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٤޶ [ f ji d lu dng l] /Avogadro's law/

[ f hn] /Afghanistan/Afghan/

[ g] /(regional expr.) elder brother/

͢ [ gn tng] /Argentina/

Ħ˾ [ m s sh] /Book of Amos/

[i go] /beg piteously/supplicate/

[i g] /a mournful song/dirge/elegy/

[i g r] /one by one/in turn/

Ұ [i hng bin y] /a land swarming with disaster victims/

Ʒ [i gn pn zhng] /short-stalked variety/short straw variety/

[i g r] /a person of short stature/a short person/

[i f] /to show tender care for/to care for (affectionately)/

ھҵ [i gng jng y] /industrious and hard-working/

[i qng] /love (between man and woman)/

[n f] /placate/pacify/appease/

[n g l] /Angola/

ʾ [n mn go sh] /a notice to reassure the public/advance notice (of an agenda)/

ȫ [n qun ko l] /security consideration/

[n xing] /serene/composed/unruffled/

[n] /(legal) case/incident/record/file/table/

[n bn] /kneading or chopping board/

[n chng] /counter scale/

[n jin] /law case/legal case/judicial case/

[n jio] /submerged reef (rock)/

[n jun] /records/files/archives/

[n l] /case/

[n qng] /details of a case/case/

ͷ [n tu] /on one's desk/

[n wn] /text/

º«ư [n xi h l f q pio] /solve one problem only to find another cropping up/

[n yn] /investigate the evidence of a case/

[n yu] /main points of a case/brief/summary/

շ [n zho f l] /according to the law/

[n zi ] /long table/counter/<> case/law case/legal case/judicial case/

͸ [o tu jng] /concave lens/

[o] /mastiff/

[o] /violent fighting/

໴ [o o di b] /cry piteously for food/

Ͳ¼ [b b y xn j ni y] /Papau New Guinea/

Ͷ [b r gn] /Balkan/

˸ [b g r] /myna/

͸ [b g d] /Baghdad (capital of Iraq)/

ζ [b dng chu] /claw hammer/

θ [b gn] /uproot/

[bi min sh shng] /pale-faced scholar/

Ƥ [bi p sh] /white paper/white book/

ϸ [bi x bo] /white blood cell/leucocyte/

[bi yn zh] /the white of the eye/

ĸ [bi yn m] /muscovite/white mica/

ٳ߸ͷһ [bi ch gn tu gng jn y b] /make still further progress/

ٴ麣 [bi chun gu hi] /all things tends in one direction/

ٷ [bi fn l] /percentage/per cent/

ٸн [bi gn jio j] /all sorts of feelings well up in one's heart/

ٿȫ [bi k qun sh] /encyclopedia/

ɸ [bi lin chng gng] /be tempered into a steel/

[bi lng] /lark/

[bi wn f wng] /millionaire/

θ [bi wi] /spoil one's appetite/

[bn gi] /confer/

Ū [bn mn nng f] /display one's slight skill before an expert/

[bn zh r] /Banjul (capital of Gambia)/

[bn z] /teams and groups (in factories, etc.)/

師 [bn f] /broad axe/

[bn kui] /tectonic plate/continental plate/

鹹 [bn kui gu zao ] /plate tectonics/

[bn sh] /writing on the blackboard/

[bn] /a partner/companion or associate/to accompany/comrade/

참 [bn n] /to handle a case/

鳪 [bn chng] /vocal accompaniment/accompany a singer/support of sb/echo sb/chime in with sb/

