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term [ tə:m] n.期;学期;条件;词

come to terms with 达成协议;妥协,让步

in terms of 根据;以…的措词

keep on good terms 保持友好关系

keep terms with sb. 同某人交往

make terms 达成协议

in terms of 依据,按照;用...措词

in terms of

term [tə:m] n.学期,期限,术语,条款项

term [tə:m]

terms 付款条件

长期共存、互相监督、肝胆相照、荣辱与共 "long-term coexistence, mutual supervision, sincere treatment with each other and the sharing of weal or woe "

换届选举 election at expiration of office terms

subordinate immediate interests to long-term interests, partial interests to overall interests and the interests of individuals and collectives to those of the state

因地制宜,因时制宜,因事制宜,因人制宜 suit our measures to differing conditions in terms of locality, time, issue and persons involved

优惠贷款 loans on favorable terms

远景规划 perspective long-term plan

远景计划 long-term development targets

中日友好四项原则: 和平友好,平等互利,互相信赖,长期稳定 The four principles of Sino-Japanese friendship: peace and friendship, equality and mutual benefit, mutual trust, and long-term stability

Standard Glossary of Terms Relating to Chimneys, Vents, and Heat-Producing Appliances
有关烟囱、通风孔和热处理设备的术语表 2003版

in terms of 依据;用……措辞。

educational system 学制
academic year 学年
semester 学期(美)
term 学期 (英)

二十四节气 The 24 Solar Terms
立春 Spring begins.
雨水 The rains.
惊蛰 Insects awaken.
春分 Vernal Equinox
清明 Clear and bright.
谷雨 Grain rain.
立夏 Summer begins.
小满 Grain buds.
芒种 Grain in ear.
夏至 Summer solstice.
小暑 Slight heat.
大暑 Great heat.
立秋 Autumn begins.
处暑 Stopping the heat.
白露 White dews.
秋分 Autumn Equinox.
寒露 Cold dews.
霜降 Hoar-frost falls.
立冬 Winter begins.
小雪 Light snow.
大雪 Heavy snow.
冬至 Winter Solstice.
小寒 Slight cold.
大寒 Great cold.

payment terms 付款方式

trade terms/clause 贸易条款

contract terms (or contract clause) 合同条款

contract period (or contract term) 合同期限

a long-term contract 长期合同

a short-term contract 短期合同

contractual terms & conditions 合同条款和条件

come to terms 达成协议


短训班 short-term training course

学期 (school)term; semester

land use term 土地使用期

长期趋势 long term trend


term 学期 (英)

credit terms 信贷条款

long-term memory 长期记忆

payment terms 支付条款

short-term memory 短期记忆

  注册有效期 The Term Of Validity

定期付款 payment on term

付款条件: 30日后全额付现, 10日后付现打2%折扣, 过期后付款时, 加上利率为6%的利息。
Terms, net cash 30 days, or, less 2% 10 days. Interest charged at the rate of 6% after maturity.

付款条件: 月底后10日后付现2%折扣, 现在付现3%折扣, 否则, 全额付现。
Terms: 2%, 10 days E.O.M., or 3% cash, otherwise strictly net.

As the machine was hired to you on the understanding that regular payments would be made, we must ask that in future the terms of the afreement should be strictly adhered to.

agreement officer on annual leave terms

agreement terms

agreement terms of appointment

annual leave terms

appointment on expatriate terms

appointment on local terms

Common Terms of Appointment and Conditions of Service [Common Terms]

Consultation document on Civil Service Terms of Appointment and Conditions of Service

contract terms

day-to-day terms

expatriate terms

current term of office 现届任期

staggering terms of office 交错任期

term of office 任期

terms of reference 职权;职责范围

current maturity of long term debt 本年内到期的长期负债

current term net loss 本期净损失

current term net profit or loss 本期净损益

intermediate term credit 中期信贷

Long-term 长期的

long-term assets 长期资产

long-term contract 长期合同

long-term debts 长期债务

long-term investment 长期投资

long-term liability 长期负债

long-term stability 长期稳定

medium term funds 中期债券

medium term capital 中期资本

medium term debt 中期债务

medium term loan 中期贷款

negotiating terms 买卖谈判小组

short term assets 短期资产

short term bond 短期债券

short term credit 短期信贷

short term debt 短期债务

short term investment 短期投资

short term liability 短期负债

Term 条款,项目,条件,期

term bond 定期债券

term loan 定期贷款

term mortgage 定期抵押

term share 定期股票

terms of acquisition agreement 收购协议条款

terms of contract 合同条款

unacceptable terms 不可接受条款

yield on long term government bond 长期政府债券收益

Well, one can always consult a man and ask him: "Would you like your head cut off tomorrow?" and after he has said: "I would rather not", cut it off. Consultation is a vagues and elastic term.

