just do it

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For people who want to adopt a healthy and meaningful life style, it is important to find time to learn certain new knowledge. Just as an old saying goes: it is never too late to learn.

If you want to achieve something or intend to fulfill one of your ambitions, you must work hard, make efforts and get prepared. Otherwise, you will take no advantage of opportunities when they come to visit you.
假如你要取得成就或要实现你的雄心壮志,你必须努力工作、艰苦奋斗、准备好条件。否则,机遇来临你却无法利用。 189. The difference between a man who succeeds and one who does not lies only in the way each treats opportunities. The successful person always makes adequate preparations to meet opportunities as they duly arrive. The unsuccessful person, on the other hand, works little and just waits to see pass by.

1. Good to the last drop.
2. Obey your thirst.
3. The new digital era.
4. We lead. Others copy.
5. Impossible made possible.
6. Take time to indulge.
7. The relentless pursuit of perfection.
  不懈追求完美。 (凌志轿车)
8. Poetry in motion, dancing close to me.
9. Come to where the flavor is. Marlboro Country.  
10.To me, the past is black and white, but the future is always color.  
Just do it.
Ask for more.
The taste is great.
Feel the new space.
Intelligence everywhere.
The choice of a new generation.
We integrate, you communicate.
Take TOSHIBA, take the world.
Let’s make things better.  
No business too small, no problem too big.  
  没有不做的小生意,没有解决不了的大问题。 (IBM公司)

They do not know those parts of the doctrine which explain and justify the remainder ; the considerations which show that a fact which seemingly conflicts with another is reconcilable with it, or that, of two apparently strong reasons, one and not the other ought to be preferred.

Let's play it by ear. *这是句固定说法,直译是“凭耳朵来演奏”,意为“顺其自然,走一步看一步”。
Should we go to the party tonight? (我们今天晚上是不是该去参加聚会?)
I don't know. Let's play it by ear. (我不知道,到时候再说吧。)
Let's leave everything to chance.
Let's just see what happens. (看情况吧。)

Don't take it out on me. *take it out on... “为泄愤而冲……发火”。
Don't take your frustration out on me.
Don't treat me badly just because you had a bad day. (别因为今天你不顺就拿我撒气。)
I didn't do anything wrong! (我没有做错什么事。)

How should I do it?
Just start the car! (只要发动车!)
How should I do it? (我怎么发动汽车呢?)

Just think about it.
I don't know what to say. (我不知道说什么好。)
Just think about it. (你好好想想看。)

I heard something.
I heard something. (我听见有声音。)
It's just my dog. (那是我的狗。)
What was that noise? (那是什么声响?)
I think I heard something. (我听见有动静。)

Don't act stupid.
Don't act stupid! (别干那种傻事!)
It's just a joke. (只是个玩笑。)
Don't act silly.
Don't act dumb.

It is just as I imagined.
What do you think? (你认为如何?)
It is just as I imagined. (正如我所想像的那样。)
It's just like I dreamed.
It's exactly the way I thought it would be.

Just try it.
I don't think I can. (我想我不行。)
Just try it. (你试试看。)
I don't want to. (我不想做。)
Just try it. (就试一下。)
Come on, try it.
Just give it a try.

A What do you like to do in your spare time?
A 你业余时间喜欢做什么?
B I like to hear bands playing music.
B 我喜欢听乐队演奏。
A Like in the clubs and bars?
A 像俱乐部和酒吧里的乐队?
B Yes, you can see lots of new groups in the bars and clubs in Beijing.
B 是的,在北京的酒吧和俱乐部里你可以看到很多新的组合。
A Is it mostly rock music Or do you like other styles?
A 大多数都是摇滚乐队吗?或者你喜欢其他的风格?
B I like lots of different styles – rock, rap, whatever. It’s just good to hear it and see it in Beijing. I guess it’s my hobby!
B 我喜欢各种不同的风格——摇滚、说唱,无论什么。在北京听到、看到这样的演奏非常好。我想这就是我的爱好!