븴 [bn f si] /eighth finals/

[bn l] /companion/mate/partner/

[bn shng q] /associated gas/

[bn su] /to follow/to accompany/

͸ [bn tu mng] /translucent/semitransparent/

[bn xng] /companion (star)/

ҹ [bn y sn gng] /in the depth of night/late at night/

Ըũ [bn z gng nng] /semi-tenant peasant/semi-owner peasant/

[bn zu] /to accompany (musically)/

[bng chu] /wooden club (used to beat clothes in washing)/

[bo chng z] /(responsible) crew/

[bo fu ] /cloth-wrapper/a bundle wrapped in cloth/load/weight/burden/

[bo gn] /be responsible for a task unit until it is completed/

[bo gn zh] /a system of payment partly in kind and partly in cash/

ɶ [bo ganr1] /(v) be responsible for a job until completion/

[bo sh] /treasured book/

[bo n] /report a case to the security authorities/

[bo f] /make reprisals/retaliate/revenge/retaliation/

[bo f] /aspiration/ambition/

[bo go] /to inform/report/make known/speech/talk/lecture/

[bo go hu] /public lecture (with guest speakers, etc)/

[bo hng] /a sudden/violent flood/flash flood/

[bo l fn zu] /violent crime/

Ǹ [bo qin] /be sorry/feel apologetic/regret/

[bi bo f] /have a weight on one's mind/take on a mental burden/

[bi f] /bear/carry on the back/have on one's shoulder/

[bi g] /sad melody/stirring strains/elegy/dirge/threnody/sing with solemn fervor/

Լ֯ [bi d x yng gng yu z zh] /the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)/

ع [bi hu gu xin] /the Tropic of Cancer/

[bi] /to prepare/get ready/to provide or equip/

[bi n] /put on record/enter (a case) in the records/

[bi ch] /for future reference/

[bi r b yng] /have something ready just in case/keep something for possible future use/

[bi go] /defendant/

[bi gng] /make preparations for ploughing and sowing/

[bi hung] /prepare against natural disasters/

[bi jin] /spare parts/

[bi ko] /(an appendix, note, etc.) for reference/

[bi k] /(of a teacher) to prepare lessons/

[bi lio] /get the materials ready/prepare feed (for livestock)/

ĸ [bi m] /the bulb of the fritillary (Fritillaria thunbergii)/

Ʒ [bi pn] /machine parts or tools kept in reserve/spare parts/

ȡ [bi q] /be on the waiting list (for admission to a school)/

[bi sh] /recite a lesson from memory/repeat a lesson/endorsement (on a check)/

¼ [bi wng l] /memorandum/aide-memoire/memorandum book/

[bi yng] /reserve/spare/alternate/backup/

û [bi yng hun] /backup ring/

ս [bi zhn] /prepare for war/be prepared against war/

[bi zh] /to the utmost/in every possible way/

ע [bi zh] /remarks/

ݸĿ [bn co gng m] /An Outline Treatise of Medical Herbs, compiled by L Sh Zhn ʱ/

[b t] /nasal mucus/snivel/

ĸ [b yn m] /(of Chinese pronunciation) a vowel followed by a nasal consonant/

и [b zhng g] /nasal septum/

˵ú [b d hu sh] /2 Peter/

˵ǰ [b d qin sh] /1 Peter/

ʸ [b gn] /the shaft of a pen or writing brush/pen-holder/pen/

ʸ [b gn zi ] /pen/an effective writer/

[b l] /ratio/rate/percentage/

̸ [b tn] /conversation by writing/sketches and notes/

[b] /bismuth/

ز [b b k sho z chng] /absolute necessity/sine qua non/

ȶǴ [b r gi c] /Bill Gates, Microsoft founder/

[b l] /dark green/

[b m] /castor-oil plant/

[b q ru q j q du gu] /avoid the enemy when he is fresh and strike him when he is tired and withdraws/

۾׽ȸ [b s yn jng zhu m qu] /try to catch sparrows with one's eyes blindfolded - act blindly/

ʵ [b sh ji x] /stay clear of the enemy's main force and/strike at his weak points/

[bin z] /organize into groups/marshalling/

[bin] /a time/everywhere/turn/all over/one time/

鲼 [bin b] /be found everywhere/(spread) all over/

[bin d] /(n) everywhere/

ؿ [bin d ki hu] /blossom everywhere/spring up all over the place/to flourish on a large scale/

[bin g] /transform/change/

[bin gng] /change/alter/modify/

任豸 [bin hun sh bi] /converter/conversion device/

鼰 [bin j] /to extend (everywhere)/

[bin t ln shng] /covered all over with cuts and bruises/beaten black and blue/be a mass of bruises/

[bio gn] /surveyor's pole/

[bio go] /elevation/level/

׼ [bio zhn gu g] /standard/norm/

׼֯ [bio zhn z zh] /standards organization/standards body/

[bio g] /form/table/

[bio qng] /(facial) expression/to express one's feelings/expression/

һ [bi j y g] /having a unique or distinctive style/

[bn] /areca/the areca nut palm/

[bn zh r gu] /guests feel at home (in a hotel, guesthouse, etc.)/a home away from home/