The survival of the fittest, which I have here sought to express in mechanical terms, is that which Mr. Darwin has called 'natural selection', or the preservation of favoured races in the struggle for life.

My teacher told me not to give up; I can still pass if I study hard for the final-term exam.

If he had studied hard last term, he would not have failed in the final test.
要是上学期努力, 那大考他就不会不及格了。

In this paragraph the writer defined the term.

The government is confident of winning the next term of office.

The essay is about the improper downloading of term papers.

The author of this article points out the problem of illicit downloading of term papers by students.

Faking term papers is nothing new, and stolen intellectual property has been marketed for years.

Some sites, such as Term Paper Emporium and Absolutely Free: Online Essays offer course papers for free.

That student used the Internet as a reference for his term paper.

The term “mankind” embraces men, women and children.
“人类” 一词的含义包括男人、女人和儿童。

The findings show in general terms that contraction of the brain begins sooner in people in the country than in the towns.

Some even argue plausibly that this weakness may be irremediable : in any society that, like a capitalist society, seeks to become ever wealthier in material terms disproportionate rewards are bound to flow to the people who are instrumental in producing the increase in its wealth.

We will all have a course in ancient history this term.

I don't know the exact terms of the contract.

I got good grades last term.

This term will begin on March 1st.

This term will begin on September 7th.

Are there any exams at the end of this term?

Since our contract is near its term we must negotiate a new one.

We're on a first name basis. *表示“之间关系好,很亲密”。
We're on first name terms.

We must stress that these payment terms are very important to us.

This offer remains open until 10th February, beyond which date the terms and prices should be negotiated anew.

Would you please read the draft contract and make your moments about the terms?

We have agreed on all terms in the contract. Shall we sign it next week?

We'll ship our goods in accordance with the terms of the contract.

Success is a relative term. It brings so many relatives.

We must stress that these payment terms are very important to us.

Would you please read the draft contract and make your comments about the terms?

We have agreed on all terms in the contract. Shall we sign it next week?

I hope no questions about the terms.

We can't accept payment on deferred terms.

payment on terms 定期付款

Now we have settled the terms of payment.

Shall we have a talk about terms of payment today?

This is the normal terms of payment in international business.

We can't accept any other terms of payment.

If you can't be more flexible, we won't accept your terms of payment.

payment terms 支付条件,付款方式

Any departure from the terms and conditions of the contract must be advised in writing.

Other special terms will be listed bellows.

@@@ 就...来说/而言
as ... go(es) 就...来说
as far as 1.远到..., 直到...
2.就...而言, 从...来看; 尽...所能
by and large 总的来说, 一般来说
in general 通常, 一般而言; 大体上
in short 简而言之
in terms of ... 从...立场; 就...而言
on the part of 就...而言; 代表...;
on the whole 总之, 总的来说
when it comes to 一谈到...; 就...而论
with respect to 就...而言; 在...方面

@@@ 看法, 观点, 意见
as far as 1.远到..., 直到...
2.就...而言, 从...来看; 尽...所能
as far as I'm concerned 依我看
come to terms 达成协议; 达成一致意见
for one's sake & for the sake of sb. 看在...的份上; 为了...的缘故
from one's standpoint 从...的观点来看
get across 使观点被理解, 接受
have a bias towards 对...持偏见
hold against 因某事对某人抱有意见
in one's opinion 依某人的看法
keep to oneself 不与他人交往; 不向他人透露自己的意见和想法
look down on sb./sth. 轻视, 看不起
look on the bright side of things 对事物持乐观态度
outlook on 对...的看法
point of view 观点; 见地
run into 1.偶然碰见
speak one's mind 直抒己见
take a dim view of sth. 不赞成..., 对...持怀疑态度; 对...持悲观态度
think of ... as ... 把...看作是, 以为...是
throw (sth.) out 1.拒不接受意见、建议等
treat ... as 把...待如; 把...看作
viewed as 被看作是

come to terms 达成协议

I was fooled by the terms. 我被这些名词搞糊涂了.

be on good terms with sb. 与某人友好

- play favorites with...对……有偏心眼
The girl isn't on good terms with her parents. They play favorites with her little brother.
The buyer suggested D/A as the terms of payment, but the seller was unwilling to make any exception.

We still intend to use letter of credit as the term of payment.

Our terms of payment is confirmed and irrevocable letter of credit.

We can't accept payment on deferred terms.

