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part [ pa:t] n.一部分;零件;本份

in part 在某种程度上;部份地

play a part 扮演角色;参与…

take part in 参加…,参与…

take part with 与…站在一边,袒护

take part in 参加

take part in

part [pa:t] n. 部分,角色,部件,零件 a. 局部的,部分v.分离,分开,分割

part-time a.& ad. 兼职的 full time

part [pa:t] 部件

备件 spare parts

国产化率 import substitution rate; localization rate of parts and components

考研 take part in the entrance exams for postgraduate schools

零配件 spare and accessory parts

勤工俭学 part-work and part-study system; work-study program

让利 surrender part of the profits

少数服从多数、下级服从上级、局部服从全体、全党服从中央 "the minority is subordinate to the majority, the lower level to the higher level, the part to the whole and the entire membership of the Party to the Central Committee "

三来一补企业 "the enterprises that process raw materials on clients' demands, assemble parts for the clients and process according to the clients' samples; or engage in compensation trade."

台湾是中国神圣领土不可分割的一部分 Taiwan is an inalienable part of the inviolable territory of China.

(祝愿…)一路平安,一路顺风 speed somebody on their way; speed the parting guest

Automobile Parts Company 汽车配件公司

Furniture parts 家具零配件

Furniture structural parts 家具结构零件

Radio Parts Factory 无线电元件厂

Automobile Parts Company 汽车配件公司

Air Conditioner Parts 空调零配件

Bicycle Parts 自行车锁

Lock Parts 锁具部件

Parts Washer 冲洗机

Refrigerator Parts 冰箱部件

Speaker Parts 扬声器部件

Transmission Parts 传动部件

Washing Machine Parts 洗衣机部件

curriculum 课程
major 主修
minor 副修
educational highlights 课程重点部分
curriculum included 课程包括
specialized courses 专门课程
courses taken 所学课程
courses completed 所学课程
special training 特别训练
social practice 社会实践
part-time jobs 业余工作
summer jobs 暑期工作
vacation jobs 假期工作
refresher course 进修课程
extracurricular activities 课外活动
physical activities 体育活动
recreational activities 娱乐活动
academic activities 学术活动
social activities 社会活动

Furniture parts 家具零配件

Furniture structural parts 家具结构零件

Part-time Employment(部分时间就业):每周工作时间达20小时的有偿就业。持M-1签

Part-time Student(只有部分时间用于学习的非正规学生):正规注册入学,但所修课程少于
正规学生应修的全部课程的学生(参阅Full-time Student、"正规学生"栏目)。不允许外

We have over ten years of experience in teaching quality English and have successfully managed schools in different parts of the world.

一路平安,一路顺风 speed somebody on their way; speed the parting guest

半工半读学校 part-work and part-study school

兼职教师 part-time teacher

in part 部分地

part-time jobs 业余工作

台湾是中国领土不可分割的一部分。Taiwan is an inalienable part of the Chinese territory.

台湾是中国领土不可分割的一部分 Taiwan is an inalienable part of the Chinese territory.

兼职工作 My View on a Part-time Job

末件比较 last off part comparison

component materials and parts markets 组成材料和零部件市场

支付部分货款; 分批付款 payment in part; part payment; partial payment

commuted part of pension

An investigation shows that female workers tend to have a favorable attitude toward retirement.
12a. A proper part-time job does not occupy students' too much time. In fact, it is unhealthy for them to spend all of time on their study. As an old saying goes: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

The majority of students believe that part-time job will provide them with more opportunities to develop their interpersonal skills, which may put them in a favorable position in the future job markets.

For my part, I agree with the latter opinion for the following reasons:

There is a general debate on the campus today over the phenomenon of college or high school students' doing a part-time job.

By taking a major-related part-job, students can not only improve their academic studies, but gain much experience, experience they will never be able to get from the textbooks.

Consequently, the extra money obtained from part-time job will strongly support students to continue to their study life.

From what has been discussed above, we may safely draw a conclusion that part-time job can produce a far-reaching impact on students and they should be encouraged to take part-time job, which will benefit students and their family, even the society as a whole.