[bn zi ] /binzi/a species of apple which is slightly sour and astringent/

[bn] /a funeral/to encoffin a corpse/to carry to burial/

복 [bn ch] /hearse/

ǹ [bn y gun] /the undertaker's/funeral parlor/

[bn zng] /funeral and interment/

[bng] /areca/

[bng gi] /ice sheet/

[bng go] /ice-cream/popsicle/ice-lolly/sorbet/

[bng g] /weapons/arms/fighting/war/

[bng sh] /a book on the art of war/

[bng f] /natural endowment/gift/

[bng go] /report (to one's superior)/

[bng gn] /an incompletely cured illness/an old complaint/the root cause of trouble/

[bng qng] /state of an illness/patient's condition/

[bng r go hung] /the disease has attacked the vitals - beyond cure/

[b du l g] /Puerto Rico/

[b f] /appropriate sum of money/

[b g d] /Bogota (capital of Colombia)/

[b y r dng l] /Boyle's law/

׶ͼ [b d li n t sh gun] /Bodleian Library (Oxford)/

[b f] /father's elder brother/(polite form of address for a man who is about the age of one's father)/

[b g] /pigeon/

ĸ [b m] /wife of father's elder brother/aunt/(polite form of address for a woman who is about the age of one's mother)/

[b qng] /inconstant in love/fickle/

游 [b sh z f] /father's father's brother; great uncle/

ĸ [b sh z m] /father's father's brother's wife; great aunt/

[b] /Phyllodendron amurense/

[b] /evening meal/

[b] /feed/

[b j] /supply/

[b r] /breast-feed/suckle/nurse/

鶯 [b r dng w] /mammal/

[b yng] /feed/rear/

[b y] /feed/nurture/foster/

֯ [b zh z zh] /auxiliary organizations/

[b bi] /unprepared/off guard/

۸ [b bin ji g] /fixed price/constant price/

[b dng gng] /ice-free port/open port/

ʤ [b fn shng f] /tie/draw/come out even/

[b fn xun zh] /well-matched/equally matched/

[b gn] /unreconciled to/not resigned to/unwilling/

ɲ [b gn b jng] /unclean/filthy/

[b gn sh] /noninterference/nonintervention/

[b gn xn] /not reconciled to/not resigned to/

ҵ [b gn dng] /you flatter me/I don't deserve it (your praise)/

Խ׳һ [b gn yu li ch y b] /dare not go one step beyond the prescribed limit/

[b go] /(n) posting on a bulletin board; notice/(v) announce/

[b go] /notice/bulletin/

[b j g] /fail/

[b jn rn qng] /not amenable to reason/unreasonable/

̸֮ [b jng zh tn] /absurd statement/cock-and-bull story/

һ [b j y g] /not stick to one pattern/

ɸ [b k go rn] /hidden/kept secret/not to be divulged/

ַȨ [b k qn fn qun] /inviolability/

˼ [b k s y] /inconceivable/unimaginable/

[b l g] /Prague (capital of Czech Republic)/

[b lng] /not work/be ineffective/

[b lu g] /blog/

Ը [b qng yun] /unwilling/

֮ [b qng zh qng] /my presumptuous request/

鲣 [b su b li ] /shatterproof or safety glass/

͸ [b tu mng] /opaque/

͸ [b tu q] /airtight/

͸ˮ [b tu shu] /waterproof/watertight/impermeable/

[b xing gn] /be irrelevant/have nothing to do with/

[b xing] /ominous/inauspicious/

и [b xi] /untiring/unremitting/indefatigable/

ΰ [b xn rn n] /no-confidence motion/

[b xi gng] /stainless steel/

[b x c xng] /the trip has not been made in vain/the trip has been well worthwhile/it's been a worthwhile trip/

֪ [b zh fn j] /can't tell how many there are - there are numerous similar cases/

֪ߵغ [b zh tin go d hu] /not know the immensity of heaven and earth - have an exaggerated opinion of one's abilities/

