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roll [ rəul] vi.&vt.滚动;转动

call the roll 点名

roll around (时间)流逝

roll back 使退却

roll in 滚滚而来;蜂拥而来

roll into (使)滚进…

roll out 辗平;铺开

roll up (烟雾)袅袅上升;卷起

the roll call 点名

roll [rəul] v. 滚动, 卷起, 摆动, 名单

roll [rəul] 卷动

寿司 sushi, a Japanese dish of rolls of cold rice flavoured and garnished

rock and roll 摇滚乐

Abrasive Roll 砂卷

Egg Roll 鸡蛋卷

Gauze Roll 纱布卷

Roll Forming Machine 卷帘

Roll Label 标签卷

Toilet Roll Holder 卫生纸架

汤圆 Tang-yuan; dumplings made of sweet rice, rolled into balls and stuffed with either sweet or spicy fillings

pick and roll (进攻方做掩护之球员的)挡切战术

get rolling 开始;动手

roll out the red carpet 铺上红色地毯

烧饼     Clay oven rolls
油条     Fried bread stick
韭菜盒    Fried leek dumplings
水饺     Boiled dumplings
蒸饺     Steamed dumplings
馒头     Steamed buns
割包     Steamed sandwich
饭团     Rice and vegetable roll
蛋饼     Egg cakes
皮蛋     100-year egg
咸鸭蛋    Salted duck egg
豆浆     Soybean milk

点 心
牡蛎煎    Oyster omelet
臭豆腐    Stinky tofu (Smelly tofu)
油豆腐    Oily bean curd
麻辣豆腐   Spicy hot bean curd
虾片     Prawn cracker
虾球     Shrimp balls
春卷     Spring rolls
蛋卷     Chicken rolls
碗糕     Salty rice pudding
筒仔米糕   Rice tube pudding
红豆糕    Red bean cake
绿豆糕    Bean paste cake
糯米糕    Glutinous rice cakes
萝卜糕    Fried white radish patty
芋头糕    Taro cake
肉圆     Taiwanese Meatballs
水晶饺    Pyramid dumplings
肉丸     Rice-meat dumplings
豆干     Dried tofu

I hope you in the roll 我希望你也能来

French roll 小型法式面包

steamed vermicelli roll 肠粉

spring roll 春卷

roll-neck sweater 高翻领运动衫

Rolls-Royce 罗尔斯罗伊斯

花卷 steamed twisted rolls

Rolls-Royce 劳斯莱斯

Application for Registration in the General Electoral Roll 选民总名册登记申请书

definitive roll 确定的名册

electoral roll 选民名册

General Electoral Roll 选民总名册

Legislative Council electoral roll 立法会选民名册

roll-over arrangement [provisional register] “延续”安排〔临时选民登记册〕

vote by roll call 点名表决

roll fuel injection pump

rolling resistance

roll-off skip loader

They rolled with laughter.

He began living out his rock ‘n' roll fantasy during his last year in law school.

I'll call the roll before class.

The view over a valley of a tiny village with thatched roof cottages around a church; a drive through a narrow village street lined with thatched cottages painted pink or white; the sight over the rolling hills of a pretty collection of thatched farm buildings——these are still common sights in parts of England.

She rolled the socks into a ball.

The dog rolled on the floor.

The slow steady roll of the ship made him sick.

I have a lot of money on me now.
I brought a lot of money with me. (我带来了许多现金。)
I'm rich now. (我现在很有钱。)
I'm rolling in it.
I have lots of cash on me.

He's quite well off. *well off“有钱”、“富裕”,比rich的语气随便。
How's he doing? (他现在怎么样?)
He's quite well off now. (他现在可有钱了。)
He's a wealthy man.
He's rich.
He's rolling in it.

A rolling stone gathers no moss.

Money calls, but does not stay: It is round and rolls sway.

Roll my log and I'll roll yours.

You roll my log and I'll roll yours.

roll container 笼车

A I'm going to choose some different vegetables.
A 我要选几样蔬菜。
B Great. I really like vegetables here in Beijing.
B 好极了!我非常喜欢北京的蔬菜。
A Now the mushroom is a speciality here. Do you like mushrooms?
A 这个时候蘑菇是这里的特色菜。你喜欢蘑菇吗?
B Yes, I do. And I really like bamboo shoots.
B 是的,我喜欢。我还非常喜欢吃竹笋。
A Good! This dish here with bamboo shoots is another speciality.
A 好!带竹笋的菜是这里的另一特色菜。
B Can we also order some vegetable spring rolls?
B 我们还可以点一些蔬菜春卷吗?

