Leaf and Twig

中国哲学 Chinese Philosophy

中外政治制度 Chinese and Foreign Political Institution

民俗学(含中国民间文学) Folklore (including Chinese Folk Literature)

中国少数民族经济 Chinese Ethnic Economics

中国少数民族史 Chinese Ethnic History

中国少数民族艺术 Chinese Ethnic Art

中国语言文学 Chinese Literature

汉语言文字学 Chinese Philology

中国古典文献学 Study of Chinese Classical Text

中国古代文学 Ancient Chinese Literature

中国现当代文学 Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature

中国少数民族语言文学 Chinese Ethnic Language and

戏剧戏曲学 Theater and Chinese Traditional Opera

中国古代史 Ancient Chinese History

中国近现代史 Modern and Contemporary Chinese History

中医学 Chinese Medicine

中医基础理论 Basic Theories of Chinese Medicine

中医临床基础 Clinical Foundation of Chinese Medicine

中医医史文献 History and Literature of Chinese Medicine

方剂学 Formulas of Chinese Medicine

中医诊断学 Diagnostics of Chinese Medicine

中医内科学 Chinese Internal Medicine

中医外科学 Surgery of Chinese Medicine

中医骨伤科学 Orthopedics of Chinese Medicine

中医妇科学 Gynecology of Chinese Medicine

中医儿科学 Pediatrics of Chinese Medicine

中医五官科学 Ophthalmology and Otolaryngoloy of Chinese Medicine

针灸推拿学 Acupuncture and Moxibustion and Tuina of Chinese medicine

中西医结合医学 Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine

中西医结合基础医学 Basic Discipline of Chinese and Western Integrative

中西医结合临床医学 Clinical Discipline of Chinese and Western Integrative Medicine

中药学 Science of Chinese Pharmacology

中国人民政治协商会 议及其机构 The Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and Its Structure

港澳台侨委员会 Committee for Liaison with Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Overseas Chinese

中国政党 Chinese Parties

中国国民党革命委员会 (民革) Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomintang

中国民主同盟(民盟) Chinese Democratic League

中国农工民主党 Chinese Peasants and Workers Democratic Party

中国奥林匹克委员会 Chinese Olympic Committee

中国笔会中心 Chinese Pen Centre

中国出版协会 Chinese Publishers Association

中国道教协会 Chinese Taoist Association

中国电视艺术家协会 Chinese Television Artists Association

中国法律质询中心 Chinese Legal Consultancy Centre

中国佛教协会 Chinese Buddhists Association

中国歌剧研究会 Chinese Opera Research Institute

中国国际法学会 Chinese Society of International Law

中国计量测试学会 Chinese Society for Measurement

中国金融学会 Chinese Monetary Society

中国科学技术史学会 Chinese Society of Science and Technology History

中国美术家协会 Chinese Artists Association

中国曲艺家协会 Chinese Ballad Singers Association

中国人民保卫儿童基金会 Chinese People’s National Committee for Defence of Children

中国人民对外友好协会 Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries

中国摄影家协会 Chinese Photographers Society

中国书法家协会 Chinese Calligraphers Association

中国天主教爱国会 Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association

中国天主教教务委员会 Nat’l Administrative Commission of the Chinese Catholic Church

中国天主教主教团 Chinese Catholic Bishops College

中国舞蹈家协会 Chinese Dancers Association

中国戏剧家协会 Chinese Dramatists Association

中国伊斯兰教协会 Chinese Islamic Association

中国音乐家协会 Chinese Musicians Association

中国杂技艺术家协会 Chinese Acrobats Association

中国作家协会 Chinese Writers Association

中华全国归国华侨联合会 AllChina Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese

中华医学会 Chinese Medical Associaition

华侨委员会 Overseas Chinese Affairs Committee

侨务办公厅 Office of Overseas Chinese Affairs

中国科学院 Chinese Academy of Sciences

中国社会科学院 Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

中国工程院 Chinese Academy of Engineering

国家中医药管理局 (卫生部) State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (under the Ministry of Public Health)

The theory of building socialism with Chinese characteristics 建设有中国特色的社会主义理论

theory of building socialism with Chinese

The Authors doubt that any breakthrough can be made in the research of Chinese Understanding without the grasp of Natural Language Understanding as a whole.

Native Chinese researchers, however, have the responsibility and also the advantage to explore the general rules of Natural Language Understanding from the very perspective of Chinese Understanding.

