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[ b ji] /Abuja (capital of Nigeria)/

[ r kn t l] /Alcantara, Brazil space launch site/

[ l b m] /Alabama (U.S. state)/

[ l f t] /Arafat/Palestinian leader/

˹ [ l t s] /(Ali) Alatas (Indonesian Foreign Minister)/

[] /(interj. for surprise)/

[i] /dirt/dust/angstrom/

[i j] /Egypt/

[i l wn] /Yerevan (capital of Armenia)/

׶ [i m r] /emir/

[i si b y] /Ethiopia/

[i d] /take a beating/get a thrashing/come under attack/

[i] /(interj. of disapproval)/

[i] /short (not tall)/

[i] /friendly/

[i] /cloudy sky/friendly/

[i dng] /low stool/

ն [i dn dn] /pudgy/dumpy/stumpy/

Ʒ [i gn pn zhng] /short-stalked variety/short straw variety/

[i g r] /a person of short stature/a short person/

[i ln] /coppice/brushwood/

[i png] /short and stout/dumpy/roly-poly/

Ȼ [i rn] /amicable/amiable/

С [i xio] /short and small/low and small/undersized/

[i xng] /dwarf (star)/

׳ [i zhung s] /cycocel/

[i z] /a short person/dwarf/

ν [i z l b jing jn] /choose the best person available/

[i o w] /Iowa, US state/

[i dng bo] /Edinburgh/

ƶ [i fi r ti t] /the Eiffel tower/

ھҵ [i gng jng y] /industrious and hard-working/

[i ho zh] /lover (of art, sports, etc)/amateur/enthusiast/fan/

˹̹ [i yn s tn] /Einstein/

[n bo] /(abbreviation) maintain security/

[n d mn do] /Andaman (island of India)/

[n ho] /safe and sound/well/

[n k l] /Ankara (capital of Turkey)/

˽ [n ni jn] /analgin/

ȫ [n qun ko l] /security consideration/

ȫ [n qun wng] /safety net/

ϵ [n t gu do] /Antigua/

Σ [n wi] /safety and danger/safety/

[n] /I (northern dialects)/

[n] /ammonium/

[n bn] /kneading or chopping board/

[n bo] /bunker/

շ [n zho f l] /according to the law/

ת [n zhun] /blackout/

[o bn] /intaglio/gravure/

[o] /old woman/

[o] /coat/jacket/short and lined coat or robe/

¿ [o k l h m] /Oklahoma/

¿ [o k l h m sh] /Oklahoma City/

[o m r] /Omar (Islamic given name)/

[o no] /annoyed/vexed/upset/

˹ [o s k] /Oscar, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences annual award/

˱ [b bo] /eight treasures/

͹ [b h m] /the Bahamas/

ͻ˹̹ [b j s tn] /Pakistan/

˽ [b jio] /anise/star anise/aniseed/octagonal/

˽Ƿ [b jio fng] /alangium/

˹̹ [b l s tn] /Palestine/

[b m k] /Bamako (capital of Mali)/

[b n m] /Panama/

ɹ [b sng gun] /bassoon/

Сʱ [b xio sh gng zu zh] /eight hour working day/

[b zhng] /palm/hand/

κ [b hi] /elevation (above sea level)/

[b mio zh zhng] /spoil things through excessive enthusiasm/

Ⱦ [b rn] /discharge/

[b] /(a measure word)/(marker for direct-object)/to hold/to contain/to grasp/to take hold of/

[b] /palladium/

[b] /target/mark/

ѱ [b bng] /handle/

г [b chng] /shooting range/range/

ѳ [b ch] /control/dominate/monopolize/

д [b chun] /target ship/

Ѷ [b du] /hold the rudder/hold (take, be at) the helm/steer/

ѷ [b fng] /keep watch (during a clandestine activity)/be on the lookout/

ѹ [b gun] /guard a pass/check on/

л [b j] /target drone/

Ѿ [b ji] /raise one's wine cup/fill a wine cup for sb/

ʽ [b sh] /person skilled in a trade/skill/

[b shu] /guard/

[b shu] /handle/grip/knob/

ͷ [b tu] /labor contractor/gangmaster/

[b wn] /trustworthy/dependable/

[b w] /grasp/seize/hold/assurance/certainty/

Ϸ [b x] /acrobatics/jugglery/cheap trick/game/

[b xn] /bull's eye/

ֵ [b xing d] /sworn brothers/

ֽ [b zh] /target sheet/

[b z] /target/

[b lio] /a modal particle indicating (don't mind it, ok)/

[b min] /recall/

װ [bi i xng] /white dwarf/

[bi lin] /white face/face painting in Beijing Opera/etc/

 [bi lng hi] /the Bering Sea/

ãã [bi mng mng] /(of mist, snow, floodwater, etc) a vast expanse of whiteness/

ͷг [bi tu xi lo] /live to ripe old age in conjugal bliss/remain a devoted couple to the end of their lives/