Ƹ [ci f] /wealth/riches/

Ÿ [ci gn] /ability/competence/

ü [ci jin jn bi] /arms reduction/

[ci w m sh] /treasurer/

[ci shu l] /recovery ratio/

ο [cn ko sh] /reference/

Ա [cn y yun] /senator/

Ժ [cn y yun] /Senate/

[co zu s l] /operating speed/

ݰ [co n] /draft (legislation, proposal, etc.)/

ݸ [co go] /outline/sketch/

[c yn] /test/to test/

[c yn ji gu] /test result/

[ch] /to research/to check/to investigate/to examine/to refer to/to search/

[ch] /fell trees/raft/to hew/

[ch] /a raft made of bamboo or wood/to fell trees/to hew/

鳭 [ch cho] /take inventory of and confiscate a criminal's possessions/

[ch ch] /to find out/to discover/

鴦 [ch ch] /(v) investigate and take care of/

[ch dio] /inquiry/inquire/

˹ [ch r s] /Charles/

[ch hu] /(v) investigate and capture a criminal/

鿴 [ch kn] /to look over/to examine/check up/ferret out/

[ch mng] /(v) investigate and bring out into the open/

Τ˹ [ch wi si ] /Chavez (Spanish surname)/

ѯ [ch xn] /to inquire/inquiry/

[ch yu] /(v) look up in a reference source; refer to/

֤ [ch zhng] /investigate/check out (a story)/

[chn] /moon/(striped) toad/

[chn ch] /toad/

ָʾ [chng d zh sh f] /length indicator/

[chng l] /evergreen/

[chng q] /Nagasaki (Japanese city)/

̸ [chng tn] /a long talk/

̸ [chng tn] /(v) talk on and on without inhibition/

[chng y] /(v) suggest; propose/(n) suggestion; proposal/

[cho go s] /ultra high speed/

̫· [cho go s y ti wng l] /Gigabit Ethernet/

[cho shng b jin ch] /echography/

[ch] /pull/obstruct/hinder/draw/

[ch ch] /to investigate thoroughly/

¿ [chn ki g] /Chen Kaige, Fifth Generation movie director/

[chn] /Sterculia plantanifolia/coffin/

Ÿ [chng gn tio] /vault/

[ch do j ni y] /Equatorial Guinea/

ص [chng do] /to repeat/to follow the same road as/

ظ [chng f] /to repeat/to duplicate/

ظ [chng f] /repeat/

ظ [chng f ji] /repeated segment (networking)/

[chng go] /majestic/sublime/

[chu] /to draw out/to smoke (cigarettes)/to pump/

[chu ch] /extract/

[chu d] /strap/

[chu kng] /(v) find the time to do sth/

[chu t] /drawer/

[chu ti ] /drawer/

[chu xing] /abstract/

[chu xing di sh] /abstract algebra/

[chu yn] /smoke (a cigarette)/

[chu yn] /smoke (cigarettes)/

[chu yng] /sample/sampling/

ﱸ [chu bi] /(v) make preparations; get ready for/

[ch] /simarubaceae/

[ch] /irresolute/undecided/

[ch bi] /(v) store up reserves/

[ch fn] /offend/

͸ [chun tu] /penetrate/

[chun do sh] /Ecclesiastes/

[chun sh l] /transmission rate/

豸 [chun sh sh bi] /transmission facility/transmission equipment/

[chun sh s l] /transmission rate/transmission speed/

[chu] /flog/whip/

[chu] /hammer/mallet/pestle/

[chu] /to hammer/weight of steel yard/

[chn gng] /(v) plow a field in the spring/

[c xing] /(a) kindly (person)/

͸ [c gi] /to bestow/to give/

[c ling] /(n) coarse grains (i.e. maize; sorghum, etc)/

ϸ [c x] /(n) thickness/(n) quality; fineness of work/

[c] /die/

۸ [cun gi] /to tamper with/to falsify/

[cu] /small rafter/

[cu l] /(adj) greenish-blue; emerald green/

[cn gn] /stub/

[cn hu l] /(med.) survival rate/(med.) recovery rate/

׼ [cn kun zhn bi jn l] /deposit-reserve ratio/

[cu] /bring together/little bit/shovel/gather up/bring together/pick/

[d bn] /travel with another/accompany another/

[d n] /answer/solution/

[d r f r] /Darfur (western province of Sudan)/

[d f] /answer/reply/

[d f] /reply/

[d qng m qio] /to tease a woman by pretending to be displeased with them/to flirt with a member of the opposite sex/banter flirtatiously/