It is widely acknowledged that computer and other machines have become an indispensable part of our society, which make our life and work more comfortable and less laborious.
人们普遍认为计算机和其他机器已经成为我们社会必不可少的一部分。 它们使我们的生活更舒适,减少了大量劳动。

Although many experts from universities and institutes consistently maintain that it is an inevitable part of an independent life, parents in growing numbers are starting to realize that people, including teachers and experts in education, should pay considerable attention to this problem.

Many young people always go into raptures at the merely mention of buying fashion clothes. And they seem to be attracted by colorful material, various styles of fashion clothes. There is nothing, they maintain, that can't be compared with fashion clothes. In fact, fashion clothes had become indispensable part of youngster's life.
许多年轻人一提到时尚服装就兴高采烈。他们似乎被时尚服装那多彩的面料,各种不同的款式所吸引。 111. Many people seem to overlook the basic fact: the major function of clothing is to keep us warm and comfortable.

Assembly part 装配件,组合件

Injection moulded part 注塑制件

Light-alloy body part 轻合金车身零件

Prefabricated parts 成品零部件,制造好的零部件

CAP CAMEL Application Part CAMEL应用部分

ISUP ISDN User Part ISDN用户部分

MAP Mobile Application Part 移动应用部分

MTP Message Transfer Part 消息传递部分

OMAP Operation and Maintenance Application Part 操作维护应用部分

SCCP Signalling Connection Control Part 信令连接控制部分

TCAP Transaction Capability Application Part 事务处理能力应用部分

TUP Telephone User Part(SS7) 电话用户部分

part load

part throttle characteristics

parts per million carbon (ppmC)

part-flow smokemeter

parts cleanliness

assembly and parts

assembly and parts

中轴组件(天心) Bottom Bracket Parts

底盘及其另件 Chassis and Related Parts

齿轮变速零件 Gear Shift Parts

铁路车辆零件 Railroad Vehicle Parts

车身钣金件 Body & Stamping Parts

车体及电装 Body and Electrical Parts

引擎零件 Engine Parts

电装品 Electrical Parts

外装品 Exterior Parts

内装品 Interior Parts

塑料件 Plastic Parts

橡胶件 Rubber Parts

钣金件 Stamping Parts

铸造件(加工) Casting Parts (Processing)

锻造件(加工) Forging Parts (Processing)

Nothing but death can part the couple.

Computers are becoming a part of our everyday life.

The Beatles represented part of the spirit of their age.

My ideal of a picture is that every part of it should oblige the looker-on who has any real sense for a whole to see the rest.

Unlike the north part of China, it is not likely to snow in winter here.

Only a part of the people has reaped benefits from the new policy.

They can take part in a wide range of free time activities.

They can take part in a wide range of free time activities.

They were required to take part in the literacy movement.

He took part in a street combat in which two people were killed.

The best part of his job is all the travel it includes.

She lived there for the greater part of her life.

Respect is a very important part of any relationship.

The lake forms part of the boundary between the two countries.

The delay was in part due to the heavy rain.

The river flooded its banks, washing away part of the main railway line.

Nowadays a trend towards part-time employment emerges.

Teachers, artists and other intellectuals took part in the march.

They returned to take part in the season's opening game.

The significance for college students of doing a part-time job is more than money and experience.

The newly established government controls the main part of the city except for a few pockets of resistance.
除了少数地区还在抵抗, 新政府控制了城市的主要区段。

London has a huge number of immigrants, coming from different parts of the world.
伦敦有大量移民, 来自世界各地。

A group of children were lost in the inner part of the forest.

Which part does the word modify?

The British museum is already contracted to lease part of its collection on a museum in China.

The parts of the crashed car had to be welded together in the garage.

The book is divided into two distinct parts.

I once took a part-time job delivering the Evening Post.

I want to have a part-time job. 我想有一份兼职工作。

Nothing but death can part the couple.除了死之外,什么也拆不散这一对。

Computers are becoming a part of our everyday life.电子计算机止渐渐成为我们日常生活的—部分。

They played a shameful part in the whole affair.他们在这一事件中扮演了可耻的角色。

The Beatles represented part of the spirit of their age.甲壳虫乐队代表了他们时代的部分精神。

Contraction of front and side parts as cells die off was observed in some subjects in their thirties, but it was still not evident in some sixty and seventy-year-olds.

