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deal [ di:l] n.买卖;待遇 vt.给予

deal [ di:l] vi.做买卖;对付

a good deal 许多,大量;…得多

deal in 经营

deal out 分配,分给

deal with 做买卖;处理;安排

make a deal with 与…做买卖;和…妥协

a great/good deal of 大量(的),许多,(的)

deal with 处理,对付,安排

a great/good deal of

deal with

deal [di:l] n. 量,数额;交易

deal [di:l] v.处理,分配,交易

开后门 under-the-counter deals; offer advantages to one's friends or relatives by underhand means

纳斯达克 National Association of Securities Deal Automated Quotations (NASDAQ)

期货交易 deal in futures; futures business/trading; forward business

to make a deal 做一笔交易

deal 交易,经营,处理,与…交往

to deal in 经营,做生意

You blow it! 你把事情搞砸了!
A: We could have got the deal , but you blew the whole thing!
A: 我们原本可以达成那笔交易的, 但是你把整个事情都搞砸了!
B: What did I do?
B: 我作了什么呢?
- blow up 是「发脾气」的意思。
"You'd better take off right now. Kevin will blow up if you're late again."
你最好现在就出发吧! 你要是再迟到, Kevin 会气炸的。

psycho 疯子
A: I've had enough of that psycho. I don't want to deal with her any more.
A: 我受够那个疯子了。我不想再跟她有任何瓜葛。
B: Please, Ryne. I believe it's only a misunderstanding.
B: 不要这样子, Ryne。我相信这只是一场误会罢了。
- "psycho" 和 "psychopath"、" nut" 等都是「疯子」的意思。
就是中文一样, 被形容成疯子的人也许只是一时对一些事情反应激烈, 而不见得是真正的精神病患。
"psycho" 本身也是形容词, 同样有「疯了」或「精神病的」的意思。

Deal! ---- 一言为定!

square deal 公平交易

insider trading/dealing 内幕交易;

compensation deals 补偿处理

exclusive dealing 独家销售

refusal to deal 拒绝经营

  处理商标纠纷案件 Dealing With Infringement

外汇交易 exchange dealing; exchange deals

secret deal 秘密协议

There is no denying the fact that air pollution is an extremely serious problem: the city authorities should take strong measures to deal with it.

What's more, living in school can save them a great deal of time on the way between home and school everyday, so they would be able to concentrate more time and energy on their academic work.
而且,生活在学校里能节省大量每天往返于学校和家的路上的时间,这会使他们有更多的时间和精力放在学习上。 124. On the other hand, the contribution of day schools can't be ignored.

My suggestions to deal with the problem are as follows. To begin with, it is urgent to create nature reserves. Secondly, certain rare wild animals that are going to be extinct should be collected, fed and reproduced artificially. Finally, those who hunter them must be punished severely.

Deal 交易

deal negotiation 交易谈判

forward deal 期货交易

Dealing 交易,买卖

direct dealing 直接交易

fair dealing 公平交易

forward dealing 期货交易

make a deal 成交

outside dealing 场外交易

package deal 一揽子交易

structure of deal 交易结构

Big deal (反语).

His story illustrates her skill in dealing with the problem.

The President had to quit his job for he wasn't able to deal with the crisis.

I'm dealing with customers all the time who have let their bills get out of control.

It is vital for the government to take immediate measures to deal with the situation.

You are partially correct if you think air pollution is caused by factories, but a great deal of pollution is also caused by cars.

Have you any concrete plans about how to deal with these difficulties?

Hardly had I arrived when I had a new problem to deal with.

She mentioned an instance where their training had been a great help in dealing with problems.

His mistake involves all of us in a great deal of extra work.

This article deals with some modern notions about the Internet.

This article deals with some modern notions about the Internet.

The government is making some fresh initiatives to try to deal with the problem.

I can’t work out how to deal with it.

The report strongly criticizes the police for failing to deal with this problem.

People are worried about the government’s indifferent attitude toward drug dealing.

We’re trying to develop an all-embracing policy which deals with every element of education.

Japan will have to do a deal with America on rice imports.

Mr. Bush and John said that they wanted a deal by mid-January.

He was involved in shady business deals.

You are not going to get out of here unless we make a deal.

A great deal has been done internationally to remedy the situation in the Middle East.

This book deals with questions concerning the French Revolution.

begin to deal with (a problem, challenge, etc.)

Yes, I like it a great deal/it very much.