[d su] /shatter/

[d chu] /sledge/

[d do ku f] /bold and decisive/

[d gi] /roughly/probably/rough/approximate/about/

[d gng] /main point/leading principles/

[d g] /eldest brother/

[d g d] /cellphone/

󹦸 [d gng go chng] /successfully accomplished (project or goal)/to be highly successful/

[d m] /hemp/marijuana/

ʿ [d m sh g] /Damascus (capital of Syria)/

Ĵָ [d m zh] /(n) thumb/

Ĵָ [d mu zh] /(n) thumb/

[di] /tortoise shell/turtle/

ѧ [di sh j h xu] /algebraic geometry/

[dn] /entirely/to exhaust/

[dn f] /shoulder/bear/take on/be charged with/

[dn ge ] /tarry/stopover/delay/

ϸ [dn x bo] /single-celled (organism)/unicellular/

ϸ [dn x bo shng w] /single-celled organism/

ĸ [dn yn m] /simple finals/

[dn go] /cake/

[dn y l sh] /Book of Daniel/

Ը [dn yun] /if only (it were possible to...)/

Э [dng n chun sh xi dng] /File transfer protocol (FTP)/

[dng z] /leading party group/

[dng] /stone with color veins/

[dng n] /file/record/archive/

[dng n fn pi q] /file allocation table/FAT/

[dng n f w] /file service/

[dng n jin l] /file creation/

[dng n sh xng] /file attribute/

ִ [dng n zh xng] /file execution/executable file/

ת [dng n zhun sng] /file transfer/

תʹȡ [dng n zhun sng cn q j gun l] /File Transfer, Access and Management/FTAM/

[do] /tread on/trample/stamp/fulfill/

[do go] /prayer/

[do su] /smash/

Ǹʱ [do n g sh hu] /until this moment/

Ǹ [do qin] /to apologize/to make an apology/

ָ [do zh] /Dow Jones Industrial Average/

¹ [d gu m zhn] /German measles/rubella/

Ʊ [d pio l] /percentage of votes obtained/

Ǹ [dng g r] /dengue fever/Singapore hemorrhagic fever/

ǹ [dng gung go] /advertise/

[dng ling hng] /Tang Liang Hong (opposition candidate in Jan 1996 Singapore elections)/