A I'm going to choose some different vegetables.
A 我想选择一些不同的蔬菜。
B Good. The vegetables are really good in this restaurant.
B 好的。这家餐厅做得蔬菜很可口。
A Do you like mushrooms? And bamboo shoots?
A 你喜欢蘑菇吗?还有竹笋?
B Yes, I do. Can we also order some vegetable spring rolls?
B 是的,我很喜欢。我们可以再点一些素菜春卷吗?

B Let’s have a quick lunch. What would you like to eat?
B 我们来抓紧时间吃个午餐。你想吃些什么?
A I only want a snack. I'm not very hungry.
A 我只想吃点小点。我不是很饿。
B Me too. I just want one dish. I’m on a diet.
B 我也是。我只想点一个菜。我正在减肥。
A How about sharing a plate of spring rolls and salad.
A 咱们来共享一份春卷和撒拉吧。

An irritable man is like a hedgehog rolled up the wrong way, torment-ing himself with his own prickles.
Thomas Hood, British poet

roll n. 卷,滚动,名单,压路机,案卷,翻滚;vi. 滚,滚动,飘流,起伏,绕,卷;vt. 使滚动,卷,绕

@@@ 睡, 睡着
at rest 静止; 安眠
drop off 1.顺路捎带
fall asleep 入睡, 睡着
go to sleep 入睡, 睡着
nod off 打盹, 打瞌睡
roll over (睡时)翻身, 反侧; 使打滚
take a nap 小睡一下; 睡午觉

@@@ 开始
acquire a taste for sth. 对...有兴趣, 开始喜欢
come from 开始于...; 起源于...; 出生
come into effect 开始生效, 开始实行
come on (劝说等)来吧; 开始
get busy 开始工作
get cracking 开始; (尤指)大干起来
get down to 开始认真做...
get going 开始, 着手
get off on the wrong foot 开始就不顺利; 一开始就犯了个错误
get off the ground (指活动、事业等)顺利开始
get set 准备好开始
get the ball rolling 开始某种活动, 开始
get to work (on) 开始工作; 开始做...
go ahead 先请; 请开始吧; 继续
go off 爆炸; (闹钟、雷)开始响起来
start out 开始时打算, 本来想要; 动身
take up 1.开始从事
3.接纳, 吸收

@@@ 活动, 行动
active volcano 活火山
bring into action 使行动起来
change of pace 变换活动; 换口味
do about 对...想某种办法或采取某种行动
get in on 参加(活动), 加入
get off the ground (指活动、事业等)顺利开始
get the ball rolling 开始某种活动, 开始
get under way 开动
go around 四处活动; 散布, 传播
leave for 动身前往(某地)
recreation center 活动中心
set in motion 开动; 使...运转; 调动...
set out (for) 朝...方向去; 动身去...
start out 开始时打算, 本来想要; 动身
take action 行动, 采取行动

@@@ 水平
head and shoulders above 大大超出, 水平高很多
roll (sth.) back (政府)把(价格)压低到标准(或原来)水平

@@@ 点名, 盘点
call the roll 点名
count out 点...的数; 把(某人)排除在外
take attendance 点名; 签到
take inventory 盘点; 编制...清单

get the ball rolling开始
Let's get the ball rolling.让我们开始吧。

roll with the punches逆来顺受
You have to roll with the punches if you want to survive in this business.

a drop in the bucket沧海一粟
The amount of money Mr. Howell spent on a new Rolls-Royce was just a drop in the bucket compared to his annual salary.

on a roll顺利;手气、运气好
Don't stop me now. I'm on a roll.

get rolling 开始;动手

roll out the red carpet 铺上红色地毯

"The doctors tell us it`s dangerous to smoke, but such good advice rolls off some people like water off a duck's back."

- Like water off a duck's back 满不在乎,不起作用
I can do nothing about him. Criticism rolls off like water off a duck's back. It goes into his one ear and comes out of the other.

Rolled on Tube and Packed with Carton.Bounded with Three Woven Belts Extermally.Packing Sound.