A You work so hard! Nearly every day of the week!
A 你工作非常辛苦!几乎每天都工作!
B I know. But I’m lucky compared to most people.
B 我知道。但是跟大多数人相比我很幸运。
A How come? In what ways are you lucky?
A 怎么说呢?你在哪方面幸运?
B Because I love what I do. It’s long hours but I love my work.
B 因为我喜欢我做的事。工作时间长,但是我喜欢我的工作。
A I guess most people don’t really love their work – it’s just a job.
A 我想大多数人并不真正喜欢他们的工作——只是工作。
B Yes, they have to do it. They have to earn money. But for me it’s different.
B 是的,他们不得不做。他们得挣钱。但是对我来说不一样。

A When anyone from my family comes to Beijing, I’m the tour guide!
A 无论我的家人谁来北京,我都是导游!
B I suppose that’s common. You know the city well.
B 我想这是自然的。你非常熟悉北京。
A Yes. My wife is back in London just now. She’s bringing her mother with her to Beijing for a visit.
A 是的。我的妻子现在回伦敦了。她将带她的妈妈和她一起来北京。
B When are they coming?
B 她们什么时候到?
A My wife and my mother-in-law are arriving next week.
A 我妻子和我岳母下周到达。
B Well, enjoy yourself till then. You’ll be busy when your mother-in-law is here.
B 哦,在她们到来之前好好享受时光。当你岳母来的时候你会非常忙。

A I think I’ll go back to my hotel.
A 我想我要回旅馆了。
B Where is your hotel? Is it far?
B 你的旅馆在哪里?远吗?
A No, it’s not far. It’s about 500 metres that way, just behind the shopping centre.
A 不,不远。在那边大约500米处,就在购物中心的后面。
B Along there, on the right? Do you want to take a taxi?
B 沿着那,在右侧?你想打辆出租车吗?
A No, I can walk. It’s only a short distance – and it’s a nice day anyway.
A 不,我可以走着。只是很短的距离——而且今天天气又这么好。
B OK. I guess it is a nice day for walking. See you later.
B 好的。我想这种好天气走走路不错。再见。

A I think I’d like to see Ritan Park. I’ve never been before.
A 我想我要到日坛公园看看。我以前从来没有去过那里。
B Oh, you should go. It’s really nice. It’s so central and so peaceful.
B 哦,你应该去。日坛公园非常漂亮。这个公园在市中心地带,而且非常宁静。
A Where is it exactly? How do I get there
A 它的确切位置在哪里?到那怎么走?
B It’s easy from here. See the Friendship Store along there on the left?
B 从这里去很容易。看到前面左侧的友谊商店了吗?
A Yes, I can see that. Where do I go from there?
A 是的,我看到了。从那里我往哪里走?
B Easy. Just turn left at the Friendship Store and Ritan Park is straight ahead. You can’t miss it.
B 容易。就在友谊商店向左拐,日坛公园就在前面。你一定能找得到。

A How do I connect my laptop in my room?
A 我怎样在房间里连接笔记本电脑?
B Just connect your computer to the telephone point.
B 把你的电脑和电话接口连接起来就行。
A Do I need a special cable?
A 我需要一根特殊的线吗?
B Oh, sorry – yes, you do need a cable. You’ll find it in the drawer of your desk.
B 噢,对不起——是的,你需要一根线。在桌子的抽屉里你就能找到。
A OK. Thanks. I’ll try and connect. If there are any problems, I’ll get back to you.
A 好的。谢谢。我会尝试去连接。如果有问题的话, 我再回来问你。
B You’re welcome. You’ll also find instructions in your room.
B 不客气。你在房间里还能找到连接说明。

A I’ve connected the cable from my laptop to the telephone point, but I still can’t get on the internet. Can you help me?
A 我已经用线把我的笔记本电脑和电话接口连接上了,但是我还是上不了网。你能帮我吗?
B Yes, just a moment. What does it say on your computer screen?
B 当然,请稍等。你的电脑屏幕上显示什么?
A It says I need a password.
A 显示我需要一个密码。
B Yes, you need a password. Just key in your room number. That’s your individual password.
B 是的,你需要密码。只需键入你的房间号码。那就是你的个人密码。
A OK. I’ll try that. ?Yes, that works. I’m connected. Thanks very much.
A 好的,我试一下。是的,行了。我连接上了。非常感谢。
B You’re welcome.
B 不客气。

A I need to send some e-mails and check some things on the internet.
A 我需要发几封电子邮件,还要在网上查一些东西。
B You can do that in your hotel. You can go on the internet in the Business Centre.
B 在旅馆里你就能做。你可以到商务中心去上网。
A That’s good. Where is it?
A 那太好了。商务中心在哪里?
B Just ask at the Reception Desk. They’ll direct you to the Business Centre and tell you everything you need to know.
B 问服务台就可以。他们会领你到商务中心,并且告诉你你想了解的所有事情。
A Do you know if it’s expensive?
A 你知道在那里上网贵吗?
B No, I think it’s pretty cheap. It depends on how much time you use.
B 不,我认为非常便宜。这取决于你上网时间的长短。