What a good deal! 真便宜!

Thus I desire a great deal less pleasure from jazz and thrillers than from the music, let us say, of Beethoven or the novels, for example, of Dostoievsky; and the sex appeal of the girls on the covers of magazines seems to me less thrilling than the more complicated appeal to a great variety of feelings made by a Rubens, an EI Greco, a Constable, a Seurat.
因此我从爵士乐和刺激性事物中找到的乐趣需比音乐里的少得多,比如说,贝多芬的或者是Dostoievsky的小说;杂志封面上的性感女郎比Rubens,Greco,Constablet Seurat所创造的精细复杂的情感对于我来说要逊色得多。

More important to them, though, is that it gives them some places where they can borrow money at a cost that is usually a good deal less than at the small-loan agency, or the installment house, or indeed most places.

In the case of man, the difficulties with the environment concept are even more complicated because we have to deal with man as an animal and with man as a bearer of culture.

If we look at man as an animal and try to analyze the environmental forces that are acting on the organism, we find that we have to deal with things like climate, soil, plants, and such like factors common to all biological situations; but we also find, always, very important environmental influences that we can only class as “cultural”, which modify the physical and biological factors.

We found out that patients who had been dealt with openly and frankly were better able to cope with the approach of death and finally to reach a true stage of acceptance prior to death.

The meeting will deal with these problems.

It means a great deal to her.

The storm did a great deal of material damage.

We should have the whole deal sewn up by the end of this week.

They're making a big fuss. *make a fuss“大声吵闹”、“喧哗”。
They're making a big deal about it.

He's a difficult man to deal with. *deal with“处理、对待(人或事)”。
He's hard to deal with.
He's hard to put up with. (他让人难以忍受。)

Are you blind? *blind 是“看不见的”、“盲目的”意思。但在这里它表示的是“没察觉”、“不知道”的意思。
It's a great deal. (这可是笔大买卖。)
Are you blind? (你不知道吗?)
Can't you see?
What's the matter with you?

It was nothing.
Wow! How'd you do that? (哇!你怎么做出来的?)
It was nothing. (这没什么。)
It was no big deal.

That's all right. *有时连写成That's alright.
I'm sorry. (对不起。)
That's all right. (没事儿。/别放在心里!)
Don't worry about it.
Don't worry.
It's no big deal. (不是什么大不了的事。)
Never mind.
I forgot to bring your book. (我忘了把你的书带来了。)
Never mind. (不必在意。)

Deal. *既可以作为问题,也可以作为回答,常用于妥协时、分配工作时。表示“那就开始吧”、“就这么定了”、“那就成交了”。
Is it a deal? (这样行吗?)
Deal. (行,就这么着。)
I'll cook if you do the dishes. Deal? (你洗碗,我就做饭,行吗?)
Deal. (就这么着。)
It's a deal.
That's a deal!
That will do.
No deal. (那样的话还是定不了。)

You're on! *就对方所说的事表示“可以”、“明白了”的感觉。
Let's play mah-jong. (我们玩麻将吧!)
You're on! (好吧!)
Sounds good.
I'll take you up on that offer.
Let's get moving.
You've got a deal.

I wasn't born yesterday. *直译“我可不是昨天才生下来的”。
It's a great deal. (那可是件好事呀。)
I wasn't born yesterday. (我又不是不懂。)
I didn't just fall off the turnip truck! *turnip 蔬菜中的“芜菁”,直译“我又不是刚从货车上掉下来的芜菁。”用该短语表示“我知道得十分清楚”。
I'm not stupid! (我没那么傻。)
I'm not naive! (我又不是没见过世面。)

This is nothing.
Wow! Shibuya is crowded. (哇!涩谷这么挤呀!)
This is nothing, you should see Shinjuku. (这算什么呀!你该去新宿看看。)
You have a lot of homework. (你有这么多作业呀。)
This is nothing. (这算不了什么。)
It's no big deal.
It's no problem.

No big deal. *这种表达方式表示“没什么了不起的”、“没什么”、“这很容易”。
Sorry, I can't play tennis with you tomorrow. (对不起,我明天不能和你一起去打网球。)
No big deal. I'll ask John to play. (没什么,我问约翰能不能去。)

I want a package deal including airfare and hotel.

We usually deal on a 20% trade discount basis with an additional quantity discount for orders over 1000 units.

We are delighted to know that you deal with export of Chinese chinaware. Could you supply us 300 sets of tableware for shipment before the end of May?