ε [d d t] /DDT/dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane/

[d s l] /low speed/

[d t l] /Detroit (a city in the US)/

[d] /Kerria japonica/

ܸ [d f] /younger brother's wife; sister-in-law/

һ [d y g cng c] /the first stage/

ַЭ [d zh ji x xi y] /address resolution protocol/ARP/

߸ [din f] /subversion/

[din] /imperial domain/suburb/

Ÿ [din c gn ro] /electromagnetic interference/

绰 [din hu hu y] /(telephone) conference call/

Ը [din no f zh gng chng] /computer aided engineering/

Ը̲ [din no f zh jio ci] /computer-aided instruction/

Ը [din no f zh sh j] /computer-aided design/

Ըͼ [din no f zh sh j y hu t] /computer-aided design and drawing/

[dio ch] /investigation/inquiry/to investigate/to survey/survey/(opinion) poll/

鱨 [dio ch bo go] /memoir, report/

[dio ch ji gu] /results (of an investigation, poll)/

Ա [dio ch rn yun] /investigator/

[dio ch zh] /investigator/

[dng z] /quorum/

[dng hn] /be betrothed/get engaged/

[dng hn] /engagement/

[dng l] /(n) established law/

[dng sh zhn] /staple/

[dng y] /motion/proposal/

[du] /steep/

[du fu ] /tofu/bean curd/

[du p gi] /struggle-criticism-transformation (Cultural Revolution slogan)/

С [d ch xio z] /supervisory group/

[d sh] /study/read/

[d sh rn] /a scholar/an intellectual/

Ǹ [d f] /belly/

ž [d jun nio] /cuckoo/

̸ [dun g] /ballad/

[dun] /Hibiscus syriacus/

Ը [du fu ] /(v) handle; deal with/(v) get by with what one has/

[du w] /ranks/troops/

㸴 [du cng f] /(math.) many-sheeted cover/

[du g] /Togo/

[du l lin bn] /polychlorinated biphenyl/PCB/

ϸ [du x bo] /multicellular/

ϸ [du x bo shng w] /multicellular life form/

ʽ [du xing sh fng chng z] /(math.) system of polynomial equations/

[du] /degenerate/fall/

[du lu] /(v) morally degenerate; become depraved/

[du su] /mince/

̥ [du ti] /to induce an abortion/induced abortion/

͵ [ b d y sh] /Book of Obadiah/

[] /restrain/yoke/

[n qng] /(n) deep affection/

[f bng l] /incidence of a disease/disease rate/

¸ [f g g shng] /rattle/

[f shng l] /rate of occurrence/

͹ [f sng gng l] /transmission power/output power/

[f n] /bill/proposed law/

[f l] /law/

[fn bu zho] /not worthwhile/

[fn f] /complicated/

[fn f] /repeatedly/over and over/

[fn gn] /(strongly) dislike/

[fn g mng] /counter-revolutionary/

[fn] /to violate/to offend/

[fn bng] /to fall ill/

[fn chu] /to worry/to be anxious/

[fn cu] /to err/

[fn de zho] /worthwhile/

۸ [fn d gng] /Vatican/

и [fn d gng] /Holy See/

ٸԳ [fn d gng chng] /Vatican City (capital of Holy See)/

[fn d] /illegal drug/narcotic/

[fn f] /to break the law/

[fn gu] /foul/

[fn hn] /(v) confused; mixed up; befuddled/

[fn rn] /convict/prisoner/criminal/

[fn zu] /(commit) crime/crime/offence/

[fng n] /plan/program (for action, etc)/proposal/proposed bill/

[fng chng z] /(math.) simultaneous equations/system of equations/

Ĵ [fng chu] /spindle/

[fi] /door with only one leaf/

dzл [fi chng gn xi] /extremely grateful/very thankful/

ɱ [fi l bn] /the Philippines/

ŷ [fi u j h] /non-Euclidean geometry/

ŷѧ [fi u j h xu] /non-Euclidean geometry/

[fi y] /criticize/

ӯ֯ [fi yng l de z zh] /non-profit organization/

[fi zhng f] /non-governmental/

֯ [fi zhng f z zh] /non-governmental organization (NGO)/

[fi l b sh] /Philipians/

[fi l mn sh] /Philemon/

[fi] /Torreya nucifera/

ϳ [fi ch jn bi] /disarm/

ָ [fn f] /(coll.) to order/instruct/

Ը [fn f] /tell/instruct/command/

ָ [fn g] /to cut up/to break up/

ָ [fn gi] /divide/

ĸ [fn m] /(n) denominator/

ڸ [fn q f kun] /installment/

μ [fn xng j h] /fractal geometry/

μѧ [fn xng j h xu] /fractal geometry/

[fn su] /crash/break up/

[fng] /beacon fire/

ḻ [fng f] /rich/plentiful/

ḻ [fng f du ci] /richly colorful/

[fng g] /style/

[fng t rn qng] /local conditions (human and environmental)/

[f f] /a (married) couple/husband and wife/

Э [f w gung go xi y] /Service Advertisement Protocol/SAP/

ø [f mi] /coenzyme (biochem.)/

[f] /father/

[f gi] /to cover/

[f gi min] /coverage/

ĸ [f m] /father and mother/parents/

ĸ [f m qn] /parent/

ɸ [f n f t] /Funafuti (capital of Tuvalu)/

[f qn] /father/

[f qin ] /father/

ϵ [f x] /paternal line/

ĸ [f yn m] /compound final/

¸ [g g] /quack/

ĸ [gi g] /to reform/

ĸ [gi g jn chng] /reform process/

ĸ [gi g zh] /reformer/

а [gi xi gu zhng] /(saying) to give up evil and return to good/

[gi z] /reorganize/reshuffle (posts, etc.)/

[gi l] /probability (math.)/

ʺͳ [gi l h sh l tng j] /probability and mathematical statistics/

[gi l ln] /probability (math.)/

ϸ [gn x bo] /stem cell/

ϸо [gn x bo yn ji] /stem cell research/

[gn] /olive/

[gn ln qi] /football/

ʯ [gn ln sh] /olivine (geol.)/

[gn ln sh] /olive tree/

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