Rolled on Tubes。Packing Sound.

摇摆 waggle; rock; rocking; roll; sway; swing; vacillate; wag; wigwag; dodder

波动的 undulate; rolling; undulatory; fluctuant

名册 roll; roster; register

榜 [bǎng] /a notice or announcement/a list of names/public roll of successful examinees/

棒硫 [bàng liú] /roll sulphur/

背包 [bēi bāo] /knapsack/rucksack/infantry pack/field pack/blanket roll/

奔腾 [bēn téng] /(of waves) to surge forward/to roll on in waves/to gallop/

簸荡 [bǒ dàng] /roll/rock/

春卷 [chūn juǎn] /egg roll/

搓 [cuō] /to rub or roll between the hands or fingers/to twist/

点名 [diǎn míng] /roll call/

幅 [fú] /(measure word for textile or picture)/width/roll/

滚 [gǔn] /to boil/to roll/

滚动 [gǔn dòng] /roll/tumble/

卷 [juǎn] /to roll (up)/to sweep up/to carry on/

卷 [juǎn] /coil/to roll/

檑 [léi] /logs rolled down in defense of city/

连滚带爬 [lián gǔn dài pá] /(idiom) rolling and crawling/

馒头 [mán tou ] /steamed roll/steamed bun/steamed bread/

抟 [tuán] /roll round with hand/

学籍 [xué jí] /school roll(s)/

摇滚乐 [yáo gǔn yuè] /rock music/rock 'n roll/

殷 [yǐn] /roll of thunder/

辗 [zhǎn] /roll over on side/turn half over/

{adj: billowing, rolling, tumbling} moving in surges and billows and rolls
"billowing smoke from burning houses"
"the rolling fog"
"the rolling sea"
"the tumbling water of the rapids"

{adj: convoluted} rolled or coiled together
"a convoluted shell"

{adj: convolute} rolled longitudinally upon itself
"a convolute petal"

{adj: enrolled, listed} officially entered in a roll or list
"an enrolled student"

{adj: furled, rolled} rolled up and secured
"furled sails bound securely to the spar"
"a furled flag"
"his rolled umbrella hanging on his arm"

{adj: grumbling, rumbling} continuous full and low-pitched throbbing sound
"the rumbling rolling sound of thunder"

{adj: hard} dried out
"hard dry rolls left over from the day before"

{adj: involute, rolled} especially of petals or leaves in bud; having margins rolled inward

{adj: nominal} relating to or constituting or bearing or giving a name
"the Russian system of nominal brevity"
"a nominal lists of priests"
"taxable males as revealed by the nominal rolls"

{adj: resonant, resonating, resounding, reverberating, reverberative, rolling} characterized by reverberation
"a resonant voice"
"hear the rolling thunder"

{adj: rolled into one} made up of several components combined into a single entity

{adj: rolled, rolling, trilled} uttered with a trill
"she used rolling r's as in Spanish"

{adj: seeded} having or supplied with seeds
"a seeded breadfruit"
"seeded rolls"

{adj: uncoupled} having the coupling undone
"the uncoupled caboose rolled down the incline"

{adj: unheated, unwarmed} not having been heated or warmed
"an unheated room"
"unwarmed rolls"

{adv: diagrammatically, graphically} in a diagrammatic manner
"the landscape unit drawn diagrammatically illustrates the gentle rolling relief, with a peat-filled basin"

{adv: greenly} with green color
"the countryside rolled greenly down into the valley"

{adv: portentously} in a portentous manner
"portentously, the engines began to roll"

{adv: turbulently} in a turbulent manner; with turbulence
"the river rolls turbulently boiling"

{n: Eastman, George Eastman} United States inventor of a dry-plate process of developing photographic film and of flexible film (his firm introduced roll film) and of the box camera and of a process for color photography (1854-1932)

{n: Haley, Bill Haley, William John Clifton Haley Jr.} United States rock singer who was one of the first to popularize rock'n'roll music (1925-1981)

{n: Kellogg, W. K. Kellogg, Will Keith Kellog} United States food manufacturer who (with his brother) developed a breakfast cereal of crisp flakes of rolled and toasted wheat and corn; he established a company to manufacture the cereal (1860-1951)

{n: Morton, Jelly Roll Morton, Ferdinand Joseph La Menthe Morton} United States jazz musician who moved from ragtime to New Orleans jazz (1885-1941)

