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send [ send] vt.送,寄发;派遣

send away for 函索

send for 派人去请;召唤;索取

send in 呈报;送…参加比赛

send off 寄出;为…送行;解雇

send out 发送;派遣;发出请柬

send round 使传阅;发送;派遣

send up 发出;射出;呈递

send for 派人去请,召唤,索取

send in 呈报,提交,送来

send for

send in

send [send] v. 送, 寄, 发送, 派遣

send [send] 发送

感谢款待的信 a bread and butter letter (a letter sent as thanks for being treated well as someone's guest)

碰一鼻子灰 be sent off with a flea in one's ear; be snubbedd; get a rebuff

援藏干部 cadres sent to support/aid Tibet

to forward an offer (or to send an offer) 寄送报盘

Here's the cheque book. When you send a cheque by post be careful to cross it,
but if you wish to cash a cheque yourself, you must leave it "open".

send in 提出;交出

At such a wonderful moment, I send you a gentle and warm care and wish: May every day be brilliant for you!

寄出清算书 to send in an account; to send in render an account

汇款; 寄钱 to remit; to send money

寄票供取款; 支票支付 to send a cheque for payment

寄出信用证 to send a credit

谨同函寄上新开定期存款第500号存折一份, 面额100,000元, 请查收为荷。该面额等于您寄来换新的旧存=折本金加上利息之和。
Enclosed please find a new deposit certificate No. 500 for $100,000, which represents the principal and interest of the old certificate you sent us for renewal.

有鉴于此, 相信贵方将随复函寄来支票, 特此致谢。
With these facts before you , we feel sure that you will send us your check by return mail. Thank you.

何不立即对此案作一结算? 请在今日将支票随函发出即可。
Why not settle this matter now? Just attach your check to this letter, and send it by today's mail.

I send you herewith a cheque, value $250,000, receipt of which please acknowledge.

我公司小泽先生因急事出差大阪, 5月1日以前不能返回, 故该件请宽延至5月1日, 我们将于5月2日汇款。
Our Mr. Osawa is away in Osaka on an urgent business, and will not return until the 1st May, and so if you will kindly let the matter stand over till then, we will send you a cheque by the first post on the 2nd of the same month.

数日之内我们将有三笔大额近款, 所以我们最迟于下星期一以前定给贵方汇款。
As we expect to receive three large sums within the next few days, days, we will send you some money by Monday at the latest.

我们送货后, 顾客直接向我们办分期付款。我们收款时, 要将收据交付顾客。
The customer pays the instalments direct to us, after delivery o fthe articles and we send him the receipts.

敬请留意, 我公司对市区的付款日, 订于每周星期三上午11时起至下午3时。但是,我们希望各位债权人至少提前三天派代表与我行接洽清偿金额。
Please note that our pay day for Town Accounts is Wednesday of any Week, between the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., but we expect creditors to send representatives to agree to amounts for settlement at least three days prior to calling for their cheques.

Parents are firmly convinced that, to send their child to kindergartens or nursery schools will have an unfavorable influence on the growth of children.

Parents should be encouraged to send their children to nursery schools, which will bring about profound impacts on children and families, and even the society as a whole.

When asked what kind of school they are willing to send their children to attend, many parents say they would choose a boarding school rather than day schools for their children.

Due to high tuition fee, most of ordinary families cannot afford to send their children to boarding schools.

He was so ill (that) we had to send for a doctor.

He was sent on a mission to France by his government.

Food is being sent to the victims of the natural terrible event.

We should try our best to send supplies to the city that has been under siege.

The function of the heart is to send blood through the body.

A group of scientists were sent to explore the valley.

Joan's bad behavior sent her mother into a rage.

I tried sending her flowers but it didn't have any effect.

I can't attend the meeting in person, but I'm sending someone to speak for me.

If any letters come, shall I send them on to your new address?

Many nations send delegates to the United States.

Illegal immigrants are sent back across the border if they are caught.

All provisions for the island have to be sent by boat.

Send out a distress signal; the ship is sinking.
发求救信号; 船在下沉。

The UN is sending aid to the occupied territories.