A I need to make a copy of this document.
A 这份文件我需要一个副本。
B Go ask the Business Centre. They’ll be able to do it. Do you need just a photocopy or a scan?
B 到商务中心问一下。他们能做到。你需要复印还是扫描?
A Can I scan the document? I need a scan because I need to e-mail a copy.
A 我能扫描这份文件吗?我需要一份扫描的,因为我需要用电子邮件发送。
B Do you want it in colour or black and white?
B 你需要彩色的还是黑白的?
A I’m not sure. I think black and white is probably fine.
A 我不确定。我想黑白的可能就行。
B Well, black and white will be cheaper. Anyway, go and ask the Business Centre.
B 哦,黑白的会便宜一些。不管怎样,去到商务中心问问吧。

A Look – there’s an internet café. Let’s go and check it out.
A 看——那里有一个网吧。咱们去那里看看。
B Good idea. We can send some e-mails and check the internet.
B 好主意。我们可以发送电子邮件,还可以上网查资料。
A How do I open a hotmail account?
A 我怎样开通一个hotmail帐户?
B It’s easy. You just need to log on to the hotmail site and register.
B 很容易。你只需登录hotmail网页,然后注册。
A Is that all? Don’t I need a hotmail address?
A 就这些吗?我不需要一个hotmail地址吗?
B Yes, but you can create your address and your password when you register.
B 是的,但是在你注册的时候你可以创建一个自己的地址和密码。

A I just want to use the internet for about half an hour.
A 我只需上网大约半个小时。
B The same for me. I need to check my e-mails and send some.
B 我也是。我需要看一下我的电子邮件以及发送几封电子邮件。
A How much does it cost to use the internet?
A 上网需要多少钱?
B It should be quite cheap. It usually depends on the time – how long you are online.
B 应该很便宜。通常依时间而定——你上网的时间。
A Well, let’s ask how much it costs. Half an hour is enough for me.
A 哦,咱们问问需要多少钱。半小时对我足够了。
B Yes, 30 minutes is fine for me too.
B 是的,30分钟对我也够了。

A I like this suitcase very much. It's very light.
A 我非常喜欢这个手提箱。它非常轻便。
B Good. What's next? What else do you want to buy?
B 好。下面买什么?你还要买什么?
A I need to buy an umbrella.
A 我需要买一把伞。
B Yes. You need one at this time of year. It's very wet.
B 好的。一年的这个时候需要伞。天气很潮湿。
A I think I need a heavier coat, too.
A 我想我还需要一件厚一些的衣服。
B I know just the place! There’s a shopping mall just along the street.
B 我知道哪里卖!在这条街上有一个购物中心。

A Hi Neil. Did you see the match? What a great game!
A 嗨,尼尔!你看比赛了吗?多么精彩的比赛呀!
B No, I didn’t see it. ?I just don't like football. For me, it’s dull and boring.
B 不,我没有。我就是不喜欢足球。对我来说,足球枯燥又无聊。
A Dull and boring? How can you say that?
A 枯燥又无聊?你怎么能这么说呢?
B Well, I prefer other sports. Football’s not my thing.
B 哦,我更喜欢其他运动。足球不是我所喜欢的。
A I have no idea you dislike it so much.
A 我不明白你为什么这么不喜欢足球。
B Tennis is my game. I’d rather watch tennis than football.
B 网球是我所爱。我宁愿看网球而不是足球比赛。

A It’s been really good meeting everybody.
A 见到大家真的非常高兴。
B Yes, we must do this again – meet for dinner or a drink. It’s been good.
B 是的,我们一定还要见面——一起吃饭或者喝酒。这真不错。
A Do you have a contact number? What’s your mobile number?
A 你有联系号码吗?你的手机号码是多少?
B Yes, I do. And you must give me yours.
B 是的,我有。你也要把你的号码给我。
A Yes, it would be good to keep in touch and meet again soon.
A 是的,一定要保持联系并再次见面。.
B Just call or text me anytime.
B 时候给我打电话都可以。