{n: Oniscus, genus Oniscus} type genus of the Oniscidae; woodlice that cannot roll into a ball

{n: Parker House roll} yeast-raised dinner roll made by folding a disk of dough before baking

{n: Sisyphus} (Greek legend) a king in ancient Greece who offended Zeus and whose punishment was to roll a huge boulder to the top of a steep hill; each time the boulder neared the top it rolled back down and Sisyphus was forced to start again

{n: approach, approach shot} a relatively short golf shot intended to put the ball onto the putting green
"he lost the hole when his approach rolled over the green"

{n: axial rotation, axial motion, roll} rotary motion of an object around its own axis
"wheels in axial rotation"

{n: background, ground} the part of a scene (or picture) that lies behind objects in the foreground
"he posed her against a background of rolling hills"

{n: bagel, beigel} (Yiddish) glazed yeast-raised doughnut-shaped roll with hard crust

{n: ball} round object that is hit or thrown or kicked in games
"the ball travelled 90 mph on his serve"
"the mayor threw out the first ball"
"the ball rolled into the corner pocket"

{n: bankroll, roll} a roll of currency notes (often taken as the resources of a person or business etc.)
"he shot his roll on a bob-tailed nag"

{n: bap} a small loaf or roll of soft bread

{n: barrel roll} a roll in which the plane follows a spiral course

{n: batting, batten} stuffing made of rolls or sheets of cotton wool or synthetic fiber

{n: bedroll} bedding rolled up for carrying

{n: bialy, bialystoker} flat crusty-bottomed onion roll

{n: bilge keel} either of two lengthwise fins attached along the outside of a ship's bilge; reduces rolling

{n: bolt} a roll of cloth or wallpaper of a definite length

{n: bomber, grinder, hero, hero sandwich, hoagie, hoagy, Cuban sandwich, Italian sandwich, poor boy, sub, submarine, submarine sandwich, torpedo, wedge, zep} a large sandwich made of a long crusty roll split lengthwise and filled with meats and cheese (and tomato and onion and lettuce and condiments); different names are used in different sections of the United States

{n: bowler} a player who rolls balls down an alley at pins

{n: bowling alley, alley, skittle alley} a lane down which a bowling ball is rolled toward pins

{n: bowling} a game in which balls are rolled at an object or group of objects with the aim of knocking them over or moving them

{n: bowl} a wooden ball (with flattened sides so that it rolls on a curved course) used in the game of lawn bowling

{n: breadstick, bread-stick} a crisp stick-shaped roll; often served with soup

{n: brioche} a light roll rich with eggs and butter and somewhat sweet

{n: bun, roll} small rounded bread either plain or sweet

{n: cardioid} an epicycloid in which the rolling circle equals the fixed circle

{n: cast, roll} the act of throwing dice

{n: chicken Kiev} pounded chicken cutlets rolled around butter (that has been seasoned with herbs) and then covered with crumbs and fried

{n: chignon} a roll of hair worn at the nape of the neck

{n: chock, wedge} a block of wood used to prevent the sliding or rolling of a heavy object

{n: church roll} a list of the members of church

{n: cigarette paper, rolling paper} a strong tissue paper that burns evenly and is sufficiently porous to control the burning of the tobacco in a cigarette

{n: cigar} a roll of tobacco for smoking

{n: cinnamon roll, cinnamon bun, cinnamon snail} rolled dough spread with cinnamon and sugar (and raisins) then sliced before baking

{n: cinnamon} spice from the dried aromatic bark of the Ceylon cinnamon tree; used as rolled strips or ground

{n: clover-leaf roll} yeast-raised dinner roll made by baking three small balls of dough in each cup of a muffin pan

{n: coil, whorl, roll, curl, curlicue, ringlet, gyre, scroll} a round shape formed by a series of concentric circles (as formed by leaves or flower petals)

{n: continental breakfast, petit dejeuner} breakfast usually including a roll and coffee or tea

{n: cracker, snapper, cracker bonbon} a party favor consisting of a paper roll (usually containing candy or a small favor) that pops when pulled at both ends

{n: crescent roll, croissant} very rich flaky crescent-shaped roll

{n: cross bun, hot cross bun} moderately sweet raised roll containing spices and raisins and citron and decorated with a cross-shaped sugar glaze