[bi xio yn] /Pai Hsiao-yen (daughter of Pai Ping-ping)/

[bi yn] /supercilious look/

[bi yn zh] /the white of the eye/

[bi] /(complicated form of) hundred (used to avoid fraud)/

[bi] /spread out/to open/

[bi] /pendulum/to place/to display/to swing/to oscillate/to show/to move/to exhibit/

[bi] /(surname)/cedar/cypress/

[bi] /hundred/

ٰ [bi bn] /in hundred and one ways/in every possible way/by every means/

ٱ [bi bi] /a hundredfold/a hundred times/

ڲ [bi b] /order about/manipulate/

ٲ [bi b chun yng] /shoot with great precision/

ٳ߸ͷһ [bi ch gn tu gng jn y b] /make still further progress/

ٴ麣 [bi chun gu hi] /all things tends in one direction/

ڵ [bi dng dio hun] /swinging rings/

ڶ [bi dng] /swing/sway/

ٶ [bi d b yn] /be worth reading a hundred times/

ڶ [bi d] /ferry/

ٶ˴ [bi dun di j] /a thousand things remain to be done/numerous tasks remain to be undertaken/

ٶʮ [bi r b sh] /about a hundred/a hundred or so/

ٷ [bi f bi zhng] /every shot hits the target/shoot with unfailing accuracy/be a crack shot/

ٷϾ [bi fi j xng] /all neglected tasks are being undertaken/full scale reconstruction is under way/

ٷ [bi fn] /percent/percentage/

ٷֱ [bi fn b] /percentage/

ٷֵ [bi fn din] /percentage point/

ٷ [bi fn l] /percentage/per cent/

ٷ [bi fn sh] /percentage/

ٷ֮ [bi fn zh] /percent/

ٷ֮ [bi fn zh bi] /a hundred percent/out and out/absolutely/

ٷ֮ʮ [bi fn zh ji sh] /90 percent/

ٷ֮ʮ [bi fn zh sh] /ten percent/

ٷ֮ʮ [bi fn zh w sh] /fifty percent/

ٷ [bi fn zh] /hundred mark system/

ٸн [bi gn jio j] /all sorts of feelings well up in one's heart/

ٺ [bi h] /lily/

ٺϻ [bi h hu] /lily/

ٻ [bi hu q fng] /(saying) a hundred flowers bloom; let the arts have free expression/

ٻ [bi hu] /general merchandise/

ټ [bi ji zhng mng] /(saying) "let a hundred schools of thought strive"; refers to the rise of philosophies during the Warring States Period/

ڼ [bi ji z] /put on airs/assume great airs/

ٿȫ [bi k qun sh] /encyclopedia/

ٿǧ [bi kng qin chung] /riddled with gaping wounds/afflicted with all ills/

[bi ku] /parade one's wealth/be ostentatious and extravagant/

һ [bi l tio y] /one in a hundred/cream of the crop/

ɸ [bi lin chng gng] /be tempered into a steel/

[bi lng] /lark/

[bi lng mn zhn] /chat/gossip/spin a yarn/

[bi ln] /balance (of a watch or clock)/balance wheel/

[bi mn min] /keep up appearances/

[bi m si po] /100-meter dash/

Ľ [bi m d] /Bermuda/

[bi nin] /a hundred years/a century/lifetime/

[bi nin d j] /a project of vital and lasting importance/

Ū [bi nng] /move back and forth/fiddle with/

[bi sh] /furnish and decorate (a room)/

[bi sh er ] /ornaments/furnishings/

ʮ [bi sh] /a hundred or so/

ʵ [bi sh sh jing do l] /present the facts and reason things out/

ͨ [bi sh tng] /knowledgeable person/know all/

[bi sh] /cypress tree/

˼ [bi s b ji] /remain puzzled after pondering over sth/a hundred times/remain perplexed despite much thought/

̯ [bi tn z] /set up a stall/maintain a large staff and organization/

[bi tng b yn] /worth hearing a hundred times/

[bi tu] /break away from/cast away (old ideas, etc.)/to get rid of/to break away (from)/to break out (of)/free (extricate) oneself from/