A I think I’ll go back to my hotel for a rest.
A 我想我要回旅馆休息一下。
B Where is your hotel? Is it far?
B 你住的旅馆在哪里?距离这里远吗?
A No, it’s not far. It’s about one kilometre that way, just before Tiananmen Square.
A 不,不远。在那边大约1公里处,就在天安门广场的前面。
B That’s not too far. ?Do you want to take a taxi?
B 那不太远。你想打辆出租车吗?
A No I’d prefer to walk. It’s not far – and it’s a nice day anyway.
A 不,我想步行。路不远——今天天气又很好。
B OK. I guess it is a nice day for walking. Have a good rest and see you later.
B 好吧。我想这样的天气适合走一走。好好休息一下,呆会见。

A Do you know where I can find a good camera shop?
A 你知道我在哪里能找到一家好的卖相机的商店吗?
B Yes, there’s a good one round the corner from your hotel. It’s only two minutes walk.
B 是的,从你的旅馆出来在拐角处有一家。步行只需大约两分钟。
A Will I find it easily?
A 我会很容易找到吗?
B Oh yes. Just go out of the hotel, turn right and go round the first corner.
B 哦,是的。从旅馆出来,向右转,在第一个拐角处转弯。
A And then?
A 然后呢?
B You’ll find it easily. It’s about the third or fourth shop on your right.
B 你很容易就会找到的。它是你右侧的第三或者第四家商店。

A I’ll join you in 30 minutes. I’ve just got to check my e-mail.
A 我30分钟后就能跟你碰头。我要看看我的电子邮件。
B Ok. No problem. I’ll wait in the coffee shop for you.
B 好,没问题。我将在咖啡厅里等你。
A Fine. Now where is the business centre in the hotel? Do you know?
A 好的。旅馆的商务中心在哪里?你知道吗?
B Oh, yes – to check your e-mail. It’s upstairs, on the first floor.
B 哦,是的——你要看看你的电子邮件。在楼上,在二楼。
A I’ll find it. See you in the coffee shop soon – order me a coffee.
A 我会找到的。我会很快与你在咖啡厅见面——替我点杯咖啡。

A Call me this evening when you arrive at the hotel.
A 今晚你到旅馆后给我打电话。
B Will you be there?
B 你会在旅馆吗?
A Yes, I’ll just wait for you in my room.
A 是的,我会在我的房间里等你。
B OK. I’ll call up from the lobby when I arrive. What’s your room number?
B 好的。我到旅馆大堂后给你打电话。你的房间号是多少?
A My room number is 1336. One-double three-six.
A 我的房间号是1336. 1-3-3-6。
B One-double three-six. OK, see you later this evening. I’ll try and make it for 7 0’clock.
B 1-3-3-6。好的,今晚见。我将争取7点到。

What’s the weather like in London?
Just now, it’s like Beijing: warm and sunny.
Does it usually rain a lot in London?
I suppose so! We get a lot of rain, but we also get good weather.
Beijing can be very hot in the summer. I prefer autumn.
Yes, I like autumn – and spring too.

A What do you think of the new Olympic buildings?
A 你觉得新建的奥运会场馆如何?
B I love the Olympic Swimming Center. It’s beautiful.
B 我非常喜欢奥林匹克游泳场馆。它真是太漂亮了。
A Yes, it’s just like a giant glass cube.
A 是的,它看起来像是一个巨大的玻璃立方体。
B It looks like it’s made of water!
B 它看上去像水做得一样!

A I think I’d like to go to Ritan Park. How do I get there?
A 我想去日坛公园逛逛。怎么去哪里呢?
B It’s easy from here. See the bank along there on the left?
B 从这里出发非常简单。看见那家银行在你的左手侧吗?
A Yes, I can see that. Where do I go from there?
A 是的,我瞧见了。从那里之后怎么走呢?
B Easy. Just turn right at the bank and Ritan Park is straight ahead. You can’t miss it.
B 简单。到了银行右转,沿着那条路走就是日坛公园。你不会错过它的。

A Let’s go for lunch.
A 咱们去吃午饭吧。
B Good idea. What would you like to eat?
B 好主意。你想吃什么呢?
A Just something simple. I don’t like a big lunch.
A 简简单单就好。我不太喜欢午餐吃很多。
B Neither do I. It makes me sleepy in the afternoon.
B 我也是。如果吃多了,我经常下午打瞌睡。
A Let’s have something light – like a salad.
A 咱们吃点清淡的吧,比如撒拉。

Take this medicine.
Take these pills.
Have a rest.
Go to bed.
Sit down.
Go to the doctor.
Just relax.