{n: cup} the hole (or metal container in the hole) on a golf green
"he swore as the ball rimmed the cup and rolled away"
"put the flag back in the cup"

{n: curate cycloid} a cycloid generated by a point inside the rolling circle

{n: cycloid} a line generated by a point on a circle rolling along a straight line

{n: danish, danish pastry} light sweet yeast-raised roll usually filled with fruits or cheese

{n: death-roll} a list of persons killed in a war or other disaster

{n: dough} a flour mixture stiff enough to knead or roll

{n: down} (usually plural) a rolling treeless highland with little soil

{n: dung beetle} any of numerous beetles that roll balls of dung on which they feed and in which they lay eggs

{n: egg roll, spring roll} minced vegetables and meat wrapped in a pancake and fried

{n: epicycle} a circle that rolls around (inside or outside) another circle; generates an epicycloid or hypocycloid

{n: epicycloid} a line generated by a point on a circle rolling around another circle

{n: finger-roll} a basketball shot that rolls off the tips of the fingers into the basket

{n: flatbed press, cylinder press} a printing press where the type is carried on a flat bed under a cylinder that holds paper and rolls over the type

{n: frank, frankfurter, hotdog, hot dog, dog, wiener, wienerwurst, weenie} a smooth-textured sausage of minced beef or pork usually smoked; often served on a bread roll

{n: fuck, fucking, screw, screwing, ass, nooky, nookie, piece of ass, piece of tail, roll in the hay, shag, shtup} slang for sexual intercourse

{n: granola} cereal made of especially rolled oats with dried fruits and nuts and honey or brown sugar

{n: green, putting green} an area of closely cropped grass surrounding the hole on a golf course
"the ball rolled across the green and into the trap"

{n: gyrostabilizer, gyrostabiliser} a stabilizer consisting of a heavy gyroscope that spins on a vertical axis; reduces side-to-side rolling of a ship or plane

{n: hamburger bun, hamburger roll} a round bun shaped to hold a hamburger patty

{n: hard roll, Vienna roll} yeast-raised roll with a hard crust

{n: honey bun, sticky bun, caramel bun, schnecken} rolled dough spread with sugar and nuts then sliced and baked in muffin tins with honey or sugar and butter in the bottom

{n: hoop snake} any of various harmless North American snakes that were formerly believed to take tail in mouth and roll along like a hoop

{n: hypocycloid} a line generated by a point on a circle that rolls around inside another circle

{n: jellyroll, Swiss roll} thin sheet of sponge cake spread with jelly and then rolled up to make a cylindrical cake

{n: joint, marijuana cigarette, reefer, stick, spliff} marijuana leaves rolled into a cigarette for smoking

{n: kaiser roll} rounded raised poppy-seed roll made of a square piece of dough by folding the corners in to the center

{n: lawn bowling, bowls} a bowling game played on a level lawn with biased wooden balls that are rolled at a jack

{n: leaf roller, leaf-roller} moth whose larvae form nests by rolling and tying leaves with spun silk

{n: magnus hitch} a rolling hitch similar to a clove hitch

{n: manna lichen} any of several Old World partially crustaceous or shrubby lecanoras that roll up and are blown about over African and Arabian deserts and used as food by people and animals

{n: mechanical piano, Pianola, player piano} a mechanically operated piano that uses a roll of perforated paper to activate the keys

{n: mezuzah, mezuza} religious texts from Deuteronomy inscribed on parchment and rolled up in a case that is attached to the doorframe of many Jewish households in accordance with Jewish law

{n: mouse, computer mouse} a hand-operated electronic device that controls the coordinates of a cursor on your computer screen as you move it around on a pad; on the bottom of the device is a ball that rolls on the surface of the pad
"a mouse takes much more room than a trackball"

{n: muster roll} a list of names of officers and men in a military unit or ship's company

{n: natural} (craps) a first roll of 7 or 11 that immediately wins the stake

{n: ninepins, skittles} a bowling game that is played by rolling a bowling ball down a bowling alley at a target of nine wooden pins

{n: oatmeal cookie} cookies containing rolled oats

{n: oatmeal, burgoo} porridge made of rolled oats

{n: oatmeal, rolled oats} meal made from rolled or ground oats

{n: onion roll} yeast-raised roll flavored with onion

{n: paradiddle, roll, drum roll} the sound of a drum (especially a snare drum) beaten rapidly and continuously