The mention of price rises sent citizens out to the shops to buy up as much as they could.

The new recruits were trained for six months and then sent to the war front.

She sent a sample of her work in an attempt to get a job.

She sent me a Christmas card last year.

Send a postcard to me when you arrive in Shanghai.

To make it fast, you can send a fax.

My mother has sent me a registered letter, I guess she has something important to tell me.

We are, however, not the less obliged by your kind offer, though we refuse to accept it; and, to show our grateful sense of it, if the gentlemen of Virginia will send us a dozen of their sons, we will take care of their education, teach them in all we know , and make men of them.

They sent the enemy ship to the bottom of the sea.

He sent me a package by post.

We will send the goods by railroad.

The music of this song sent her carefree and joyous.

Radio Beijing sends the news all over the world.

He was sent into prison for stealing.

Could you send me a doctor?

He came to see me himself.
Did he send someone to see you? (他让谁来看你了?)
No, he came to see me himself. (不,他亲自来看我了。)
He came to see me personally.

All right. I will send the information on a piecemeal basis as we acquire it.

I suppose you want to send U.S. Dollars.

How much do you charge for sending a cable transfer to London?

Please send us all the data concerning your Hero Brand fountain pens and ball pens, so we can introduce your products to our customers.

Please send us your price list of quartz clocks.

If your prices are more favorable than those of your competitors we shall send you our order.

We want to purchase Chinese tea. Please send us your best offer by fax indicating origin packing, quantity available and the earliest time of shipment.

We handle export of microwave ovens and would take the liberty to send you our price list for your reference.

The contract will be sent to you by air mail for your signature.

Confucius said, “Since the age of 15, I have devoted myself to learning; since 30, I have been well established; since 40, I have understood many things and have no longer been confused; since 50, I have known my heaven-sent duty; since 60, I have been able to distinguish right and wrong in other people’s words; and since 70, I have been able to do what I intend freely without breaking the rules.”

God sends fortune to fools.

God sends meat and the devil sends cooks.

As requested we are sending you...

All right. I will send the information on a piecemeal basis as we acquire it.

The contract will be sent to you by air mail for your signature.

We're sending our draft through Bank of China for documentary collection.

A I need to send some e-mails and check some things on the internet.
A 我需要发几封电子邮件,还要在网上查一些东西。
B You can do that in your hotel. You can go on the internet in the Business Centre.
B 在旅馆里你就能做。你可以到商务中心去上网。
A That’s good. Where is it?
A 那太好了。商务中心在哪里?
B Just ask at the Reception Desk. They’ll direct you to the Business Centre and tell you everything you need to know.
B 问服务台就可以。他们会领你到商务中心,并且告诉你你想了解的所有事情。
A Do you know if it’s expensive?
A 你知道在那里上网贵吗?
B No, I think it’s pretty cheap. It depends on how much time you use.
B 不,我认为非常便宜。这取决于你上网时间的长短。

A Hi! ?I’ll just be a few moments. I want to check my e-mail.
A 嗨!我只用一会。我想看看我的电子邮件。
B No problem. I want to check mine too.
B 没问题。我也想看看我的。
A I hate it when you get a lot of junk mails.
A 有那么多的垃圾邮件真令我讨厌。
B Me too. It’s such a waste of time.
B 我也是。这浪费了很多时间。
A I’m expecting an e-mail from my friend and I want to reply.
A 我在等我朋友的邮件,我想回复邮件。
B No problem. I’ve got a few quick e-mails I need to send anyway.
B 没问题。我也有几封需要尽快发送的邮件。

A Look – there’s an internet café. Let’s go and check it out.
A 看——那里有一个网吧。咱们去那里看看。
B Good idea. We can send some e-mails and check the internet.
B 好主意。我们可以发送电子邮件,还可以上网查资料。
A How do I open a hotmail account?
A 我怎样开通一个hotmail帐户?
B It’s easy. You just need to log on to the hotmail site and register.
B 很容易。你只需登录hotmail网页,然后注册。
A Is that all? Don’t I need a hotmail address?
A 就这些吗?我不需要一个hotmail地址吗?
B Yes, but you can create your address and your password when you register.
B 是的,但是在你注册的时候你可以创建一个自己的地址和密码。