Happiness is a butterfly, which ,when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.
N. Hawthorn, American writer

A:Thanks. So how are things with you?
B:Pretty good. I just bought a new house.
A:Wow! Great! Whereabouts ?
B:In the suburbs. How are you and Shadow? Still living in town?
A:Yeah, she loves it. It's really convenient. All the theaters and shopping malls are within walking distance. Well, I gotta go. I'll get in touch with you soon.
B:Okay, don't forget to call Terry.
A:Don't worry. Bye.

@@@ 在...时候
as long as 1.既然; 在...的时候(指时间)
at a time 在某个时刻; 每次
at all times 一直, 在任何时候
at any time/moment 在任何时候, 随时
at the height of sth. 在...的最鼎盛时
at the peak of 在...高峰期; (在事业)登峰造极之时
by the time 到...的时候
cram for 死记硬背; 临时抱佛脚
in due time & in time 及时地, 在适当的时候
in surgery 正在做手术
in the act of doing sth. 做...时
in the meantime 在...期间; 同时
in the middle of doing sth. 正在做某事
It's high time 是...的时候了
just as 1.正像, 正如
on one's own time 自己的时间; 非工作时间
on short notice 在很短的时间内(突如其, 无充分的准备时间)
order of the day 某一时间内必须做或通常做的事
under warranty 在保修期内

keep it under raps保密
Don't tell anyone about the party. Let's just keep it under eraps.

sit tight耐心等待
Just sit tight. The doctor will be with you in a minute.

"You say you're looking for the French Bakery? Just walk two blocks north, turn left, and you can smell that wonderful smell of fresh bread baking: just follow your nose and it will bring you right to the front door.”

A: Hello Neil. What are you doing today?
A: 尼尔,你好!你今天要做什么?
B: Hi Yang. I’m visiting the Forbidden City.
B: 嗨,杨!我今天要参观故宫。
A: It’s very beautiful . . . and very big!
A: 故宫非常漂亮…而且非常大!
B: How long will it take me?
B: 参观故宫要多长时间?
A: It’s just a couple of hours to walk through it. There’s so much to see.
A: 从头到尾走一趟也要两三个小时。有太多的东西值得看。
B: Ok. See you later, Yang.
B: 好。再见, 杨!

A: What hotel are you staying at?
A: 你住在哪家酒店?
B: The Beijing Hotel.
B: 北京饭店。
A: Ah, it’s very good. Do you like it?
A: 啊,北京饭店很好。你喜欢那里吗?
B: Yes, it’s excellent. It’s very central. And it’s convenient for the shops on Wangfujing Street.
B: 是的,北京饭店好极了。它在市中心,从那里到王府井大街上的商店非常方便。
A: And it’s easy for all the tourist sights. The Forbidden City and Tian’anmen Square are very close.
A: 从那里去所有的旅游景点都很容易。那里离故宫和天安门广场很近。
B: Yes, just a short walk.
B: 是的,只需走不远的一段路。
A: I’m glad you like it.
A: 我很高兴你喜欢那里。

A: What’s the weather like in London?
A: 伦敦的天气怎么样?
B: Just now, it’s like Beijing: warm and sunny.
B: 刚才的天气就像北京:温暖而晴朗。
A: Does it usually rain a lot in London?
A: 伦敦经常下雨吗?
B: I suppose so! We get a lot of rain, but we also get good weather.
B: 我想是的。我们那里的雨水很多,但是我们也有好天气。
A: Beijing can be very hot in the summer. I prefer autumn.
A: 北京的夏天非常热。我更喜欢秋天。
B: Yes, I like autumn – and spring too.
B: 是的,我也喜欢秋天--还有春天。

A: Hi Paul!
A: 嗨,保罗!
B: Hi Ping. Good to see you. How are you?
B: 嗨,平!很高兴见到你。你好吗?
A: Fine. What are your plans for the weekend?
A: 我很好。你周末的计划是什么?
B: Sue and I are going to take it easy – just relax.
B: 苏和我都很随意——我们只想放松一下。
A: Good idea. You’ve had a busy week.
A: 好主意。你已经忙了一周了。
B: Maybe we’ll go for a walk, do a little shopping.
B: 也许我们去散步,买点东西。

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