{n: peal, pealing, roll, rolling} a deep prolonged sound (as of thunder or large bells)

{n: pill bug} small terrestrial isopod with a convex segmented body that can roll up into a ball

{n: pinch bar} a lever with a pointed projection that serves as a fulcrum; used to roll heavy wheels

{n: pinwheel roll} pinwheel-shaped rolls spread with cinnamon and sugar and filled with e.g. jam before baking

{n: pop music, pop} music of general appeal to teenagers; a bland watered-down version of rock'n'roll with more rhythm and harmony and an emphasis on romantic love

{n: porcupine ball, porcupines} meat patties rolled in rice and simmered in a tomato sauce

{n: prolate cycloid} a cycloid generated by a point outside the rolling circle

{n: reel} a roll of photographic film holding a series of frames to be projected by a movie projector

{n: refrigerator cookie} dough formed into a roll and chilled in the refrigerator then sliced and baked

{n: rent-roll} a register of rents; includes the names of tenants and the amount of rent they pay

{n: rhythm and blues, R and B} a combination of blues and jazz that was developed in the United States by Black musicians; an important precursor of rock 'n' roll

{n: roach} a roll of hair brushed back from the forehead

{n: rock 'n' roll, rock'n'roll, rock-and-roll, rock and roll, rock, rock music} a genre of popular music originating in the 1950s; a blend of Black rhythm-and-blues with White country-and-western
"rock is a generic term for the range of styles that evolved out of rock'n'roll."

{n: rock group, rock band} a band of musicians who play rock'n'roll music

{n: rocker, rock 'n' roll musician} a performer or composer or fan of rock music

{n: rockers, bikers} originally a British youth subculture that evolved out of the teddy boys in the 1960s; wore black leather jackets and jeans and boots; had greased hair and rode motorcycles and listened to rock'n'roll; were largely unskilled manual laborers

{n: roll call} calling out an official list of names

{n: roll film} photographic film wound on a spool

{n: roll of tobacco, smoke} tobacco leaves that have been made into a cylinder

{n: roll, roster} a list of names
"his name was struck off the rolls"

{n: roll-on roll-off} a method of transport (as a ferry or train or plane) that vehicles roll onto at the beginning and roll off of at the destination

{n: roll-on} a dispenser of a liquid cosmetic (such as a deodorant) having a revolving ball as an applicator

{n: roll-on} a woman's foundation garment rolled on to the hips

{n: rolled biscuit} biscuit made from dough rolled and cut

{n: roller bandage} bandage consisting of a strip of sterile fabric (of variable width) rolled into a cylinder to facilitate application

{n: roller blind} a window shade that rolls up out of the way

{n: roller, roll, rolling wave} a long heavy sea wave as it advances towards the shore

{n: roller} Old World bird that tumbles or rolls in flight; related to kingfishers

{n: roller} a grounder that rolls along the infield

{n: rolling hitch} a hitch for fastening a line to a spar or another rope

{n: rolling mill} steel mill where metal is rolled into sheets and bars

{n: rolling pin} utensil consisting of a cylinder (usually of wood) with a handle at each end; used to roll out dough

{n: rolling stock} collection of wheeled vehicles owned by a railroad or motor carrier

{n: rolling} the act of robbing a helpless person
"he was charged with rolling drunks in the park"

{n: rollmops} a pickled herring filet that has been rolled or wrapped around a pickle

{n: roll} a flight maneuver; aircraft rotates about its longitudinal axis without changing direction or losing altitude

{n: roll} anything rolled up in cylindrical form

{n: roll} photographic film rolled up inside a container to protect it from light

{n: roll} the act of rolling something (as the ball in bowling)

{n: roll} walking with a swaying gait

{n: roly-poly, roly-poly pudding} pudding made of suet pastry spread with jam or fruit and rolled up and baked or steamed

{n: rose of Jericho, resurrection plant, Anastatica hierochuntica} small grey Asiatic desert plant bearing minute white flowers that rolls up when dry and expands when moist

{n: roulade} a dish consisting of a slice of meat that is rolled around a filling and cooked

{n: rouleau} a roll of coins wrapped in paper

{n: rouleau} a roll of ribbon

{n: roulette, line roulette} a line generated by a point on one figure rolling around a second figure