We hope to hear from you soon and can assure you that your order will be dealt with promptly.

It's a good deal.
= It's a good bargain.

Can you cut me a deal?

It's a deal.

There is a great deal of difference between the eager man who wants to read a book, and the tired man who wants a book to read.

At what time can we work out a deal?

The world can be changed by man's endeavor, and that this endeavor can lead to something new and better. No man can sever the bonds that unite him to his society simply by averting his eyes. He must ever be receptive and sensitive to the new; and have sufficient courage and skill to face novel facts and to deal with them.
Franklin Roosevelt, American president

Assuredly, the most gifted man errs who, in dealing with humanity, depends upon his own insight
and intelligence and discards the moral law of society, created by respect for the individual,
and those principles of liberty, equality and fraternity, the basis of our civilization, and the
essence of Christianity.
Ferdinand foch, Frcnch marshal

We must deal with pleasure as we do with honey, only touch them with the tip of the finger, and not with the whole hand for fear of surfeit.
aint Bede, British bishop

So I made a mistake, big deal!我真是错得离谱了。

You blow it!你把事情搞砸了!
A: We could have got the deal , but you blew the whole thing!
B: What did I do?
blow up是「发脾气」的意思。"You'd better take off right now. Kevin will blow up if you're late again."你最好现在就出发吧!你要是再迟到, Kevin会气炸的。

a good/great deal (of) 许多、大量

@@@ 许多, 大量, 富于
a (great/wide) range of 广泛的; 许多的
a cloud of 一大群; 一大片
a crowd of 许多; 一大群
a good/great deal (of) 许多, 大量
a great many 许多
a heap of 一大堆
a host of 一大群; 许多
a large amount & large amounts of 许多, 大量
a multitude of 一大批; 大量
a myriad of 大量的, 无数的
a number of 许多; 一些
a pile of 一堆; 很多
a wealth of 丰富的, 大量的
abound in 充满, 富于
all kinds of 许多; 大量(金钱)
an array of 显眼的一系列; 整齐的一大批; 大量
be abundant in 富于, 丰富
by the dozens 数目很多地; 大量地
for the most part 主要地; 大多数情况下
have (sth.) to spare 有多余的...
head and shoulders above 大大超出, 水平高很多
in abundance 大量地
in quantity 大量地, 大批地
on a large scale 大批量; 大规模
plenty of 丰富, 大量
quite a bit/few/little/lot 相当多, 有相当多的数目
rich in sth. 富于...
safety in numbers 人多保险, 势众
scores of 许多
teem with 有很多..., 充满...
the majority of 大多数
varied fare 多样化的饮食
well attended 参加的人多

@@@ 解决, 处理
at the mercy of 任由...处置; 完全受...支配
cope with 对付...; 妥善处理棘手之事
deal with 1.涉及, 论及; 讨论
2.对付, 处置
dispose of 1.除去; 扔掉
2.解决, 处理
disposal of 处理, 处置
do without 没有...也行, 没有...而设法对付过去
get away with 做错事而未受处罚
get by 勉强维持; 对付
get off with 使免遭处罚
get out of the way 解决, 完成; 除去
look after 照料, 照顾; 负责处理
make the best of 善处(逆境); 尽量做好
put to death 处死
smooth out 消除/解决(困难、障碍等)
straighten out 搞清楚, 澄清; 解决
take care of 1.负责, 处理
2.照顾, 照应; 爱护
turn over to 把...交给...(来定或来处理)
waste disposal 处理废品
work out 1.解决问题; 算出; 设计出
2.做大运动量的锻炼, 健身

@@@ 重要, 必要
a big deal 重要的交易; 重要的事物或人
above all 首先; 最重要的是
attach to 1.依附在...上; 系在...上
2.依恋; 喜爱
boil down (to) 熬浓; 摘要; 归结为
come to the point 说到要点; 扼要地说
count for 有价值; 有重要性
essential to 对...不可缺少
first and foremost 首要地, 首先
First things first 最重要的事
for the most part 主要地; 大多数情况下
in the forefront (of sth.) 在...的最前沿; 在...最重要之处
indispensable for/to 对...绝对必要的
instrumental in doing sth. 对...有帮助的; 在...上很重要
least of all 最不重要的
make a difference 有影响; 很重要
make a point of doing sth. 认为某事重要; 认为某事完全有必要; 一定要做某事
miss the point 抓不着要点
of special note 特别显著; 特别重要
play a (+adj.) role in 在...扮演角色; 在...中起重要作用
to the point 中肯, 扼要
vital to 对...(的存在、成功或运作)极重要的, 必不可少的