For Chinese understanding, it is natural to put content words in the first place, but the meaning of functional words in sentences, dialogues and texts cannot be overlooked, either.

This paper discusses the value of functional words in Chinese Understanding and the methods for studying functional words.

I need to polish up my Chinese before we go on vacation.

Chinese food is famous worldwide.

Italian food doesn't appeal to Jack; he only likes Chinese food.

I'm doing a project on Chinese history.

The match ended in a triumph for the Chinese team.

Many people cannot tell the difference between an authentic, Chinese carpet made by hand and one made in a factory.

The Chinese people usually have a good cleanup before Spring Festival.

The Chinese government will try to regenerate the damaged area.

The core subjects are English, mathematics and Chinese.

Larkin not only speaks Chinese well, but also is familiar with early Chinese history.

The Chinese people had crushed the Japanese aggressors in the Anti-Japanese War.

My native language is Chinese.

I'm taking Chinese and History.

Are you a native Chinese?

She teaches foreign students Chinese. 她教外国学生汉语。

His thesis works relatively well when applied to discrimination against Blacks in the United States, but his definition of racial prejudice as “ racially-based negative prejudgments against a group generally accepted as a race in any given region of ethnic competition,” can be interpreted as also including hostility toward such ethnic groups as the Chinese in California and the Jews in medieval Europe.

The Chinese have distributed publications to farmers and other rural residents instructing them in what to watch for their animals so that every household can join in helping to predict earthquakes.

That Asian stopped me and asked if I was Chinese.

The Chinese eat with chopsticks.

Chinese is my native language.

My native language is Chinese.

Here are you Chinese Yuan for $ 1000. And your passport and exchange memo.

We're afraid that your product's quality won't satisfy Chinese customers.

We are delighted to know that you deal with export of Chinese chinaware. Could you supply us 300 sets of tableware for shipment before the end of May?

We want to purchase Chinese tea. Please send us your best offer by fax indicating origin packing, quantity available and the earliest time of shipment.

at large 与 by and large:
at large 当形容词,最常用的意思是指嫌犯脱逃,逍遥法外(escape,referring to criminal before arrest)而 by and large 当副词用,意思是一般而言(generally speaking on the whole)。 例如:
* The murder suspect is still at large. (凶手仍然逍遥法外)
* By and large, I feel(that)the new proposal is sensible.(大体来说,我认为新的建议是很切合实际的。)
* By and large, most people will care about their weight. (一般而言,许多人关心他们的体重)
然而,有时 at large 也有「一般」(in general)的意思。 例如:
* The Chinese people at large are peace-loving. (一般中国人是爱好和平的)

We are thinking of expanding into the Chinese market.

We'll sign two originals, each in Chinese and English language.

A I’ve got relatives living abroad.
A 我有亲戚住在国外。
B Really? Where?
B 是吗?在哪里?
A In Canada. My aunt and uncle live in Vancouver.
A 在加拿大。我的叔叔和婶婶住在温哥华。
B There’re quite a lot of Chinese communities on the west coast of Canada and the States.
B 在加拿大和美国的西海岸有很多华人社区。
A Yes, there are lots of Chinese in Vancouver. They said it’s a really nice city.
A 是的,在温哥华有很多华人。他们说那是非常美丽的城市。
B Yes, I’ve heard it’s beautiful.
B 是的,我听说过温哥华非常漂亮。

A I’ve also got a cousin in Manchester, England.
A 我在英国的曼彻斯特还有一个表弟。
B Ah, Manchester – home of Manchester United! What does he do?
B 啊,曼彻斯特-曼联队的故乡!他是做什么的?
A He’s studying at the university there. He really likes there.
A 他在那里上大学。他非常喜欢那里。
B I’ve heard that Manchester has a really good Chinatown, like the one in San Francisco.
B 我听说曼彻斯特有一条非常好的唐人街,就像旧金山的那样。
A I think you can find Chinese people all over the world.
A 我想你在世界各地都能看到中国人。
B Well, you should visit your relatives in Canada and England,.
B 哦,你应该去看望加拿大和英国的亲戚。

A The football websites are really good. I follow English football on the internet.
A 足球网非常好。我在互联网上跟踪了解英国足球赛况。
B Do you use English-language websites?
B 你使用英文网站吗?
A For football? Yes, mostly English, sometimes Chinese. The English ones are good for practicing my English.

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