A I just want to use the internet for about half an hour.
A 我只需上网大约半个小时。
B The same for me. I need to check my e-mails and send some.
B 我也是。我需要看一下我的电子邮件以及发送几封电子邮件。
A How much does it cost to use the internet?
A 上网需要多少钱?
B It should be quite cheap. It usually depends on the time – how long you are online.
B 应该很便宜。通常依时间而定——你上网的时间。
A Well, let’s ask how much it costs. Half an hour is enough for me.
A 哦,咱们问问需要多少钱。半小时对我足够了。
B Yes, 30 minutes is fine for me too.
B 是的,30分钟对我也够了。

A Did you take lots of photos when you were in Shanghai?
A 你在上海的时候照了很多照片吗?
B Yes, I did. I took some really good pictures of all the new buildings, especially in Pudong.
B 是的,我照了。我拍了所有的新楼,尤其是蒲东的新楼,照片相当不错。
A I’d love to see them.
A 我很想看一看那些照片。
B I’ll send you the digital photos by e-mail. I’ll send you some of the best ones.
B 我将通过电子邮件给你发送这些数码照片。我将把其中最好的发给你。

Good morning. I wonder if you could help me?
Certainly, sir. What can I do for you?
I need to send a fax and use the internet.
Sorry, sir. Would you repeat that?
Yes. I need to send a fax and use the internet.
Ah – you can do that in our Business Centre. It’s on the second floor.

A I’ve got some great photos from my holiday in Hong Kong.
A 我有好多很棒的我们全家在香港度假的照片。
B I’d really like to see them. Can you send them to me?
B 我非常想看看。你可以寄给我吗?
A No problem. I’ll e-mail some to you. I’ll download them from my camera.
A 没问题。我会用电子邮件发送给你。我会先将它们从照相机传送到我的电脑里。
B That would be great – thanks. Have you got my e-mail address?
B 这样真是太好了,谢谢。你有我的电子邮件地址吗?

Where can I send a fax?
Where can I buy a newspaper?
Where can I get stamps?
Where can I post my letter?

I will send you some brochuresif you are interested.

Subject: Confirmation of reservation
Dear Miss Lin,
We have acknowledged your E-mail dated July 15th requesting us to book one economy-class seat for Mr. Zhang xiaohua on a flight from Guangzhou to London.
One seat has been reserved on flight S.A 917 departing Baiyun Airport, Guangzhou at 10:00 a.m. on the 28th, arriving London at 11:00 a.m. local time on the 30th.
The account will be sent to Bank of China, as requested.
Yours faithfully,
Tang xiaogang
Reservations Manager

@@@ ...之处
check-out counter 结账处
dwelling place 住处
end up 1.结束, 停止
2.到达某处或某种状态, 结果, 到头来
for the good of 为了对...有好处; 为了...的利益
glean sth. from 从...处搜集(消息、资料、情报等)
have (sth.) in common 有共同之处
in the forefront (of sth.) 在...的最前沿; 在...最重要之处
parking lot 停车处
pay off 1.证明是成功的; 做...是有好处的或值得的
put back 把...放回原处
send in 将...寄至某处进行处理
share sth. with sb. 与某人分享某物; 与...共有或合用某物;
stay behind (别人走后)在某处留下不走(尤指暂不回家)
stick around 逗留/停留在某处或附近, 不走远
the housing office 房管处

@@@ 解雇, 解放
draw off 放干, 排掉(水等)
excuse from 请求免除; 得到解脱
give off 发散, 放出
lay off (尤指生意萧条时临时的)解雇(雇员), 下岗
let out (of) 放出去; 放跑, 释放
let through 准许通过, 放行
send (sb.) away 打发某人离开; 解雇
release from 释放; 解放
set free 释放, 使获得自由

up : 向上(toward or into a higher position)
lift up 举起
climb up 爬上
come up 上升
get up 起来
stand up 站起来
pick up 检起
draw up 升起
grow up 长大
hand up 拖起
put up 举起
send up 使上升
rise up 升起
look up 抬起头
zip up 拉上
hold up 举起
pile up 堆起
dig up 挖出
take up 拿起
build up 树立
set up 建立