At the early attempts, the cable failed and when it was taken out for repairs it was found to be covered in living growths, a fact which defied contemporary scientific opinion that there was no life in the deeper parts of the sea.

Even the folk knowledge in social systems on which ordinary life is based in earning, spending, organizing, marrying, taking part in political activities, fighting and so on , is not very dissimilar from the more sophisticated images of the social system derived from the social sciences, even though it is built upon the very imperfect samples of personal experience.

Well established among segments of the middle and upper classes by the mid-1800’s, this new view of childhood spread throughout society in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries as reformers introduced child labor regulations and compulsory education laws predicted in part on the assumption that a child’s emotional value made child labor taboo.

They do not know those parts of the doctrine which explain and justify the remainder ; the considerations which show that a fact which seemingly conflicts with another is reconcilable with it, or that, of two apparently strong reasons, one and not the other ought to be preferred.

Each departmental program consists, in part, of a grouping of subjects in the department’s areas of professional interest and, in part, of additional opportunities for students of their choice.

There is no disputing, says the proverb, about taste—though, in fact, human beings spend at least half their leisure doing nothing else—and if highbrowism and lowbrowism were exclusively ( as it is certain that they are in great part) matters of individual taste, there would be no more to say about them than what I have said in the preceding lines.

For many the day seemed an adventure, a long outing in the late summer sun—part liberation from home, part Sunday school picnic, part political convention, and part fish fry.

We thus easily get into great difficulties from the necessity of viewing culture, at one moment, as a part of the man and, at another moment, as a part of the environment.

In the old days, children were familiar with birth and death as part of life. This is perhaps the first generation of American youngsters who have never been close by during the birth of a baby and have never experienced the death of a family member.

The view over a valley of a tiny village with thatched roof cottages around a church; a drive through a narrow village street lined with thatched cottages painted pink or white; the sight over the rolling hills of a pretty collection of thatched farm buildings——these are still common sights in parts of England.

How many Asian countries have taken part in the sport meeting?

France borders Germany along parts of the Rhine.

The British Empire once covered large parts of the world.

This piece of glass seems to be part of a lamp.

I hope we can part as friends.

Part of every crop is saved for seed.

This is your share. *share“(一个一个分开的)分成的份儿,分开”。
This is your portion.
This is your part.
This portion is for you.

I wish I had never met you. *这句是虚拟语气的一种,表示与过去事实相反或者不可能实现的事情,用“had+过去分词”的形式。本句紧接在“I wish”的后面,表示“要是……就好了,可……”。
I regret meeting you. (我真后悔认识了你。)
I wish you were never a part of my life.

I'm happy to have known you.
I'm happy to have been a part of your life.
I'm glad I've gotten to know you.

Do you have a part-time job? *小时工是a part time job,正式职工是a full-time worker。
Do you have a part-time job? (你在打工吗?)
Yes, I'm a tutor. I work three times a week. (嗯,我做家教,一星期教三次。)
Do you work part-time? (你在做小时工吗?)

Good idea.
Let's do this part first. (我们先做这部分吧!)
Good idea. (好主意。)
Good thinking.
Bad idea. (馊主意。)

What is your part's name?

Our guarantee covers maintenance for both parts and labor.

I've been part of this project since its beginning.

To answer the first part of your question, I'd like to say that our studies were very extensive.

I'm not familiar with that part. Let me call someone who is more knowledgeable.

We'd like to clear up some points connected with the technical part of the contract.

We have every reason to cancel the contract because you've failed to fulfil your part of it.

Merry meet, merry part.

The best of friends must part.

A fool and his money are soon parted.

Discretion is the better part of valour.

Friends must part.

He who shareth honey with the bear hath the least part of it.

Merry meet, merry part.

Soorow is at parting if at meeting there be laughter.

The best of friends must part.

The love of beauty is an essential part of all healthy human nature.