{n: sausage roll} sausage meat rolled and baked in pastry

{n: scroll, roll} a document that can be rolled up (as for storage)

{n: siding, railroad siding, turnout, sidetrack} a short stretch of railroad track used to store rolling stock or enable trains on the same line to pass

{n: skid} one of a pair of planks used to make a track for rolling or sliding objects

{n: sleeping bag} large padded bag designed to be slept in outdoors; usually rolls up like a bedroll

{n: sleigh bed} a bed with solid headboard and footboard that roll outward at the top

{n: snap roll} a fast roll

{n: soft roll} yeast-raised roll with a soft crust

{n: somersault, somerset, summersault, summerset, somersaulting, flip} an acrobatic feat in which the feet roll over the head (either forward or backward) and return

{n: spare} a score in tenpins; knocking down all ten after rolling two balls

{n: sprag} a chock or bar wedged under a wheel or between the spokes to prevent a vehicle from rolling down an incline

{n: squad room} a room in a police station where members of the force assemble for roll call and duty assignments

{n: stick cinnamon} dried rolled strips of cinnamon bark

{n: structural steel} a strong steel that is rolled into shapes that are used in construction

{n: strudel} thin sheet of filled dough rolled and baked

{n: sweet roll, coffee roll} any of numerous yeast-raised sweet rolls with our without raisins or nuts or spices or a glaze

{n: switch engine, donkey engine} a locomotive for switching rolling stock in a railroad yard

{n: switch} railroad track having two movable rails and necessary connections; used to turn a train from one track to another or to store rolling stock

{n: taco} a tortilla rolled cupped around a filling

{n: tardive dyskinesia} involuntary rolling of the tongue and twitching of the face or trunk or limbs; often occurs in patients with Parkinsonism who are treated with phenothiazine

{n: teddy boys} a British youth subculture that first appeared in the 1950s; mainly from unskilled backgrounds, they adopted a pseudo-Edwardian dress code and rock'n'roll music; proletarian and xenophobic, they were involved in race riots in the United Kingdom

{n: toilet roll} a roll of toilet paper

{n: track, rail, rails} a bar or pair of parallel bars of rolled steel making the railway along which railroad cars or other vehicles can roll

{n: tumbler} a gymnast who performs rolls and somersaults and twists etc.

{n: tumbleweed} any plant that breaks away from its roots in autumn and is driven by the wind as a light rolling mass

{n: tumble} an acrobatic feat of rolling or turning end over end

{n: volution} a rolling or revolving motion

{n: wallow} an indolent or clumsy rolling about
"a good wallow in the water"

{n: wheeling, rolling} propelling something on wheels

{n: wold} a tract of open rolling country (especially upland)

{n: wrap} a sandwich in which the filling is rolled up in a soft tortilla

{v: avalanche, roll down} of snow masses in the mountains

{v: ball} form into a ball by winding or rolling
"ball wool"

{v: bolt} make or roll into bolts
"bolt fabric"

{v: bowl} roll (a ball)

{v: bundle, bundle up, roll up} make into a bundle
"he bundled up his few possessions"

{v: call} read aloud to check for omissions or absentees
"Call roll"

{v: clue, clew} roll into a ball

{v: cog} roll steel ingots

{v: come around, roll around} happen regularly
"Christmas rolled around again"

{v: curl, wave} twist or roll into coils or ringlets
"curl my hair, please"

{v: develop} make visible by means of chemical solutions
"Please develop this roll of film for me"

{v: draw up, pull up, haul up} come to a halt after driving somewhere
"The Rolls pulled up on pour front lawn"
"The chauffeur hauled up in front of us"

{v: draw} flatten, stretch, or mold metal or glass, by rolling or by pulling it through a die or by stretching
"draw steel"

{v: get cracking, bestir oneself, get going, get moving, get weaving, get started, get rolling} start to be active
"Get cracking, please!"

{v: hustle, pluck, roll} sell something to or obtain something from by energetic and especially underhanded activity

{v: mill} roll out (metal) with a rolling machine

{v: overtake, catch, catch up with} catch up with and possibly overtake
"The Rolls Royce caught us near the exit ramp"

{v: rattle down, rattle off, reel off, spiel off, roll off} recite volubly or extravagantly

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