on : 向前,向上(forward, onward)
add on 加上
mark on 标上
paint on 漆上
press on 向前
pass on 传递
send on 转送
stamp on 盖章于
get on 上车
hand on 传送

off : 离开(indicating departure)
blow off 吹掉
drive off 击退
get off 下车,动身
lift off 离开地面
make off 逃走
move off 离去
pack off 打发走
see off 送行
ship off 运往
start off 动身
send off 送行,解雇
call off 叫走
let off 放出
take off 起飞
touch off 发射
give off 发出
clear off 走开
carry off 夺走

off : 完成,停止(indicating completion)
finish off 结束
pay off 付清
break off 停止,中断
send off 结束
leave off 停止
pass off 终止,停止
sign off 停止播音
wear off 消失,
write off 注销,购销
bring off 完成
call off 取消
lay off 停止, 解雇

in : 加入,记入(to be added, or included)
book in 登记
check in 签到
count in 记入
fill in 填入
hand in 交上
take in 吸收
send in 呈交

out : 分发,传开(to a number of people or in all directions)
give out 分发
spread out 传开
set out 出发
hand out 分发
share out 分配
divide out 分配
call out 出动
start out 出发
send out 发送
break out 爆发,逃脱
serve out 分发口粮
drop out 离开,退出

send in 提出;交出

send for 派人去请,召唤;函购,函索

send in 呈报,递送,提交

- a half-wit 弱智者
Do you think it is a good idea to send a half-wit to a normal school ?

- be past praying for 不可救药
When I sent my cat to the vet, he said that it was past praying for.

We're sending our draft through Bank of China for documentary collection.

We do not see the necessity of sending any goods on consignment.

Please make/send/give/cable us an offer CIF London for(or on) 20 metric tons Brown Cashmere.

We''ll send vessels to pick up the cargo at Huangpu.

We'll send you by air a full set of non-negotiable documents immediately after the goods are loaded.

We'll send you two sets of the Shipped, Clean Bill of Lading.

Beneficiary must certify on the invoice…have been sent to the accountee

documents must be sent by consecutive airmails

documents must by sent by successive (or succeeding) airmails

all documents made out in English must be sent to out bank in one lot

You sent us only a quarter of our requirements.

We have received the goods you send us, the quality is excellent.

We've received the sample which you sent us last Sunday.

Mr. Baker is sent to Beijing to make an inquiry at China National Textiles Corporation.

China National Silk Corporation received the inquiry sheet sent by a British company.

Could you please send us a catalog of your rubber boots together with terms of payment?

My secretary will send the contract with my signature to your hotel 2:00 this afternoon.

But your products are still new to our market, and we need to do a lot of work and send a lot of money on the sales promotion. 

差使 errand; commission; send; appoint

A: Good morning. I wonder if you could help me.
A: 早上好。请问你能帮忙吗?
B: Certainly, sir. What can I do for you?
B: 当然,先生。我能为您做什么?
A: I need to send a fax and use the internet.
A: 我需要发一份传真,还要使用互联网。
B: Sorry, sir. Would you repeat that?
B: 对不起,先生。您能再重复一遍吗?
A: Yes. I need to send a fax and use the internet.
A: 好。我需要发一份传真,还要使用互联网。
B: You can do that in our Business Centre. It’s on the second floor.
B: 你可以到商务中心去。商务中心在二楼。
A: Thanks. Is it open now?
A: 谢谢。商务中心现在开门吗?
B: Yes, it is.
B: 是的,开门。

In English, we say: send a fax / send a fax; use the internet / use the internet (or go on the internet / go on the internet).
用英语,我们说:send a fax / 发一份传真; use the internet / 使用互联网(或者 go on the internet / 上网)。

I need to send a fax.