We'd like to clear up some points connected with the technical part of the contract.

third part logistics 第三方物流

payment in part 部分付款

A Extra money is always helpful.
A 额外挣的钱总是很有帮助。
B I know. That’s why I do evening job in the hotel restaurant.
B 我知道。这就是我为什么晚上在旅馆的餐馆打工的原因。
A If you are studying, it’s good to earn some extra income.
A 如果你在读书,额外有些收入很好。
B I agree. It’s only a part-time job at the hotel but it pays well.
B 我同意。虽然只是在旅馆里兼职,但是报酬很高。
A Well, life is expensive!? We all need money.
A 哦,生活消费很高!我们都需要钱。
B You can say that again!? The money helps me with my studying so it’s important for me to earn as much as I can.
B 太同意你的看法了!钱对我的学习有帮助,所以尽可能多地挣些钱对我很重要。

A Another good thing here is that taxis are cheaper in Beijing than in the States.
A 北京另一个好的方面是出租车比美国的便宜。
B Is that true? Do you think so?
B 真的吗?你这样认为吗?
A Yes. I mean comparatively. I know the cost of living and everything is different, but I still think taxis are cheaper here.
A 是的,相比较而言。我知道生活消费和所有的一切都不同,但是我还是认为这里的出租车便宜一些。
B Maybe it’s because there are more here.
B 可能是因为这里的出则车更多的缘故吧。
A Maybe. I also think it’s because they are a bigger part of the overall transport system here. In the States, there are usually more buses and metros or subways.
A 也许。我也认为这是因为出租车行业是北京交通系统的一个较大的组成部分。在美国,通常有更多的公共汽车和地铁。
B Well, I think we need a bigger metro system and more buses here.
B 哦,我想我们需要一个更发达的地铁系统和更多的公共汽车。

A It’s always good to earn something extra.
A 额外挣些钱总是好的。
B I know. That’s why I do the weekend job in the restaurant.
B 我知道。这也是我为什么周某在餐馆打工的原因。
A If you are studying, it’s good to earn some extra income. Even from part-time work.
A 如果你在上学,额外有些收入很好。即使是做兼职工作也好。
B I agree. It’s not a full-time job but it pays well.
B 我同意。这虽然是一份兼职工作,但是报酬不低。
A Well, living is expensive these days. Everything helps.
A 哦,现在生活消费很高。干点什么都有用。
B Yes, the extra money helps me with my studying so it’s important for me to earn as much as I can.
B 是的,额外挣的钱对我的学习有帮助,所以我尽可能多挣一些,这对我很重要。

A I work in the hotel restaurant at the weekend.
A 我周末在饭店餐厅工作。
B If you are a student, it’s good to earn some extra money.
B 如果你是名学生,挣一些多余钱总是有用的。
A I agree. It’s only a part-time job but it pays well.
A 我同意。这只是个 兼职,但是待遇不错。
B Well, life is expensive! We all need money.
B 嗯,生活是很贵呀! 我们总是需要钱。

Don't part with your illusions. When they are gone you may still exist, but you have ceased to live.
Mark Twain. American writer

The love of beauty is an essential part of all healthy human nature.
John Ruskin, British writer and critic

No society can surely be flourishing and happy, of which the far greater part of the members are poor and miserable.
Adam Smith , British economist

To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness.
B. Russell, British philosopher

Travel, in the younger sort, is a part of education; in the elder, a part of experience.
Francis Bacon,British Philosopher

A great part of the information I have was acquired by looking up something and finding something else on the way.
Adas Franklin. Aerican humorist  

Mistakes are an essential part of education.
Bertrand Russell, Bdritish philosopher
英国哲学家罗素. B . 

It is not true suffering ennobles the character; happiness does that sometimes, but suffering, for the most part, makes men petty and vindictive.
William Somerset Maugham, British novelist
英国小说家毛姆W S

All progress is based upon a universal innate desire on the part of every organism to live beyond its income.
Samuel Butler, British writer 
英国作家勃特勒. S. 

The love of beauty is an essential part of all healthy human nature.
John Ruskin, American writer and critic 

Any annex is the integral part of this contract.

Any failure by a party to carry out all or part of his obligations under the contract shall be considered as a substantial breach.