Now we have settled the terms of payment.

Shall we have a talk about terms of payment today?

This is the normal terms of payment in international business.

We can't accept any other terms of payment.

If you can't be more flexible, we won't accept your terms of payment.

We'll agree to change the terms of payment from L/C at sight to D/P at sight.

We can live with the other terms, but the delivery date is too soon.

Bill of lading marked notify: buyer,“Freight Prepaid”“Liner terms”“received for shipment” B/L not acceptable

We hereby engage with you that all drafts drawn under and in compliance with the terms of this credit will be duly honored

We undertake that drafts drawn and presented in conformity with the terms of this credit will be duly honoured

We hereby engage with the drawers, endorsers and bona-fide holders of draft(s) drawn under and in compliance with the terms of the credit that such draft(s) shall be duly honoured on due presentation and delivery of documents as specified (if drawn and negotiated with in the validity date of this credit)

Provided such drafts are drawn and presented in accordance with the terms of this credit, we hereby engage with the drawers, endorsors and bona-fide holders that the said drafts shall be duly honoured on presentation

We hereby undertake to honour all drafts drawn in accordance with the terms of this credit

in reimbursement draw your own sight drafts in sterling on…Bank and forward them to our London Office, accompanied by your certificate that all terms of this letter of credit have been complied with

negotiating bank may claim reimbursement by T.T. on the…bank certifying that the credit terms have been complied with

negotiating bank are authorized to reimburse themselves to amount of their negotiation by redrawing by airmail at sight on…bank attaching to the reimbursement draft their certificate stating that all terms of the credit have been complied with and that the original and duplicate drafts and documents have been forwarded to us by consecutive airmail

Please renew your offer on the same terms and conditions.

Could you tell me which kind of payment terms you'll choose?

Could you please send us a catalog of your rubber boots together with terms of payment?

We believe in long-term cooperation with China because we view the future as bright.

If we come to terms, we'll appoint you as our agent.

I hope we can see eye to eye about the other terms of the agency then.

We wonder whether we may conclude a long term agency contract with you.

We can repeat the contract on the same terms.

May I refer you to Article 5 of the General Terms and Conditions of the contract?

Payment terms are important in a contract too, aren't they?

We ship our goods in accordance with the terms of the contract.

All terms and conditions will be the same as those in your previous contract number C70064.

We always carry out the terms o four contract to the letter and stand by what we say.

May I ask what exactly insurance covers according to your usual C.I.F terms?

You should study not only the benefits but also the terms and limitations of an insurance agreement that appears best suited to your needs.

In the insurance business, the term "average" simply means "loss" in most cases.

Generally, the term "all marine risks" is liable to be misinterpreted and its use should be avoided in L/C.

爱称 [ài chēng] /term of endearment/pet name/diminutive/

白露 [bái lù] /White Dew (15th solar term)/

梆子腔 [bāng zǐ qiāng] /a general term for local operas in Shangxi, Henan, Hebei, Shandong, etc/the music of such operas/

贬词 [biǎn cí] /derogatory term/expression of censure/

不分彼此 [bù fēn bǐ cǐ] /make no distinction between what's one's own and what's another's/share everything/be on very intimate terms/

不和 [bù hé] /not get along well/be on bad terms/be at odds/discord/

不欢而散 [bù huān ér sàn] /part on bad terms/(of a meeting, etc.) break up in discord/

长期 [cháng qī] /long term/long time/

长期稳定性 [cháng qī wěn dìng xìng] /long term stability/

长远 [cháng yuǎn] /long-term/long-range/

朝鲜 [cháo xiǎn] /Korea/North Korea/geographic term for Korea/

称号 [chēng hào] /(n) name; term of address; title/

词语 [cí yǔ] /words/expressions/terms/

大锅饭 [dà guō fàn] /(n) food made in a large wok in a mess hall/(idiom) a term used to refer to equal treatment/

大妈 [dà mā] /father's elder brother's wife/aunt (affectionate term for an elderly woman)/

待业 [dài yè] /to await job assignment (term used only in mainland China)/

短期 [duǎn qī] /short-term/

短时间 [duǎn shí jiān] /short term/short time/

对头 [duì tóu] /correct/normal/to be on good terms with/on the right track/right/

各位 [gè wèi] /everybody (a term of address)/

规约 [guī yuē] /terms (of an agreement)/

鬼佬 [guǐ lǎo] /(Cant.) Gwailo, a (sometimes derogatory) Cantonese term for Caucasian men/

鬼婆 [guǐ pó] /(Cant.) Gwaipo, a (sometimes derogatory) Cantonese term for Caucasian women/