@@@ 交换
a big deal 重要的交易; 重要的事物或人
cash a check 兑换支票, 取现钱
in exchange for ... 交换
stock exchange 股票交易所

I'm sure we can get you a great / good deal.

pan out成功,奏效
Unfortunately, the deal did not pan out. I lost a thousand dollars.

blow the lid off揭发(丑闻)
That newspaper story blew the lid off the Senator's illegal business deals.

deal someone in让某人参加
Deal me in. I want to play too.

big deal重要的事
It's no big deal. I don't mind helping you out.

make a killing大有所获
He made a killing on that deal. I wish I had bought some shares.

raw deal卑鄙的行为
What a raw deal! I deserve the promotion more than he does.

It's a deal.

It's no big deal.

You got a good deal.

square deal 公平交易

a great/good deal of 大量,非常,极其

deal with 处理,对付;论述,涉及

- louse up something 把某事搞得一团糟
He let the cat out of the bag, which loused up the whole deal.

- Crocodile tears 假惺惺的眼泪
Some of my business partners came to comfort me when I lost almost everything in one bad deal.

If you are interested in dealing, with us in other products of our company, please inform us of your requirements as well as your banker's name and address.

We're usually paid with a 5% commission of the amount for every deal.

We don't pay commission to firms dealing with us on principal-to principal basis.

Do you always make out a contract for every deal?

办 [bàn] /to do/to manage/to handle/to go about/to run/to set up/to deal with/

成交 [chéng jiāo] /(v) complete a contract; reach a deal/

处 [chǔ] /to reside/to live/to dwell/to be in/to stay/get along with/to be in a position of/deal with/

处理 [chǔ lǐ] /to handle/to treat/to deal with/to process/

从事 [cóng shì] /go for/engage in/undertake/to deal with/to handle/to do/

打交道 [dǎ jiāo dào] /come into contact with/have dealing with/

待 [dài] /wait/treat/deal with/need/about/intending to do something/

对策 [duì cè] /countermeasure for dealing with a situation/

对付 [duì fu ] /(v) handle; deal with/(v) get by with what one has/

贩 [fàn] /deal in/trade in/to peddle/to sell/

酤 [gū] /to deal in liquors/

好些 [hǎo xiē] /a good deal of/quite a lot/

加以 [jiā yǐ] /in addition/[before a verb] handle, deal with/

交易 [jiāo yì] /(business) transaction/business deal/

究办 [jiū bàn] /to investigate and deal with/

难以应付 [nán yǐ yìng fù] /hard to deal with/hard to handle/

务实 [wù shí] /pragmatic/dealing with concrete issues/

营 [yíng] /army/to deal in/to trade/to operate/to run/camp/nourishment/to manage/

应付 [yìng fu ] /deal with/cope/

A great deal of attention is being paid today to the so-called digital divide — the division of the world into the info(information) rich and the info poor.
And that divide does exist today.
My wife and I lectured about this looming danger twenty years ago.
What was less visible then, however, were the new, positive forces that work against the digital divide.
There are reasons to be optimistic.

Hydroelectric power and flood control and irrigation are possible without building monster dams.
But when you are dealing with myths, it is hard to be either proper, or scientific.
It is time that the world learned the lessons of Aswan.
You don't need a dam to be saved.

The full import may take a while to sink in.
The NT Rights of the Terminally Ill law has left physicians and citizens alike trying to deal with its moral and practical implications.
Some have breathed sighs of relief, others, including churches, right-to-life groups and the Australian Medical Association, bitterly attacked the bill and the haste of its passage.

But the tide is unlikely to turn back. In Australia — where an aging population, life-extending technology and changing community attitudes have all played their part — other states are going to consider making a similar law to deal with euthanasia.
In the US and Canada, where the right-to-die movement is gathering strength, observers are waiting for the dominoes to start falling.

At the core of this debate is chairman Gerald Levin, 56, who took over for the late Steve Ross in 1992.
On the financial front, Levin is under pressure to raise the stock price and reduce the company's mountainous debt, which will increase to $ 17.3 billion after two new cable deals close.
He has promised to sell off some of the property and restructure the company, but investors are waiting impatiently.