No, it can't be gold.不,它不可能是金子。I imagine it was part of a dinosaur.我猜那是恐龙的一部分骨骼。

@@@ 就...来说/而言
as ... go(es) 就...来说
as far as 1.远到..., 直到...
2.就...而言, 从...来看; 尽...所能
by and large 总的来说, 一般来说
in general 通常, 一般而言; 大体上
in short 简而言之
in terms of ... 从...立场; 就...而言
on the part of 就...而言; 代表...;
on the whole 总之, 总的来说
when it comes to 一谈到...; 就...而论
with respect to 就...而言; 在...方面

@@@ 在...程度上
in a large part 在很大程度上
in a way & in some ways 在某种程度上
in part (of) 在某种程度上; 部分地
to some extent 在某种/一定/很大程度上

@@@ 许多, 大量, 富于
a (great/wide) range of 广泛的; 许多的
a cloud of 一大群; 一大片
a crowd of 许多; 一大群
a good/great deal (of) 许多, 大量
a great many 许多
a heap of 一大堆
a host of 一大群; 许多
a large amount & large amounts of 许多, 大量
a multitude of 一大批; 大量
a myriad of 大量的, 无数的
a number of 许多; 一些
a pile of 一堆; 很多
a wealth of 丰富的, 大量的
abound in 充满, 富于
all kinds of 许多; 大量(金钱)
an array of 显眼的一系列; 整齐的一大批; 大量
be abundant in 富于, 丰富
by the dozens 数目很多地; 大量地
for the most part 主要地; 大多数情况下
have (sth.) to spare 有多余的...
head and shoulders above 大大超出, 水平高很多
in abundance 大量地
in quantity 大量地, 大批地
on a large scale 大批量; 大规模
plenty of 丰富, 大量
quite a bit/few/little/lot 相当多, 有相当多的数目
rich in sth. 富于...
safety in numbers 人多保险, 势众
scores of 许多
teem with 有很多..., 充满...
the majority of 大多数
varied fare 多样化的饮食
well attended 参加的人多

@@@ 参加, 从事
attendance required 要求参加, 必须参加
carry on (with sth.) 1.继续
2.经营; 从事
drop out (of) 1.(从活动竞赛等中)退出, 停止参加
2.辍学, 退学
engage in 从事, 参加; 使从事于, 使忙于
enroll in 参加; 注册
enter into 1.进入; 参加; 成为...的一部分
get in on 参加(活动), 加入
get involved 参与, 卷入; 感兴趣
go about 着手做; 从事
go in for 从事; 参加
involve in sth./doing sth. 包括, 包含; 参与
join in 参加, 加入
participate in 参加, 参与
share in sth. 分享, 分摊(某物); 参与
take part in sth. 参加..., 参与...
try out for (为获得球队或演出的一个角色职位等)参加选拔
take up 1.开始从事
3.接纳, 吸收
well attended 参加的人多

@@@ 重要, 必要
a big deal 重要的交易; 重要的事物或人
above all 首先; 最重要的是
attach to 1.依附在...上; 系在...上
2.依恋; 喜爱
boil down (to) 熬浓; 摘要; 归结为
come to the point 说到要点; 扼要地说
count for 有价值; 有重要性
essential to 对...不可缺少
first and foremost 首要地, 首先
First things first 最重要的事
for the most part 主要地; 大多数情况下
in the forefront (of sth.) 在...的最前沿; 在...最重要之处
indispensable for/to 对...绝对必要的
instrumental in doing sth. 对...有帮助的; 在...上很重要
least of all 最不重要的
make a difference 有影响; 很重要
make a point of doing sth. 认为某事重要; 认为某事完全有必要; 一定要做某事
miss the point 抓不着要点
of special note 特别显著; 特别重要
play a (+adj.) role in 在...扮演角色; 在...中起重要作用
to the point 中肯, 扼要
vital to 对...(的存在、成功或运作)极重要的, 必不可少的

@@@ 代表
act for 代理
on behalf of 代表...; 为了...
on the part of 就...而言; 代表...; 由...做出的
speak for 代表...讲话; 为...辩护
stand for 代表; 象征, 意味着
typical of 是...有代表性的, 典型的

I'm looking for a part-time job.

play a part (in) 起作用,参与,扮演角色

- the lion's share 最大的一份,绝大多数
He designed the most important part of the machine. So he deserves the lion's share of the award.

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