To ask where something is, or where you can get something, or do something, use Where . . . ? / Where . . . ? e.g.: Where can I buy cigarettes? / Where can I buy cigarettes? : Where can I send a fax? / Where can I send a fax? ; Where is the coffee shop? / Where is the coffee shop?
要问某地在何处或者你在哪里可以买到某物或者在哪里做某事,用Where . . . ? / . . .在哪里?例如:Where can I buy cigarettes? / 我在哪里能买到香烟? : Where can I send a fax? /我在哪里能发传真? ; Where is the coffee shop? /咖啡厅在哪里?

颁 [bān] /promulgate/send out/issue/to grant or confer/

便函 [biàn hán] /an informal letter sent by an organization/

差 [chāi] /send/a messenger/a mission/to commission/

抄送 [chāo sòng] /to make a copy (and send it to sb)/

出兵 [chū bīng] /send troops/

打发 [dǎ fa ] /(v) dispatch sb to do sth/(v) send sb away/(v) pass the time/

发 [fā] /to send out/to show (one's feeling)/to issue/to develop/

发出 [fā chū] /to send out/to issue/

发回 [fā huí] /send back/return/

反馈 [fǎn kuì] /(v) send information back; feedback/

欢送 [huān sòng] /see off/send off/

寄 [jì] /lodge at/to mail/to send/to entrust/to depend/

寄送 [jì sòng] /to send/to transmit/

来信 [lái xìn] /incoming letter/send a letter here/

派出 [pài chū] /send/dispatch/

派遣 [pài qiǎn] /send (on a mission)/dispatch/

入狱 [rù yù] /go to jail/get sent to prison/

送 [sòng] /to deliver/to carry/to give (as a present)/to present (with)/to see off/to send/

探路者 [tàn lù zhě] /Pathfinder (space craft sent to Mars by NASA)/

讨 [tǎo] /ask for/send punitive expedition/to demand/to marry/

投 [tóu] /to throw/to send/

退还 [tuì huán] /return/send back/

吞吐 [tūn tǔ] /to take in and send out (in large quantities)/

挽 [wǎn] /draw/pull/send funeral ode/

挽 [wǎn] /draw/pull/send funeral ode/

问好 [wèn hǎo] /say hello to/send one's regards to/

问候 [wèn hòu] /give someone one's respects/send a greeting/

信件 [xìn jiàn] /a letter (i.e. sent in the mail)/

邮递 [yóu dì] /to send by mail/to post/

邮寄 [yóu jì] /(v) mail; send by post/

致 [zhì] /to send/to devote/to deliver/to cause/to convey/

致电 [zhì diàn] /(v) send a telegram/

致函 [zhì hán] /send a letter/

Donovan believed in using whatever tools came to hand in the "great game" of espionage — spying as a "profession".
These days the Net, which has already re-made pastimes as buying books and sending mail, is reshaping Donovan's vocation as well.

In a recent survey, questionnaires were sent to reporters in five middle size cities around the country, plus one large metropolitan area.
Then residents in these communities were phoned at random and asked the same questions.

And yet, the myth of controlling the waters persists.
This week, in the heart of civilized Europe, Slovaks and Hungarians stopped just short of sending in the troops in their contention over a dam on the Danube.
The huge complex will probably have all the usual problems of big dams.
But Slovakia is bidding for independence from the Czechs, and now needs a dam to prove itself.

Almost immediately word flashed on the Internet and was picked up, half a world away, by John Hofsess, executive director of the Right to Die Society of Canada. He sent it on via the group's on-line service, Death NET. Says Hofsess: "We posted bulletins all day long, because of course this isn't just something that happened in Australia. It's world history."

Telecommunications developments enable the sending of messages via television, radio, and very shortly, electronic mail to bombard people with multitudes of messages.

{adj: angry} feeling or showing anger
"angry at the weather"
"angry customers"
"an angry silence"
"sending angry letters to the papers"
<-> unangry

{adj: belated, late, tardy} after the expected or usual time; delayed
"a belated birthday card"
"I'm late for the plane"
"the train is late"
"tardy children are sent to the principal"
"always tardy in making dental appointments"

{adj: confusing, perplexing, puzzling} lacking clarity of meaning; causing confusion or perplexity
"sent confusing signals to Iraq"
"perplexing to someone who knew nothing about it"

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