Given this optimistic approach to technological innovation, the American worker took readily to that special kind of nonverbal thinking required in mechanical technology.
As Eugene Ferguson has pointed out, "A technologist thinks about objects that cannot be reduced to unambiguous verbal descriptions; they are dealt with in his mind by a visual, nonverbal process... The designer and the inventor... are able to assemble and manipulate in their minds devices that as yet do not exist."

{adj: Byzantine} characterized by elaborate scheming and intrigue; devious
"Byzantine methods for holding on to his chairmanship"
"a fine hand for Byzantine deals and cozy arrangements"

{adj: abstract} dealing with a subject in the abstract without practical purpose or intention
"abstract reasoning"
"abstract science"

{adj: aesthetic, esthetic} relating to or dealing with the subject of aesthetics
"aesthetic values"

{adj: ambidextrous, deceitful, double-dealing, duplicitous, Janus-faced, two-faced, double-faced, double-tongued} marked by deliberate deceptiveness especially by pretending one set of feelings and acting under the influence of another
"she was a deceitful scheming little thing"- Israel Zangwill
"a double-dealing double agent"
"a double-faced infernal traitor and schemer"- W.M.Thackeray

{adj: antiquarian} of or relating to persons who study or deal in antiques or antiquities

{adj: appellative} pertaining to or dealing with or used as a common noun

{adj: apportioned, dealt out, doled out, meted out, parceled out} given out in portions

{adj: archaeological, archeological, archaeologic, archeologic} related to or dealing with or devoted to archaeology
"an archaeological dig"
"a dramatic archaeological discovery"

{adj: awkward, embarrassing, sticky, unenviable} hard to deal with; especially causing pain or embarrassment
"awkward (or embarrassing or difficult) moments in the discussion"
"an awkward pause followed his remark"
"a sticky question"
"in the unenviable position of resorting to an act he had planned to save for the climax of the campaign"

{adj: bibliographic, bibliographical} relating to or dealing with bibliography

{adj: brave, courageous} possessing or displaying courage; able to face and deal with danger or fear without flinching
"Familiarity with danger makes a brave man braver but less daring"- Herman Melville
"a frank courageous heart...triumphed over pain"- William Wordsworth
"set a courageous example by leading them safely into and out of enemy-held territory"
<-> cowardly

{adj: cagey, cagy, canny, clever} showing self-interest and shrewdness in dealing with others
"a cagey lawyer"
"too clever to be sound"

{adj: confident, surefooted, sure-footed} not liable to error in judgment or action
"most surefooted of the statesmen who dealt with the depression"- Walter Lippman
"demonstrates a surefooted storytelling talent"- Michiko Kakutani

{adj: contrarious, cross-grained} difficult to deal with

{adj: cosmologic, cosmological, cosmogonic, cosmogonical, cosmogenic, cosmogenical} pertaining to the branch of astronomy dealing with the origin and history and structure and dynamics of the universe
"cosmologic science"
"cosmological redshift"
"cosmogonic theories of the origin of the universe"

{adj: cosmologic, cosmological} pertaining to the branch of philosophy dealing with the elements and laws and especially the characteristics of the universe such as space and time and causality
"cosmologic philosophy"
"a cosmological argument is an argument that the universe demands the admission of an adequate external cause which is God"

{adj: cross-cultural} dealing with or comparing two or more cultures
"a cross-cultural survey"

{adj: customary} in accordance with convention or custom
"sealed the deal with the customary handshake"

{adj: diplomatic, diplomatical} skilled in dealing with sensitive matters or people
<-> undiplomatic

{adj: eschatological} of or relating to or dealing with or regarding the ultimate destiny of mankind and the world

{adj: existential} relating to or dealing with existence (especially with human existence)

{adj: fair, just} free from favoritism or self-interest or bias or deception; or conforming with established standards or rules
"a fair referee"
"fair deal"
"on a fair footing"
"a fair fight"
"by fair means or foul"
<-> unfair

{adj: fishy, funny, shady, suspect, suspicious} not as expected
"there was something fishy about the accident"
"up to some funny business"
"some definitely queer goings-on"
"a shady deal"
"her motives were suspect"
"suspicious behavior"

{adj: governmental} dealing with the affairs or structure of government or politics or the state
"governmental policy"

{adj: hot} having or dealing with dangerously high levels of radioactivity
"hot fuel rods"
"a hot laboratory"

{adj: humid} containing or characterized by a great deal of water vapor
"humid air"

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