好说 [hǎo shuō] /(idiom) OK, term used to indicate agreement/(idiom) "you flatter me", polite response to praise/

简言之 [jiǎn yán zhī] /in simple terms/to put things simply/briefly/

开学 [kāi xué] /school opens/new term begins/

老大妈 [lǎo dà mā] /"Madam" (affectionate term for an elderly woman)/

老人家 [lǎo rén jiā] /(n) polite term for old woman or man/

老太婆 [lǎo tài pó] /(n) old woman (often not polite)/(n) term to refer to wife/

连任 [lián rèn] /continue in (a political) office/serve for another term of office/

列车 [liè chē] /train (railway term)/

笼统 [lǒng tǒng] /(in) general (terms)/broadly (speaking)/

幂 [mì] /power (math.term)/

叛变的省份 [pàn biàn de shěng fèn] /renegade province (term PRC uses for Taiwan)/

期 [qī] /a period of time/phase/stage/(used for issue of a periodical, courses of study)/time/term/period/to hope/

卿 [qīng] /(old) minister/(old) term of endearment between spouses/thou (poet.)/

任期 [rèn qī] /term of office/

融洽 [róng qià] /(adj) on good terms with; friendly to each other; harmonious/

擅离职守 [shàn lí zhí shǒu] /AWOL (Absent Without Leave, military term)/

术语 [shù yǔ] /term/terminology/

小鬼 [xiǎo guǐ] /(idiom) an endearing term of address to a child; little demon/

小子 [xiǎo zi ] /(n) boy/(n) an implolite term for a person; bloke/

刑期 [xíng qī] /prison term/

学期 [xué qī] /term/semester/

娅 [yà] /address term between sons-in-law/

要好 [yào hǎo] /be on good terms/be close friends/

一般性 [yī bān xìng] /(in) general (terms)/generalized/

有期徒刑 [yǒu qī tú xíng] /limited term of imprisonment (i.e. anything less than life imprisonment)/

语法术语 [yǔ fǎ shù yǔ] /grammatical term/

雨水 [yǔ shuǐ] /(n) rainwater/(n) Rainwater (one of 24 solar terms)/

总统任期 [zǒng tǒng rèn qī] /presidency/term of office/

Scientists must communicate their message to the public in a compassionate, understandable way — in human terms, not in the language of molecular biology.

The oil price was given another push up this week when Iraq suspended oil exports.
Strengthening economic growth, at the same time as winter grips the northern hemisphere, could push the price higher still in the short term.

The trend was naturally most obvious in those areas of science based especially on a mathematical or laboratory training, and can be illustrated in terms of the development of geology in the United Kingdom.

Curiously, some two-and-a-half years and two novels later, my experiment in what the Americans term "downshifting" has turned my tired excuse into an absolute reality.
I have been transformed from a passionate advocate of the philosophy of "have it all", preached by Linda Kelsey for the past seven years in the pages of she magazine, into a woman who is happy to settle for a bit of everything.

Downshifting — also known in America as "voluntary simplicity" — has, ironically, even bred a new area of what might be termed anti-consumerism.
There are a number of bestselling downshifting self-help books for people who want to simplify their lives; there are newsletters, such as The Tightwad Gazette, that give hundreds of thousands of Americans useful tips on anything from recycling their cling-film to making their own soap; there are even support groups for those who want to achieve the mid-'90s equivalent of dropping out.

His colleague, Michael Beer, says that far too many companies have applied re-engineering in a mechanistic fashion, chopping out costs without giving sufficient thought to long-term profitability.
BBDO's Al Rosenshine is blunter. He dismisses a lot of the work of re-engineering consultants as mere rubbish — "the worst sort of ambulance-chasing".

Few would dispute that the term applies to the Unabomber, whose manifesto, published in 1995, scorns science and longs for return to a pretechnological utopia. But surely that does not mean environmentalists concerned about uncontrolled industrial growth are anti-science, as an essay in US News & World Report last May seemed to suggest.

Indeed, some observers fear that the anti-science epithet is in danger of becoming meaningless.
"The term 'anti-science' can lump together too many, quite different things," notes Harvard University philosopher Gerald Holton in his 1993 work Science and Anti-Science, "They have in common only one thing that they tend to annoy or threaten those who regard themselves as more enlightened."

Many people mistakenly believe the term drug refers only to some sort of medicine or an illegal chemical taken by drug addicts.
They don't realize that familiar substances such as alcohol and tobacco are also drugs.
This is why the more neutral term substance is now used by many physicians and psychologists.
The phrase "substance abuse" is often used instead of "drug abuse" to make clear that substances such as alcohol and tobacco can be just as harmfully misused as heroin and cocaine.