Σ [bi tu wi j] /to break out of a crisis/

[bi wn] /million/millions/

[bi wn f wng] /millionaire/

Ųһ [bi wn b r y jin] /seeing for oneself is a hundred times better than hearing from others/

[bi w lio li] /bored to death/bored stiff/overcome with boredom/

һʧ [bi w y sh] /no danger of anything going wrong/no risk at all/

[bi xng] /common people/

[bi yng z] /do sth/for show/

Ҷ [bi y chung] /shutter/blind/

Ҷ [bi y xing] /thermometer screen/

˳ [bi y bi shn] /docile and obedient/all obedience/

սʤ [bi zhn bi shng] /emerge victorious in every battle/be ever-victorious/

۲ [bi zh b no] /keep on fighting in spite of all setbacks/be undaunted by repeated setbacks/be indomitable/

[bi zhng] /pendulum clock/

[bi z] /malaria/

֮ [bi z zh chng s r b jing] /a centipede dies but never falls down/old institutions die hard/

ݰ [bi b zi ] /become sworn brothers/

ݵ [bi do] /prostrate oneself/fall on one's knees/grovel/

ݷ [bi fng] /pay a visit/call on/

[bn] /mark/scar on the skin/

ⲻ [bn b do er ] /tumbler/roly-poly/

ߵ [bn din] /spot/stain/speckle/

[bn hn] /scar/

[bn m] /zebra/

೤ [bn zhng] /class monitor/squad leader/team leader/

[bn] /board/plank/plate/slab/

[bn] /a register/a block of printing/an edition/version/page/

[bn] /sampan/

[bn] /metal plate/sheet of metal/

[bn] /boss/

[bn] /a slope/hillside/

ʮ [bn bn li sh s] /unaccommodating/rigid/

汾 [bn bn] /version/edition/release/

[bn b] /wooden partition/

[bn c r] /blackboard eraser/

[bn c] /the order in which editions are printed/

[bn dng] /wooden bench or stool/

師 [bn f] /broad axe/

[bn g] /a small drum for marking time/

[bn gu] /plate gauge/

[bn h] /a bowed stringed instrument with a thin wooden soundboard/

滭 [bn hu] /a picture printed from an engraved or etched plate/print/

[bn ji] /harden/

[bn k] /carving/engraving/

[bn kui] /tectonic plate/continental plate/

鹹 [bn kui gu zao ] /plate tectonics/

[bn l] /Chinese chestnut/

[bn ling qio] /plate girder bridge/

[bn min] /space of a whole page/layout (makeup) of a printed sheet/

Ƥ [bn p] /slab/

Ȩ [bn qun] /copyright/

϶ [bn shng dng dng] /that clinches it/that's final/no two ways about it/

ʽ [bn sh] /format/

[bn sh] /writing on the blackboard/

ˢ [bn shu] /scrubbing brush/

˰ [bn shu] /royalty (on books)/

[bn tio] /lath/

[bn tio xing] /crate/

ͼ [bn t] /domain/territory/

Ѽ [bn y] /pressed (dried) salted duck/

[bn y] /front tooth/incisor/molar/screw die/threading die/

[bn yn] /plug (of tobacco)/

[bn yn] /slate/

[bn yn] /measure in traditional Chinese music/orderliness/

[bn yu] /leaf fat/leaf lard/

[bn y qi] /battledore and shuttlecock/shuttlecock/

ֽ [bn zh] /paperboard/board/

[bn zh] /stiff/dull/

׮ [bn zhung] /sheet pile/

[bn zi ] /board/plank/bamboo or birch for corporal punishment/

볡 [bn chng] /half of a game or contest/half-court/

뵺 [bn do] /peninsula/Al Jazeera (Arabic-language news network)/

뵼 [bn do t] /semiconductor/

[bn din] /the least bit/

취 [bn f] /means/method/way (to do something)/

[bn gu gun] /semicircular canal/

ʯ [bn jio sh] /stumbling block/obstacle/

[bn jn b ling] /not much to choose between the two/tweedledum and tweedledee/

ѧУ [bn r zh xu xio] /half-day (or double-shift school)/

Ѳ [bn tu chn] /partly released from productive labor/partly released from one's regular work/

[bn xing] /half the day/a long time/quite a while/

[bn yn] /play the part of/act/

[bn zhn bn ji] /(adj) half true and half false/

[bng] /a notice or announcement/a list of names/public roll of successful examinees/

[bng] /to tie/bind or fasten together/

[bng] /upper arm/wing/

[bng b] /upper arm/arm/reliable helper/right-hand man/

[bng fi] /kidnapper/

[bng ji] /kidnap/staking/

Ʊ [bng pio] /kidnap (for ransom)/

[bng tu] /leg wrappings/puttee/

[bng yng] /example/model/

ס [bng zh] /fasten/bind/

[bng z] /upper arm/arm/wing/

[bng wn] /in the evening/when night falls/towards evening/at night fall/at dusk/

[bo chn] /make a production contract/

[bo chn do h] /fixing of farm output quotas for each household/

[bo gun] /assure/guarantee/

[bo ln] /undertake the whole thing/take on everything/

[bo zo] /algae/

ΰٲ [bo zh bi bng] /guarantee to cure all diseases/

[bo] /to defend/to protect/to insure or guarantee/to maintain/hold or keep/to guard/

[bo] /an earthwork/castle/position of defense/stronghold/

[bo] /a jewel or gem/a treasure/precious/

[bo] /dense foliage/to cover/

[bo] /cloth for carrying baby on back/

[bo] /to eat till full/satisfied/

[bo] /Chinese bustard/procuress/

[bo n] /ensure public security/ensure safety (for workers engaged in production)/public security/

Զ [bo n z dng hu] /security automation/

[bo n z] /the Baoan (Paoan) nationality/living in Gansu/

[bo bo] /darling/baby/

[bo bi] /treasured object/treasure/darling/baby/cowry/good-for-nothing or queer character/

[bo bio] /bodyguard/

ס [bo b zh] /most likely/more likely than not/may well/

ȱ [bo cn shu qu] /cherish the outmoded and preserve the outworn - be conservative/

[bo cng] /keep in store/preserve/

[bo ch] /to keep/to maintain/to hold/to preserve/

[bo cn] /to conserve/to preserve/to keep/

[bo dn] /guarantee slip/

[bo r] /(a personal name)/

[bo gun] /take care of/certainly/surely/

[bo gu] /valuable/precious/value/treasure/set store by/

[bo h] /saturation/

[bo h] /to defend/to protect/to safeguard/

[bo h q] /conservation district/

[bo h zh] /protector/

[bo h zh y] /protectionism/

ʵ [bo hung dng] /royalists/

ʦ [bo hu sh] /comforter/

[bo ji l y] /Bulgaria/

ƶ [bo ji zh d] /the Bao-Jia system (an administrative system organized on basis of households)/

[bo ji] /escort the Emperor/

[bo jin] /health protection/health care/

[bo jin] /a double-edged sword/

[bo ji xing] /litter-bin/

˪ [bo jng fng shung] /weather-beaten/having experienced the hard ship of life/

[bo k] /treasure-house/

[bo ln] /sapphire blue/

[bo li] /fort/

[bo lng qi] /Bowling (balls)/

[bo li] /continue to have/retain/hold back/reserve/reservations/hold back (approval or acceptance)/to preserve/maintain/

[bo lu] /Paul/

[bo mn] /full/plump/

[bo m] /maintain secrecy/keep secret/

[bo mio] /keep a full stand of seedlings/

ķ [bo m] /nanny/housekeeper/

ȫ [bo qun] /save from damage/preserve/maintain/keep in good repair/

[bo shng] /preservation of soil moisture/

ʯ [bo sh] /precious stone/gem/

ʳ [bo sh zhng r w su yng xn] /eat three square meals a day and do no work/be sated with food and remain idle/

[bo sh] /release on bail/bail/

[bo shu] /(politically) conservative/guard/keep/

[bo sh] /treasured book/

[bo sng] /recommend (for admission to school)/

[bo t] /pagoda/

ҽ [bo wi ji y] /(of a prisoner) released for medical treatment/

[bo wi] /defend/safeguard/

[bo wn] /heat preservation/

[bo w] /treasure/

[bo xin] /insurance/to insure/safe/secure/be sure/be bound to/

˿ [bo xin s] /fuse/

[bo xi] /guarantee to keep in good repair/

ѧ [bo xu] /learned/erudite/scholarly/

[bo yng] /take good care of (or conserve) one's health/keep in good repair/

[bo yu] /bless/protect/

[bo yu] /bless and protect/

[bo y] /child care/child welfare/

[bo zng] /precious (mineral) deposits/

[bo zhng] /to ensure/to guarantee/to safeguard/

[bo zhn d] /fidelity/

֤ [bo zhng] /guarantee/to guarantee/to ensure/to safeguard/to pledge/

֤ [bo zhng jn] /earnest money/cash deposit/bail/

֤ [bo zhng rn] /guarantor/bailor/

[bo zhng] /take care of oneself/

[bo zu] /throne/

[bo bio] /forms for reporting statistics/report forms/

[bo f jio] /clasp Buddha's feet - profess devotion only when in trouble/make a hasty last-minute effort/