Yet the BBC will have to change, because the broadcasting world around it is changing.
The commercial TV channels — ITV and Channel 4 — were required by the Thatcher Government's Broadcasting Act to become more commercial, competing with each other for advertisers, and cutting costs and jobs.
But it is the arrival of new satellite channels — funded partly by advertising and partly by viewers' subscriptions — which will bring about the biggest changes in the long term.

Indeed the mere size of operations and the numbers of workmen involved rendered such personal relations impossible.
Fortunately, however, the increasing power and organisation of the trade unions, at least in all skilled trades, enabled the workmen to meet on equal terms the managers of the companies who employed them.

And perhaps most important of all, advertising provides a guarantee of reasonable value in the products and services you buy.
Apart from the fact that twenty-seven Acts of Parliament govern the terms of advertising, no regular advertiser dare promote a product that fails to live up to the promise of his advertisements.

{adj: Asian, oriental} denoting or characteristic of the biogeographic region including southern Asia and the Malay Archipelago as far as the Philippines and Borneo and Java
"Oriental politeness"
"for people of South and East Asian ancestry the term `Asian' is preferred to `Oriental'"
"Asian ancestry"

{adj: Saxon} of or relating to or characteristic of the early Saxons or Anglo-Saxons and their descendents (especially the English or Lowland Scots) and their language
"Saxon princes"
"for greater clarity choose a plain Saxon term instead of a latinate one"

{adj: Scots, Scottish, Scotch} of or relating to or characteristic of Scotland or its people or culture or its English dialect or Gaelic language
"Scots Gaelic"
"the Scots community in New York"
"`Scottish' tends to be the more formal term as in `The Scottish Symphony' or `Scottish authors' or `Scottish mountains'"
"`Scotch' is in disfavor with Scottish people and is used primarily outside Scotland except in such frozen phrases as `Scotch broth' or `Scotch whiskey' or `Scotch plaid'"

{adj: adjuratory} earnestly or solemnly entreating
"in adjuratory terms"

{adj: aglitter, coruscant, fulgid, glinting, glistering, glittering, glittery, scintillant, scintillating, sparkly} having brief brilliant points or flashes of light
"bugle beads all aglitter"
"glinting eyes"
"glinting water"
"his glittering eyes were cold and malevolent"
"shop window full of glittering Christmas trees"
"glittery costume jewelry"
"scintillant mica"
"the scintillating stars"
"a dress with sparkly sequins"
"`glistering' is an archaic term"

{adj: apophatic} of or relating to the belief that God can be known to humans only in terms of what He is not (such as `God is unknowable')

{adj: appraising, evaluative} exercising or involving careful evaluations
"looked him over with an appraising eye"
"the literary judge uses many evaluative terms"

{adj: balmy, barmy, bats, batty, bonkers, buggy, cracked, crackers, daft, dotty, fruity, haywire, kooky, kookie, loco, loony, loopy, nuts, nutty, round the bend, around the bend, wacky, whacky} informal or slang terms for mentally irregular
"it used to drive my husband balmy"

{adj: based, founded} having a basis; often used as combining terms
"a soundly based argument"
"a computer-based system"
"well-founded suspicions"

{adj: bashful, blate} disposed to avoid notice
"they considered themselves a tough outfit and weren't bashful about letting anybody know it"; (`blate' is a Scottish term for bashful)

{adj: beefy, burly, husky, strapping, buirdly} muscular and heavily built
"a beefy wrestler"
"had a tall burly frame"
"clothing sizes for husky boys"
"a strapping boy of eighteen"
"`buirdly' is a Scottish term"

{adj: binary} consisting of two (units or components or elements or terms) or based on two
"a binary star is a system in which two stars revolve around each other"
"a binary compound"
"the binary number system has two as its base"

{adj: binomial} consisting of two names or terms
"binomial nomenclature"

{adj: bodied, corporal, corporate, embodied, incarnate} possessing or existing in bodily form
"what seemed corporal melted as breath into the wind"- Shakespeare
"an incarnate spirit"
"`corporate' is an archaic term"

{adj: bordered} having a border especially of a specified kind; sometimes used as a combining term
"black-bordered handkerchief"
<-> unbordered

{adj: bosky, brushy} covered with or consisting of bushes or thickets
"brushy undergrowth"
"`bosky' is a literary term"
"a bosky park leading to a modest yet majestic plaza"- Jack Beatty

{adj: broke, bust, skint, stone-broke, stony-broke} lacking funds

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