[bo gun] /newspaper office/

[bo gun] /cartridge igniter/squib/

[bo ko] /enter oneself for an examination/

[bo xio] /herald the break of day/

[bo yng] /adopt (a child)/

[bo zhng] /rise suddenly and sharply/

ֽ [bo zh bo do] /newspaper report/

[bi cn] /miserable/tragic/

[bi cho xin] /North Korea/

[bi hi] /the North Sea/

[bi hi do] /Hokkaido/

[bi] /perverse/rebellious/to rebel/

ȵ [bi k g d] /Bekaa valley between Lebanon and Syria/

[bi ko] /(an appendix, note, etc.) for reference/

[bi ln] /(log.) paradox/

[bi t] /beta/

[bn po] /run/

[bn co] /a book on Chinese (herbal) medicine/Chinese materia medica/

ݸĿ [bn co gng m] /An Outline Treatise of Medical Herbs, compiled by L Sh Zhn ʱ/

ع [bn d gun l ji min] /Local Management Interface/LMI/

ĩ [bn m do zh] /take the branch for the root/put the incidental before the fundamental/put the cart before the horse/

˵Ĺ۵ [bn rn de gun din] /(one's) personal view/

ɫ [bn shi] /natural color/

[bn t hu run jin] /software localization/

ȷ [bn nio xin fi] /clumsy birds have to start flying early - the slow need to start early/

[bng ku] /collapse/crumble/fall apart/

ţ [b ni er ] /hardened mucus in nostrils/

[b qng lin zhng] /a bloody nose and a swollen face/badly battered/

Ƿ [b s f] /nasal feeding/

Ʒ [b zhn lio f] /nose-acupuncture therapy/

ʷ [b f] /technique of writing/calligraphy/or drawing/

ʸ [b gn] /the shaft of a pen or writing brush/pen-holder/pen/

ʸ [b gn zi ] /pen/an effective writer/

ʻֱ [b hu jin z bio] /look-up table for Chinese character based on radical and stroke-count/

ʼ [b j] /a person's handwriting/hand/

Ƚ [b jio sho] /lesser/

۰ [b bng] /arm/

ز [b b k sho] /absolutely necessary/indispensable/essential/

ز [b b k sho z chng] /absolute necessity/sine qua non/

ջ [b hu q do] /benediction/

[b min] /to avert/to prevent/to avoid/to refrain from/

۾׽ȸ [b s yn jng zhu m qu] /try to catch sparrows with one's eyes blindfolded - act blindly/

̺ [b tn] /tapestry (used as a wall hanging)/

[b w] /green/glazed tile/

ҵ [b y din l] /graduation/

޴ [bin d] /whip/lash/flog/thrash/

ർ [bin do] /write and direct (a play, film, etc.)/playwright - director/choreographer - director/scenarist - director/

߽ǿ [bin jio k] /leftover bits and pieces (of industrial, material)/

߿ [bin k] /border checkpoint/

[bin m] /coding/

ַ [bin m z f j] /coded character set/

Dz [bin qin] /reorganize (troops, etc.) and discharge surplus personnel/

ѡ [bin xun] /select and edit/compile/

Զ [bin yun] /far from the center/remote/outlying/

[bin zun] /compile/

[bin] /a tablet/a board with an inscription/a sign hung above a door/

[bin] /flat/tablet/inscription/

[bin] /put a coffin in grave/

[bin] /narrow/urgent/

[bin] /to diminish/to demote/reduce or devaluate/disparage/censure/depreciate/

[bin ch] /demote/denounce/

[bin chng] /flatworm/

[bin c] /derogatory term/expression of censure/

ⵣ [bin dn] /carrying pole/shoulder pole/

[bin d] /belittle/depreciate/play down/

ⶹ [bin du] /hyacinth bean/

Ҷ [bin ] /a horizontal inscribed board/

[bin g] /flat bone/

[bin p] /slab/

[bin to] /almond tree/almond/flat peach/

[bin to t] /tonsil/

[bin y] /belittle/depreciate/

[bin y] /derogatory sense/

Բ [bin yun] /oblate/

[bin zh] /banish from the court/relegate/

ֵ [bin zh] /to become devaluated/to devaluate/to depreciate/

䷨ [bin f] /political reform/

䷨ [bin f er ] /try different ways/

ַ [bin fn f] /calculus of variations/

[bin ln] /brief guide/

[bin lin] /suddenly turn hostile/

ů [bin nun] /warming/changing to become warmer/

[bin run] /soften/

Ϸ [bin x f] /perform conjuring tricks/conjure/juggle/

֤ [bin zhng f] /(n) dialectic method of analysis/

[bio bng] /flaunt/advertise/parade/boost/excessively praise/

[bio din] /punctuation/punctuate/

[bio] /prostitute/

[bio] /surface/exterior/to watch/to show/express/an example/a list or table/a meter/a watch/chart/external/

[bio] /hang (paper)/mount (painting)/

[bio bi] /vindicate/

[bio bo] /statistical tables and reports/

[bio c] /statistical form/book of tables or forms/

[bio cng] /surface layer/

[bio ch] /rear sight/

[bio d] /to voice (an opinion)/to express/to convey/

[bio g] /form/table/

[bio g] /second cousin/

[bio gun] /apparent/

Ѻ [bio h] /wall paper/

[bio j] /something given as a token/souvenir/

[bio ji] /older female cousin/

[bio ju] /decide by vote/vote/

Ȩ [bio ju qun] /right to vote/vote/

[bio l] /the outside and the inside/one's outward show and inner thoughts/exterior and interior/

¶ [bio l] /show/reveal/

[bio mi] /female cousin with a different surname/

[bio mng zi ] /watch glass/crystal/

[bio min] /surface/face/outside/appearance/

滯 [bio min hu] /come to the surface/become apparent/

[bio mng] /make known/make clear/state clearly/indicate/known/to make clear/

Ƥ [bio p] /epidermis/cuticle/

[bio qn] /cousin/cousinship/

[bio qng] /(facial) expression/to express one's feelings/expression/

ʾ [bio sh] /to express/to show/to express/to say/to state/to indicate/

ʾ [bio sh jng y] /respectful, show respect/

[bio sh] /second cousin/

[bio shui] /example/model/

̬ [bio ti] /make known one's position/declare where one stands/

[bio t] /surface soil/topsoil/

[bio xin] /expression/manifestation/show/display/manifest/to show (off)/to display/performance (at work etc.)/

[bio xin xng] /phenotype/

[bio xing] /idea/

[bio xing] /male cousin with a different surname (older than oneself)/

ֵ [bio xing d] /father's sister's sons/maternal male cousin/

[bio yn] /perform/act/play/show/performance/exhibition/demonstrate/

[bio yng] /to praise/to commend/

[bio y wn z] /ideograph/

[bio y] /predicative/

[bio zhng] /cite (in dispatches)/commend/

֤ [bio zhng] /illness that has not attacked the vital organs of the human body/

ֶ [bio zh] /second cousin/

[bio z mi] /father's sister's daughters/maternal female cousin/

[bio zi ] /prostitute/whore/

[bi ji] /turtle shell/

[bi gun] /no matter (who, what, etc.)/

[bn gun] /guesthouse/

Σ [bn wi] /endangered (species)/to be in imminent danger/to be critically ill/

[bn x f n y] /Pennsylvania/

޷ [bn f] /hair on the temples/

޽ [bn jio] /temples/hair on the temples/

ǹ [bn y gun] /the undertaker's/funeral parlor/

[bng chng] /skating or ice rink/ice stadium/ice arena/

[bng do] /Iceland/

[bng din] /freezing point/

[bng f] /art of war/military strategy and tactics/

[bng gng chng] /munitions or ordnance factory/arsenal/

[bng hung m lun] /turmoil and chaos of war/

[bng m] /troops and horses/military forces/

ǿ׳ [bng qing m zhung] /strong soldiers and sturdy horses - a well-trained and powerful army/

ȾȾ [bng rn rn lio] /azoic dyes/

[bng t] /serac/

߽ [bng xio w ji] /melt like ice and break like tiles/disintegrate/dissolve/

[bng b] /to include/

[bng do] /be down with an illness/be laid up/

[bng jun j] /ribbon lap machine/

Σ [bng wi] /be critically ill/be terminally ill/

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